Heart Breaking News for Camilla and Prince Charles: William and Harry refuse!

Heart Breaking News for Camilla and Prince Charles: William and Harry refuse!

Heartbreaking news for Camilla and Prince Child is Prince William and Prince Harry could refuse it Prince William Princess William It has been reported Courtiers Believe Rather than princess consort But it is unclear whether William or he would offer any such support One of Prince Charles friends He has little influence over the Tomorrow An old friend Kensington Palace It was pretty clear they don’t have a good word for Camilla Tay reports Prince Harry and Meghan The highly-anticipated announcement of Harry and Megan’s engagement was confirmed by Brief statement issued by Monday morning Speculation with rice Enjoy the day off To celebrate the weddings of Prince Charles Prince William and Princess Theresa May later face tobacco Bank holidays For Prince Harry and Meghan markle’s wedding I did not Young people in love should be enough According to reports It can To celebrate The couple have already confirmed they will tie the knot st. George’s Chapel Windsor Castle Prince of Wales married The month of May is filled with other events that Prince Harry and Meghan Princess Charlotte’s for 3rd birthday on May 2nd The Duchess of Which is also due to give birth around that time So the ginger Royal Informer The early part of the Saturday But a spokesman for the pair has already revealed Republic to feel part of The celebrations to Earlier this week Harry and Meghan The couple wants to be special Celebrity Tori moment for their friends and family They also want to be straight so as to allow members of the public To feel part of the celebrations to working on ideas for house This wedding Like our weddings Will be a moment of fun enjoy that will reflect The characters Prince Harry Prince Henry Henry Charles Albert Known as Prince Harry Is the younger son of Charles Princess of Wales The time of his birth He was third in line of succession to the British throne After his father and elder brother But is currently fence After his father His elder brother And his nephew George and Charlotte After an application at schools in the United Kingdom and spending parts Of his Gap year in Australia Military career Undergoing officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst He was commissioned as a second lieutenant Serving temporarily with his brother And completed his training as a troop leader In 2000 And set them in 2008 He served for 77 days and Hellman Afghanistan But was pulled out after an Australian magazine His presence are He returned to Afghanistan for a 20-week deployment in 2012 13 He left the Army in June 2000 15 Prince William Prince William Duke of Cambridge Kg PC 1982 Princess She is second Succession to the British throne After his father William was educated at 4 schools in the United Kingdom and obtain the University of st. Andrew He spent parts Billy’s And some parts of Africa In December 2006 He completed 44 weeks So training as an officer Cadet was commissioned in the Blues and Royals In April 2000 Desert Completing pilot training Royal Air Force College Underwent helicopter Surfline training In order to be RAF search and rescue Force His service With the British Armed Forces ended in September 2013 William Middleton Hours before the wedding He was created Earl The couple have two children Prince George and Princess Charlotte And I’m expecting in April 2018 Upon graduation from University As well as obtaining Experience pain management at Chatsworth house HSBC Prince Charles Charles Prince of Wales Charles Philip Arthur George Apparent to the British throne as the Elder Child of Queen Elizabeth 2 Alternative England as Is Kaplan dat Having the position since 1950 D2 He is the longest-serving 58 And the oldest person to be first in the lineup Succession since Sophia of Hanover The heir presumptive The Queen Anne 714 at the age of 83 Charles was born at Buckingham Palace As the first Scratch King George vi And Queen Elizabeth He was educated at Cayman Gordon stone school Which his father Prince Philip That attended as a child As well as The timber School in Victoria Australia After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity College Cambridge Charles the Royal Navy from 1971 to 1976 In 1981 He married Lady Diana Spencer Prince William 1982 Later TV Prince Harry Born 1984 In 1990 Sex The couple divorce Following well-publicized Diana died The following year In 2005 Charles marry Camilla parker-bowles Child’s interests Humanitarian and social issues He founded the prince’s trust in 1976 Sponsors The Prince’s charities And is Patron of numerous other charitable and arts organizations Charles has long championed Organics She established the duchy home Farm Which produces ingredients For The duchy Originals brand Which he founded in 1990 Charles has stopped To raise World awareness of the dangers facing the natural environment And was an early advocate for Action to combat Climate change As an environmentalist He has received numerous Awards and recognition from Environmental Group What’s around the world His support for alternative medicine Including Has been criticized by some in the medical community He has been outspoken Historic building Subsequently Child create an experiment 1993 He has authored a number of books Including a vision of Britain A personal view architecture in 1980 Camilla parker-bowles Duchess of Cornwall Vote CSM PC phone 17th July 1947 Is the second wife of Charles And The Heir Apparent to the British throne Instead of using the title of Princess of Wales She uses Her husband secondary designation In Scotland She is known as The Duchess of raciste In the event of child Succeeding to the throne However An official statement issued by Clarence Said she would be known as the princess consort Camilla is the eldest child of major Bruce Chen and his wife The daughter of Laurence Ashkum She was raised in East Sussex and South Kensington An educated in England Switzerland and France She works The different firms in central London Most notably the decorating firms Colefax and John Fowler In 1973 British army officer With whom she has Two children They divorced in 1995 A relationship with the Prince of Wales before The relationship between In 2005 It culminated in a Which was followed by a televised Sherwin-Williams St George’s Is Chapel Windsor Castle As Duchess of Cornwall The Prince of Wales on his official duties She is also the patron President and a member of numerous charities An organization Since 1994 She has taken action on osteoporosis Earning honors and awards She has also raised awareness Recent areas including rape and sexual abuse Literacy and poverty

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  1. That Viperess should not be near a throne or a crown EVER‼️WITH CHARLES IS THAT STUPID HE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED NEAR A THRONE OR CRIWN EITHER‼️

  2. Charles u had a lady, a classy lady, now,, u have a drunken bitch, u pushed away a real classy lady 4 a a drunken FOOL,, u made your bed,, Lay in it with it, HaHaHaHa, watch what u wish 4, cause u got it all an then some, teee,, hee 👈🙃,

    Dearest Diana, the Peoples Princess, a round the world. She is close to my age, so please, please. DO NOT allow Camilla to have the word "Queen" in her title. She and your dad knew each other, before he met Princess Di. Camilla was in love with Bowles and married him. So you dad, HRH Prince Charles she played him as second fiddle. She is responsible for your mum's heartaches. Princess Di LOVED your dad.
    If you allow Camilla to be "Queen" Consort, that will be Camilla's last stab in your mummy's back.
    Please, No Queen in her title whatsoever. I'm in the USA, and have followed your dad and mum since they began dating.


  5. Camilla to become Queen would be a farce !.Charles cannot control Camilla and Camilla empowered as Queen and acting head of Toyal family .Charles is already reducing his role as King denying he will get involved in politics despite decades of threatening to be an active King who would be playing a major role in UK government policies !.So after divorce demands of Camila Charles has now decided his wife must be Queen joke or farce take your pick .The present Queen has been supported by Mr the scenes by her husband allowing her to be the perfect Monarch . However what do you think Camila will do as Queen ?.We already have a major problem with China after Prince Charles insulted leader of China as he made his visit to UK (this will not be forgotten by Chinese who will ignore Charles as King sending a representative to attend functions involving Charles !.If Charles becomes King then the strain of family fights and the difficulty of ascending to throne after his mother who was well trained for being Queen by her father and she has abided by his rules and been a successful leader,will lead to a collapse in his health .He will not count on World stage as East rise to challenge West .He will never be able to confirm control Camilla who will remain a " loose cannon " and try and dominate Royal family breaking Charles's sons support for Charles as King giving politicians a major headache !.

  6. England will be ruined by cowmilla or camilla . If you don't obey the world comment England will be divided Scotland, Australia British and many parts England will be cursed by curse camilla she never be queen all royal will be die because of her. You don't understand oh England be watch for your country the evil entered your family's and commonwealth.

  7. Who the hell they think they are to interfere I Thier fathers business, I for one don't except William to be king, he's do lazy , and don't do enough duties, he thinks because he's got kids , he don't have to, sorry you get the money, so duties comes before your kids, as for all these morons interfering, do you like your in laws, to Inter in your lives, a d how many of you, was unfaithful to your partner's, and you did not care about your own kids, feelings, or others you've hurt,?.so shut up, Diana died a d you're not bringing her back with all your interfering, and moaning, Life goes on.

  8. The only way they were allowed to marry is that it was agreed she would never be queen only consort. If they want to go back on their agreement , one given to the British government and people, what else are they going to do? Good for the boys to hold them to it. Can't trust Charles and Camilla, especially her…..she is a conniving, manipulative nasty piece of work.

  9. As Camilla is already married to the heir to the Throne, constitutionally Camilla is entitled to become Queen to the Monarch when Charles is coronated as King. However, when the Duke of Windsor was denied marriage to Wallace Simpson, who was previously married, that crisis highlighted the difficulty regarding divorcees in a constitutional monarchy . Also Charles as King, will be Head of the Church of England. He could not be seen therefore as a ruling Monarch to condone his own circumstances of a marriage to a divorcee . The situation could then give rise to Charles abdicating his right to the Crown before he is made King, thereby consequently paving the way for William Duke of Cambridge, the next in line to become King and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, his wife , to become Queen.

  10. There is no such title as Princess Consort, it would be created. Prince Charles is married yo Camilla, he got the queen,s permission to marry her without giving up his right to the succession. Therefore once he is king, she WILL be queen consort……it’s the law. All this blaming her for Diana,s marriage breakdown should really stop. Diana married a man she knew was in love with someone else. She also had affairs, some with married men!! In the whole Charles/Diana farce of a marriage and divorce, with mud slinging in the press the only person who behaved with any dignity is Camilla.

  11. How eery to have a Computer Generated Voice over to talk about the Lives of the Royals, whatever happen to normal people doing the Segment????

  12. Camille queen ? Charles Lady Daina should be turning in her grave just think of it! Charles It's like your saying, I have no son's ! If you love England all that she holds and the people, you make her your queen, England is no longer the country your Mother ( Queen Elizabeth II maded her! So step a,side for your Childern, grandchildren and there Mother!

  13. She helped cause Diana’s stress, and what an insult to cheat on your wife with your lover, then your wife whom became your ex-wife because you never really loved nor wanted her, ends up being murdered, then you marry the home wrecker 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬not only don’t she deserve to be queen, but he doesn’t deserve to be king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. If daughter cleaned out my unit, down to the last spoon, and will received a large amount of money on another persons death, is she untitmed to part of my estate as well

  15. Camilla's mind and heart is full of evil, she is up to destroy all those of princesses Diana's. She desparately needs the peoples favour to be the peoples queen.

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