Gutfeld on the media’s take on the Iranian attack

Gutfeld on the media’s take on the Iranian attack

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  1. He is so tough behind a camera , serve you pudgy shrimp and back up your tough talk. Low life who wants great courageous soldiers to serve and die in the Middle East. Disgusting human.

  2. I love our president Trump….and I love how he gives credit to people like Sean H….Judge Jeanine and the others….but to me Greg is the very best of all of them….and he is a true PATRIOT with a comical viewpoint.Just like he said….the FATASS scumbag Michael Moore lowered his gut……lol

  3. This freak show is almost funny. It wasn't long ago that the Democrats were screaming for war with Iran because they shot down our drone and blew up a Saudi refinery. Today when they think they finally got President Trump to jump into a baited war they attack him. His answer was to wisely stand down in a very calm and measured manner but maintain our readiness in the event they actually do cause harm to our nation or our people. The Democrats have come off so weak and totally ineffectual they may well loose everything in November.

  4. I saw them at the gym, lol 😂, you work out? It’s not working bud. Fox News employees should be put in jail for propaganda.

  5. After the U.S. is kicked out of Iraq, it's going to be much more difficult to conduct counter terrorism activities within the region.

  6. It's so simple to understand Trump's tactics in this, but people react emotionally rather than to the logic of it. They are getting played by his hype. Its so funny how they fall for it every single time.
    Leverage, it all comes down to leverage.
    Trump is a master of three things:
    Leverage, hyperbole, and setting an artificial goal to get the 'lesser' goal that he really wanted.

  7. I propose before all of my fellow Trump supporters, that as a legacy to our shared ideology of what America is supposed to be, we hereby found The Eagle Party. The Eagle represents us as Americans black or white or any race. America first and the rule of law is what makes Trump's policies so great. Anyone agree with me? When our president's term is over, what's next? Do we go back to business as usual with corruption and the degradation of our constitution? Or do we continue this great legacy? Help me spread this idea my brothers and sisters. Thumbs up if you agree. Copy and paste if you agree.

  8. Have our own crisis here in America with the opiate situation and homelessness. We have no business in the Middle East

  9. Juan has a point … to a point – people reporting from Iran are closely watched, meaning Iranian government police (what ever they are called) are standing close by, and the reporters are pretty much told what to say. The thing is, Juan, in that case it should never be aired. As you said it is the responsibility of a reporter to be skeptical and dig into the facts, not present what they are told to say by the government. Even though the reporter qualified that his information was given to him by the Iranian government was "unconfirmed" he went ahead and reported it anyway and it was aired as fact. Yes, Iran can be blamed for manipulating the reporter, but it's ultimately on the shoulders of the news agency that permits itself to be manipulated. It's NOT breaking news if the "facts" are false.

  10. At 4:26 Idiot Juan says it's the Press's job to be skeptical. NO it is NOT their job. Their job is to report the news and nothing more. WHAt A MORON he continues to be. IDIOT!!

  11. actually, knucklehead (juan) chemical weapons ARE WMD !
    and there were literally thousands of nerve agent munitions found.

  12. Tucker YOU ARE AWESOME! I do not see how you handle listening to the Democrat lap dogs. It shows what an awesome reporter you are.

    Shuffle through the poop until you hit the facts.


  13. seems to me the president tried to bring our boys home a year ago and all the payed for warmongers raised hell as long as we build bigger and better weapons of mass destruction we need bigger better wars to fight catch 22 no peace in our lifetime bring our boys home

  14. I have actually come to appreciate Juan because being the opposing opinion is hard when you know your the sole differing opinion on a panel of mostly aligned thoughts

  15. CNN, MSNBC, New York Times , Washington Post and others are going out of business as no American patriot with brains believes these idiots who claim to be journalists…

  16. These media sound like parotts…repeating each other idiocy as they are incapable to understand a genius of President Trump who is doing a great job!!!

  17. Hip Hip Hooray for Trump! He did the right thing to protect Americans on American soil. If needs be, President Trump needs to bomb them even further if they don't take the message President Trump sent them.

  18. if i knew it would get the democrats to leave the USA. i would say" YES we are fixin  to get nuke" GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN

  19. If Americans were dead, we'd know because someone would have to tell the families of the deceased soldiers! Yeah, I don't think we're dumb enough to say no deaths if there were 30!

  20. Listen, the Washington ComPOST provides exactly what they promise—-compost. What they miss is the fact that you cannot compost rubber piles of poop!!!!!

  21. Dems say that Bush did not connect the dots and the terrorists attacked the World Trade Towers.
    Bush's fault.
    Trump connects the dots and acts.
    Trump is a war criminal.
    Stupid Dems.


  23. Iran? As our client state?? You are really dumb if you can believe that. Iran is noone's client state. One of the very few of a kind.

  24. WHY do we have to put up with JUAN ok you can say ohh we are diverse but when you know what he is going to say before he says it then its wasted time personally as soon as i know he is going to talk i turn the volume down

  25. Fox News: You need to remove news from your title. With GUTFELD, INGRAHAM, AND HANNITY you can not qualify as news. You are the equivalent to THE ESQUIRE, THE STAR. GOSSIP RAGs… truth, no substance, no news.

  26. Don projected pure power…….made every enemy of the United States look in the sky for a drone hunting their asses. Everyone at the terrorists funeral was looking up for dang sure. Funeral would have been a perfect place for a M.o.a.b. drop.

  27. America's say killing of Iran's General has made the U.S. less safe.

    American's don't know what to think about Trump's Iran strategy.

    New poll shows all democrat front-runners beating Trump in Michigan ( My home state )

    Trump's approval 43
    Trump's disapproval 54

    Direction of the Country
    Right direction 31
    Wrong direction 59

  28. Leftist media and all Demonrat politicians are the enemy of the people. They all deserve to be treated like the traitors they are.

  29. You are clueless too. I lived there and my major was history . I know he has to say what they told him which is unfortunate.

  30. How dare you call them fake news! Their just presenting their personal opinions as facts on a news channel.
    How dare you!

  31. A certain deceitful MSN organization blamed social media for "world war 3" hysteria. The usual suspect's life force is anarchism.

  32. This was a direct hit !! Instead of saying thank you Trump for protecting our country !!! They want to say trump is impulsive but he was right on time . The iranian commander and chief was targeting the US embassy ! He was going to strike the US but our president is to impulsive!!

  33. Tulsey Gabbard is a joke !! Saying how trump is causing the war !! Is she that dumb !! He stopped the iranian commander from striking the US embassy !!

  34. This is great! "Aaah, the precipice!..Michael Moore lowered his belly to half-mast!" etc etc keep on sticking it to the shrill fear-mongering media

  35. I wonder if that's Nancy's current strategy on impeachment: to give the media something to which to pivot when the story of the moment goes Trump's way.

  36. If I watch a political video, the next one to come up will be FOX news.
    I came here to NOT watch mainstream media.
    And once I get a FOX news video, the next one, and the one after that, and the one after that, and on, and on well be FOX news.
    Is there a way to block this nonsense?

  37. Socialist in europe is same fake news , the left win liberalismen socialismen in Sweden is like Cnn fakes


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