hi I’m Hannah fro Jason welcome to the Honda pro show watched by over 950,000 people and kept alive because you subscribe now I’ll do anything for Honda even dance that and more coming up next this is always an exciting time of the year this is when the rumors start flying and we start getting bits of information on what’s going to happen for the next model year with Honda and this year is no exception this year I’m going to call it the year of the miles per gallon because most of the changes are all about miles per gallon the Accord has a new hybrid that’s going to get possibly fifty miles per gallon a new plug-in hybrid that’s ready out on each of the coasts the new fit the gas mileage is going to go through the roof plus a new hybrid is going to have one of our new motor systems the Civic they’re changing the Civic again they’re going to give it a CVT transmission which of course is going to increase everyone say with me miles per gallon the rest of the cars are going to say pretty much the same honda like i said is really concentrating this year at miles per gallon and that’s just going to save all of us a lot of money the social media campaign my journeys being expanded by honda expanded to include the type r Honda is going crazy with the new type r and so are we they have a whole website dedicated to it and in this website you can look at pictures of other people’s type r’s you can post your own pictures of the type r and you can take a quiz very interesting how this quiz works you want twitter your hashtag type r and then you wait honey gets back to you in starts asking you a bunch of questions throughout the day the faster you answer the more points you get in fact I’m doing it right now they’re including not just the quiz not just pictures but new videos and new information from the new frankfurt auto show that’s going to happen next month and as soon as they get information they’ll be bringing it to you on this page so there’s a link that i have right here and i’ma show you guys how to log in how to get all the information in tight bar and i can’t wait to see what happens next and now I had a pro Jason side note say what you will about the styling of the new 2014 honda fit i personally like it i think i’m just putting a lot of time and g into expanding the fit lineup and in doing so they came up with the new fit microsite the sites all in japanese you can see all the colors you can see some outstanding pictures check it out i’m giving you a link right here on where you can see it and don’t forget to bring your google translator my fault calendar is filling out filling up with all the cool car shows and events the next one I’ll be attending will be the Wisconsin stance event happening in August 25th after that in LA Galvin’s having their annual auto show I’m going to try to make that one and then my friends at Honda fetish calm is having their annual Honda shootout happening in Texas I’m going to be there in fact I’ve waited all year for the show I can’t wait to meet all my Texas fans and then out in Naples Florida Jermaine Honda who does some outstanding enthusiast events is having their October show I try to make that one too so if you guys are at a this shows i’m going to be at shoot me an email tell me you’re going to be there i would love to meet you it’s fun fact time the 1992 NSX was the first Honda to where the type r badging and that’s your fun fact of the week and now we bridge the end of the show before we didn’t in the giveaways well let you guys know that I support many Honda dealerships as they support me one of those dealerships is woodland hills keys Honda and they’re having an awesome promotion where they’re giving away tickets to the honda civic tour with maroon 5 and you guys remember last week i said i was going to do a dance well i did the dance if you guys go to facebook hashtag silent moves like honda you can see my dance and i challenge you guys to do your own dance enter this awesome competition and now into the giveaway I have these really awesome Hot Wheels cars that were given to me by Northwest classic honda i’m going to give away a bunch of these all you guys have to do is show me a picture of your favorite hot wheels your Hot Wheel collection in your match box collection post these pictures on my facebook page forward slash honda pro Jason you have a whole week to post whatever pictures you want I’ll pick up the winners I’ll announcement next week’s show as always I’m the Honda pro and now you’re in the know

42 Replies to “Honda News #44 2014 HONDA CARS WHAT CHANGED – HONDA TYPE R SITE – 2014 FIT MICROSITE –

  1. The latest on the 2014 Hondas, New Type R website, microsite info about the upcoming Honda Fit and more on this weeks HondaPro Show!!  Watch until the end and you can even see me dance 😀

  2. I'd love to win an Acura NSX Hot Wheels car! but there aren't very many Hondas in my collection because all the ones I've seen are too rice

  3. The Honda Accord Coupe gets one less mpg on highway. 26/34 while the 2013 got 26/35. I wished Honda used a 6 speed automatic over CVT.

  4. Honda pro Im new at this and its the first time I won, dont know exactly What to do next ,or how I get the prize if I did

  5. Tone down the enthusiasm in your vid looks way too fake! Hondas cars aren't fun anymore all cookie cutter cars! No fun factor at all in their vehicles!

  6. Why are you so excited about Type R's that we don't get because of b******t restrictions? And yeah, Honda is just boring now. The civic looks horrendous, no integra, no prelude, no S2K, : / garbage.

  7. His face expression is more exciting than all current honda line ups….and that doesn't say much. His face expression is killing me as honda us killing itself slowly to become boring like Toyota. But atleast Toyota admit their lameness and have subaru saved their ass. Honda please come back with nsx, light weight high revving cars, and s2k!!

  8. I love Honda and cant help but smile and just have fun when I talk about them. Honda is coming out with some cutting edge products soon.

  9. I just want a Honda hoodie like you're wearing oh and I'd be willing to post a picture of my rather large hot wheels collection

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