Graham on Russia probe report: The day of reckoning is here

Graham on Russia probe report: The day of reckoning is here

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  1. Mr Graham if you and the Republicans don't fight your heart out for our President against impeachment there will be no Republican party.

  2. Isn't USA lucky they have good old Russia to blame for for everything, to deflect from the real issues gripping America <<< FREE MANNING

  3. This politician wants to "Create rules" that this will not happen again. Actually an attempted coup against the POTUS by employing slander is sedition and the consequences are execution. This creating rules thing is absurd.

  4. Are we still talking about Hillary?
    And trump's use of a personal cell phone? It's said Russia could have easily hacked it and know what the status of Ukraine tactics are. What about that? How about when Ivanka used a personal server as Trump accused Hillary of doing?
    Then, what about Trump releasing classified info to Russian officials at a closed-door meeting at Trump Tower?
    I dunno…what's up?

  5. I swear that following politics especially these, what I believe to be pseudo, impeachment hearings will provide you with more than enough drama thus draining you of any desire for fictional drama from a novel or TV series especially since it’s happening in your own government. I have to unplug myself from all this drama. Not like Fox will miss me.

  6. Have some Rum or whiskey Everyone , cheers ,? to another election in the bag . While many get sick watching Fox and CNN . Were over here toasti’n

  7. Graham, another right to lifer who supported killing or destroying the lives of millions of innocent men, women and children in the Middle East to line the pockets of defense contractors and oil companies. Russia, Ukraine, red baiting and more distractions hosted by corporate news.

  8. Graham the sham. He tells about 30 LPH. The most vocal yet doesn't actually read the facts. Still pushing a debunk theory that other Republicans debunk.

  9. They all going jail I hope there is no suicide or faulse flags over the upcoming weeks merry Xmas Every one God bless ? ??? TRUMP2020

  10. Hillary will never go to jail for her crimes Obama know everything the FBI Lovers text or email said POTUS wants to be kept informed Why is he not being Interviewed?

  11. Been hearing that for way too long now. While we watch lunatics up on the Hill
    and most Fake News outlets breaking laws in front of the countries face. Mr. Graham
    has told us more things he's not gonna do, than things any honest elected person with
    the authority he has in government must and has the obligation to do! We'll see, but if
    we're being honest with ourselves, there's been too much talk and not enough action.
    The 12 people up on the Hill that are fighting for their president can't do it alone. No matter
    how much you despise the Dems, you've gotta give em credit on their never breaking rank
    and togetherness.

  12. Hahaha! They have to resolve to hypothetical wrongdoings by the Dems to hypothetically accuse them of hypothetical crimes…
    Come on guys… Trump is a REAL criminal ….So are those who know about the crimes but still endorse him… I would call that effect "The JimJordanism effect" when supposedly moral and honest people close their eyes on criminal activities letting innocent people get hurt….

  13. This is not 2016 duh, can't y'all get past.. the Past is gone is there anything else you people can complain about or in reality CAMPAIGN about? Try this… try to appeal to us as if you care about America and the PEOPLE and you will get the respect you accually want instead of trying to tarnish others reputation that everyone in the world knows is B's anyway? you are kicking a dead horse. Try it and see if you get the reaction you REALLY WANT

  14. Hillary's emails investigated twice by Comey, once by Barr. Not indicted.
    Craig. Acquitted
    Comey. Acquitted
    McCabe. Acquitted

    Manafort. Convicted
    Papadopoulos. Convicted
    Gates. Convicted
    Cohen. Convicted
    Flynn. Guilty awaiting sentencing
    Stone. Convicted
    Guiliani. Under investigation
    Froman. Under investigation
    Parnas. Under investigation
    Ttump. Under impeachment. Under several investigations. Already dissolved charity over a conviction. Already named in Cohen's conviction.

    That report will result in nothing but talk. You've got zero evidence against any Dems cuz we didn't do anything. Barr's DOJ decided it couldn't prosecute Hillary, Comey or McCabe. Some of those already sentenced we're sentenced by Republican appointed judges!! You've got nothing…
    Just talk and whispers in the dark…

  15. **Breaking News** Updated headline…Graham on getting Probed by Russians, multiple events have left a bitter taste in his mouth.

  16. Graham is to the fight against tyrannical, anti Constitution, America hating Democrats as Mclellan was to Lincoln's campaign to preserve the Union.

  17. The proof is there Government cover up. Nothing going to correct the hating zombies. Its good against evil. The evil thinking zombies are getting worse. Its like a virus? Disease? Whatever it is I am not sure to tell you to fight or run? I know Im just going to stay as close to Jesus Christ as I can. People are not right. I am seeing it more then I ever have.

  18. Why isn't Adam Schift's phone records looked into as well ???? And Really HOLD people accountable Not some low level people to take the rap but the actual crooks that have organized all this corruption. We the people NEED to se EQUAL punishment under the Law. When will this finally happen,

  19. If you have proof that Obama knew it was going on WILL HE BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE? Or does he get off scott free like Hillary?

  20. We all know Adam Sniff Makes up so much Crap of lies Along with his Obama And Nancy Hillary Soro ,, Nadler Schumer Mueller ..Bloomberg Biden Bernie Omar AOC Tlabid Harris All Liars Corrupt Crooks .Enemies too our America

  21. Graham isn’t going to do anything, he’s just blowing smoke . He hates this President because of his buddy McCain.

  22. From what I have kept up with, and have been convinced of from 26+ years
    of interest in, this coup is not solely about politics.

  23. Sounds like they were not to smart after all, Law and Justice wins. The people who pull their strings under estimated us again. Lock them all up and make them pay back people like Flynn 10 times what it cost him!

  24. Graham is counter intelligence…he kills brain cells… Get rid of him and McConnell with Trump and we might be able to credit Trump for helping drain the swamp at least in part given how many are already going to jail…

  25. All a Schitt show for the masses. We need FOIA requests to apply to congress. WE THE PEOPLE are always on a need-to-know basis

  26. Everything the democrats accuse President Trump of is exactly what they're doing or have done! This is how we stay ahead of them! Americans need to stand like never before!

    Days of reckoning are for subservience and scapegoats…not the ruling elite.

  28. I am wondering why Senator Graham wants the President to not take the impeachment to trial when it reaches the Senate? President Trump wants it to go to trial so he can expose the corruption in the demoncratic party. Is Graham afraid his name might pop up during the trial? For one thing Graham is good friends with Quid Pro Quo Joe and might be tied to some corruption himself. What say you?

  29. Edward Snowden warned Everyone about the Intelligence Agency long ago. It can spy on Anyone. By the way, it was Joe Biden who made it impossible for Snowden to seek asylum in TWENTY countries where he applied. It was Russia that accepted Snowden. Edward Snowden says this himself in videos while he is in Russia.

  30. These left wing lunatics are ruining this country with there crazy impeachment which hunts…they lost…they will loose again in. 2020…

  31. You said you would call Schiff to the stand on impeachment on November 13th. Now you say you will NOT call him to stand. You spineless Republicans are as bad as the Marxist Democrats

  32. Schiff's sitcom "The Impeachment Sham Show" is for sure funny to watch! That said it is a worrisome fact the the sitcom sets the important social and economical issues aside; medical care, unemployment, living wages, affordable housing, run down schools, racial and gender inequality ("Rich Man Poor Man"), unfair taxes, neglected infrastructure, heavy-handed bureaucracy, the unyielding corporate influence and the lack of political will and understanding when it comes to how to serve the People.

  33. Can anyone explain this to me? Trump is being scrutinized in the impeachment process for having solicited foreign help to find dirt on a candidate running for president for Trump's own political gain in the upcoming election.
    If Joe Biden, in his capacity as the Vice President, did everything by the book and if his explicitly pronounced threat to withhold financial and military aid if Ukraine didn't immediately fire a certain prosecutor was above the board and if his son's Ukrainian engagement was legitimate, how could an investigation into the affairs of the Bidens be damaging in a way that would give Trump any political advantages in the 2020 election?
    If an investigation had cleared Biden & Son then Trump wouldn't have gained anything. On the contrary, in fact.

  34. Queue up the Game Show fail sound. Gotta a feeling it's gonna be a dud. GOP been throwing a lot of hope and prayers on this but just like the voter claim by President Trump it's gonna be a dud. If Fox New doesn't lead with the story and run it 24hr straight you'll know it's a dud.

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