Hannity: Mob reports fake news, possibly put people’s lives in danger

Hannity: Mob reports fake news, possibly put people’s lives in danger

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  1. Mishandled classified information? They make it sound as if he's some sort of document clerk or something, and he himself personally handles said classified information.

  2. After all this time, if anyone actually thinks or believes that President Trump is harming Americans and or any countries and its people, they are truly stupid… Anyone promoting such lies should be held accountable at minimum, in a defamation suit… Just a little bit of common sense and some sincere and open minded research tells us the truth…

  3. Talking FAKE NEWS…The NEW YORK TIMES…who consistently criticizes President Trump…has several different OWNERS….A HEDGEFUND….one of several stockholders that OWN the NEWSPAPER…..also is one of the largest partners in PRODUCING "JUUL" the VAPING e- cig.. that is getting YOUNG CHILDREN HOOKED ON SMOKING…by promoting different FLAVORS…reeling these YOUNG AMERICANS into a life of LUNG DISEASE. The NEW YORK TIMES….stockholders are making BILLIONS of dollars by hurting young AMERICANS.

  4. Hannity —So just in the last 2 years+ has CNN lied ? I am not talking about the decades. Just since P Trump won.
    Like to see them numbers.

  5. CNN and MSNBC is so corrupt. They bold face lie to the People.
    I know some people complain about FOX but I'm proud that they employ people like Sean, Laura Ingram, Lou Dobbs and Tucker etc..
    l hope they remain to have the integrity of reporting the truth.

  6. Fake News Communist News Network
    They Are A Communist Propaganda Network And Should Be Considered Enemies Of The Republic.

  7. There is more go around on our dear president. They will never stop until they get their criminal cartel back in business. When that happens we will no longer be a country. We will be a prison camp pushed around by enemies of America.

  8. The problem with the MSM is that they have indulged in reporting fake news for years unchecked and now it is rooted deep in their DNA so it is making very difficult for them speak the truth even when it is in plain sight.

  9. Get a grip, you Big Lummock!

    You, very obviously, don't have a sincere, honest bone in your body and your repetitive spiel is nothing more than the usual nauseating rhetoric.

    Your persistent choice to feign deafness, blindness and every other sycophantic means to ignore the truth of what is very publicly WRIT LARGE about The Trump Family and their despicable and avaricious behavior.

    They are only human – you DO know that Hannity – don't you? Just because they lied and schemed their way into The White House does NOT mean that they automatically became moral and honest in the transition and in need of your hyperbolic defense. But that appears to be O.K. with you and that's what will, over time, define you!

    Why don't you strive to be an upright, principled American citizen and REALLY take a look at what's going on under your nose AND in your name.

    Trump, his family and the Republican party are 'shiffting' off the country – and YOU KNOW IT!

    And as for your displays of indignation – well they 'could' be laughable if they weren't so pathetic. But sadly you appear to have lost every aspect of self-awareness.

  10. Ban fake news! Real fake news is the way to go. Ban spies, vaginas and dicks. Ban the mob, and reporting and president oboma. Ban obomas watch. Import big dicks, burn all the books. The useful idiot is making America fabulous again. Freedom to worship whoever we want, Satan needs a job too!!!

  11. CNN is nothing more than communist propaganda, bought and paid for advertising for George Soros' agenda. He should be declared an enemy of the state and imprisoned for the rest of his life!

  12. Clowns In Action both control Fake News outlets AND are the real threat to real Americans… THEY are the real danger as they themselves HAVE quoted, "we will know we have succeeded in doing our jobs when everything the American people believe is false."

  13. Hannity I have a question,?, why is Fox News hiring Democrats now like Brazil which is a far-left fake news anchor,, so does that mean that Fox News has turned far left and now became a fake news organization does that mean you have to follow the fake new guidelines and rules and not tell the truth to make stuff up,,, I have followed your broadcast for a long time and appreciate and Trust your broadcast but if Fox News is now a far-left news organization which is fake news it makes you look very bad I will have to stop watching your broadcast also

  14. I honestly wish there was an honest source for factual news. The left loses their mind when the wind blows, hardly ever checking facts and opinion hosts like Hannity and Carlson have zero problem lying and pushing propaganda. America will never be great with trash on our air waves.

  15. I guess Maddow didn’t realize that the NYT already debunked this story as well as the WaPo. I certainly don’t watch either channel but love to see these clips that make her look like another completely brain dead imbecile along with Anderson Cooper. But my all-time favorite buffoon will always be Brian Stelter and his rodent like teeth!

  16. If a major media outlet knowingly produces Fake news they should get heavy fines and if they do it repeatedly, they should lose their broadcasting license.

  17. Just listening to your twin, Rush. When are you people at fox going to figure out THAT THERE'S NO CLINTON running for office. Clinton Clinton Clinton. You IDIOTS! !!!

  18. Before Hellary i always voted Dem but I never liked Maddow she was and is the worst. The DNC has become so corrupt and she is just one of their cronies. I believe the DNC has been infiltrated by foreign interest.

  19. (3:53) "We've also learned, and this is a CNN exclusive, that…" which immediately activates most people's BS detectors because this is CNN Fake News.

  20. Is there not a legal action for reporting lies and misleading the American ppl no matter who they are ! ! It's just not right and should be some repercussions for these lies ! ! !

  21. The media intentionally causes fear in the people. Causes fight or flight which shuts down immune healing causing much sickness. Love is healing. Do to others as you would have done to yourself.

  22. What the F%C& is the left wing media machine telling Russia there is a spy in the government for??? What a bunch of idiots. I can not believe they would do something so irresponsible. Jesus help us all!

  23. Those sample clips from CNN, & MSNBC ect, was nothing more than a parade of
    I don't watch any of those news outlets for the same reason I don't drink out of the toilet.

  24. It doesn't seem to matter about Hannity telling complete lies about Vladimir Putin – who are you really working for Sean?

  25. Hannity you and Dumb Dumb Trump are the kings of liars. All the fake news comes straight from the oval office and from Fox .

  26. "Mr. Trump"?

    3 1/2 years into his term, they still refuse to call him "President Trump". They are children. At least THIS President was born in America!!!!!

  27. You have to understand that they (CIA and stuff) probably give trump only partial information because they don't trust him with critical national security information anyway.

  28. President reports fake hurricane projection hitting Alabama but Ttump’s prostate (Hannibal) doesn’t see that as a problem. Wonder why that didn’t make Hannitys headline?

  29. Reporting fake news that counters our constitution or the rule of law is insurrection in plain sight. Reporting lies and fraud disinformation is a national security threat because it compels the people to actions that are threats to our constitution and our way of life, and undermines our elections. They should be arrested, assets frozen, tried, and where it is self-evident, hung for treason against our republic, and their media shut down, or sold off.

  30. If you want to see some fake news go to Hannity lies on YouTube or Google Hannity lies you going to find a lot of fake news this guy here is so one-sided is funny Trump can do no wrong

  31. If Trump goes down ,we ALL go down I kinda hope it does just to show how stupid America is the world as we know it will be over that's for sure

  32. Schiffty Schiff putting America at risk of civil war, pitting Americans against each other starting a war .HE has to stop this this is what he wants ,cause they are hiding something serious and life changing.

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