‘Green Book’ Best Picture Win Sparks Online Criticism | THR News

‘Green Book’ Best Picture Win Sparks Online Criticism | THR News

– And the Oscar goes to Green Book. – Almost as soon as
Green Book was announced as the 2019 Oscars Best Picture winner, the backlash started rolling in. The movie tells the story
of pianist Dr. Don Shirley, played by Mahershala Ali,
and his white driver Tony, played by Viggo Mortensen, as they journey on a concert tour through the Deep South, and the film has not
been without controversy throughout the awards circuit. Dr. Shirley’s relatives
had a number of objections around some of the facts in the film, with one family member calling the film “a symphony of lies”. Some critics also found
that the film portrayed a white savior narrative. Upon accepting the award
director Peter Farrelly notably thanked Mortensen and
described the film like this. – The story is about
love, it’s about loving each other despite our differences, and finding out the
truth about who we are, we’re the same people. – Twitter had a lot to say about the win, with several social media
users dubbing Green Book this year’s Crash, a best
picture winner about race that was also controversial. Others called out the movie
team’s acceptance speech for centering more on Mortensen’s role in the film than Ali’s. And writer Roxane Gay tweeted; “Really? In the year of Black
Panther and BlackKlansman? “I am disgusted.” For the full list of this
year’s Oscar winners, head to THR.com. Until next time for The
Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Tiffany Taylor. (upbeat music)

56 Replies to “‘Green Book’ Best Picture Win Sparks Online Criticism | THR News

  1. It’s a great movie but it didn’t deserve best picture, non of the nominations did for a fact.

    Edit: Roma was the only one that deserved it.

  2. Sad to know both Don Shirley and tony lip died in 2013… But tony would say to these haters…
    "Yeah, again with the money, it's settled name a price or get the fuck over it"

  3. Roma got robbed. Instead of awarding a film that honours the craft, the Academy gave it to a mediocre feel-good flick. Oscars 2018 has been total drivel where films deserving of awards were left behind for the sake of ratings.

  4. BlackkKlansman should've won this instead of Green Book. Green Book isn't too original, the movie seems way too unrealistic, pc and like an Oscar bait. BlackkKlansman was more original and more realistic. We also saw many perspectives to the story not making it just safe for the pc audience. So overall Green Book was a good 7/10 movie but BlackkKlansman was a great 9/10 film.

  5. You are right. The backlash Is enormous! I couldnt find a single article that speaks good about the win. Critics and the press are really angry. It will be a disaster for the Academy of this continues.

  6. Roma is easily the best and my favorite movie of the year but Green Book is a really great movie and I think it was very overlooked so I’m actually okay with Green Book winning, of all the movies nominated I think Green Book is the one getting the least attention. Now everyone that skipped it will likely give it a chance. I’m sure it was a very tight race between most of the nominees this year. Alfonso Cuaron is going home with three academy awards tonight so Im sure he’s okay with Green Book winning. It’s also great to see Peter Farrelly receive two academy awards, the man made Dumb and Dumber, he’s come a long way and I’m excited to see what he does next.

  7. Green book is about redemption.

    Black Klansman is about triumph.

    Anyone can triumph if cornered. Not everyone can be redeemed.

    Both are GREAT movies.

  8. if the 'critique' is that this one 'won,' "in the year of Black Panther and BlackKlansman," obviously, the critics are fucking morons. xD

  9. I can understand roma not winning, but green book? I was like wtf? It was a competent movie, but nothing was ground breaking about it.

  10. Why does anyone care about the oscars at this point? It is nothing more than self congratulation and left wing proselytizing. You knew the winner was going to be a movie about racism, misogyny or one of the phobias

  11. Black Panther was a comic book movie that didn't even get a VFX nomination. It was bland and bad and it did what an action movie should never do…… be sloppy. And BlackKklansman is Spike's best since He Got Game but it wouldn't even crack his Top 5 in his filmography even if Do The Right Thing and Malcolm X (his two best) didn't win. The two films that got robbed were The Favourite and Roma, a lesbian love triangle and a foreign language film by Netflix……… wonder why those two didn't win.

  12. White Savior?! What a bunch of BS with this white savior crap. Don Shirley saved himself by learning how to be more himself. The family wasn't there for him when it was all happening and now decades later come out of their closets with a bunch of crap. The film is formulaic in its presentation but rises to be way more than the sum of its parts.

  13. As usual …. social media ruining the moment for everybody. Too much hate and disgust which is unnecessary. This was the feel-good movie of the year, and people wanna act all anal. I for one couldn't be happier it won. I haven't been this happy with a best picture win since Birdman. That is my opinion and I respect hearing others.

  14. Every movie about real people gets knocked by people who were really there or their family because some people don’t understand it’s a MOVIE & not real life.

    Judging the merits of the film and whether it deserved to win, again we will never see unanimity because it’s a matter of taste.

    Whether or not the film is playing to a white savior narrative which I am highly sensitive to, I gotta say that if this film falls within the standard that white savior films are defined by then I think ya lost me. I just don’t see it. Explain to me how Tony saved Doc anymore than Doc saved Tony?

    As for Peter Farley thanking Viggo more than Mahershala, we don’t know how early Viggo may have been involved in the film or what he contributed to the production. Lest we forget, Virgo was the senior actor on that set and Peter was assuredly deferring to that experience during the filming. Mahershala & Linda were thanked so I don’t see the issue here either.

  15. Seems like a bunch of Social Justice Warriors that are “outraged”, so what else is new? Life must be utterly miserable for these types of people.

  16. Green Book has made 5 times as much at the box office as Black Klansman. Also Bohemian Rhapsody was another one people complained about for non movie reasons and that is almost at 900 million worldwide. I cant believe the media takes Twitter opinions from a few thousand people and reports them as news. Most moviegoers were interested in seeing Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody but if you go on twitter its like they were both biopics about Hitler that portrayed him in a positive light.

  17. When are the voting Members going to let go of Roots and it's obvious ramifications? Green book was a good movie but Best Picture…naw.

  18. None of the best picture nominees were anything great. They were good but that's it. The exception of course is Roma, which was garbage from top to bottom. Not kidding, Roma is mind numbingly crap.

  19. I wanted blackkklansman or green book to win because they were such good movies so fuck everyone hating on them roma was shit and so boring

  20. Black Panther Movie Got Robbed for Best Picture! That was the BEST MOVIE! So Obvious how Black Panther was robbed for Best Picture! It was Genius!

  21. There is no controversy. There is just dumb, snowflakes getting mad for no reason. It was a good movie and deserved the win, end of discussion.

  22. I am Sorry but who sucked Who off for this win? Clearly they voted it in because of the story. NOT BECAUSE it was the best movie. Darn Queen and Star is Born was WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY BETTER!

  23. I thought it was a great movie, I enjoyed it very much. The awards shouldn't be based on best message, what color anyone is, etc. etc. It should be on the Best Film period. Someone comparing it to Crash is so wrong, this movie was way better. Do I think it was the best of all nominated? It was up there but I personally liked The Favourite the best followed by BlacKkKlansman.

  24. Some people love Unforgiven by Clint Eastwood..but Scent of a Woman cleary should have beaten it during the 1992 nominees

  25. What a load of bollocks saying it didn't deserve best picture because it didn't tackle the racism issue hard enough, died in the wool racists will never change from a movie-message but you might change casual racism which is the vast majority just like it woke up the Tony Lip' character

  26. Everyone Is Just Overreacting. Though I Never Saw Green Book And Thought Another Film (Bohemian Rhapsody) Should've One, I Think It Did Deserve The Best Picture Award.

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