Gutfeld on socialism and the Democratic candidates

Gutfeld on socialism and the Democratic candidates

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  1. Yes dear youth but unfortunately you will stupid enough to of given up the 2nd amendment so you can just go stand in uncle Bernie bread lines and toilet paper lines o and please do some research before you vote I rule a month try making that roll last for you spoiled a##

  2. Democrats want government to rush in and solve problems created by government. Everything that's wrong in education and health care is CAUSED by government interference. They promise everything to everyone and then expect the workers to make up the difference between their promises and actual reality. Shifting the burden by force doesn't change human nature or the human condition. It just makes everything cost more.

    Gun violence in the inner city is CAUSED by government's War on Drugs. So government tries to attack the symptom – guns – rather than the cause – a raging black market in prohibited substances. Didn't they learn their lesson from Al Capone? Why are we subsidizing MS-13 and setting law enforcement and the poor against each other?

  3. I thought the Ringling bros. And Barnum and Baily circus went out of business, well, I'll be damned look at all the clowns.

  4. Do American's know what "democratic socialism" means, or do they think its Venezuela and Russia? Do Americans know that Europe and Australia exists?

  5. Juan and the Democrats do not understand cause and effect. "He is not for the government taking over the means of production." What they don't admit is that one leads to the other. Just like all those shut-ins that weigh 800lbs. They didn't want to end up in their sad situation, but when you eat 9,000 calories a day what exactly did you expect to happen?

  6. My question is…
    If you raise taxes to the rich to pay for this new structure do they not pass it back down to the blue collar worker threw high cost of goods and services and loss of jobs. If you have Medicare for all with lower reimbursements how do you keep quality healthcare. The Democrats want more power by dangling free stuff in front of Americans and driving the economy down so everyone has to depend on them to survive. I'm not a scholar by any means but i do read history. 😠

  7. I love reminding those who complain about this country that they refuse to leave it, and that if socialism is so much better why do we have immigrants from there.

  8. Thank you Greg for putting Pug Williams last, so I could enjoy everyone's comments and turn off juan… I swear my brothers pug looks just like juan… Makes you want to punt him into the neighbor's yard…..

  9. Dems are right they will unite the nation,cuz if they win both Rep and Dems will be waiting in line together as they wait for hours to by a loaf of bread for $10.00

  10. Juan, College debt wasn't such a big problem until government got involved with loaning money for college and like everything else…when government gets involved colleges took advantage and cost went through the roof. so now irresponsible people are let off the hook and those who work hare and do what they should like pay there bills pay the price…Crazy the way they think!

  11. Satanists love killing and sacrificing people, and socialist have and still do love killing tens of millions of people, which helps the UN and Bill Gates agenda to depopulate the planet.

  12. Colleges made these plans years ago. They have billions in their endowments and purposely jack up tuition. Notice how NO ONE suggests schools LOWER their tuition?What a sweet deal for these liberal indoctrination mills to have the govt guarantee their ideological existence.

  13. We already have Socialism; only the taxes are fed back to corporations instead of people. It is Corporate Socialism as opposed to Democratic Socialism.

  14. I ask this as a conservative, how can I get gutfelt off of my phone permanently?? I can't stand his sanctimonious speeches! Shut up dude. You can't even comb your hair!

  15. sing it w/me, now: "every party has a pooper, –that's why they invited YOU! … party pooper, that be Juaaan! party pooper, thank you, Juaaan!"

  16. This guy (juan) talks about bullying people what do you think the Democratic and Democratic Socialist I've been doing to Trump for the past 3 years. And talking about all these kids with college debt they put their self in that predicament their parents should have been told them. So now it's the taxpayers fault ,I worked throughout High School on the job training I became a carpenter which I'm still doing to this day what am I getting bailed out for. They going to write me a check for 150 Grand

  17. And there's Juan's true colors showing. He's a socialist who wants every major sector of the economy under government rule. He wants the same bureaucrats who run the postal service to decide who gets a kidney and who doesn't — and the middle class will be crippled with taxes. Innovation will dry up, markets will tank, and economic development will be stopped. It's NEVER worked. Anywhere. Ever.

  18. These main runners are into it for what they can get out of it only, the only one in the group that makes any sense is the one that is just now sneaking up on the rest of the field. She actually sounds like a moderate Democrat with a brain but I think she followed the rest of the crowd with this impeachment BS and it will take someone with a mind and a backbone to beat Trump. Juan you are part of the problem with the Democrat party, just another whiner without any substance. Trump 2020

  19. The new method of the communists is to lie and say that they are not communists. It's all about helping the poor when none of these lefty idiots have ever lifted a finger to help any poor person.

  20. The most Bodacious thing Satan does is the claim morality and that's the Democratic party they seem to think they have morality and blasey This Is War and you made it plain and clear you are be trusted no more

  21. Don Juan tongue loose one oh my you tacky you're hacky sacky black laki yeah I know you need to be slappy happy so let me give you that

  22. C'mon Fox. The overwhelming majority of your viewers would vote to dump Juan. Do you think more people watch this show because they WANT to listen to Juan? Take a poll. I mean, get real here. Juan should be at MSNBC, not FoxNews. If you want someone to represent the left get Michael Moore and put him in a clown suit. At least that would be interesting. Juan is not even a little bit interesting, and the clown at least would be funny.

  23. We already have socialism. The debate is over how extreme of a Socialist you want to be. They never talk about how corrupt our Capitalism has become. The financial markets commit massive felonies on a daily basis. We do not have capitalism. We have crony capitalism. Capitalism has ethics applied to it.

  24. I would like batting practice with a good aluminum bat,and Juan Williams face.Or maybe go full Al Capone on his,nappy,empty head.

  25. I'm not a socialist. But I believe in tariffs and trade wars with China, an impregnable and beautiful wall all along the U.S.-Mexico border, agricultural price supports, subsidies, and $29 billion bailouts for farmers, interminable wars in the Middle East, enormous budget deficits, another Moon landing by 2024, gargantuan Wall Street bailouts, trillion dollar military contractor appropriations, a taxpayer funded sports arena in Milwaukee, a new federal Space Force agency, and continuous government manipulation of interest rates, currency exchange rates, and domestic oil prices. Hey, wait a minute. I am a socialist, a Republican socialist.

  26. You guys called it on Klobuchar. She didn't just catch Sleepy Joe. She got more votes than him and Warren combined. She's the real deal. It's a four way race between Bernie, Klobuchar, Pete, and Bloomberg's wallet.

  27. Why would we choose a socialist when we are capitalist? This is the dems agenda. Never thought I would see the day. So sad.

  28. so in your opinion is Canada socialist? what a mass brainwashing you are all busy with and people are buying this BS. We have public healthcare and no communism in the horizon. The elite class is horrified of Bernie. Ihope he wins.

  29. Fair Wages…What Is That??-That Statement Is Relative As To How You Live Your Daily Life.–In My Case It's "6 Figures"…!!

  30. Lol! If you're going to call Trump a bully, then you need to call all the Dem leaders and majority of the media bullies as well bc they are constantly making fun of Trump and Trump supporters.

  31. I appreciate Juan Williams getting a chance to chime in and saying "hey let me finish". That having been said he plays the Motte and Bailey game with socialism. Hey this is socialism we have a little socialism here and there. So why not go all socialist? And he dumbs down the definition so that statist programs and interference are simply "caring about people". Simply caring about people had a monstrous dead body count in the 20th century.

  32. The Left is finally coming to terms with the fact that they've always been Socialists and just called it something else. America, I hate it but I'm a millennial and I apologize for my generation. I stand with "the old people" in my disdain for Socialism and my undying support for Capitalism and our form of governance.

  33. It's angry Amy! She's nasty to her staff, and would would rather eat her salad with here fork! Make no mistake Amy is nasty!

  34. Bernie is a hypocrite and an liar. He is dangerous. The kids may have an excuse for their ignorance but anyone else is ignorant or stupid or complicit. All the candidates on the left are a joke.

  35. Chris is a good example of the perfect puppet. The puppet masters over CNN, Communist News Network, know that Bernie is too soon for USA and wont stand a chance against Trump. To beat Trump they need someone more moderate. So the puppet masters turn Chris Matthews on to spout their next attack strategy against America. Trust me, in the future they will have lying traitor Chris promote socialism/communism as if it is a new novel governing concept that America must try.

  36. I don't even know what this video is about because Katie Pavlich in that yellow dress is smoking holy mother of cockballs she is looking right right right right now brb gotta inspect something

  37. Bernie Sanders for President of the USA! . Universal health care and open borders. Nothing wrong with that. Yes to the Democrats .

  38. Hey Juan, any time you use the word Social in defense of any ideal you are in deed talking about Socialism. I rarely here anyone use the words, Free Enterprise, Republic or Natural Rights. Get a clue folks.

  39. Very interesting, right after such an excellent overview from Katy of how socialist Bernie really is Juan tries to say how innocent socialism is and how it's about helping America help Americans… wwwwwooow. SMH

  40. Do you think we should talk about why the young people are interested in socialist candidates? Why we are letting the Liberals run the education of our country and teach our children the philosophy of mental impotence and moral bankruptcy, subjective moral relativism? With our tax dollars? The philosophy that protects every form of deviance while calling any stated moral absolute hate speech…. Wake up America, they have your babies

  41. So is Canada a 'socialist' country because it has universal health insurance? Australia? Japan? Sweden? Israel? Holland? Seems like it's pretty easy for other countries to cover everybody, save money and not become 'socialist' states, no?

  42. Better off jumping out of a tall building than live in socialism. Soviet Union killed 60 million, China killed 25 million, Germany 12 million, Cuba 125 thousands, Venezuela 17 thousands and 5 million left their homeland. Young America: want Socialism, go for it ! Shoot your mom and dad, rat on your folks is a good thing in Socialism. Juan if you buy the lie, then you are stupid, stupid, stupid ! You have no idea how socialism works, I do, I lived and flee in order to survive. In order to provide Medicare for all, you need to control the entire healthcare sector, education, security, transportation, housing and media. That is the great lie together with disarming people at the mercy of a police state. Juan 🇺🇸 we the people is not we the government.

  43. Kobuchar is a two faced bureaucrat. Looked the other way as a district attorney when a bud ran a 3 billion dollar ponzi scheme. Because he was a donor to her campaign. That tops the list by matching the same bunch that caused and enriched themselves by the 2008 mortgage crisis that caused a global recession. F her…she needs to go back to Minnesota and keep her filthy crooked hands off my taxes.

  44. Juan is an idiot just turn off his mic. he would drive me nuts you can see the look on Dana's face like she is saying and I am stuck here with this blowhard.

  45. It's kind of disgusting. Juan is like a recording that just spews the day's talking points and totally immune from logic or reason. Please remove him from this show.

  46. Congress purposely chamged Public hospitals laws that gives free care. So they could bring in the private hospitals that demand insurance.

  47. The fear of socialism comes from the same generation as those who idealized the war on drugs. And all you have to do is look at the news today and you can see how much their stupidity caused this country. So don't let these people do the same to this generation.

  48. They interrupt Juan all the time because he is lying about what is going on. The government caused those problems Bernie says he wants to fix with more government.

  49. Socialism in Denmark and Norway works perfectly. Medicare for all works perfect… So many America s go bankrupt because they pay their medicals bills. Health in Europe is free.. I live in London Uk…. NHS is medicare for all

  50. Communism polls bad so the Dems said lets use Socialism, we are not stupid, Bernie went to Russia for his honeymoon, are they Socialists? Pete wrote a paper in high school praising Bernie, it's all Marxism and only stupid Democrat sheep buy this bull shite they keep spreading from Juans mouth, it's funny as chite

  51. That’s right Fox news viewers you don’t like socialism… the GOP is glad to get rid of it get rid of your Social Security your paid time off your healthcare your vacation time sickleave Medicare Medicaid all socialist ideas the GOP want to get rid of all of them to give the money to the rich

  52. Juan is the poster child for brain dead…….i for the life of me cannot understand how is employed at all……He adds ZERO to the conversation and is so far off the reservation on almost EVERY subject……Please GG get rid of this guy, he lowers the IQ of your audience by 20 points just by appearing.

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