Grandfather To Change Plea To Guilty In Toddler’s Cruise Ship Death | NBC Nightly News

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  1. People love to say the meanest thing possible, but it’s very clear that even though he was terribly foolish, he only did it because he loved to entertain her. He clearly took the time to be involved with her life and they enjoyed their company.

    I think it’s fine if the baby’s family doesn’t want him to be charged. It’s their child and only they knew what kind of a person he was. The grandfather will have to live with his foolishness and the pain he caused for the rest of his days.

  2. Another reason to never step foot on a cruise ship, unless you get to choose the passengers. Nothing attracts morons more than all you can eat buffets 24 hours a day.

  3. I hate this for this poor Grandfather..he has to be dieing inside…I really don't think he intentionally dropped his Grand daughter

  4. Maybe the laws are different in Puerto Rico but I thought if victims don’t want to press charges then everything is dropped. This sounds like Royal Caribbean is forcing the prosecution of this poor man to avoid responsibility in the cause of that child’s death. A simple sign on that banister could’ve prevented all of this.

  5. A travesty of injustice. He should get the death penalty. Oh wait it’s Puerto Rico, he should get life in solitary confinement listening to Reggaeton on a loop.

  6. I feel sorry for this man 💔 but yet you were the person watching her he tried to blame the cruise ship when it was your responsibility to take care of that babythis is sad and tragic I feel so sorry for you and your family 💔and it could actually happen to any of us when we're under the watch of a child

  7. If someone picked Up A light teenager and dangled them out A window on the 11th floor. It would be manslaughter but people don’t think this is? Yeah we pick up and play with kids. This was not playing around and he should get A harsher punishment.

  8. I would have jumped to my death immediately and without hesitation after doing something so idiotic, that poor little girl.

  9. Watch the video, he walks to the window puts his head through the open window then said he thought the window was closed. This asshat then sues the cruise line.

  10. I do believe it was his fault but he has paid the price, he didn't need criminal charges on top of losing his grandkid.

  11. The video proves he's been LYING all this time…they wanted $$$.
    It almost seems he opened the window the video!

  12. "It's very hard to love someone who's gone"
    I love my parents and grandparents and my grandson as much today as when they passed. Maybe I don't understand her statement.

  13. LIES, He said he had no defense from day one. He is so sad over it and is guilty, he doesnt care about pleas and punishments as they cant change the past.

  14. He blatantly lied about not knowingthe window was open. Security cameras revealed him leaning out the right before he put the in the window. Yes, he should be convicted of negligent homicide. The family should not be suing the cruise line.

  15. This is a nightmare all around! But no one should go to jail unless they did it on purpose which he clearly did not!! THAT is all that an accident should ever be based upon period!

  16. No one seems particularly devastated or hysterical. Open windows or not, why hold a child out and over a rail from that height?

  17. This is terrible no way you look at it, but definitely isn’t the ships fault. I feel terrible for the grandfather, but it’s solely on him.

    Oh, on a side note … negligent homicide is a freaking misdemeanor in Puerto Rico!?? W!T!F!

  18. It doesn't make any sense that the grandfather Grandpa granddaughter into the window outside the window that he should have put it like it inside it doesn't make any sense you know it just don't make any sense I don't know what's going on

  19. Poor kid, killed by her grandpa while her money grubbing Mom is trying to extort the cruise line for whatever money she can get her hand on. Disgusting and irresponsible family with no common sense.

  20. We should find out if he sold the child in Puerto Rico because of predatory sexual behavior or to pay off a gambling debt, but to discover if any malfeasance occurred.

  21. She wasn’t held out the window but up to the window to stand on the rail.This is so horrifying he is NOT GUILTY OF ANYTHING. He shouldn’t plead guilty because he feels guilt

  22. All charges will be dropped if he is treated the same way as hos granddaughter, holding him up hundreds of feet amd dropped to the ground and if he survives he will not be charged and is scott free. If the baby came away unharmed we would've heard nothing about this either.

  23. The cruise ship has a design flaw. If it’s made for family fun ,it should be safe for a family,and not have large windows for toddlers to fall through!They take your money, they should take some concern and care.

  24. Just a sad situation all around concerning the grandfather and family.

    I'm sure he's tormented inside.

    Poor kid.
    Very sad.

  25. I'm on Royal Caribbean's side. This was not their fault. The guy literally held the poor child out the window high story window. That's either an act of incompetence or intentional. Either way that's completely on him.

  26. So the baby fell in soft water no problem there's a pretty good chance the water cushion her fall ok the problem is in 1 minute he couldn't build up enough courage to jump in after her hes a coward and he should be given the maximum amount of time the rest of his life in prison because sometimes there's a punishment for being a coward and don't tell him that the babies broke its neck on impact to make him feel better that baby was probably floating 4 a few minutes before it rolled over on its stomach and drowned also don't say anything I wouldn't say anything after I did something like that i would b a deaf mute he shouldn't be pleading to anything he should keep his mouth shut unbelievable !

  27. Regardless of whether he is charged or not, he will pay the remainder of his life. The family should not be trying to make ,money off of this.

  28. This situation is really disturbing. Not just because of his actions, but the reactions displayed here. This in no way seems accidental, yet so many see it that way. Too many bleeding hearts syphoning too much blood from their brains.

  29. This is just so SAD… all the way around…. I send love and support to this poor grandfather and and the family. He will never forgive himself. BUT I do blame the cruise ship partially. There should never have been a pap or for this to happen to begin with… ❤️❤️❤️❤️ deepest sympathy to you all……

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