Gutfeld on Bernie’s Cuban gaffe

Gutfeld on Bernie’s Cuban gaffe

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  1. Bernie — deadbeat dad. His son was poor and on welfare while he traveled the globe with politics. He did not care for his own kid – do you think he can care for all of America????? F no

  2. Yes I wonder what socialist countries have such a luxury of Disney. The happiest place on Earth because the people like to pair to go there. Even jerk offs like Juan. Such a hypocrite. Yes? Bernie certainly is a disgusting non hypocrite. Unfathomable that everyone is embracing him In this; the freeist of countries (precisly Because of beautiful Capitalism!) on the twisted crazy lefty side. A sick minded spcialist He only put "democratic" in front so the academia prof types people that are too stupid to realize he 's always been an "independent" socialist. Unless of course they actually believe that it's great to have bread lines!? 🤔🤪

  3. You agree that the Nazis were bad. Too bad their scientists put our people on the moon. Only children think in absolutes, which is unfortunately the cognitive level of the average Fox News viewer. Totally infantilized, even worse than the MSDNC C.H.U.D.S.

  4. People do not leave communist socialist countrys they have to escape yes escape. Peace and love to all Americans from Britain. GOD HELP YOU IF BERNIE SANDERS IS YOUR PRESIDENT.

  5. The right is spinning this completely the wrong way. What needs to be pointed out is that when Castro started the revolution, he got his public support by promising all the things Bernie did. He gave them literacy and healthcare and all the other freebies until he was assured of the public support and then once he was in power…blam. He turns against the people who supported him. I think it plays better to agree that Castro did the good things but then he turned on his own people and became a dictator. Show the people what electing a socialist means.

  6. You aren't funny man! You do look very insecure, true. So that's the reason why you don't appear to look confident. Just trying to help!

  7. Juan's hyperbole is so predictable. He takes every opportunity to smear President Trump. He's completely without any ethics.

  8. I love to hear the beautiful red head on the right of Juan…..she’s smart….why don’t you use her more….???? And I love her voice ….awesome 🥰👍🏼


  10. fox is going with the castro rhetoric since clearly half its viewership cant pronounce Denmark's capital, much less pinpoint it on a map

  11. If you're lining up for food, it's NOT a good thing just because you compare it to people with no food. IT'S STILL A BROKEN SYSTEM!!!

  12. "Medicare for All" as Bernie is using the term doesn't expand seniors' Medicare to everyone. He hijacked the term for HIS OWN plan, which is SINGLE PAYER for all. Totally different plan, that isn't like Medicare whatsoever and would actually put an end to Medicare as it exists today.

  13. I wish Bernie would stay in line for food for an hour or two after work when home hungry kids are waiting. And you still have to cook it. How absolutely stupid its sound especially when this particular food ( meet or fish ) would end before line would come to you. Deficit, poor quality, food is not prepared to cooking, you have to work on it, and all of it after working from 9 to 5. In remember my mom, a small woman came home after work; she had two bags full of potatoes, meat, vegetables she was able to buy.i took one bag out of her hands and was unable to hold it, so heavy it was. My mom was holding two bags all the way staying on a bus because it was afterwork and there were too many people and sits were taking.

  14. You know what else castro did when he took power? Took all the guns away from people. That makes it much easier to be a dictator & rule with an iron fist.

  15. So Juan go on vacation in a “Free Republic Country” . While Bernie Saunders loves to split out numbers and loves placing Americans in Hugh Debit!

  16. Trump, "Me and Kim Jung Il fell in love". Trump, "Putin is a great man, a very powerful man". Trump, "Duterte is one heck of a guy". So, where is the condemnation Gutfeld?

  17. Good grief – You people are absolute, simple-minded, dishonest morons. And as a huge, unfortunate piece of the electorate, you're THE reason "democracy" doesn't work in this country.

  18. I guess they done that "revolution" as the lady says, very… very quiet in Denmark! Hell, they pretty much same done in my poor Poland where people on average make less than 1000$ a month… (yes all education including university free unless you go for the second faculty, universal health care, subsidized child care). Hold on guys and say again – WHO CAN EFFORT IT?!?!?!

  19. Oh Bernie, you could have received all kinds of praise if you would have just answered the question of where the moneys coming from by honestly saying, “hell I don’t know”.

  20. I just want to know this. Does FOX news require all of their female news people to wear FALSE EYE LASHES? I think it looks ridiculous. It is as bad as watching some dude with a bad toupee.

  21. “Uh. Is it a bad thing that he helped people read? Yeah, he also destroyed the economy, murdered thousands, wouldn’t give up power, stole private property and got Cuban Cigars banned in the US.

  22. I don't know if I should call it hypocritical or misinforming the public. he never said Castro was good, he said castro was an authoritarian but he did some good things such as literacy program. Cuba is a poor country but they have universal health care for their people, nooby dies because they don't have insurance. in cuba, higher education is free, so their people don't grow up to be dumb. and yes the regime is authoritarian and it has to be condemned for that. it is wrong to paint all countries with same brush. hasn't united states done bad things? yes, but United States also have done many good things too. we have to condemn the bad when we see it and acknowledge the good when we see it. that is being truthful and just.

  23. Why does Bernie get a pass when he can’t tell us how he’s going to pay for things but Warren doesn’t get that same pass?

  24. Hillary is gong to prison!  Pelosi has Alzheimer's and is a traitor to the country.    CNN and MSNBC are corrupt and use yellow journalism and are symbolisms for lies, hate, bigotry, and hypocrisy and the insects that work there are GRIFTERS.

  25. It's almost like Bernie is objective about things, I know being objective is hard for those in the mainstream media but you guys should try it sometime.

  26. Ok so please help me here, the left seems to love socialist/ communist dictatorship style governments and will vote for someone who pushes a socialist/ communist dictator agenda, yet they call Trump a dictator and a king and they seem to hate him?

  27. This is the usual propaganda smear campaign by the establishent right, who are petrified that a genuinely egalitarian man might get in share the wealth a bit.

  28. yes, how can anyone support anyone who supports the soviet union and fidel castro when russians and cubans hate these so much….

  29. Bernie does not care about people and you really have to be very dumb to think that he does care about you. If you think like that that means you pure brainless nuuuuut. You Americans and I hope not most of you you went quite stupid and very naive. Because of that you became soft ground for manipulators. They will step on you with great comfort.

  30. Bernie does not care about people and you really have to be very dumb to think that he does care about you. If you think like that that means you pure brainless nuuuuut. You Americans and I hope not most of you you went quite stupid and very naive. Because of that you became soft ground for manipulators. They will step on you with great comfort.

  31. Why does Bernie want investors to pay for student debt. We already paid ours off. Students need to realize, it is cheaper to pay off loans over 10 years instead of lifetime of taxes.

  32. The CIA conducted Dictatorships all around Latin America ( Uruguay , Brazil , Argentina , Chile, even the Dictator of Cuba before the revolution , ) … training the military to torture , disappearing thousands of young kids . Until today The US has Dictators as friends . But only if they are not from the left … so stop the BS ….. who watches this show anyway?

  33. No lazy liberal arts majors care about Bernie, while they drank and racked up debt in college while not having a job caught up to them. And now they can't get a job with their LIBERAL ARTS DEGREE. So now Bernie Sanders plan bails them out so they say sign me up. Yet don't get it, he doesn't even get it. 30 trillion doesn't even cover 1/3 of his plan for a year let alone 4. Seriously 365 million×10,000 would equal basic coverage for Americans only, not the whole world which is covered in his plan as well.

  34. So….Bernie is a 'glass half full' kind of a guy even if you couldn't drink what was in the glass! He is the guy who will 'SETTLE' for crumbs….because that's the way the cookie crumbles…."people lining up for basic necessities…is a good thing!" "You can't say that things are all bad when the authoritarian communist dictator does a good thing and starts a literacy program" When Bernie was cheated out of the Democratic nomination, he 'SETTLED". As long as he's the one not standing in line waiting to get some milk & bread, he'll 'SETTLE' on being part of the Dictator's mob no matter how low on the totem he is! He makes me want to puke! WTH!!

  35. Actually it's pretty simple. Most of the people that support Bernard either want free stuff or want their kids to get free stuff. Bernard's appeal is based on greed and the 'me' generation.

  36. Everyday I wake up and I thank God President Trump is my President! God bless him and his work. 4 more years!
    Vote Shifty Shift OUT!

  37. He's right about food. It's just that you know what that usually connotes and that's why it sounds bad. Instead of EBT the government should give tax breaks to companies that donate surplus food because they throw out a lot of food because of subsidies and price fixing. In the Democrat run dystopias food stamps are a necessity because of the high taxes. We're not gonna win people over by starving them.

  38. If I said it once I will say it again this divide between American, it is and will always be relativism vs. Absolutism and if you want to know if you are a relativist the litmus test for that is do you believe in abortion. Socialism is communism little sister.

  39. 😳😆😆😆 oh! The irony.
    Two Florida democrats are suing Bernie Sanders because Bernie is an INDEPENDENT, not a democrat.
    As an independent, he cannot run for the nomination of a post for a Party he does not belong to.
    That would be fraud.
    Ok, but … where's the irony???
    Well, is democrats who argue that Bernie is an illegal alien (with respect to their Party) who cannot run, vote, nor have a say there. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    And they're right! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. When Castro came into 'office', he began confiscating the legally-owned property of law-abiding citizens, rounding up dissidents, and massacring them.
    But oh man that literacy program was legit tho.

  41. His first Executive Order will be… “America is now an OPEN BORDER country.”

    Two facts about Sen Sanders you must know: 1. Bernie took his
    bride to the former Soviet Union for their honeymoon- honeymoon in Commie land, and 2. He'd be the oldest US president at their first inauguration by nearly a decade- he'd be 79 years old.

    Oh, and of course he's an extreme socialist.

    Medicare for all will cost the middle class $50 Trillion dollars, and his plan is to collapse the U. S. economy.

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