Great Google News!

Hey everybody! Dennis Clark with Freedom Lending
here! Just wanted to give you some exciting news! We have been working on a new system
with our Realtor’s and it’s really starting to pay off now. If you look at the image behind
me, the first four listings on the front page of Google belong to our agent! So we’ve got
our systems and we’re posting them for you and we’re getting you to the front page of
Google! Imagine going to your next listing presentation being able to say besides everything
else I do for you here I can also get you on the front page of Google, so people are
seeing your listing. If you want to find out more about it give us a call or email me we’ll
set up a time and go over it. It integrates with the other systems that we have and we
can use it to help you get your listings on the front page of Google too! Once again if
you have any questions give me a call, If you want to implement it give me a call and
we’ll get together and talk about it! My number is 402-333-5432 Dennis Clark with Freedom
Lending! Thanks guys!

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