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  1. America need war to pay off their debts every American president leave the White House in debts one after another and as if they are trying to out do each other the last one try to accumulate more debts than the other what is more surprising is none of them or any of their politicians are involve in corruption

  2. Maroon5 is carnnibals(man-eaters) with Chinese. Watch their concert in china and music video "animals". That's their real life.

  3. I’d like to know how much it’s cost the hard working people of the USA with the trade being so in balanced,That’s a bigger question! Just think how much our president could get done if all our representatives got on the Dam Bus ! Thank you mr Trump for bringing all this bull to our attention. CNN still sucks, we need to stop buying produce that advertise on there network ! Time to get real !

  4. What really is a tariff…? As far as i know tariff is a tax imposed on products imposed on imported products.. please correct me if i'm wrong.. Seeing on the shoes of importers who pays for the tariff… it is not the source or origin of the products …it is paid by the citizens of the country importing such product…that means if the US imposed 25 percent of tariff on goods imported in china that means the US citizen importing the product from china are the one paying for such tax because the importing party are citizens of the USA.. ok further up if the importer being the wholesalers and pays 25 percent more from the original price how are they going to get back their expenses.. in common sense they will add it to the initial price of the products which will be forwarded to the retailers and as it goes on the retailers will then put the additional expenses on the total price of the products… now the question is who are the end buyers of this products with additional 25 percent of the tariff…? it would be the consuming public of the USA…. therefore can we assume that the one paying for the 25 percent tariff are not the Chinese manufacturers… not the importers or the retailers it would be the consuming public of the USA….

    Further analysis says that the US are imposing this tariff on the hope of the Trump administration to lift up the prices of this commodities for reasons such as 1. If the prices of the commodities imported on the other nation not only china will match up the prices of the local businesses made within the US.. this businesses will have a leverage to compete on their products.. 2. Since the imported commodities are in equal prices of the commodities produced within the US the citizens of the US will likely to invest and manufacture more of their products home base because they believe that their products will most likely be chosen by their fellow countrymen.. 3. The US will become more dependent in their own products and does not need to import products from other countries… Is this correct?

    What really is happening now…

    With the US imposing such high tariff to other countries.. this countries are now showing their hand in this case… How?.. 1. by limiting or stop importing goods to the US.. the effect on the US their will be over supply on the US for selected products making the price of such products to go down tremendously.. question.. What is the effect? the farmers.. producers.. manufacturers are sure to suffer due to the loss in income because they cost of production is higher that the income.. 2. by limiting or not importing important products in the US such as rare elements.. as a result the price of such commodities in US will undoubtedly doubled or even put to sky high prices.. who suffers …. will in common sense the citizens of the US.. 3. The other countries will have a better trade relation therefore instead of trading to the US they will trade to other countries making this other countries have a better prices compared to the US.. as a result… the US will have the highest prices therefore the US becomes a very expensive country to live in.. and many more…..

  5. You should keep balance between US and China. Some of CNN calculation is not right as most of importers in US definitely demand major part of tariff should be paid by exporters. Plus the tariff will be used for the people of America. Both US and China must come back to the table and find mutually profitable points. Moreover, one step by step is good way to solve the problems.






  7. US is usign unfaire way of caculation to exagerate trade deficit with targeted countries to make its execus to threten other countries. US used cheap labour to enjoy cheaper products, sacrificed environment of other countries, explorated other countries to leave them with little profit margin. And, yet, US points its fingure to other countries to accuse them of "stealing" jobs from US when it wants to make control or rob off other countries. This very UNFAIRE.!!!!

  8. Vote Blue down the Ballot in 2020. Our Government and Economy is at stake. Donald Trump is a Liar, and a Huge JOKE to other Countries. They're laughing at us people. It's not funny to Trump, because he can afford to lose what we can't.

  9. 800 dollars divided by 4 is 200 per person so making 200$ sacrifice is worth it to stop usa being ran by chinese gov

  10. Joshua Hudson – You may be right but…..1)Naivety: believing everything that you are told, actually happens. Which occurs due to inexperience or not being educated in that area.2) Bullshit: it has been happening for a long amongst us humans (because it does not occur in the rest of the natural world). It happens everywhere, so get used to spotting it out. Now check the link, and hope that you don't own a Prada handbag that is Made in China (cough cough) I mean made in Italy. Seventh paragraph. The label means 'jack shiznit'. https://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/23/opinion/23thomas.html


  12. US farmers have the best land, best technology, best products,….together with all their efforts, somehow they become the biggest losers in the Trump tantrum. I don't know they can stomach this

  13. Fake news. Note how China cut solar prices by the ex’s t 30% of the tariffs. U.S. solar installation outlook brightens on falling costs -report https://www.cnbc.com/2019/06/18/reuters-america-u-s-solar-installation-outlook-brightens-on-falling-costs-report.html

  14. My business partner just got back from a China trip and the tariffs are having a huge impact on their economy. Entire companies have shut down and furloughed their workforce for 6 months, or even longer. General sentiment is absolute worry that Trump is going to be re-elected in 2020. They would much prefer a president they could continue taking advantage of.

  15. Even as Tariff Man, as Trump likes to refer to himself, focuses only on disruption, Beijing is evidently operating on a higher level. China is outplaying the United States on two fronts.

    First, while Trump is on the verge of slapping tariffs on almost everything the U.S. imports from China, Beijing is picking and choosing wisely. It went to town on American soybeans, in part because it knew that Brazil and Argentina could provide ample alternative supplies. But it has left untouched other American exports that are more difficult to replace. China could, for instance, force its state-owned airlines to immediately shift from buying Boeing to European-based Airbus, but those companies would run into trouble accessing the parts and services needed to keep their costly existing fleets running. Beijing has therefore mostly spared the aircraft sector from retaliation thus far.

    Second, Trump has no real mitigation strategy to help the Americans facing the entirely foreseeable costs of his policies. Yes, he’s giving out tens of billions of dollars in agricultural subsidies—but that is, of course, a cost borne by Americans, not international rivals. His separate trade restrictions on nearly $50 billion in steel and aluminum imports have only worsened the effects of his fight with China; these restrictions have burdened American farmers by raising the cost of the equipment needed for harvesting or storing the crops they are now unable to sell abroad. And he’s compounding this short-term pain with possible long-term damage to previously healthy international relationships: Those steel and aluminum tariffs have mostly targeted trade from allies such as Europe, Canada, and Japan—not China. He also conducted a needlessly contentious renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement and has threatened tariffs on tens of billions of dollars’ worth of Japanese and European cars.

  16. i went to buy something that i need today went up from $5 to $6.27 i will stop buying stuff now and seat and wait

  17. I don't get it why trump said other countries are taking advantage of the U.S. especially China. Weren't the agreements made by them as well and they were well in the position to take advantage of those agreements since they're in power since then? It's so contradicting.

  18. Tariffs are not all paid by the consumer. It depends on the competition from other countries. For example, if Vietnam is making a similar product, China will either have to lower its price, to compensate in full or in part for the tariff, or will have to lose market share to Vietnam.

    However, more importantly, the loss of jobs to foreign markets over the past 20 years, has had a devastating effect on the American economy. Our national debt has more than quadrupled in the last 18 years, and a substantial part of that increase has been due to these lost jobs, and the stagnation of wages as a result of these lost jobs. America's economy was largely a manufacturing-based economy during its "Golden Age," but has now been converted to a lower-wage service economy. Take that $16 trillion dollars in new national debt and that equates to about $45,000 for every man, woman and child in the U.S. And although a sizeable portion of that debt is not due to the loss of jobs to China (as there has been comparable job losses due to automation), the losses which American families are incurring due to the loss of these jobs far outweighs the costs of the tariffs.

  19. I understand the economics but in reality because prices are more expensive Chinese Companies are lowering the sell price to compensate. Some are moving offshore to avoid them. It's about recalibrating the supply chain. So much of the Tariffs are being absorbed by China themselves. Partly to weather the storm until resolution. It's a smart play by Trump. Tough and uncompromising. China need to be brought to account for the theft of IP, forced Tech transfers and unfair trade practices. If it's not done now it will just get worse.

  20. President Trump and the worlds should call for a total economic boycott of red China …..
    "We must take strong defensive actions to protect America's leadership in technology and innovation against the unprecedented threat posed by China's theft of our intellectual property, the forced transfer of American technology and its cyber attacks on our computer networks,"
    "These tariffs are essential to preventing further unfair transfers of American technology and intellectual property to red China,"
    Trump 2020
    I am no longer ashamed of my country like I was the previous 8 years (Obama). Thank you, President Trump, for making America great and strong again.

  21. Get this i d i o t out of the office before our economy goes down to the drain. My business has been hurt due to the tariff and we may need to let some people go to save cost. What a disaster!!!!!!!!

  22. Yep. More trump towns with trump tents are gonna spring up on the sidewalks.. tariffs here we come! making america great again…lol

  23. Americans should back up their president more. China is a very big threat. The world should band against CHINA! They're cheats and manipulates their currency to be a superpower. They're GREEDY sanambishes that has money as their priority. They don't care about the environment, human rights and bullies their smaller neighbouring countries. Hence their air pollution, hongkong rallies and south china sea tension. They should be shot down before they become a more formidable dictator. WW3 is World vs China, it's their propaganda and it's what they'll get!

  24. When did average Americans decide to kiss the ass of china to save a couple of dollars. Quit buying cheap Chinese shit and open up those shut downtown american factories. AMERICA needs to quit kissing the ass of the world with the new world order agenda and go back to pre clinton days when dealing with the world.

  25. To Mr. Donald J. Trump President of the United States

    Under the pretense of a "developing country", the People's Republic of China has taken advantage of the World Trade Organization's trade policies to implement an economic program and protectionist agenda that damage the United States and the world community. Following are the facts on China's trade and economic policies:

    A. Restrict foreign companies from investing in many sectors in China; provide favorable and one-sided economic treatment to state-own enterprises (SOEs); place numerous unfair business practices on American-owned companies currently doing business in China; and cause large annual trade deficits with the United States (China imported $130 billion dollars of US -made products and goods during the last fiscal year while exporting over $475 billion dollars of Chinese-made goods to the US).

    B. Implement laws and regulations forcing foreign companies, including American corporations, to share and transfer their proprietary information and patented technology with the local authorities and Chinese companies, if these foreign companies want to obtain licenses to operate in China; and restrict stock share ownership and sales of the same for foreign companies, which would be deemed illegal in other countries.

    C. Prohibit the formation of independent labor unions; control, through the Chinese Communist party, the rights of laborers and workers in the most restrictive manner, contrary to applicable international standards for workers; and promote a cheap labor economy to attract foreign companies' investment, thus, causing unfair competition against workers from the developed countries.

    D. Prohibit the establishment of an independent judiciary to fairly handle trade and business disputes, especially with cases involving intellectual rights, which the Chinese government does not respect; and create a judicial system that lacks transparency and fairness.

    E. Control and manipulate the monetary system; and purposefully undervalue the Chinese Renminbi, causing price and value destabilization in the stock market.


    China is increasing its espionage activities to steal information, secretly obtain intellectual property and business formulas that violate the national security of many nations, including the US, by any means and channels:

    A. Employ selected foreign exchange students and research scholars to infiltrate targeted universities, research institutions, high-tech companies, financial organizations, and even health care organizations, to steal or entice American professionals and intellectuals at these related entities to provide sensitive information and technology to the Chinese government, which cause harm to the national security of the US.

    B. Engage Internet hackers to attack the US including government agencies, national defense entities, and high profile private companies while interfering with the electoral system of the US and with many other countries.

    C. Implement laws requiring private domestic companies to fully cooperate with the Chinese Communist Party and its government, including the security apparatus, the military, through the People's Liberation Army (PLA), while forcing these companies to turn over their information and data to the government.


    China flagrantly violates the basic human rights of its own citizens despite being a signatory to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Following are violations by the Chinese government:

    A. Brutally oppress peaceful dissidents through arbitrary imprisonment, physical and psychological torture, and passing on unfair and excessive prison sentences against those who disagree with the Chinese Communist Party.

    B. Brutally oppress ethnic minorities by pressuring them to disavow their chosen religion and native culture, currently occurring in Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan, and throughout China where there are ethnic minorities desiring self-determination.

    C. Brutally oppress many ethnic minorities such as the Muslim Uyghurs and the Kazakhs, incarcerating those who do not submit to Chinese rule in concentration camps; burn Christian religious books and destroy buildings of worship; arrest, detain and beat up Falun Gong adherents, declaring that the practice of Falun Gong is illegal.


    China is dramatically increasing its military capability and continues to manipulate the political systems of its neighboring countries in the region, especially in the South China Sea, wherein China had violated its own assurance not to militarize this region, which can threaten the peace and stability of the entire Asian – Indo – Pacific Region. Following are China's destabilizing action and conduct:

    A. Illegally declare ownership of the South China Sea while appropriating by military force many islets, reefs, and islands from other neighboring countries, including the Paracel Islands from Vietnam in 1974, various islands and islets in the Spratlys Archipelago, and the Scarborough from the Philippines.

    B. Illegally construct military infrastructure and installations on disputed islands and reefs in the South China Sea, threatening the peace and stability of the entire region.

    C. Employ militias and paramilitary personnel, under the guise of fishermen, to harass and bully fishermen from neighboring countries.

    D. Politically manipulate neighboring countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos; implement the Belt Road Initiative (formerly One Road, One Belt — OBOR) as a policy mechanism to cause poor and smaller nations to be entrapped financially to China, thus more vulnerable to China's political machinations.

    With the four main issues referenced above, it is clear that China is a real and current threat not only to the US, but to the entire international community. If China does not cease and desist from the above-mentioned conduct, we must call on President Donald Trump to take a firmer position and more resolute action with China by levying the following punitive action and policies:

    1. Apply maximum tariff against all Chinese-made products intended for the US.

    2. Sign an Executive Order prohibiting US companies from transferring technology or providing service until China comply with the common policy and standards on these matters, as observed by the international community.

    3. Enlist the Global Magnitsky Act to target Chinese government officials, companies, banks, and Chinese nationals who have aided and abetted the Chinese government with the policies and conduct listed in the four above-referenced issues.

    4. Order other applicable punitive sanctions against Chinese government officials, companies, banks, and Chinese nationals who had acted against the common good and interest of the international community and pose a threat to the national security of the US.

    This petition letter is open to all individuals and organizations to sign on, requesting that the Trump Administration acknowledge the voices and wishes of numerous people around the world in dealing with the threat that China poses to the international community and US.

  26. Everyone using yet another American technology to bash America. We should consider censoring other countries from using the things we create since America is such a bad country.

  27. If trump loves America and wants it be great again then why does he have companies in China and fighting China over tariffs its because if he attacks China with tariffs then his companies over in China will make billions along with Russia. Trump is only the president for one thing and that’s money

  28. Lol maybe if we werent the United States of China thanks to our democrats over the last few decades, this wouldnt be an issue. There are plenty of American brands you can buy instead of buying into this idiotic propaganda. Thank you trump for putting AMERICA FIRST

  29. I think it’s a much better idea to print more money and steal the peoples money in a way they don’t understand. Let’s have currency wars. More debt more printing more wall street casino.

  30. trump is using tariffs to try to boost his gdp which sucks already anyway. 2017 gdp 2.2% –
    2018 gdp 2.7% 2019 ave so far 2.6% That's 7th place of the last
    10 presidents. GM closes 5 plants in OH, Now more including MI.
    Harley gone to Mexico, Volvo moving from SC to Europe, Toyota and
    Tesla's new plants are now being built in China. Average GDP for a
    crash in society. Don't forget, 28 billion in Farmer Bailout's who
    are now destroyed, and 1400 dairy farms in WI alone,
    filed bankruptcy. This economy is screwed. And it cost tax
    payers 1 trillion a year in handout's to billionaires. Buckle in,
    every republican president in history has taken the USA into a

  31. Guys guys guys, stop fighting about this. There is maybe a solution which im not sure why no Americans are talking about. Start switching import stuff from else where… cmon start this. Put qoutas on how many toys can come from China, and other things which Americans buy. Cmon start switching even corporations should start changing their supply chains maybe set up a factory in the Philippines. Other countries are able to produce things cheap too. You need to figure out how the Chinese conduct mass manufacturing and quality production. And replicate it in another nation and kiss China good bye, take action take action. China is a very dangerous country which can probably start a new economic order. So stop arguing start switching away from China. Why why why is no anchor or guest saying the word "switch" this is also subtly what Trump is saying but no one gets it "switch" "switch" he is sending all of you a signal.. but you guys are not getting it CNN… start talking on the news about switching with your guests

  32. GUESS WHAT! My local Dollar store no longer charges a dollar for any of their items. Went in last week (7-27-19) Nothing in the store is less than $1.25. So TRUMP's "You pay nothing-China pays" is total B.S. Of course-he is a serial LIAR

  33. Either way what difference does it make we add tariffs and use it to pay the debt. It will hurt economy. Or they will print money cause inflation and you will feel it. They will make you pay for the debt one way or the other. If you want the government to pay you will pay for it one way or another.

  34. It’ll be cost you nothing because trumps in there don’t let the lefties tell you nothing don’t believe these fucking guys tell lie about their mother and brother this sister and I give a shit only thing they want is fucking power and the Democrats want a socialist or whatever they fucking wanna call them selves. they’ll be all be dead soon

  35. How selfish. By allowing its economic development, Western countries, and in particular the United States, saved the Chinese communist regime, according to a Chinese dissident intellectual who escaped the Tianamen Square massacre.

  36. Nah we wouldn't steal any business ideas from steve

    owes china 1.3 trillion

    Reaching into thy purse smear campaign

    How or when exactly did you expect to pay off 1.3 trillion

    Cloak and dagger MF

    This road enforced by aircraft MF

    How many speeding ticket per hour do you need to hand out to pay off airplane fuel MF.

    Idk why they're so in debt

    I'm trying to help you 30% chatter bot whisper network

    If you owe 1.3 trillion
    Park the airplane speeding ticket operation until you can shoot down the Russian missile or pay off china

    Save dat money

    Nah build a wall they make boats MF

  37. Americans almost paid the ultimate debt when he fired off a nuke to destroy Hawaii. An American destroyer fired off an antimissile rocket and destroyed it. Civil Defense rang, but the all clear rang when it was over. Trump let that go, with reservations….
    XI forced North Korea to keep testing nuclear explosions, which masked radar signals — until the mountain that was used for this purpose collapsed and sent radiation to China. Xi had warned that no one could sent radiation to China without a declaration of war. Except if North Korea accidentally did it.

  38. Culmination of Trump's failed economic policies.            
    The "Art of the Deal " has started to show it's perfection last week and today is a taste of what's really coming.

    Everything this man has touched he has screwed it up.

    Yesterday wasn't enough he had to have a swipe at eagles

    The length of this man's  " FUQ UP LIST "  has no boundaries.

    Just wondering how much market cap was lost today.

    This man's business skills are a wonder at work!

    Who will stop this man's madness? This mans brain is a marvel of dysfunctional genes.

    Just wondering if there are better days ahead.

  39. America works when you buy American. Yes you might pay a bit more at Walmart or counterfeit golf clubs etc… like I said American jobs Steel industry which is way stronger steel.. etc. China has been bullying the world with their garbage for a long long while.

  40. Sick, failing, loser and liar T…the man with the brains of a "Seedless Grape" needs to be FLUSHED along side of "Turtle Mich"
    down the drain. Both are such a sad embarrassment who can't do more to ruin the fragile economy than they do right now.

  41. It looks to me after much research, that only the rich are going to be feeling the pain of these China tariffs. Yes some items will increase in price, but items have been increasing in price every single year despite any of this China tariff stuff. Every single year our rent goes up which has nothing to do with China. So once again I see this affecting only the very wealthy used in the very richest of America. And as you have probably noticed the middle class of America hasAll but dwindled away. And the gap between the rich and the poor grow bigger and bigger every day.

  42. I spot some empathy on trump.

    On recent; I have yet to find ms's Clintons opinion on Andrew Yangs views and intentions. I see forward to her welcome concise ebndorsement.
    Dems Unite! Dont fckn fight!

  43. The same people that did this, offered subprime mortgages.

    Greedy bastards will destroy our country to make themselves rich.

    Notice in the stupid comments herewith just how many anti-American, pro-China, Leftist/Marxists and other assorted malcontented, subversive, miserable, misfits disapprove of what the Trump administration is doing.
    These are the enemies of the United States!

  44. Americans spend billions on Chinese goods every year and rising fast how is going to stop,, us cant make its own goods, the iconic iPhone is a pure Chinese cell phone which you all love

  45. Why faggots at CNN sides with CCP is beyond comprehension. Look at facts, US economy is fine. China is suffering. REPORT FACTS, YOU FILTHY FAGGOTS!

  46. Unbelievable , you morons the Tarriff cost have not even reached the consumer. If the prices are raised its because your Left wing business man is taking advantage of you . And blaming it on President Trump.

  47. Hi cnn dummies. Real Americans agree that China has gotten too big and it is the fault of American politics and greedy business man that made China the monster it has become. Let’s stop buying made in China and bring manufacturing jobs home or perhaps let’s give South American companies a chance to manufacture products. Why give work to the Chinese rather than giving it to people in South America who are practically in our back yards. They really need the work.

  48. I don't care much about the economics. I feel more and more hatred between china and us. That's sad. Can we just go back and love each other?

  49. What happens if I dislike China dumping in our market but I was unable to access their market even more than price hikes?

    Our goods have a 200 to 300% price increase in China

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