Graham: Iran’s missile strike is ‘an act of war’

Graham: Iran’s missile strike is ‘an act of war’

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  1. After baseless attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, don't forget to say Grace to feel on the right side of the GOD Lindsey. If there was a functioning ICC many US Politicians would be locked up or shot.

  2. Changing subject. Have you noticed Democrats ads on tv no longer elude to their party status? Bloombergs says nothing. Dems are trying to be sneaky and get votes anyway they can

  3. Our problem is not Iran; the problem are those standing in shade of Iran. Historically, Russia always teamed with Iran against US. Nowadays, US has an internal enemy within itself which tries to split country and weaken it. That makes extremely danger to fight outside when we don't have a consensus inside. First-thing-first; drain a swamp out.

  4. Demon craps hate the president so much that they want to tie his hands so that he cannot defend our country our soldiers and people across the world! The demon craps are truly evil!

  5. Sen. Graham, Iran's continued hacking attempts to bring down our data systems is also an "act of war"… even more hard core considering the inevitable scenario of an emp that would bring an end to most business, defense capabilities, transportation & well-being.

  6. US could runaway will bloody pants if this go deeper !! Iran is not some unimportant country where they have few ak 47 and few old tanks and similar garbage of classic weapons !! basically they have same modern missiles -antimissiles as USA + satellite monitoring and other important things

  7. Lindsey is pure evil, ready to put other people's children in the line of fire to appease his donors from all the defense contractors. Just come out the closet Lindsey, maybe you will become a better person. Or you will get rejected by your own party.

  8. this looks like the US and Iran want to get rid of him
    Iranians have warned Americans against a rocket attack ๐Ÿ˜› politics is the art of lies

  9. We need a motto…like a creed…like…if you f*** with us and are the opposite of peace then we will take you out extremely fast and furious.

  10. How can it be that disaster and misery are everywhere where the United States comes. I hope it never happens that you think you need to protect my country. If that were the case, I would say goodbye to my family and children. You do not care how many people live or not.

  11. what that trump hoe Graham seem to forget to tell you fox news people is that trump hatred for everything OBAMA kills the missile deal with Iran that was working great. now trump foot licker Graham is crying about the very missiles.. when will you people that love fox news every going to at least try and get the hold story? outside of just fox news… everybody doesn't hate Trump. some of us just want the real truth. trump can't get credit for causing a problem that he mad and then lie to clean it up

  12. Lindsey Graham has dual citizenship with Israel. That's who he really works for, your Congress and president also. All these middle East wars are Israel's wars. Your sons and daughters lives never matter. There I said it.

  13. Lets kick pelosi to the curb then take out irans military targets and defenceive positions as well play time is over time to talk is gone….

  14. He said if u continue this trap by accident ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜.
    Iranians are like well we ain't fallin for it. Lol

  15. Fox needs to get rid Hannity and let tucker be the man hannity's time is over god bless him but it's over he needs to cash out and go he is bad for america tucker is the future

  16. Thank God that Lindsey Graham doesn't run our government. He's been itching for a war as long as anyone can remember. Hannity, you are a boot licking genuflecter. Don't you get tired of forever bending over and taking it up your a$$

  17. Linsey Graham is a brave man. To have to come on the television and tell it like it is, all the while looking like a dead ferret. It's not easy. He's a true hero for doing what he does. He deserves all the respect of our great grandfather's and all their great grandchildren!!!! MAGA 2020!! WHERE YOU AT!

  18. But our attack wasn't? These politicians are unbelievable they create the problem and then take us to war to solve the problem they created,we can attack anybody but when they retaliate it's an act of war ,WOW

  19. You want others to change but your own attitude never change Graham! this is insane. You are always double standard.

  20. Lindsey Graham is such a douchebag. He has no spine. He lived vicariously through McCain then latched on to Trump after McCain died. He is a spineless example of a trump supporter

  21. I have to agree with Lindsay Graham, when he calls the radical Iranians religious naziโ€™s. Theyโ€™re vermin too.

  22. Graham says Iranians are "religious nazis"? Trump should love them then. He thinks nazis are "fine people" (que rolling eyes)

  23. DJT personal ball rackers…when there not teabagg'nn each other …more BS from the Fox Entertainment…get your DJT KoolAide kids…

  24. Gad bless America and kosva. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ฑ

  25. Change yourself.
    Take a bag of guns and go yourself … Don't send young handsome men to work on your sick plans.
    They leave their families behind to carry on your terrorism intents.

  26. Take off your American hat for a second and read this unbiasedly : None of Iranian Missiles were intercepted by US air defence system, it means there is a flaw in US air defence system which make US base vulnerable to Iranian ballistic missiles . Iran clearly sent out a practical message to US that I can target any military base in middle east without being intercepted by any air defence system, the warning was clearly received and understood by white house and no wonder there was no retaliation from US afterwards… PEACE

  27. Listen first off when did it become the president's fault when a soldier gets hurt or worse in the field for doing there job .secondly the constitution gives the commander in chief special limited military powers ..and depending on the level of national security maybe more.

  28. All these corrupt politicians are always flipping the script around ,they're just puppets for Illuminati Lindsey Graham is no different than all the rest of them straight up demons.

  29. 500. Marines. Beruit. Hurt// dead dead dead dead /////////// shift/// pelosi !!!!!!!!!! No big. Deal !!!!!! Ffffffffffffffffffffk ,,,,,,, shift/ pelosi !!!!!!!!!!!

  30. What? This man speaking during the interview is insane…he says iran missle strikes as an act of war…but let me ask you…is the killing or masacre of solaimani using a drone humanae act? Trump is insane..

  31. Iran gave advance warning. like trump gives putin advance warning when attacking russian assets. The trump regime is silly.


  33. I see, but the killing of Solemani is an act of peace?
    What goes around comes around. Does Eye for an eye ring a bell?!

  34. Get your asses out of their country ! Iraq is not an american state ? What are you defending ? Largest sponsor of bad behaviour? USA! Plain as day !

  35. Graham the Warhawk. He just can't contain himself, can he? Fortunately for us, Godsend DJ Trump is leader of the USA and the Free World. No Mr. Graham, no more wars. We're in the Trump Era of Peace and Prosperity, now.

  36. So…it's alright if America commits stupid acts of wars, but not other countries and God forbid if any country retaliates on America's blatant acts of aggression? ๐Ÿ™„

  37. One extremist man die…million protestin Iran. Now 176 innocent civilian plane shot down all hiding at home . This is extremist Islamic world who only believe they and thier religion is correct.

  38. It will come down to the Iranians hitting the wrong target and Congress having to emphatically declare war .
    The idea of Trump being at the helm is what has thrown everything off. They would rather take down their own president than take down the terrorists.

  39. Republikkkans…..
    Never miss an opportunity to war on poor people….
    Then beat their chest like theyve actually done something…..

  40. Even the sole existance of Graham is an act of war on common sense and aesthetics.
    Could you please suggest suicide to that disgusting stain on the continent's surface?

  41. Where does Russia ships have to do wit Iran conflicts today. Remember the assassins who killed Bobby Kennedy? Is Russia mad with the USA?

  42. Iran shot down an unarmed airliner.
    Then they said it was an accident.




  43. Can we just launch a dozen minuteman missiles at Iran? Those Iranian high commands are poor, primitive, and uneducated theological dictators.

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