Hannity: Bias at the New York Times exposed

Hannity: Bias at the New York Times exposed

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  1. Hannity why the hell don't you just shut your mouth and quit spreading falsehoods? You are one of the biggest assholes in the world next to the donald and putin but can't decide in which order.

  2. It's everything we already knew but all wrapped up with a nice little bow. Will anyone besides Trump and right-leaning news coverage report on this information? No

  3. I used to believe the crap democrats said, I did my research and realized that the democrats are nothing but socialists with not real pro America platform nothing but socialism promising everything free and and wanting a bigger government.

  4. It's a numbers game 10% actively evil, 10% actively good.60% stubbornly, wilfully asleep and 20% waking up. something like that…

  5. The greatest USA bloopers – โ€œDense Penceโ€ Evangelical moral equivalent to vice president to Judas.

  6. Carlos Slim a billionaire from Mexico…owns mucho stock in the New York Times. Nothing like having a foreign controlling stockholder in a major newspaper.๐Ÿ˜ณ

  7. The deceptive message of the NYT isnโ€™t just slander against conservatives, these empty messages are designed to insult EVERYONE. We are too stupid to understand that Donald Trump became a multi billionaire, in the Most diverse city in the world, B U T heโ€™s Racist. Biden, Schumer,Schiff… what constructive policy changes (of substance) have they made to Eradicate racism โ‰๏ธ

  8. Sorry – I forgot FOX News is no longer FOX News it is now TRUMP news and he is beginning to hate TRUMP news because it is beginning to write the truth about the donald and his administration – and we all know the donald only likes to see/hear/read(?) good things about himself.

  9. LMAO this is funny because just because you are anti trump, doesn't mean you are fake. Fox News is pro Trump and that doesn't make them fake.

  10. Crooked Hillary insulted us by calling us "deplorables". That didn't work out so well for Her Crookedness. Now the left is labeling anyone that supports Trump as "racist" and "white supremacist". I wonder if that will work out any better than Crooked Hillary's "deplorables" gaffe? Prediction: HELL no!!! I wonder if the Fake News liberal media and Democrats in general will ever figure out that insults from the Fake News liberal media only makes Trump Nation more enthused than ever to re-elect President Donald J Trump on November 3, 2020?

  11. I wish the Democrats would just shut up and get over it I'm sick of their crap it just need a lay it down and just give it up and stop bitching until it's all over and done with

  12. The democrats would love to see a recession right now, that would be a gift for them. They rather see this country fail then see President Trump succeed!

  13. Yeah you can't believe everything the media tells you everybody has one thing or another thing to say you don't even know which is true these days so I agree with him it's exactly as he says it

  14. Hannity look up the requirement of the Illuminati and what they are trying to do. Hence they are pushing racism and religion to divide the people. It is the front row seat and should be understood by everyone. Expose this on mainstream media and let this be well known, they are Satanists trying to overthrow the world.

  15. You too. You repeat their talking points. Why donโ€™t you cover the yellow vest protest, Hong Kong protests, Brexit. Cover the fight for Freedom and the fight against globalism. You are fixated on the bashing of our President. Those so called far right white supremacists that marched in Portland where protesting against Antifa and their Marxist terrorism. You disappoint

  16. I demand the………………..CIA………….to report the …………..NAMES OF THE MEDIA …………………..THAT GET CIA SECRET GOVERNMENT FUNDS …..so they can be manipulated as they wish !!!
    In the Senate CIA Director admit after heavy questionings that ……………CIA was founded and control the MEDIA !!!

  17. this just in, fox news is made of whole grain GOP bias, everything out of hannitys mouth applies to HIM and his network of corporate paid goons

  18. Freaking Mahr, bro we don't want a recession. Our president is making America great, you are anti America if you want a recession. Good thing the left is attacking you Bill!

  19. It's hillarious that Reichsminister of Propaganda Hannity accuses someone else of bias. Absolutely Kafkaesque.

  20. They want a recession just to get President Trump out. What kind of persons wish this on our country and on people who will suffer just because they hate him so much. It is absolutely the most uncaring persons and they know it might be inconvenient for them but they wonโ€™t suffer but their agenda is met at the expense of those who donโ€™t have an elitist life. It amazes me – these people should look into their unkind uncaring and just plain rotten souls. ๐Ÿ˜ข

  21. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Hannity, the #1 trump's stupid propaganda peddler, acussing TNYT of bias! What a fcking HIPOCRITE.

  22. Same old news







    It is not what we the people dont know

    Its all about declaring war on jihadists on USA soil!

  23. I wish that people on both sides can just say that there is biased news outlets on both sides. Voting in america has devolved into a choice between two evils.

  24. The socialist left since the 60s has infiltrated our educational system from preschool to university, they own the Hollywood puke machine, they own the media, and finally they own the popular culture.
    I have to agree with many of the left commentators that if there is a recession prior to the 2020 election, most Americans who are economically ignorant will vote for anybody who offers them free everything. If this recession happens before the election our country is doomed.

  25. "Throw granny off the cliff after you feed her cat food or dog food for a year." That's the funniest phrase I have ever heard Hannity say. LOL

  26. Sean just can't tell the truth.I guess 167 meetings trump or aides had with russian spys doesn't count.This is the home of fake news.What about the farmers who don't have a market for their crops .How about willber ross who co owns a bank on cyprus with putins best friend maybe sean owns a piece too

  27. There's no bias happening at Fox News? Is there Sean Hannity ? douchebag at Large. it's obvious you don't choke on Tiny bones!.?

  28. I like watching Hannity drama show. It's simply like SNL in dark version. My stress got so relieved by laughing so hard.
    Fake news Hannity. Moscow hennity. Too bad, Putin doesn't endorse him bc his rating is so bad like almost getting kicked out by Fox.

  29. So nauseating to hear the most biased pundit in history complaining that everyone else out there that is copying him. What you do STINKS Sean really stinks.

  30. Well you did spread their fake news saying the Proud Boys are white supremacists which they are not you dipshit. You also realise you are part of the media.

  31. Fox News calling out another news outlet as being Biased is hilarious. New York Times has a long way to go before they can reach the Fox News Bias level.
    Fox News = Fakes News

  32. The deterioration of Trump's mind has really accelerated since he's had to start wearing diapers. Not one word about that on faux snooze. COVER UP!

  33. I'm on the fence… Why should I back Trump? My biggest reason not to back him is…
    I don't believe he will ever try to "unify" the people of this great nation. How "great" can we be if only half the people back him and the other half hates everything about him??? And I'm getting tired of this hate… aren't you? So, why should I vote Trump?

  34. the wife raping, child molesting, daughter lusting, crotch grabbing, porn star screwing, tiny handed imbecile hasn't accomplished a goddamn thing! no wall, no mexicans paying for said wall, no obamacare repeal, no daca repeal, no hillary in jail, no north korean nuclear arms deal, no tarrif victory over china, not a goddamn thing! you paranoid small minded dimwits got royally bamboozled! ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ˜‚

  35. Sounds like they are going to force a recession just to oust Trump and to put millions of us out of work just to do so.

  36. Sean Hannity… You should be ashamed for pushing moronic news onto a dumbed down public. There will be no DeClas, no arrests. Obama, Comey and Hillary walk free, so halt your spewing of nonsense. Yellow press journalism.

  37. They will never admit that they were wrong and when these trunk days are finally over and we go into their misery they will look back and wished Trump was in office again

  38. So those Emails weren't hannitys lol!!!! This opinion column is hilarious!!! Gotta find the real news.. where's Step??!!!!

  39. Hanitty bias exposed as he criticizes Obama for going to Cuba but lavishes praise on Trump for doing the exact same thing with Putin, which is what the Prez is paid to do. Facts are facts, yaโ€™ll.

  40. L O L. Americans think the Civil War ended in 1865. The reality is that the Democrats and Republicans have been slitting each other's throats non stop since 1861.

  41. When your dealing with a scum bag you have to get dirty….. and honestly fox calling someone fake news is laughable

  42. This is hilarious hypocritical. Faux News accusing another media outlet of bias and skewing the truth? Uh, take a look in the mirror?

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