Gutfeld on the New York Times endorsements

Gutfeld on the New York Times endorsements

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  1. NYT doesn't even have the balls to pick one. They don't want to be wrong. LOL. How weak-minded is their editor staff?

  2. I really feel sorry for Bernie! He probably has the best shot among young people, too bad they will played him out, same as last time

  3. I cannot watch this depressing old people- CANNOT WAIT FOR TRUMP TO GRILLED THEM LIKE A BURGER. I really hope for demented Granpa or Warren!

  4. The union still tells workers how to vote….. we has a letter come home in 2016 saying we NEED to vote Hillary. And my husband heard it at every meeting. So sad and corrupt!

  5. It is easy to decide who is lying Warren or Bernie. Just go with the one who has a reputation of being a liar. Who is the fake Cherokee? Who was not really fired because of a pregnancy? Ok Bernie has crazy ideas, but he is at least a decent guy.

  6. Hey Greg!
    We all know there's only one way to settle this …. RE-ELECTION!
    Balboa vs Creed = TRUMP VS CLINTON!
    You know the left would never fight fair, and not that Hilary is anything more than the lefts darling, but all of America would tune in to watch, and then show up for the most historic vote yet!

    Does anyone really read these comments?

  7. MSNBC does not want Bernie, because they don't want someone like Kyle Jurek to "drag them by the hair out into the street, and set them on fire"!

  8. No wonder all the dumbocraps look like (turd- els). She's had a movement. It was everytime she speaks she fills her shorts. Brand muffin working over time.

  9. LOCK THEM UP!! FBI Family Crimes: James Comey, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, James Clapper, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, CIA John Brenna Barrack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Chuck Schumer…etc…Must prosecute these traitors!! And the rest Democrats corrupted must prosecute traitors selling our country to Communist China!!

  10. Endorsing two women will devide their votes giving either Bernie or Biden victory. . In short, it's the opposite of endorsement.

  11. Biden is not even supported by Obama and he was the mans VP. Biden never had a chance. Democrats are to many parties in one.

  12. these media people have lost it… bernie is slouching because he is an elder man wth is wrong with these people are we that stupid???

  13. How can any Democrat have faith in the Media after what they did to keep Bernie from the nomination in 2016 ? I can't believe they keep picking who we as a nation should elect. The most morally bankrupt group telling us why they have the morals we all need. How sad !

  14. Biden is a lock in for the nomination so that when President Trump wins in a landslide the democrats can claim the election invalid because of Ukraine


    2 The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.

    3 Even as fools walk along the road, they lack sense and show everyone how stupid they are.


  16. Very good point, but the power struggle works on all sides, Fox fuels lies from the GOP and Trump, CNN and MSNBC fuels corporate talking points and feeds bipartisanship. Both suck, and if your main choice of news is one of these, you’ve been punked. BERNIE 2020

  17. The NON-endorsement..endorsement was designed to take out both Sanders and Biden early…so that it is easier to take out Warren and Klobuchar later…when the DNC announces the REAL candidate…Hillary Clinton The DNC narrative is that NONE of the candidates can beat Trump and the new Narrative is Hillary has already Beaten Trump…but got Robbed…this has always been the DNC plan…They let the clown car candidates devour themselves and promise FREE everything to everyone giving 24/7/365 anti-Trump talking points to the complicit Fake Media.
    Hillary/$$Bloomberg$$ 2020

  18. This is all on purpose. The media wants no Democrat candidates to have too much support. This way, when the real candidate enters the race, they don't have to fight hard to defeat any well-defined Democrat candidate to take the nomination. The media is essentially setting up either Clinton or Obama to enter the race at the last second and take the nomination in the 11th hour.

  19. NYT did endorse McCain for the Republican Primary (not the general election) in 2008. As soon as he clinched the GOP nomination they ran a full page front page article accusing him of having an affair with a lobbyist. Lobbyists were being actively vilified during that election if you don't remember or weren't around. A complete fabricated story and their retraction was buried weeks later, but damage was done.

    Fox News was also the most fair to Hillary in 2008 when all the leftist media went all in for Obama. I think she even did an interview or two on Fox News during that time due to the more fair coverage. Of course that was quickly forgotten by her in the 2016 election.

  20. I'm pro Trump, but honestly, none of the 2 women NY Times picked is as smart as Harris? What? Brains no longer matter?

  21. Glenn Beck said it best the other day. Think of the game Hollywood Squares. Warren for the win, and Klobuchar to block (Biden). That's the results they want.

  22. Do not ask for comments if you won't tell them on the air so here's what I have got to say the Dems are Cherry picking the videos again in the Senate POTUS lawyer's should get the rest of the videos Ware the Republican have debunk everything on these videos and give them to POTUS lawyer's

  23. Idk how they are supposed to endorse a Republican in the Democratic primary. That being said the DNC is really running a clown show when fox news is the one talking more sense

  24. They are letting the MASK fall off !….how the FU%CK does a "NewsPaper" endorses ANYONE?….of course, it only means they are a PROPAGANDA tool for the "Democratic" Party

  25. I don't believe im about to like a fox news video. But the truth is truth no matter where it's coming from. Although i do suspect fox thinks Bernie is going to be easier for trump to beat, so they prop him up

  26. I remember getting off the late shift and being able to come home to watch Greg on RedEye. I used to tell my wife the next day, "that guy is going to go somewhere you have to watch at least one episode". Still miss your old cast a little bit.

  27. The only endorsement that counts is Trumps. He is dragging half of this country kicking and screaming to safety, security and prosperity. I'm not going to trust a media endorsement or an entertainers endorsement. Trump knows where we need to go, he has proven results so far so ignore the irrelevant endorsements

  28. I Heard or Read in the New's so it MUST be Right…Darn don't these No Brains think for Themselves…NO !!!! They let the Fake News,and Printed Media do that for them…They are hearing voices and the Ink is all over their Eye's….

  29. "He turtles" Ummm Hes 90 fkn years old. Its called old man posture!!! This is literally how the MSM reports. OPIONS AND BIASED CONJECTURE!!! That is it!!! COMMIECRAT = TRAITORS

  30. Basically I can say you did something and if you can't prove you didn't well your your guilty.
    The way it is today!!

  31. Please cut out all the Juan parts. We all know exactly what he is going to say. Kick back to NPR but they dont want him back

  32. "It's clear what the media establishment is doing. Deciding who they want and don't want and making sure everyone falls inline. They look at the country and instead of seeing a strong and prosperous economy they see themselves out of power. And they want their power back even if it means killing that prosperity." ~Greg Gutfeld

  33. Biden is too corrupt. If he ends up being the nominee wontnwin anyway. In fact there isnt a good choice for the left for nominee.

  34. When it was the primaries to both Dems and Republicans in 2016 there was a poll (yeah I know but) that showed Sanders was the only candidate that could beat all Republican candidates. Yet they chose Hillary and lost. Now in 2020 these idiots still haven't learned (and heavens know, not Bernie please).

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