Hannity: Mueller investigated the man who passed him up for a job

Hannity: Mueller investigated the man who passed him up for a job

100 Replies to “Hannity: Mueller investigated the man who passed him up for a job

  1. This impeachment hoax is faulty on it's face. You have to have a full house vote, which wasn't done….Unless they are just using this crap for some kind of "shock" value.. It ain't working. It amazes me how stupid these dems think we are…Is it any wonder their party mascot is a donkey??!!

  2. Did your team lose the Superbowl match? I bet you didn't spend the next season in denial, trying to steal the trophy. Of course not. You criminal DEMS lost, get over it!

  3. If people will stop watching MSM we might be able to get the truth out faster and more often and these criminals will not be so brazen in the future.

  4. If they're worried about getting a conviction in DC, then they need to file a change of venue. It's done all the time.

  5. McCabe said it was all orchestrated by Obama himself. Hillary said if I go down you all go down Really the funds came from Soros.

  6. Wow, what a bunch of crazy clowns. They undermine the intellectual capacity of the American people. How can they be so irrational? Their actions defy logic.

  7. The possibility that there will be indictments against those in the Obama administration appears more and more unlikely. Where is the DOJ? It's missing in action. WHERE ARE THE INDICTMENTS? We have proof of treason and there's no action?? It's all known what happened and NOTHING HAPPENS. It's all a farce and we are being set-up for a big disappointment. A ruling "criminal class" that's above the law means America and freedom are dead.

  8. I like Hannity and very few others on Fox but for the most part they are against Trump also . If truth mattered Trump would be the most respected president in America. I say start over with real honest journalist not these puppets…

  9. Barr and Durham are taking their time to GET IT RIGHT to restore JUSTICE to The Rule of Law and The United States Constitution. The OPRAH Factor is responsible for getting CORRUPT OBAMA elected – as corrupt as his beloved VP "QUID PRO QUO JOE" Biden and son. Why so silent now Barack and Oprah? Oprah SHOULD live up to her own words "You MUST give credit where due" and give HER PRESIDENT "CREDIT" where LONG OVERDUE. 0prah said "You must speak YOUR truth." No. U must speak "THE" Truth!!

  10. Mr Robert Martinez, I do not think the Constitution should be rewritten, but, the USA being a constitutional Republic I do think every American, of all colours and genders, should stick to it.

  11. This is not an issue of Democrat versus Republican. This is an issue of deep state versus democracy. If you look at the way arrests were handled by the Mueller investigation; if you look at the formulation of the Democrat impeachment investigation (the kangaroo court) then it should be apparent that this is not simply a matter of democracy vs deep state but it is a matter of democracy versus "deep-police-state."

    Is it the "deep-police-state" that rules America or is it the electorate?

    The two greatest threats to freedom and democracy are bureaucracy and taxes.

    If you are looking for the possible crime and criminal then look for the deep state person.

  12. Can not accept Trump because of what is coming inevitably. Baby munchers will be punished and the unveiling of ther Khazarian garbage that is set loose on the planet! Bring it on already.

  13. “Another breaking FOX NEWS REPORT” AGHHHHHH!!!! Put ALL the politics aside. Let’s forget about DEMS & LIBERALS and blame. THIS is why Shep left FOX & why you have a civil war brewing within FOX offices. Bottom line: Donald Trump HAS divided our country and leads a poor example for other world leaders. He has no regard for diplomacy and he lies CONSTANTLY. He CLEARLY has EXTREME Malignant narcissism and carries the worst immaturity you’d find in ANY human being.
    He is an embarrassment to himself, can’t control his temper, can’t control his loose-minded tweets, can’t form sentences; let’s his country and every world leader see his weaknesses in his tweets alone. A wiseman stays quiet & stealth; doesn’t let his foes know what’s in his mind, but this lunatic cries like a baby every time someone disagrees with him as he POUTS on social media like a child. He spends most of his presidency having to defend himself… like the ads he been purchasing; they’re embarrassing. It’s HIS way or NO way and he gets NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED.
    HE IS A THREAT TO WORLD PEACE and he is the WORST role model for our children. He is EVERYTHING a leader should NOT be, yet he is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. I declare one of the worst days in American History was the day he became our President. I’ve unsubscribed from his reelection emails. The integrity at FOX is gone. Shep took what was left with him and you all are dead wrong for sticking to your guns on pride alone; you are backing a dictator as ignorantly as Hitler’s cheering crowds, and with SUCH pride! OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE YOUR COUNTRY’S LEADER’S PSYCHOTIC ISSUES!! A LUNATIC LEADS THE GREATEST MILITARY IN THE WORLD! While you sit here and talk about NOTHING!!

  14. Shep should be in your place Hannity & you in his. You talk about nothing. Here’s one word for you. IMPEACHMENT.

  15. TRUMP 2019 Making ISIS Great Again. No, really. He is totally doing
    it, right now! Go ISIS!? MAGA? Cause it looks like it's MRGA (Make
    Russia Great Again) and MIGA (Make ISIS Great Again), cause nothing good
    has happened in the U S of A in three years.

  16. TRUMP 2019 Making ISIS Great Again. No, really. He is totally doing
    it, right now! Go ISIS!? MAGA? Cause it looks like it's MRGA (Make
    Russia Great Again) and MIGA (Make ISIS Great Again), cause nothing good
    has happened in the U S of A in three years.

  17. I cannot even imagine the hell that Epstein is experiencing right now and God's judgement is sweet to all patriots. They don't get away with anything. Hurrah and all these media folks who are constantly attacking a duly elected President , their turn will come too. I can draw up a list of Democrats demons who actually serve the Devil, but you know them, they're the ones crying impeach daily and they too will be judged, some of them sooner than later. Cause I don't trust mans justice system , it's too slow and not harsh enough if at all. I'm just telling it like it is people, and any one who doubts God's judgement, your turn will come too as we all must leave these bodies behind . We are spirit as well and that continues on after the earth experience where we live out our lives either accepting God's plan or denying He is exist, receiving the Gift of salvation, or refusing to accept, but this world is not our home. God is good, believe on Him and you will be saved from what is coming, the judgement.

  18. Your trying to influence people who dont understand politics to believe your biased opinions, and as a reporter we as AMERICANS NEED a UnproTrump and a UnproBiden to give us the FACTS for us (that have common sense) to decide, decode, and derive the TRUTH for OURSELVES.

  19. We need squat to going and take each one of these people out of their beds and put them in prison and have it on TV so we can all see it just like they did Rodger Stone and Mana Ford

  20. These Democrats I think all the people not the Washington people we're all stupid no we're not you people are the stupidest I've ever seen you stick your foot in your mouth every time you open it

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  22. Mueller be like, "Hey hire me so I can spy on you?"
    Trump: "Nah."
    Mueller be like, "Fine I'm gonna investigate 'cha instead then."

  23. Impeachment? Look at the media puppet show. ABC, MSNBC, CNN. Don't believe a word of it. Fox news is We the people's camp. This is INFOWARS. TAKE IT TO THE NETWORK'S RESPONSIBLE…..

  24. The "Democratic" liberal-George Soros-swamp Party became the cesspool of High treason against the President of the United States and its people

  25. As an American citizen I am so embarrassed in front of foreign countires, because of how mentally ill so many of our Representatives are. They are also hateful, and liars.

  26. What is the law for if you can't get it to work? We the people know by now who the bad ones are. Thank God for Trump his family people that care.

  27. I don't know how Hannity says all this krazy shite with a straight face.
    He should get an award or something for being the king of krazy.
    I hope he never leaves Faux because no credible news outlet would EVER hire him.
    Ditto Sarah Carter and the same handful of flippin morons he has on every single night.

  28. Their is a tyrannical movement to make impotent the president, how ever he is still a hot shot. What the tyrants are doing is very similar to Jim crow, this is bigotry against a white man. The table has turned upside down. Trumps should seek a third term, to get his just desert.

  29. How funny that the word impeachment sounds in our (Czech) language so dirty?! ? yeah, dirty as Bill Clinton's thoughts.

  30. Defamation of character or character assassinations. The main weapon by the Democratic party, used to undermine the American citizens. the Democratic Congress, the American communist party and the United nations. And allowing 17 illegal undocumented immigrants in America to meddle in American politics and elections also with no border wall allowing 17million illegal to cause broken American families lives using illegal addictive drugs on American citizens for decades
    . All is an act of treason against American citizens. Oh by the way, haven't you noticed the Democrats don't give a dam weather or not when 20 u.s. military veterans committing suicide daily. Ask Democratic house speaker Nancy Pelosi where did she get over 400million dollars in her own posession while serving the Democratic party. Also ask Nancy Pelosi where did billions of u.s. dollars come up unaccountable, missing and disappeared while she was serving the Democratic party. Also ask why the Democratic Congress were holding back on funding the southern border wall.
    Better check Hillary Clinton deleted emails and is in collusion with the communist Chinese.

  31. Hannity is a liar and I am appalled that any one listen at this bastard ! do you know how much he gets to lie to you ? 36 million dollars a year !!! wouldn't you lie for this kind of money ?? fox news is the fake news ! all false news and no facts !

  32. I think I hear the gnashing of the Des/Libs/Socialist Communists as President Trump comes out way out in front. TRUMP 2020……….

  33. What a lunatic!! He goes on and on in a rage claiming the Dems are full of hate and yet there's no love in clip; just hostile rhetoric.

    I've watched clips of his and it's the same thing and he keeps promising that proof will come out proving all of this and it never comes. Anyone remember Nunez's brief? Haha.

  34. Know what's funny? Trump's people are in charge of the Justice Department and she isn't locked up. The wall isn't getting built and all your president does is watch TV, tweet and golf.

  35. the most heartbraking reality, how many people were put in prison for cutting line at Mc Donnalds by Comey, Strock, etc.

  36. Yeah it's all just a massive distraction to keep all you talking head's looking over here while they set up the election to steal it from the American people. You would think by now all you talking heads would get it you know the whole Ford BS and every little distraction that these lefty rads keep you morons busy with so they can fraudulently set up the 2020 election's to make sure they win out and completely take over and enslave the great people of this nation sorry for the harshness but all you people that put so much time into trying to prove to we the people how corrupt the left and alot of the right is WE ALREADY KNOW WE'RE KNOW HOW MESSED UP AND CORRUPT THESE PEOPLE ARE but!!!! If these corrupt people are able to use this corruption to fix the 2020 election all your efforts will be for nothing cause you will all be silenced if not thrown in jail so I just hope all y'all understand that their corruption will lead to all of our fall!!!!

  37. We need to treat the House like we would be treated if we did not do our jobs. No pay check. They have more time off than what should be allowed. They can just walk out of a meeting, be disrespectful to the POTUS & his staff. This should make us think more than twice, about who we put in the House. There is no leadership. Mrs. P gets paid no nothing. She needs to be fired.

  38. Yep and we still have 70+ Fusion Centers setup leftover from prior administration across nation …. Each ran by states. What in the hell are these used for? Well, Hhmm, are politicians still using these to control social media during campaigns? Southeast gulf states may be? Hhmm

  39. So going back to our soldiers in Niger. Anyone think this is a coincidence that left reporters already claiming it a benghazi? Happened Right after Trump releases Ukrainian transcripts? Left radical Dems are powerful……and they have the low blow of calling it a benghazi? The timeline is coincidental. I wouldnt put anything– ANYTHING past the dems games and what shenanigans they are capable of .

  40. Joke Hannity: Durham and Barr are administration toads. It is an attempt to rattle the Dems, but it will fail. By the way: The Mueller Report is not dead. Investigations are ongoing into the activities of the redacted names in the report, which DID NOT vindicate the orange poser.

  41. Crazy Nancy and her minions couldn't impeach a pie. I just wish they would get over the fact they are a bunch of losers and try to do something for the country. Not constantly trying to do a beat down on everyone who doesn't agree with their ideas. Democrats need to suck it up and do what they were elected to do.

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  44. Pelosi is abusing her power, she’s lying under oath. She’s for ever fabricating nothing but lies. She needs to be remove. She’s constantly putting the Americans in danger. .

  45. Be careful Mr President there's a sneaky snake in your house named gowdy something tells me snake had forked tounge and Brady eyes just please be careful you got enough squeelers there already

  46. Mueller purposely lied under oath to mislead Congress. He didn't get the job and went after the man who did not give him the job. Hold him responsible for breaking the law.

  47. Dont worry folks . God says that the integrity men always prevail n lying people will dig big hole and hide their face in there..God bless america mr.Trump and Foxnews..

  48. We all know that nothing is going to happen. You pretend to be on Trump's side but in the end, it's us and Trump against you.

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