Hillary Clinton Slams Sen. Bernie Sanders In New Interview | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Hillary Clinton Slams Sen. Bernie Sanders In New Interview | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Slams Sen. Bernie Sanders In New Interview | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. The Establishment…working to smear……they are worried…..lol…love it! Feel the Bern, establishment….its lonnnnng over due.

  2. Hillary clinton is old news and bitter at the popularity of sanders .if she was smart she would have made him her running mate but she didnt and the american people rejected her and her lies so she had her chance and turn and no clinton will ever step foot in the white house again unless its as a guest .this reeks of jealousy and she is wrong alot of people love bernie especially the youth whom she could not move or get the support of.

  3. So the number of senators who support him is a criterion?? By that measure, Biden would be a great president. He's very popular in the senate I think. And he'd be a terrible candidate, and an ineffectual president. I also think the only reason Hillary won the popular vote in 2016 is that Trump is such a despicable person. And she lost the EC because she ran a terrible campaign. I just don't think she has a lot of room to criticize. Not as much as she thinks, anyway.

  4. when it comes to lDl0TS on welfare and with very little education, you'll find the lowest of these democrats on msnbc. there's no need to address any of their asinine comments

  5. Bernie should THANK HILLARY FOR THIS FINE ENDORSEMENT…. She is a nasty, backbiter, sore loser..and did
    a lot to cement Bernie's supporters ..Worked for me, thanks, HIllary..

  6. The best anti-endorsement the Sanders campaign could have asked for. "Nobody" means ordinary Americans who work for a living.

  7. Why does she have to make this about his personality? There's plenty to dislike about Bernie's socialist politics without having to resort to personal popularity remarks. She's just so bitter.

  8. It’s hilarious that other dem senators like mccaskill consider sanders telling them not to be corrupt and to support policies with overwhelming support among dems in polls “lectures”.

  9. dont kid yourselves, establishment dems…this is only gonna make bernie more powerful, just like every obvious fake news smear before it.

  10. The unwillingness of the Establishment Dems to accept that Hillery did not win because she is not unifying or popular her neocon policies have made America a petrostate complete with oligarchs and propaganda wing Fox CNN MSNBC. Bernie campaigned for Clinton after the DNC Cheated him out of the nomination and then Clinton cries fowl and plays victim lying about Bernie and attacking Bernie for being on the left side of history and speaking for the voters over the doners. Biden Clinton Obama carry are al bad actors not as bad as the Bushes Ragen or the Trumps but still, the elite has destroyed the world pointing fingers at the poor!

  11. " Bernie lectured me in congress for supporting endless wars, he thinks he is better than me, nobody likes him ".

    Yes Claire, you are inferior to Bernie Sanders in literally every moral and human aspect.

    You and your neo-liberal warmongering friends in congress and senate are worse than garbage, and your time is up.

  12. Hillary, it never your fault. You are never wrong. Bernie was Amendment’s King. He is fighting for working Americans!


    What was the Nazi party called?

    National Socialist German Workers' Party.

    The stated Nazi goal was:


    Sound Familiar?

    (1) Bernie draws large enthusiastic supportive crowds, just like Hitler did.

    (2) Bernie’s supporters use intimidating methods in attempts to silence those who may oppose him or speak against him.
    Just as Hitler did not need to give direct orders to silence opposition Bernie’s supports knew what to do and shut down Trump’s Chicago rally while shouting out Bernie’s name. They are trying to prevent Trumps free speech in numerous other towns even going so far as to block a major highway in Arizona. That could not only have limited free speech but was also a route to a hospital and may have endangered lives. The protesters did not care though just as the Nazis did not care about such things.

    (3) Hitler’s National Socialist Party had much in common with Bernie’s national socialism. It is a fact that they both called themselves socialists.

    Both of them support the power of the state stepping in and forcing business to work toward the common good.

    Both advocate free education with the government making sure the youth are educated properly.

    Both advocated freedom of religion UNLESS they offend the “moral and ethical sense” of those in charge.


  14. Screw Hillary.
    – But I do agree that Bernie, as a person, is hard to like. I've been saying this ever since he first started running – He needs to smile once in a while, and try to be a warm person. I want him to be our next president, but I can easily see a lot of swing-voters seeing him just as some "angry old jew." A sad thing, but that's reality.

  15. The right wing Democrats can't win on content, so now start to vilify Bernie Sanders on innuendo. I am starting to wonder if the Democratic Party is much different from the G. aslighting O.P.

  16. Neoliberals Hillary Clinton Admitting She Wouldn't Unity Around Bernie Sanders If He Wins The Nomination With No Outrage By Establishment Democrats And Corporate Media By If Bernie Say He Wouldn't Endorse Joe Biden Or Elizabeth Warren If They Win The Nomination These Same People Would Lose They're Minds

  17. At ms Clinton: People chose some micro-handed orange baby blob over you. So putting it mildly, nobody likes you. Your husband was on car stickers ' honk if you've slept with Clinton ' and he shares the title of an impeached president with 45!
    So when you get the urge to tell the world whom they should elect, keep it to yourself!

  18. "He doesn't see compromise as an attribute." – GOOD! Neither do any Republicans. The dems are WAY too wishy-washy, and the rt wing consistently dumps all over them. Bernie is EXACTLY the kind of stubborn, "my way or the highway" kind of progressive leader this country so desperately needs.

  19. The dusty, useless old crouton lost to a senile, demented game show host. She should be embarrassed to ever be in public again.

  20. Thank you Joe for speaking up! your right the people don't want someone who has been worried about friends but that would rather pursue ideas! The Clinton quote will only make Bernie Bros donate more!

  21. Where is she getting this Bernie BROS attacking women? The Warren issue? Oh yes any attacks on her were because she's a woman and not because they attempted to frame Bernie as a sexist when he has a long outstanding record of supporting women. As far as I recall he did not say she was unqualified, but that he has held ELECTED offices far longer than she has. Also one other thing, "I won't go there yet", are you kidding me? This man accepted his defeat in the primary(that had staggering evidence it was rigged in her favour), at the DNC, then proceeded to support her through over 30+ rallies after endorsing her. You are a hypocrite and a liar Ms. Clinton, and that is why are projecting this fallacy of nobody likes Bernie, because it is you, in fact, that nobody likes, aside from your corporate and billionaire donors of course.

  22. MSNBC Just Admitted Bernie Sanders Isn't Cool With The Establishment Democrats Who Destroyed The Country With NAFTA OutSourcing Deal And Regime Change Offensive Wars As If A Bad Thing

  23. Bernie remained focused and unwavering because he's right. He didn't party and hob-nob, or get himself into compromising sexual situations like half of Washington seems to do. He is sincere and compassionate, an adjective that was missing from your descriptions of him only because none of you in the media seem to know what the word means. If you were witness to a burning building or a gross injustice or even torture at the border, you'd film it, but none of you would stop to help. That's why Bernie is the best person to lead the nation.

  24. Things Neoliberals Democrats Like Obama, Nancy Pelosi And Hillary Clinton Gets Done Losing 1,000 Seats To Republicans And Giving Us Trump By Rigging The 2016 Democratic Primary Election

  25. Bernie's anger reminds me of Jesus Christ's anger when he raided the money changers in the temple square. " My temple is supposed to be a house of prayer. You have turned it into a den of thieves!" Same rage. Same reasons. And, like the "Angry Jew" 2000 years ago, the political elite is trying to crucify him. If you're not equally angry, you're either part of the problem, or blind.

  26. well, its clear that Hilary ran the perfect campaign by not going to any of the locations she was supposed to. He sabotaged her by rallying for her 40 times. We all know Hilary can't be responsible for what happens in her own campaign. GTFOH!!

  27. Hillary is a hater… dispite his endorsement in 2016 of her and all the rallies he did for her 😐 …

    She needs to be attacking Trump 😐

  28. Clinton, who was too arrogant, lazy and entitled to bother to campaign in critical midwestern states, backstabs Sanders who supported her with over 40 campaign rallies for her. Now she's going to work to torpedo the election in favor a trump again.

  29. They called him The amendment king because he was able to pass more amendments in a Republican-controlled Senate than anyone else.

  30. Its not hard to be superior when you are surrounded by corrupt and compromised 'peers'. It's more likely that it wasn't he that was being preachy but people guilty of being swampy feeling a wee bit guilty.

  31. Clinton lost to the most dishonest candidate in American history and then attacks the most honest candidate in current America.

    This is the legacy of The Clinton's.

  32. Shes just still salty that his ideas made her have to waver her own to what people wanted in 2016. Talking about career politicians, do you all not remember when she was running for NY Senator, she didn't even live there?!? She literally bought a house there like the last week possible for her to do so and run for office in the state. She blames him for losing the 2016 election, when in reality, it was every Democrat who didn't show up to vote because we all 'knew' she had it in the bag. I'm ready for a woman president too, but one I can actually stand behind and believe in their ideas. There is no Democratic Presidential candidate that is woman that I believe in their policies and ideas this time around either.

  33. So Hillary Clinton says nobody likes Bernie Sanders… OK Hillary I think you are somebody that shouldn't talk.. Remember you lost to a person like Donald Trump. People would rather have Donald Trump then you! I think you of all people should look in the mirror before you try talking about anybody else. You will go down As one of the worst presidential candidates in American history! Bernie Sanders might not ever be president but neither will you!

  34. “I got a lot more done”. Yeah it’s easy to get more done when you sell yourself out. It’s much more difficult to get things done if you stand with the working class.

  35. Bernie is a beautiful and enlightened human being. He is humble and wise and confident. Hillary is an example of someone who will never take responsibility for herself.

  36. I can't stand Sanders,….however,……ANYBODY is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than that lying ka-hunt Killary.

    And did anybody notice when she was on Howard Stern the other week how the Stern show had to tidy up all the comments to make it look Killary friendly? I bet they had to delete 90% of the comments that were entered those people who left the negative comments know who the REAL Killary is.

  37. Wow, they are afraid of ZBernie. This is standard for a smear campaign. Hillary is so hated her smears against Bernie will get him elected.

  38. Bernie is a vegan while Hillary is a vegetarian. Bernie is a lion while Hillary is a hyena. Bernie is DC while Hillary is Marvel. When two things are very similar and exist in the same niche environment they tend to end up in a conflict greater than actual oppositional elements. That being said if Bernie wanted to be the Democratic nominee for 2020 he very much needed to mend SOME fences and build SOME bridges to SOME people who were angry about 2016. "Take me as I am or not at all!" does not get a party's presidential nomination unless that party is the GOP.

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