Hannity: Impeachment report full of conspiracy theories

Hannity: Impeachment report full of conspiracy theories

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  1. Just about everything possible at this point is a joke, I am blown away on how transparent they have become over him being president, desperation is a smelly cologne lol..

  2. Let them have their stupid trial, that way when it comes for the Republicans to question their witnesses the truth will all come out!!! The Swamp will be draining with most of the Democrats flushing out!!! This would make a great movie!! ??

  3. I typed a 15,000 word essay on Alexander Hamilton’s federalist 65 on the dangers of partisan impeachment. Dems are amateurs

  4. "Hannity: Impeachment report full of conspiracy theories"
    That's all the attention what this deserves. I mean the video.

  5. It seems that Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler can’t be content with playing out this comedy in front of just the American public. Now they have to embarrass themselves and the rest of us in front of the world. They are determined to undermine our President no matter how it affects our country. Instead of doing their jobs and passing USMCA, health care reform, Japanese trade agreement, prescription drug pricing, immigration reform and a host of other things to improve the USA they continue with THEIR agenda. The only way to stop these self important fools is to VOTE them out.

  6. A short opinion poll for Trump supporters: If President Donald J. Trump shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, would you consider it an impeachable offence?
    – Yes
    – No
    Please answer it below.

  7. Yahoo put out a story this morning saying that “you can read the report itself right here”. Then they went on to do nothing but add hearsay that we’ve already heard and most of it junk!

  8. We need to shut down the tyrants, the next four years will be very interesting ! I think we will all be surprised and pleased with the outcome ! If not our legal document AKA the constitution will need to be envoked as to physically remove the tyrants !

  9. Haha Nunes has been caught red handed! He's part of the bribery attempt!! Of course he's trying to deny, that's what they all do at first.
    Haha, the gang is exposed! Hey, there is a deep state after all. It's the trump / russo / GOP gang! May justice and the constitution prevail ⚖️ ⚖️ ⚖️ ⚖️ ⚖️ ⚖️ ⚖️ ⚖️

  10. What we have here is a constructed rumor and rumors of rumors built within and by certain individuals (and recently former individuals) in our foreign service … the fact and evidence of this was overwhelming during the Schiff impeachment inquiry hearings …

  11. I saw Schiff read his "essence" of that clean conversation and he lied and added things that were not said at all in the conversation. This man has a devil mentality. Shame on him and Pelosi for believing him. He joins Biden bragging about how be got the Ukrainian Prosecutor fired by telling Ukraine that he was leaving in 6 hours and if the Prosecutor was not fired by then, that they would not get the money. The Prosecutor, who was prosecuting his son's company, Burisma, was fired and he cussed, still bragging about his victory. Not wise at all, because we all saw both of these accounts, over the air. Again, REPENT.

  12. FOX News…….The Real Fake News ! where's the record of that September 9 phone call where Trump learned the latin words " QUID PRO QUO" ? I quote " Jim Baker, the FBI's former general counsel, discusses Rep. Devin Nunes' (R-CA) phone records that show he had contact with Rudy Giuliani and his indicted associate Lev Parnas while they were working in Ukraine. Nunes has not responded to CNN's request for comment."

  13. When Trump reveals himself to be the anti-Christ. Hannity will be first in line to kneel down and lick trumps balls.

  14. The Constitution itself absolves President Trump of any wrongdoing entirely! Shut the witch hunt down immediately! HERE IS THE LAW…

    Appointment of Special Advisers 1. (1) The President may from time to time by proclamation in the Gazette appoint any person whom he deems fit, to hold office during the President’s pleasure, as Special Adviser to the President, the Cabinet or any Minister designated by the President.
    Annotated Statutes Special Advisors and Regional Governors Appointment Act 6 of 1990 (2) A Special Adviser appointed under subsection (1) shall – (a) advise the President, the Cabinet or the Minister concerned, as the case may be, in relation to any matter which the President, the Cabinet or such Minister refers to him or her for investigation and advice or which such Special Adviser deems necessary;
    (b) subject to the directions of the President, the Cabinet or the Minister concerned, as the case may be, perform such functions and duties as the President, the Cabinet or such Minister may entrust or assign to such Special Adviser.
    (3) A Special Adviser may be invited to attend meetings of the Cabinet, but may not vote at such meetings.
    (4) The conditions of service of a Special Adviser, including conditions as to remuneration and allowances, shall be determined by the President.
    Regional governors 2. (1) The President must in respect of every region appoint a governor who shall hold office at the pleasure of the President.
    (2) The President shall by proclamation give notice in the Gazette of the appointment of every regional governor (3) The terms and conditions of employment of regional governors shall be as determined by the President.
    (4) The functions of a regional governor shall be – (a) to act as the representative of the central Government in the region concerned;
    (b) to investigate and report on any matter relating to the region concerned if he or she has been requested to investigate that matter by the President or the Minister responsible for regional or local government;
    (c) to keep himself or herself informed of all matters relating to the region concerned and to bring any matter to the attention of the President or the relevant Minister of he or she thinks that it is advisable;
    (d) to settle or mediate any dispute or other matter that might arise in the region concerned, and (e) generally, to act as a link between the central Government and the regional council, or any local or traditional authority in the region concerned. (5) The President may in terms of section 1 appoint special advisers to assist the regional governor.
    (6) The regional governor shall be assisted by such staff members in the Public Service in the Ministry responsible for the Regional Government as may be appointed for that purpose.
    [Section 2 is deleted by Act 22 of 1992 and inserted by Act 15 of 2010. Republic of Namibia 3 Annotated Statutes Special Advisors and Regional Governors Appointment Act 6 of 1990 The deletion of section 2 by section 45(1) of Act 22 of 1992 was effective as of 30 November 1992. GN 117/1992, which brought Act 22 of 1992 into force, states that “the provisions of that Act shall come into operation on 31 August 1992, except the provisions of subsection (1) of section 45 thereof which shall come into operation on the date fixed in terms of Article 137(6) of the Namibian Constitution”. Section 137(6) of the Namibian Constitution states: “Elections for Regional Councils shall be held on a date to be fixed by the President by Proclamation, which shall be a date within one (1) month of the date of the elections referred to in Sub-Article (5) hereof, or within one (1) month of the date on which the legislation referred to in Article 106 (3) hereof has been enacted, whichever is the later: provided that the National Assembly may by resolution and for good cause extend the period within which such elections shall be held.” Proc. 39/1992 (GG 502) fixed “30 November, 1 December, 2 December and 3 December 1992 as the dates for the holding of elections for Regional Councils”.]

  15. Dear Sean, appreciate your loyalty. Devil's Triangle tonight in Oval Office; me you and Gym Jordan. Bring extra lube. Love, DJT

  16. May these three cabal scumbags please die quickly of natural causes just like Cummings did! They don't deserve the air that they breath! May they all burn in hell! According to my sorses, they will

  17. Members of the Democratic Party have let President Trump drive them insane. I haven’t been able to vote with them since 2008, when President Obama failed to give me “Change I can believe in.” I felt compelled to write in a candidate in 2012, because of the two terrible options. They have just given away the 2020 election.

  18. George Washington: I cannot tell a lie.
    Donald Frump: I cannot tell the truth.
    Frump's followers: I cannot tell the difference.
    Russian bots: Who was George Washington and why should I care?

  19. i agree. we only heard from one guy who talked to the president. the other guys who talked to the president should testify and clear him, right?! so why r u not calling on perry mulvaney and pompeo to testify???

  20. Hearing Trump call Adam Schiff a"deranged human being" is music to my ears. Loud, brash, incredibly hypocritical and ironic music coming from what has to be the most damaged human ever to walk the planet. Donald J. Drumpf ist ein freak who lies constantly, whose very appearance is made up of parts that have to be arranged before other humans can see him. Adam Schiff just has funny eyes. At least he can speak in complete sentences. Ok, that's all. later.

  21. The Jewish elites want Trump in prison, which is extremely confusing, seeing he’s given them just about everything they want (except war with Iran).

  22. would you please people wake up? I urge you to just watch just a bit the twelve witnesess who gave their testimony underoath. Those many witnesses can't be lying. Every one should listen to both sides of the story. Don't let any one make a zumbie out of you.

  23. What's the big news? did you get a journalism degree? I doubt it. Since when is defending the Constitution of the United States of America and the laws written within a sham a disgrace or a hoax? Since when? Nixon had the balls in the honour to resign! He decided not 2 drag his party through the mud. What happened to you people? You're the Sham you're the hoax you're the disgrace. I wouldn't even want to know how much evil money they pay you to lie like this. Shame on you and your dirty money. Why don't you try making some honestly someday?

  24. So a 14k+ word rant similar to how people complain about how they don't like the way a video game is managing it's content or they're not updating the game enough etc….. Gimme a break…. Such a waste of a tree…..??

  25. Hey Fox News, why is no one talking about Barr disagreeing with the IG absolving the FBI?

    What’s the matter? Are your conspiracy theories being destroyed and you have no credible response?

  26. Ever notice how Hannity is developing that vacant stare and empty-headed dumber than a bucket of bolts look that almost all Fox News "Reporters" eventually succumb too?

  27. Lil' Kim Jong-Un started throwing the insults Donnie way this week. Could it be that Trump's summer fling has run its course? Maybe they were fighting who has to bottom! Bwahahaha! As if anyone SANE thought that whole fiasco was gonna work!

  28. I read the phone transcript and watched the Intel Inquiry. There was absolutely nothing impeachable in any of it. Not even close!

  29. Peter Strzok knows the real whistle blower her name is Lisa Page she was his favorite whistle blower Adam Schiff came up short again .

  30. It's over Hannity stop trying to persuade these people that you is telling the truth they got the president they caught him red-handed dude

  31. παιδικη χαρα…γι αυτο κατεστραφη η γη γη γη γη γη …ξυπναααααααα

  32. SONDLAND also changed his testimony after Oregon Congressman tweeted to antifa telling them to boycott (close) Sondland's hotel chain and they did SO HIS TESTIMONY CHANGED FROM HIS DEPOSITIONS

  33. Let it NEVER be forgotten that even though you voted back in 2016 to drain the swamp and claw America back from the edge of disaster by electing a non-politician to turn the country round which Trump has done, Pelosi says you voted for an imposter let that sink in, in her mind you the voter have committed an act of treason by putting an imposter in the Whitehouse. It is time to make them pay and vote out every democrat from all positions of power, it is time for payback.


  35. Im a republican and thrump needs too go. Cant fight against the facts. Im a citizen of the United State of America before I am a republican. Country first! Yall Republican in Congress are cowards!!! No honor no integrity no pride no values. Fox news whole bunch of ?

  36. The report should also be printed in braille ….. for the Republicans who are blind to the truth. Incidentally, listening to this Fox nonsense reminds me that when Trump farts the smell comes out of Hannity's mouth.

  37. the only conspiracy theory in this thing is the right's delusion that hunter and joe biden were in some corrupt deal with ukraine.

  38. Every point that comes rollin outta this dudes mouth is 180 off. Just flip everything around and you come much closer, if not dead on, the truth. And why do these guys, every one of tRumps defenders, talk so fast ya can't get a word in edgewise! It's like if they just talk fast enough, reality will magically turn in their favor! Trying to twist reality to what fits their version.

  39. You idiots have a lot of balls calling this report a conspiracy theory when your entire election campaign was based off conspiracy theories. Slap urself conservatives

  40. HATE drives shifty Shiff and little Jerry also nervous Nancy ….hate drives them forward,,,no thought of working for the people of the USA….Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon ,,,also filled with hate 24/7

  41. The 'desperate rage' of evil "doers" increases ever further with no stillness in sight Sean….their end is certainly fore-ordained. Friends, find the truth and trust it….it is nearby. Rickie

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