Hannity: Mexico’s government must he held accountable

Hannity: Mexico’s government must he held accountable

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  1. Why don’t we just invade and annex Mexico? We could smash their military in 2 days and call it Old Mexico then build a real wall on the border

  2. I believe in freedom of speech, but Hannity it's so one sided that it's ridiculous to think his reporting has been verified. Sometimes I think in his previous life he was a Transexual that Trump was banging over and over again. And he liked it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Unless I hear one negative but true bad thing about Trump being reported by him ??????

  3. Does Fox News ever talk about the 20 mil that went from the Russian mafia oligarch family to the NRA, then the NRA donated 20 mil to the Trump campaign. What about the money from Deutsche bank in Germany that cleaned millions of dollars from Russians, then loaned money to Trump for Trump Tower. Don't any of you Fox News folks remember that after Trump's five bankruptcies in the U.S., no U.S. bank would lend him money for construction projects. It came from Deutsche Bank, and Russian investment. This is common knowledge around the world folks.

  4. bullshi* trump they have had 30 years , im sick of this crap . i have no faith in trump just another day , it never stops gives another year for dems to get their voters in . sick of it , another year ??what a slap in the face for american MAGA AGAIN .

  5. One year is much to long, Mexico should only get 2 months to take appropriate steps to stop the caravans, and drugs.

  6. Dear Mr. President: One year? Wars have been won or lost in less time. Please reconsider. 1 month is more than enough time for Mexico to start taking care of the problem with 2 more months to demonstrate a substantial reduction in drugs and illegal immigration on the U.S. border. I would demand that after 1 month of preparations they reduce both by a minimum of 20% per month with a 6 month total timeline. By October 2019 if drug smuggling and illegal immigration has not been reduced to a minimum of 5% of today's rate no tariffs will be imposed but the border WILL be completely sealed until they are. NO products from Mexico will travel over the land border. Complete LOCKDOWN.

  7. Remind democrats that cows convert to tasty BBQ'd STEAKS. Grow Sunflowers & mushrooms they absorb radiations. Guy McPherson has predicted human extinction in give or take to be around 2026 meanwhile David Suzuki warned that another Fukushima size earthquake will wipe out man kind! Georgia Guildestones give me an ominous vibe! ☠

  8. After Fukushima's triple meltdown, and the constant dumping of highly accumulative radiation into the Pacific ocean and not one mention of that coming extinction event? Liers, they all know we're going to be nearly wiped out regardless! You can't stop this one from coming AOC, you know we're being fried.

  9. Hannity and his team have been proven more right and will be proven even further right than anyone else. I agree. Lunatic far right. Hannity is the biggest propaganda far right nut job around. Good luck America! with this nutcase and all his viewers your gonna need a lot of luck to stay sane.

  10. PLEASE LOOK: More than 90,000 cars pass the border at San Ysidro-TJ every day. These are mostly Mexicans with dual citizenship passing into San Diego to take jobs away from local residents. All we need to do, to finance the New Safe Border, is CHARGE EACH CAR $25. This would create jobs on BOTH sides of the border, and make millions happy! GOD BLESS OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT T R U M P !

  11. Is this a waffle, a year now before we close the border ? A year ? I am very disappointed ! Far to tolerant.! The wall will not totally work, however barriers do slow down invaders. Illegals have already saturated America….look around folks. …now another year of invasion…what am I missing here..?

  12. No one wants to mention that the democrat socialist party also embrace communisim, Islamisim, that calls our ally Israel evil, the Green deal that cost 100 trillion dollars more than 600 thousand per household this is how far this party has gone. Folks, America and the constitution was never built on those dangerous destructive ideas that will bring this nation down. Time to call in the military for this open coup against a standing President.

  13. 6:55 Alexandria Avocado-Cowfartz lectures Americans…with her mouth full of food!

    How rude, crude, and lewd!

  14. Sean, dream on. There's been a two tier justice system for as long as I can recall and Democrats have free reign to do whatever they want. This continues right through the period where Republicans held House, Senate and White House. What on Earth do you imagine is going to change now? The problem of course is that the Republican party is Deep State just as is the Democrat party which is why they are collectively referred to as the Uniparty. Nothing has changed except an outsider is now on the inside but eventually they will get him. Wtfu.

  15. in one year trump will have secured the economy between mexico and us. i.e finding alternate companys to buy fruit from ect.
    if not the money from the tarriffs will be very lucrative.
    also. do you think mexico would be even atempting to help if Trump hadnt made a threat? there has been more history making decisions,talks and conversations then i can remember in my life time atleast.
    if you still wanna cry about Trump.
    well youre just twat really and theres no helping you.

  16. I don't think Trump got the memo, he doesn't get it yet and he needs your help. Nancy and her gang take money from drug lords all around the world. This is how they get the drugs into many countries, not only the U.S. IF TRUMP REALLY WANTS TO STOP THE DRUGS HE MUST GET RID OF MOST OF WASHINGTON. EVEN PEOPLE IN HIS OWN PARTY.

  17. ???????????????
    Trumped: "Mexico will pay for the wall"

    Trumped: "Mexico "to pay for wall indirectly"

    Trumped: "I never said that Mexico would sign me a check"




    California Proposition 187, Illegal Aliens Ineligible for Public Benefits .

    (also known as the Save Our State (SOS) initiative) was a 1994 ballot initiative to establish a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibit illegal immigrants from using non-emergency health care, public education, and other services in the State of California !

  20. Is that a warning , that a warning the democrats ; are fix a presidential elections. Where is our She become our president; and she end the world , with nuclear weapons.

  21. Trump should send in the army. Where is BlackJack when the GOp needs him? Maybe Trump should saddle up and lead the troops into Mexico. Now, as far as putting tariffs on – cars? Does Trump even have a clue as to how the auto industry works? her can kiss Michigan goodbye….

  22. Everyone here does realize its mostly women and children coming across, right? There is a difference between illegal immigration and asylum seekers.

    P.s. for those christians out there…at what point in the bible does it say to NOT help the needy and less fortunate. I fear i missed that chapter so if you can show proof that would be lovely.

  23. Trump hugging the American flag is not only creepy, it is downright disgusting.

    Yes, Robert it is disgraceful and only people who fall for fake stage performances in place of real patriotism applaud….

  24. I dont see your heritage country (irish, english, italian, scotch, European, etc.) helping on US economy. Is MEXICO….. YES! IS MEXICO ??.

  25. Trump supporters need to assimilate into our American society and stop being traitors. WE THE PEOPLE.

  26. There are always important things that fuel illegal immigration:
    1. Why does a US passport make it easier to travel around the world and other country passport make traveling difficult for those who want to travel more often and carry other country passport.
    2. Why US school have better education than in other countries. Why other countries don't make their schools better?
    3. Why other countries don't provide their working class retirement funds so that they don't have to do this rush to the US to get it from an indebted US government?
    4. Why is it that when some families and household that have some legitimate citizens and some family member illegal, they have to suffer the most in comparison to other new families making it into the US while those households who are trying hard have to suffer family members being taken away and others abuse a system that would otherwise help such families, If I am a legit citizen and have a parent, wife, or sibling who is illegal, and continue to file applications for them those applications end up at the bottom of the stack and eventually law enforcement take away family members?
    5. Does Mexico Really want to take back the land they lost in the 1800s to the US which includes the land of the following states: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, parts of Wyoming, and parts of Colorado??
    6. About the Wall: I see the wall being very tall, but I wish for building solar energy companies in Arizona and New Mexico where there is a lot of sunshine, but I would like the wall to be shorter for those states, and make the wall be more "Medieval" in style where border officers can have the parts on the wall to use for patrolling the area and can have an interior to the wall where they can stay.?
    7. When it comes to prisons meant for the illegals, so many are caught simply without carrying their documentation who possibly kept their original passport at home and got caught despite being a legal citizen or in the case of "human trafficking" slavery, they just steal their passports to enslave them. So why don't authorities use fingerprint scanner technology available in most modern phones to identify them and in extreme cases resort to dna sequencing to identify them so that we don't get many who end up wrongfully convicted and deported while still being legit or even many who simply have their documentation being processed by the very slow government.
    8. The wall, build it on a state by state basis, for Texas, the placement of a large number of tall metal rods in the middle of the river that separates Texas and Mexico would be good enough for a wall there. For Arizona and New Mexico, a reasonable height Medieval style wall will do the job and provide all that officers need to properly patrol that section of the border. For California, the wall depicted in the preview would be good enough, when it comes to California, the Southern half of it is an unholy mess at this point.

  27. What happened to the Music,anyone see a few years back all those men and women
    crossing the bridge in Bowler Hats,be advised to, they cross in Burka's today soon i here
    on Camels if Khan gets his way.
    Sad its no joke no Monty Python but they are selling us the dead Parrot as alive and kicking.
    As to there hate for a Wall my answer, No ! Just Lead ! .
    Hannity please buy John Waynes Hat and wear it.

  28. Sharpton is furthest from a Christian I've ever seen. But satanism is alive and doing well on planet earth

  29. Barack Obama's social justice seeds i.e. Ferguson, Mo. investigations and other vile, divisive rhetoric he spewed regularly while President has spawned the far left extremist movement in his own party….. Many believe Obama concurs with the far left points of view on many issues though he came across as a bit more benign in the mainstream for political reasons. Obama destroyed the moderate Democratic cause. US gov't lost thousands of democratic positions in state legislatures as well as governorships and mayoral positions across America. The biggest losses of any incumbent party in US history……Obama will go down in history as a tremendously pivotal figure in US politics for that reason. Extremism is his legacy. That which he sowed he reaped…

  30. I can't believe Sharpton became a political player. He was sleazy 30 years ago and should have faced consequences for the Tiwana Brawley controversy that ruined my home town.

  31. These criminals are using children as HOSTAGES for their crime. That is the whole point. And the Democrats are supporting this perpetration of children.

  32. You are a Fraud I have kept an eye on you For years. As all the Pervs Went down and you beat down the only stupid liberal that would talk you I watched You Rise Multi Millionaire. A couple of yoir kind have cracked Mr. Glenn Beck A mainstay on liberal media these Days told us He was A fraud and you all are. Then thers

  33. Mex Pres campaigned on"I will flood the US border with thousands of Illegals!" He is getting massive SOROS $. The CIA is the biggest Heroin dealer across the border. DEM Congress supported this invasion & know without FRAUD & ILLEGALS they will loose to Pres Trump & his AMERICANS FIRST!

  34. I can remove the silence in Second, why? Because there is no law
    by Fidelico Elizondo IIi Zapata County, Texas

  35. Just solved border problem: send about 1,000 school busses put them all on a bus, when full send it to airport load them on a military transport plane, when full send them back to where they came from! Problem solved!!

  36. 5:35 … "I'm a white man from Alabama… so I'm Egyptian or more than likely extraterrestrial too… even though I'm clearly a white man who didn't come from Egypt.!!!"
    Let's see your DNA profile Mr. Sharpton.
    BTW I am a architect and can prove it unlike you.

  37. If the Democrats are really going to ask for repercussions start with the people in Minnesota,Dearborn,Michigan there the one own sold you too the black man too sell the slaves too the white guy I cannt make this up people. Look up Barbary Wars people.

  38. I forgot us American citizens that don't use all of our time or any of our time victimizing people every second of every day, we are the criminals it's the criminals that are the victims turn to Colin flaherty for the real news flaherty

  39. Let me see if the world is going to end in 12 years because of climate change how is everybody in the world going to have grandchildren to even worry about it dumbass

  40. Someone listen to me. STOP illegal immigrants by cutting off their ability to send money back to families in Mexico. It is a major reason they go to the U.S. for jobs. In one house there were 16 people living there and all would work and send money back to Mexico. This is Mexico's BIGGEST source of revenue.

  41. If this is the toughest we are going to get on border patrol and security, we are in real trouble because no one in the future holding office is going to do anything. Republicans are too scared, and Democrats have went radical welcoming them with open arms.

  42. President Trump should declare Martial Law on the border area, the military can detain illegal immigrants and return them immediately to their country of origin.

  43. Wait, if the world ends in twelve years, nobody's grandkids will ever be around to "not be joking" about this.


  45. Drugs and profits are the real drivers of the present political situation. Why anti white, not profitable. Why anti Christian, not drug users. Why anti-middle class what ever the color, not going to be drug users work for a living. Why anti fence, drug users. Why anti law enforcement, drug users or drug profits, our officers are in the highest and greatest part heros… Why gangs law breakers turned loose, pro drugs sales. Why import gangs from the south, drugs industry and profits feed political machine or promise they will. Why sanctuary cities, federal drug agencies loose connection with local agencies that might stop the flow of drug gangs and drugs. Why crash the economy with communism or any excuse, so no one can oppose the flow of drugs from the south. Why crash the economy with health care for all drug profits and addiction. Why the desperate political language, drug addiction or addicted to drug profits. (HOW can you tell, they display all the symptoms of being strung out. How many of Antifa are addicts. Why from college campuses most dense use of drugs and sales??? a guess. only reason you need masks, you don't want you face showing up in other investigations if you are busted for illegal drugs that will identify your other friends, users, sellers)
    Illegal immigration is a hostage of drug profits. Mexico and central America is hostage of drug profits,their people are being killed. Human trafficking is hostage of the flow of drugs. Our political discourse is the hostage of those that can profit from drugs. Our news organizations are hostage to those that can profit from drugs. Why no real political solutions to these problems beside drugs, then you would be free to concentrate on drugs, why Run millions into the country to water down the governments resources that might fight against the flow of drugs and profits. ( The democrats don't want solutions they want the free flow of drugs, to your children and their grandchildren and to you babysitter and your taxi driver etc. )
    You want to see desperation double down on drug interdiction. Build the fence and Give politic back to the American people and not opinions of those that are not citizens. Build the fence and Give Mexico back to the Good people of Mexico. Stabilize the politics of central and South America, build the fence and double down on drug interdiction and pay governments south of Us To do the same…

  46. Vote for Donald Trump and pray that God will stop their cursing of our country. If all of that links together the present narrative in this country it must be true. Only an insane man or a drug user would vote for the narrative that I just wrote. Vote for President Donald Trump and stop these crazy people from destroying this country.

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