100 Replies to “Hillary Clinton calls latest uranium deal news a ‘distraction’

  1. So you are still reporting on Hillary and Obama
    She fuck'n lost stop trying to distract people and focus on the actual president.

  2. Fox writes news(?) for trumpsters, the other outlets cover actual news. You suckers keep drinking this stuff, while the rest of us watch your icon melt under the heat of his own making.

  3. She's guilty of enough you can gas da plane up. Her testimony is gonna be lie, lie, lie, or deny, deny, deny. And if she does answer she can charm pants off a rattlesnake.

  4. She needs to keep her big fat mouth shut! How dare she open it at all! Maybe she should go talk to Eleanor‘s painting. Weirdo!

  5. "HON. CLINTON" who is the nimrod that misspelled HOE?!?!?!
    Psychopathic criminal will one day meet herself, whether here or in the here-after.

  6. Is there Anything that could Neutralize or Contaminate the Uranium Being Shipped??..Then the Clinton`s would have to Give Back the Money Stolen From the USA!!!!..Or, Russia Would Be Very Pissed Off!!!

  7. People tend to think that the Clintons are 'too big to fail'. We shall see if her handlers will still protect bill & hillary this time.

  8. Hardly. This is huge. She was in charge of the State Department. Even if others could have blocked it (mostly people she or Bill could control), she could have also. Even if a subordinate voted on her behalf, she is still responsible.

  9. it's ugly what democrats did…. whole rank & files from president obama down to all the cronies down to DOJ/FBI. my guess is these cronies were hoping for some leg up once clinton became the leader. thank GOD that didn't happen.

  10. The biggest problem that Mme. Hillary has is that she can continue lying, but she is losing the support of would-be sycophants who would willingly fall on their metaphorical swords to protect her.  Thus, her obvious denials are not quite as forceful as she would like them to be.  In other words, since she was foreordained to be elected, a good many loose ends were left dangling.  Now, she and Bill are left a little bit politically naked.

  11. What I find so vile about this x8gci woman is the total ease she spins Her followers with lies… So it's now OK to sell Russia Uranium if you are Hillary. But if anyone you know talks to any Russian about anything you are a collaborator. She has hurt this country in so many ways. I wish she would just go away.

  12. I have seen Trump behind bars in a dream! He is in a Gulag in a very cold Siberia. He was eating beet root soup and Putin was singing Russian lullabies to put him into sleep and an Angel appeared and said you must suffer to enter into the kingdom. It was a vision from God.

  13. An awful lot of dirty laundry has been exposed. Hillary clintonsucks. I have to leave bad language in U Tube comments, but I don't know what else to say about that witch.

  14. sounds like she being sarcastic to me. Look I voted for Trump, but leave Hillary alone already. So she helped a lot of people in the world not just Americans. that don't make it fraud, and so people pay them to give a speech, who cares all of you fuckers get paid to speak. Trump already said he was going to change main stream news, so we know your just going off what he says you have to say, witch you are getting paid for to do… I hope trumps not elected again. Hillary did win the election, but like trump said its easily rigged, and if the electoral college say trumps in, we all know hes in, even though the USA wanted Hillary, trump paid our government to elect him anyways. I'm going to run for office. I wanted Trump in office, But i didn't want Him to cheat. and by the electoral college going against American wishes. every one forgets Hillary won By 3 million votes, so she should be in office right now. All this is fake, She wont go to Jail, Why not let the rest of the world make our shose and shirts, and leave us with the office jobs and police work, None of us Americans want to work in a fucking factory, let china do it, we go to college to have money. Americas got a lot of money. if you are poor poor for real this day and age. your illegal and sending money home, or you don't work. Trump cheated pain and simple!!!!!! I've met Hillary Shes a very good soul, I felt it and seen her colors. Humble and, I hope she gives up on us…. You guys don't even see the normal streets, What jobs trump? Normal life hasn't changed, glad the 200k club is happy… Ill buy a used benz, Its not about that. Any one put your taxes and money on blast.. I think every one in government must display there money and how… let china have the jobs we don't want anyways. let Hillary sleep, and trump do his job, I know hes a tweeting… I don't tweet, its stupid, I gotta real life to live!!!. And trying to lock up Obama, Sounds like America is changing, Hope for a good one… this is sad…

  15. This whole thing, in every aspect, hinged on the fact that Hillary would be president. The unthinkable happened and she lost. And then the back up plan failed. So, now the mess is being exposed and the corruption is finally being seen by the American people.

  16. Don't forget that CNN, MSNBC, ABC "news", also colluded with the corrupt DNC,, Obama and Hillary in an attempt to overthrow our Government – treason.

  17. Locking her up means nothing. Obama released more volatile prisoners then 14 presidents. All it would take is a sympathy elect and she would go back to crimes even worse then before. Sometimes a dog gets bit by a rabid beast that their is no cure for and must be put to death. Many of these former silent leads are rabbid to the people and only wolf amongst themselves. A union of transparency has no space for those who are too good to speak to the people they serve. When was the last time any of these traitors spoke openly without a model?

  18. y isn't that cunt hung Allready…what is wrong with you,i guess aliens did infiltrate are 51 years ago,y else would we be in this predicament

  19. "Sure I made money … but the F^I top brass assured me that I was TEFLON-COATED. Oh, that was when Brraaaack! occupied the WH? But surely all his appointees are still there and in the JD?"

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  21. We have no justice, no power, no national security and Congress refuses to enact legislation which frees us from their stranglehold on who we vote for and taking back our economic independence and control of our country's future. THAT IS REALITY IN MY SANCTUARY CITY, BEWARE OF THE AUTHORITARIAN LEFT.

  22. Lock her up & Obama will solve lot of problems! Commie they even involved in the Government how we can survivor? I feel sorry for President Trump because he cares for American that is the reason why Democrats keep liar throw a lot of dirty stuff to make President Trump looks bad to get him out of the White House! Is this country still belong to America or Communist? Why not lock up the traitors selling Uranium one to the enemy? Why? Is this country still belong to United States of America?

  23. Trump not goomg to do a damn thing how many pics are out their being all buddy buddy hes been in office for over a year she in over her head and he hasnt locked her up i know why cause hes not going to and if she does its going to be some one else and hes going to try and take credit like honestly their both owned by the deeo state both of them wake up america already like honestly if we all dont wake up were doomed especially our children and grandchildren and they deserve the best we can offer them so lets offer them a bright future together no right or left no white or brown juat americans wanting the best for we the people cause this government was made for we the people so lets take our power back from this zionist and the other goy elites

  24. Putin said, he paid more then 4 million DOLLARS to the pay to PLAY SCANDAL. HOW come comey and rosenstein and Hillary aren't in jail already.

  25. USA stands for United States of Fascism. They were communists From the very first date when they start killing the native Indians and committing genocide against humanity. Blackmailing and Humiliation is the basis of their communication.

  26. It's a shame there is so much evidence against her but she is so wealthy and powerful that she'll never face charges.

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