Gutfeld: Beverly Hills basket cases voice outrage against the orange monster

Gutfeld: Beverly Hills basket cases voice outrage against the orange monster

100 Replies to “Gutfeld: Beverly Hills basket cases voice outrage against the orange monster

  1. Aww, it sounds like their Cash cow slush funds have been getting cut off…. whatever will they do in their HAS BEEN years? The American people are turning AWAY from their COMMUNIST in insanity. We aren't buying their music, movies, or products they push. And, we see through their FAKE charities and sorry, but if we want to help the poor suffering animals, we will adopt one. We have told our children don't contribute to 401k programs because corrupt CEOs just raid the funds along with pension funds to pay themselves millions in bonuses while employees get screwed without so much as an apology.

  2. I love this show ALL of you. You three balance each other so well. I'm proud that Cat and my man Tyrus is getting their own shows and I will definitely be watching for them but you will be missed here.

  3. Kat's right. She's "a catch".
    And any REAL man should be proud to be…buri…ya know, I agree, she might drop that question.
    As for the hate from the Left…
    It's going to get to the point where it's going to become like a badge of honor to be part of that crowd that is hated.
    That moment may alteady be here.
    Love this show. Need to find the whole version though.

  4. Gutfeld is nothing but a nutless smarmy crank. He's really good when he's debating a TV screen, but like most extreme rightwing pundits, he falls apart the seams( revealing coagulated lumps of pus)when debating any sort of Center or Left thinker. We watch him for amusement as him and the halfwits, fascists, nazis and strippers that comprise his "panel" fall over themselves in defending the assclown tRump and his family of grifters.

  5. I used to think Trump derangement syndrome was just a joke but its not at all. Its as if those people drank the Kool Aid.

  6. I need a hat, "Don't Go With Groping Joe". Should be waterproof to throw up in when seen going after kids

  7. Liberal- U Work @ FOX?
    Tyrus- YEAH!
    Liberal – Kool Hahaha!
    Tyrus U a fool man, I haven't laughed that hard in years! Thanks Bruh!!!

  8. Hey Nancy, what's your drink, because I think you need one this morning to calm your nerves? Oh where's Chucky? L.O.L.

  9. I agree With Cat ! I would be buried next to her ! But it’s to late for me , I am 65 and Cat is to HOT to Date An Old Man ! And she has to much Class !

  10. 7:54 That guy's face is priceless! He looks like he's trying so hard not to bust out laughing! This is great, I already loved Trump, but this tops it even more, putting all these clips together.

  11. President Trump is the best president America has ever had! As for Hollywood actors, we all just watch old movies from the 1930's, through the early 1990's, because the actors after the early 1990's don't seem talented & their politics are awful.

  12. Barack Obama openly pandered to Hollywood and Disney, and Hollywood believes that they have been betrayed by the election of the businessman who is not bribed by the criminal Democrats.

  13. Those in Hollywood the dislike Trumps because they wish they were him! They know even with all the money accumulated they are nothing and made up man are empty suite women ugly used up nothing and exaggerated poppet . They pot lipstick on the miss piggy’s and after indulge the king of Hollywood they are Actor and they sue hime . Trumps worth 65 million vote and you are not even one .Trump love this country Trump love America Trump love American flag 🇺🇸 Trump love Veterans the regular Jeo of America what do like Euro Trash God knows I travel a lot out of this country No place is like America and NO one is like American people .there Kindness there generosity to human to Animal . In general great people of America you have this beautiful perfect land God loves you and give it to you .Thats why this country is my Adopted country for 49 years and I die for it and for my country man.

  14. Are Rosie and Mike Moore twins? Look at both of side by side. They have the same amount of chins. 4 each, same glasses and weight the same, about 450.

  15. Nutty Nancy is in the meeting with the President and she starts putting lipstick on her forehead, asking "Dude, where's my car?"

  16. Think twice nextime before you put another Obama in office leftists. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what ya gonna get!

  17. Rosie has to be the worst of the bunch shown here. But, I doubt that she feels like an idiot, as most people would, upon finding out that the collusion story has been shown to be a hoax & that the only colluding that was done, was done by her strap-on proponent Hillary!

  18. I was proud to vote for President Trump in 2016, and I'm giddy with excitement to vote for him again in 2020. I even went with my friend to change his party (Dem) to Republican so that he could vote for Trump. He said that YES, he will vote for him in 2020. President Trump 2020! 👍🙋🇺🇸😄

  19. Why doesn’t Robert dknowitall just stick to acting. He even mumbles when he says the f word 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  20. Actors look great after you give them lighting, makeup, lines, direction, clothes, brains, a personality, etc.

  21. Sad to think that he has only 2 terms to serve and that all his great work can be undone in one future election.

  22. I was planning on having my funeral on a ship in international shark-infested waters ending with my body being fed into a wood chipper, turning me into chum so that my friends and family can get into shark cages and enjoy an up-close encounter with some of nature's most fiersome predators. I would give up that dream and be buried next to Kat if it meant even just a first date with her. In a perfect world, we could work out some sort of compromise where my head and heart were buried next to her while the rest of me was chummed but I am willing to go all in on this if she were to grant me just that one date…

  23. Gotta love trump… He says everything I want to say…. glad he's got a mic to tell us all exactly what he thinks about anything an everything lol….. so refreshing!!!!

  24. I love Trump lol MAGA 2020 he is so different from any president ever thank you Jesus for his honesty amen

  25. You know when these stars make these comments it makes you look back on their movies and not like them at all because all you can see is an angry leftist douchebag

  26. I love Guts when he brings the spaz and brings it hard. Sometimes his lackeys let him down but Guts always has his ramrod in there somewhere. A pro’s pro. God bless him.

  27. Nearly all these actors are at the end of their careers and are irrelevant. After seeing Martin Sheen I know why Charlie is like he is! Shame I liked Martin as an actor.

  28. This guys is Russian… Republicans Support Russia!!!!!!! Republicans Support Russia!!!!!!! Republicans Support Russia!!!!!!!

  29. Trump hasfinny yes to breakup monotony. Dems don't get it. Small minds. All have botoxidous. Doesn't help Knecks tell age. !. Deneroe smutt supporters who supports. Harvy. Weinstienthe demseHolly Wood. Women molesters club.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.

  30. Hi, gutless,,🤐🖕herd, you, got,,herpes,,🤐🖕 seighell repablicans voters seighell 🤪🖕 white power 🖕👺

  31. CNN would have so much more fun if they reported like you. You look like you're having a blast!! I love watching you

  32. Trump vs Hollywood they never stood a chance they are after all a bunch of nobody losers Trump 2020 we are not buying your crap Hollywood

  33. President Trump always exposes the lefts lies and they just cant take it. What a time to be alive and living in America !

  34. Why do we even have to look or listen to these dummies. They do not deserve air time. Ignore them and interview only sane people who will try to teach the dummies how our laws work.

  35. Fact – Conservative are happier than liberals . Also a fact – Liberals are wealthier than conservatives , but for reason the liberals there should be equal opportunities , witch there already are equal opportunities in the United States such , employment and education . On a scale of 1 through 4 , most liberals are a 1 as more conservatives choose 4 being the happiest . I wonder why . 🇺🇸💪🏾👍🏾👌🏾

  36. The degrees of comparison of stupid are: stupid, speaking stupid, performing stupid. Sainted greataunt Nancy functions on performing stupid level. She sees the 'spark of divinity' in members of MS 13, but not in the millions of pre-and post-born babies she thinks should be slaughtered.

  37. Maybe all those actors & actresses sufferubg from TDS should just line up and jump off the HOLLYWOOD SIGN….PROBLEM SOLVED FOR BOTHE SIDES ….LOL…AND THE MEDIA AND DEMOCRAPSS CAN BE NEXT….THEN AMERICA COULD START TO BECOME A EUTOPIA …..LOL


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