‘He’ll Do Anything For The Spotlight’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

‘He’ll Do Anything For The Spotlight’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 Replies to “‘He’ll Do Anything For The Spotlight’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Don't know why the media keep banging on about Donald Trump's "legacy", and that of his cronies. If they were true patriots and representatives of the American people, it would make a difference to them, but THEY DON'T CARE! All they care about is lining their pockets (either financially or for power) at this moment, and have no problem selling out their "legacies" for short term gain.

  2. so no one can speak against your hero joe? wow. you're something joe- you just dropped another 20 points in my book. losing respect for you. what a bunch of hooey. rudy was a crook & a slimy character from day one. he said he was going to clean up nyc-yeah, he sent the gangsters up here to the capital district. now we have all that crime to deal with while he looks like a damned hero. f–k rudy.

  3. Open your eyes, maybe he knew about 911 before it happened, he was corrupt before 911, during 911 he knew he would gain what you would call respect. Know his true colors show.

  4. OF COURSE Giuliani has gone to every corner of the planet trying to profit from and exploit the legacy he gained during 9/11, to say anything else is being disingenuous. And not calling a spade a spade is the problem with this whole Trump administration. Why can't these talking hairdos understand that?? Nobody is willing to stand up and say.. "Mr President.. this is a horrible idea", or better yet, "..this is illegal and we can't do it ..". Instead they all act like everything he does or says is perfect, just because they don't want to hurt his feelings and be attacked on Twitter, LOL!! The Republican Party has now become a bunch of spineless worms

  5. Joe is 100% percent wrong. Why?

    I'm of the mindset that money doesn't change people. Some of those that are changed by fame, money, or power have it in them that they were always that way but because of the situations they were in they were not able to show their true self.

    The minute they have opportunities to advance themselves, the truth shows up.

    A person well grounded in morals never change from being a good leader to being a crook.

    Are there some people who can change. Yes but Rudy isn't one of them.

  6. Remember, while y'all were still holed up wondering if more attacks were coming, Rudy was holed up in the specialy built bomb shelter in the FBI building, building 7. NOT. Rudy was out in the streets BEFORE the All Clear was sounded. And then the special built bomb shelter that cost us MILLIONS was "pulled" faster that a Democrat House can Impeach a Trump.

  7. I think Ruddy knew in advance of 9/11 , and was one of the conspirators who brought it about. Perhaps the knolege he may have of the 9/11 conspiracy is his "insurance policy"
    which he is holding over the heads of several very powerful people. Perhaps you are not aware that Mr. Guiliani has himself stated that his father was a low life in the mafia. I think his true colors are showing and that he will never be convicted of any crime, not due to his innocense, but due to his connections.

  8. What 'heroic' thing did Rudy Giulliani actually do that ANY other mayor or citizen wouldn't have performed just as heroically?

  9. Rudy the racketeer buster hopefully he will get a 100 years without parole and even better he gets Fat Tony’s old cell so he has to put up with the stench of Fat Tony’s old cigars. Also just has I said ages ago Trump would step on Giuliani just like he’s stepped on everybody else over his failed careers.

  10. Excuse me, Mr. Scarborough. You criticize Mr. Deutsch for bringing up Giuliani's performance in the days following 9/11? As usual, I hate to say it, but as usual, you were listening to the voices in your head and perhaps earphone and not listening to Mr. Barnicle or Mr. Deutsch. It is so obvious so often on your show that that is what is happening. You are often focused on something else besides what is being said. Your response is then not actually responsive to what has just been spoken by someone else. Why didn't you interrupt Mr. Barnicle, the person who actually brought up Rudy's performance after 9/11 if you thought that was irrelevant to the discussion of his recent and current activities? You also didn't listen to Mr. Deutsch's comment, or pretended not to listen. I suppose he could have been more explicit and said, "Rudy Giuliani later exploited his role on 9/11 when he ran for president as 'America's mayor' when he was nothing of the sort." Mr. Deutsch was vague. That's true. But that was the clear implication of his statement. I find it hard to imagine you could disprove that. And it would have been so easy for Giuliani to say back in the day, with all the theatricality and passion he musters for his tirades, "Stop calling me that. If you keep it up, I will criticize you and stop granting you interviews. I was mayor of New York City, not America. Got it? I would now like to be the president of the United States, because…" but he didn't. He milked the moniker for all it was worth, which it turned out, wasn't much. As for saying you don't interrupt your cohorts and guests…perhaps you could watch some videos of your performance on this show every day and consider the facts you claim to adhere to more than the current president does. (Mr. Deutsch got this point right. You always interrupt.) Perhaps you are comparing your style of debate with that of your colleague Chris Matthews, who does indeed exceed you in the interruption game. I don't usually agree with Mr. Deutsch on details of too many things, but on this I do. Mr. Giuliani is the same Giuliani who decided before 2001, against explicit advice, that he knew better and put the emergency response office in the World Trade Center, the prime target in the city for terrorists. He is clamoring for attention now, just as he was in the years after 9/11, just as he was when he ran for president using another faulty strategy (relying on Florida and not the early states — keep that in mind, Michael Bloomberg, as you skip Iowa, NH, SC and Nevada). There's no new Rudy, at least no new Rudy since 2000, when he had to give up his Senate campaign against Hillary. That seemed to be a turning point.

  11. I’m a New Yorker who once worked in tower 1 and who watched the towers fall in real time. Danny Deutsch is absolutely correct about Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani has been unable to give up his 15 minutes of fame and Trump took funds meant for small companies who endured legitimate hardships and losses in the aftermath of 911. They are a perfect pair. Unethical dishonest and pathetic. As for morning Joe he should shut up and get out of the way of his guests. The show is always better when he is absent.

  12. SHUT UP JOE THIS IS A FREE SPEECH SOCIETY & THE MAN IS ENTITLED TO HIS OPINION. I happen to agree with him. AsNew Yorkers we are tired of Giuliani using our tragedy to make money

  13. Rudy capitalized on 9/11 and he was deep in the Russian mob, as well as Trump, believe it or ignore it. It won't change the facts. It would not surprise me if he had Russian help mopping up the local crime bosses he took credit for. He certainly had their assistance in campaign contributions. Pompous arrogance to the extreme, exactly like Trump, always on the take. Get real people. Put a stopper in it, and listen to the panel, we'll make our own criticisms. This is like trying to put some shine on a rotten tomato that has already been thrown.

  14. Trump's interference in the 2020 election has already occurred. Biden is smeared and the GOP will keep parroting the debunked conspiracy theories, probably forever.

  15. del Percio is such a GOP sycophant. Giuliani was always pulling out the 9/11 card – for many many many years afterwards in all kinds of contexts where it was inappropriate. The country noticed and knew it was bogus of him (and so many others in the Bush GOP) to do it.

  16. Rudy "Nice to be here tonight, 9/11. And I would like to thank president Trump, 9/11, when the Democrats, 9/11."
    Rudy ALWAYS milked 9/11 and Joe is full of it!

  17. Love morning Joe,
    I'm a New Yorjer by birth and was there during 911. Guliani has fallen and fallen far. I agree with your guest. Gulliani did his job, but respect was depleated. Not just because he is Trumps Lackey. The man has lost his soul.

  18. Ooh I am so excited to see this report Colludy Rudy is supposed to release. Bombshell I am sure. He will release what he has along with Trumps tax returns, the wall Mexico pays for, and all the great manufacturing jobs coming back from China… right around the time when the tax cuts make us all millionaires. Did he announce a date of release yet? lol.

  19. Donnie Deutsch is usually a bit of a boor but he isn't wrong when he says Giuliani exploited 9-11 to the hilt. Sad but true.

  20. Giuliani stepped into the void because he was doing his job. He may have been a hero, but not like the respondents. He doesn't seem heroic now. Is that a better way to say it Joe?

  21. ok rudy owned 911 among others, but he also owned this impeachment of trump among others..he got glory for the former, loss of name and reputation for the latter, he got both

  22. I agree the Only Time Giuliani did NOT have his Mask On was when he was on Camera, it was around his Neck. But he told Everyone that the Sir was fine to Breathe and the Ground Zero workers believed Giuliani and how many Got SICK and DIED?

  23. Giuliani is lost. He lost his soul. Like most people around trump…
    Now the crazy thing is, while trump is impeached, and as he obstructed like a mad man the due constitutional process, trump has Giuliani still in Ukraine to continue interfere with the elections!! And the republicans are watching and say nothing and continue to ignore or deny the facts ?

  24. NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani was not heroic on 9/11! He followed the advice of his handlers and pretended to be a leader. But I know some firemen in NYC who hated his guts because they didn't have the radios they needed. Rudy Giulian wanted the fire department and police to use a radio his friend lobbied for, rather then the radios both departments wanted. The radios were held up for a year and would have enabled the police and firemen to talk to each other and could have saved many lives. Rudy Giulian then had the gall to recommend his friend for chief of Homeland security!

  25. Oleksandr Onyshchenko,  Rudy G's contact was arrested Dec 6. in Germany and was owner of Miss Ukraine: https://www.kyivpost.com/ukraine-politics/eric-trump-was-not-paid-for-miss-ukraine-universe-work-pageant-claims.html

  26. I agree with Donnie about Rudy who was a good lawyer, major and then greed took over, he sold his soul to the devil. Rudy had our great firemen and EMTs and others go into the rubble even though they knew it was toxic, he should have made sure they had protective gear or stayed away. Besides being heartless to his own citizens, Rudy milked the tragedy for tons of profit! Rudy is working illegally for Russia to change the narrative that it wasn't Russia who hacked the DNC. Rudy is messing in our international affairs for his own good and Trumps, endangering the delicate peace that careful was achieve leaving the world open to more Russia invasion. Rudy has betrayed his country multiple times. Rudy is a threat to our safety.

  27. Correct me if I'm wrong, but part of the reason our firefighters died was because Rudy J wouldn't get them get new updated radios ….and as far as Joe and Mika …they are corporate Dems that are afraid of Bernie and Warren. This is why they aren't allowed to tell the truth on the polls or numbers…they push the status quo because they are bought and paid for by MSNBC and use the ex trumpster friends to make ratings and money…BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY THE CORPORATE MEDIA

  28. Poor Mika, she can barely complete a sentence without Joe interrupting her. Also I agree with your guest about Giuliani.


  30. "Don't bring up 9/11". That's hilarious. It's brought up in every other situation and when it's actually kinda warrented Joe takes offense. Okidoki.

  31. trump's best defense in the senate trial : "so unfair… should i be the only candidate to be excluded from the precedent I myself set ?" 🙂

    "in 2016, i won by requesting the help of a foreign power, and everyone accepted it, so now, every candidate can do it… except potus ?!" 🙂

  32. Sorry, Joe -I’m ..ummm, WE are with #DonnyDeutsch on this one. Read the comments below⬇️ cause you are alone, Joey… Love ya tho ? #911Exploiter #RudyGiuliani

  33. Rudy exploited 911. Even Family Guy acknowledged. He went after working class, minorities, lgbtq, and alt communities. He took our safe places and handed them to corporate and wealthy. Wealthy profited from it so they saw him as a hero.

  34. I happened to be mayor at the time of 9-11.That makes me great.He sold fear like Bush did.Giuliani and Bush knew 9-11 was done primarily by Saudi Arabia,our great allies that Rudy and Trump can not think of a bad word to say about.Rudy is as morally bankrupt as Trump.

  35. Good job kissing Rudy Giuliani‘s as#. And it just goes to show, how much Rudy Giuliani used 911 to make himself look good. The example is that you guys hold him up on a pedestal for doing the same thing, that any mayor in his position would be forced “” to do.

  36. Hey Joe! good job taking away someone’s constitutional right to speak their opinion. Glad to see you’re still a Republican.

  37. Dave Arenberg, the DA who let serial trafficker perv Robert Kraft off just as they pit pat Epstein. The dirtbag DA who blamed victims for their own sexual imprisonment while LE does NOTHING about these Asian slavery spas. How the h — he became a "liberal" star out of that, proves the total hypocracy re "liberals" and women.

  38. Between that annoying Stevie and messing with your hair, I had trouble getting thru this one, so fast forwarded thru the orange fur showings and the all the rearranging of hair.!! The content would have been more interesting if I could have heard all of it. Sorry.

  39. The particular money moving corruption of NYC has infiltrated the world's energy sectors over the last decade. Elevating profits over reason safety and environment.

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  41. The show of liars & crooks.

    Ignorant who lie for a living.

    AL SHARPTON ( one of the most race baiting Con men of all time) judging Rudy G.

    GUILANI cut crime in NY in a huge way. Best mayor NY ever had.

    Everyone on MSNBC is a con man.

  42. No Joe. Its not Rudy that is desperate for the spotlight……..

    Joe Scarborough thinks he's an A lister. He sooooo impressed with himself.

    Typical showy Aries. Needs lots of attention.

  43. Whom ever is managing book tour promoting Tom Brokaw’s new book, The Fall of Richard Nixon: A Reporter Remembers Watergate, (also available in large print), deserves to be fired, must know any author on book tour must appear hair dyed as if an idol of some by gone era, it should have dawn on the marketing managers when he was booked on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, whose own career has been greatly extended by his overuse of hair dye.


  45. A person does not just turn corrupt overnight Joe!!! Those patterns are INGRAINED!!! Ghol-i-ani has obviously been an attention seeker his whole life, just as Trump has been a profuse liar and con man. Momentary "good deeds" do not define who you are- only your lifetimes' actions.

  46. 6:53 — that woman in red is ridiculous. Giuliani was a terror to Black people in New York. Y'all act like 9-11 is the only tragedy that has occurred in the United States.

  47. Why Rudy was heroic on 9/11?? He was Mayor, managed the situation obviously good. He just did his job. What is heroic about it? In fact, without 9/11 nobody would even know this guy anymore.

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