Hoda Shares How Her Definition Of Family Has Changed | TODAY

Hoda Shares How Her Definition Of Family Has Changed | TODAY

16 Replies to “Hoda Shares How Her Definition Of Family Has Changed | TODAY

  1. Stupid Arnold had to ruined everything playing dirty on MariaShriver should have been still married to her, Maria deserves better then that! beautiful lady she is 🙂

  2. two moms & two dads , wow , you are all sick thinking God except that , NEVER , EVER will that be a family , VERY SAD you all are

  3. The word family from the Greek means blood related, so by definition anyone blood related,so that's why dad ,mom,daughter, and son are blood related as well as grandma and aunt, uncle, and cousin. So Heather would only have one mommy, because the one who is related by blood to Heather is her mommy ,why do people think you call your stepmother, stepmom comes from old English and means becoming a parent to a orphan .

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