Highlights: Mane decides a dramatic game at Anfield | Liverpool 3-2 West Ham

Highlights: Mane decides a dramatic game at Anfield | Liverpool 3-2 West Ham

Salah on the charge,
Soucek with the challenge, Salah again, Keita, it’s slick from Liverpool,
it comes to Firmino… It will spin away for Alexander-Arnold. His cross, Gini Wijnaldum! Goal for Liverpool. Here’s the corner again – and down, and in! And it’s a really good header.
West Ham level things up. Robertson. Nice little gap opening up,
lovely ball for Salah. Salah attacking, and shooting! And Fabianski with a good save. There’s the corner – oh, header, Van Dijk off the crossbar! Noble again. Rice. Dangerous-looking ball – Fornals, goal! West Ham have come from behind. Here’s Robertson,
nicely done, Salah… Oh, it’s in! It’s another gift from Fabianski, and Liverpool are level. Firmino, always intelligent, always the one
who can find space in tight areas. This is Gomez. Oh, it might come for Alexander-Arnold, it will! And in by Sadio Mane!

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  1. If liverpool exhibits such performance against Atletico in 2nd leg…Atletico will easily knock out the reigning champion…

  2. I've been supporting this club since I was 11, I am currently 18 and I've seen this club go from Stewart downing and Andy carrol to lambert and borini up front, this club has progressed so much its such a rewarding feeling seeing how much has changed and Liverpool have become champions of Europe, for those that have been there at Liverpools worst and now seeing them at their best I can say we deserve to win the league for how hard this team works and I'm proud as any Liverpool fan to see this club lift the title hopefully finishing the season unbeaten, YNWA.

  3. I just feel sad tbh for those liverpool fans who think they will get a comeback against Atletico, Atletico would never concede those kind of goals, the premier league is not on the level of the Spanish one I'm very sorry

  4. awesome Liverpool.. question who you guys think was the best in the game for me Mo he was very smart but i have the feeling that the fans actually is not supporting mo as they used to do when he was breaking records which is effecting his performance clearly he feels different NOT the king anymore he is losing his confidence and i think if it continue he will move to barsa or madrid or juv ….and thats going to be a big lose for liverpool and premier league !

  5. I know there's all this Sancho talk, but I'd rather consider Declan Rice and Grealish if it meant spending a bit more.

  6. Dramatic or not, the coming seasons the Premier league will be colored deep Liverpool red. Mexico loves Liverpool ❤️🇲🇽

  7. Even when LIVERPOOL don't play at there best they still bloody win and that tells you everything about the MENTALITY. of the team..

  8. That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God have raised him from the dead, you shall be saved. – (God´s words from the Bible)

  9. WEST HAM gave us the best game off the season and a bloody good scare aswell so well done lads and we hope you stay up because your way too big of a club to go down.. GOOD LUCK

  10. I keep looking at Firmino and thinking "I bet he is seriously sick he never took the opportunity to make his loan at Sunderland permanent when he had the chance"

  11. As a Barcelona fan they should keep on going unbeaten because if they did they will win the golden premier league that arsenal won wish them all good luck 😉


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