GOP Reps slam Schiff’s claim that Biden’s don’t have any relevant testimony

GOP Reps slam Schiff’s claim that Biden’s don’t have any relevant testimony

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  1. Wow, FOX forgave Matt Gaetz awfully quickly for attacking the President and voting with the Dems to shackle his ability to keep the US and citizens overseas safe.

  2. They're all drinking Pelosi's that's a new drink a shot of vodka with a painkiller on the bottom her favorite. Her and Hunter can put them down like there's no tomorrow. Then Joe's like I thought the doctor gave me 200 of these things where they are freaking go? Adam's got them covered though he'll get more from the cartel.

  3. Bidens do NOT have relevant testimony to the Trump impeachment, because there has been no misdeed on the part of Trump to testify about. On the the other hand, the shift from projecting Russian crime, a la Uranium One, to Ukraine crime, a la bragging video, puts those creepy clowns front and sinner. I mean center.

  4. Why ya'll talking politics? the actions are clear that it was a hitjob on an opponent. The Ukraine Prez Zelenski was told to publicly announce an investigation. LMAO the tards drinking TOO MUCH KOOL-ADE

  5. There is objective reality & there is Schiffian reality. His musings are edicts & his preferences take priority over those of all others. Sniper fire from the gallery harrasses Trump.

  6. Don’t try to be the news. How long you’ve been there matters only to you. Stop interrupting all the time. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  7. Nancy pelossi is working for ISIS.💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️

  8. Watch for the bubble to burst.
    And why instead of spending so much taxpayer dollars aren't they paying down the national debt?
    We best get it paid off while the economy is good so when rough times hit we won't be trying to run holding up our pants ?

  9. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) meets My definition of a real-Hispanic-man. Who knows genetically. That a real-man's first obligation, as dictated to Me by The Holy Trinity, is to protect his family. From the harm being placed upon them. By the bottomless-greed of Satan's Trumpelforeskin's minions. (Individual #1) Does orange clash with "oringes"? Knock! Knock! Trumpzilla, “Who's there?” Answer from the other side of the door, “SDNY and the State of New York with tiny, little, petite, small-hand-cuffs and shackles.” Trumpenstein, “I'm fu*ked!

  10. Someone needs to do a calculation of:
    – how much $ the democrats involved in this impeachment are being paid
    – how much $ has been spent on the Mueller Report and now impeachment.
    – what could have been accomplished with that amount of $.

  11. If you vote for these Traitors in the Democratic Party you need a punch in the face! Get some of that tolerance you bastards have been giving us Conservatives!

  12. Are the Democrats that delusional to think that we the people dont know what their doing…disgracefull.i hope the next election wakes em up

  13. well you can say nancy is holding to the ole addage 'the captain must go down with the ship' so she's being consistant on that front.
    as for schiff? not much to explain there, he's a lier and pushing this scam and dragging a bunch of good people down with them.
    Their acts of desperation are old and fruitless and they just need to concede, they lost the 2016 election and move on. They are going to loose the 2020 election because they keep trying to beat a dead horse. Americans do not like this scam they are pushing and the polls are showing it but being in such denial and having such a bad case of TDS they are hopelessly entrenched in their lies with no way out.
    Down with the ship! (Nancy, cya!)
    Drain the swamp!

  14. Gaetz is wrong. The Biden's being a relevant point of question is not dependent on the Biden's guilt.

    It looks fishy as hell. That's what an investigation is for. No proof of guilt required, Trump's not a fortune teller.

    Trump was investigated for almost 3 years because he looked fishy. Turns out evidence was faked, but we had an investigation about the fishy looking, fake evidence.

    We can't even ASK about the Biden's? Do people understand the audacity of that claim?

    We can't investigate Joe because he's running for office? This assumption is LITERALLY putting politicians above the law, making them a protected class.

  15. “Russia if you’re listening please help “
    “China should investigate Biden”
    “I want you to do us a favor”

  16. I think the Dems thought that the Durham report was coming out soon and they would upstage the report with the impeachment.

  17. Fascist Pelousy has made an open threat to the President's life when she said; ' one way or another'. The Secret Service needs to pay her a visit.

  18. Well I think it's safe to say that President Trump will undoubtedly win another term as President. The Democrats look horrible. Congratulations Putin you have those troublesome Democrats on the ropes. Putin Khuilo.

  19. Democrats claim that it's impossible to investigate corruption in Ukraine without finding information on Biden. How could he not have relevant testimony?

  20. What kind of Clown World are we living in if the Biden’s obvious corruption is overlooked but the President that sought evidence of illegality is impeached, the same one that allowed Clinton to wipe servers, put a hammer to mobile devices and pay Russia and the Ukraine for the dodgy dossier

  21. I would like to know why these Demonrat criminals arent being arrested for treason for trying to overthrow a sitting duly elected President and Government? This is why the nonsense continues. None of these crooks is ever held FULLY accountable for their crimes.

  22. Democrats have been working with Obama in other countries to smear president trump that’s how desperate Democrats in Congress are

  23. Well the UK just tore up all their agreements because of Trump. If this country is going to survive we must impeach Trump and his administration must be removed and prosecuted. You Republicans have ruined our reputation worldwide and it was all to protect a common lowlife criminal Donald Trump.

  24. Like hell Bidden doesn't have any testamony. He's the folkel point. Him and everyone trying to stop Trump from unvailing

  25. Allegations on tape u see people he knows Biden is guilty just like we do and he just said no he is not schiff got the money

  26. they had better do something about the Voting Machines.. the ones from China… Maybe thats the reason for the Democrats being so Brazen….could it be that the Election is already in the Bag for them?

  27. The Bidens has no credible testimony!! This is about Trump bribery of another country and abuse of power!! This is abuse of power and Trump putting his personal agendas like winning an election, before the country!!! This is not an investigation on why Biden son worked for whoever!!, this is about Trump and his impeachment!! Pelosi is not a disappointment!! We love her!! The GOP and fox news is an abominable disgrace to our country

  28. No factual basis……Joe Biden is on video admitting that he witheld a billion dollars , until the prosecutor investigating his son was fired… It's all online for the whole world to see. How can anyone need more evidence of his wrongdoing , than his own admission on video ?

  29. This is an embarrassment!
    I'm a Democrat. I voted for Obama twice and yes Hillary too.
    The Democratic party has opened my eyes and I will be voting for Trump in 10 months.
    The big picture people is the Republicans winning the majority in the house, keeping majority in the Senate and a landslide for the presidency.
    Trump has appointed over a hundred federal judges and possibly 1 or 2 supreme court justices when he wins…

  30. If the Bidens corrupt, have our justice dept open up an investigation not Ukraine. And then carry on Trumps* impeachment😊

  31. Want proof Adderall Don is a failure of a president? Scroll through FOX news YouTube video posts.. you won't find one video highlighting anything he has accomplished.

  32. the view is the most negative show I have ever seen. I call it the spew–left wing  propaganda show. with hags like grumpy blowhard, woopty ding dong, cloudy slutston and anal ana nympho. what out of touch losers.

  33. nancy is an idiot. Wayyy too stupid to achieve what shes wanting & no where near enough common sense to see how idiotic she really is. A lieing,corrupt,cheating, hypocritical worthless waste of wrinkly skin. Thank God Trump outsmarted outplayed & outright crushed her evil dreams !

  34. Slam! Biff! Pow! No wonder you all like Trump, the Psychopath, so much! He’s a 12 year old schoolyard bully who pushes his way through life kicking dogs and pulling hair with a following of weird little weaklings who want to be just like him.

  35. Heh, the entire issue IS Creepy Uncle Joes corruption. If it was real, the law demands its investigated. If it isnt, the law expects correction. The entire case unfolds to stripping Creepy Uncle Joe and his son down to the nitty gritty and examine any and all corruption in detail to judge what the law demands is done. With his son now illegally laundering over a hundred and fifty million through international channels and into his Cyprus account, what do you expect to be found? Heh… no wonder they dont want them interviewed. LOL!!!

  36. CAN WE PLEASE STOP CALLING PELOSI SMART! She has never been smart, never been tactical, never been strategic, she has never even been SOBER!

  37. No relevant testimony?!?! Creepy joe admitted to it on video for fucks sake!!!!
    How have these people not been shot yet?!?!

  38. Perhaps Pelosi is worried for the senate trial where Bidens will be subpoenaed. Consequently, her ultimate fear is probably for this process to expand and eventually implicate her son. Just another thought.

  39. We call Adam Schiff and Adam Schiff as the armenian whistle blower, Hunter is just a bonus crack head to finalize the case and make it all televised!!!!!!!!

  40. Clearly Pelosi and her Minions are doing their BEST to make sure Biden's Don't have to testify, however, my fear is Justice Roberts who's part of the Deep State…

  41. Pelosi step down, STOP wasting American Tax payers money, you clearly Hate President Donald Trump. President Donald Trump is the Best President we have ever had!!! Trump 2020 and beyond!!!! KEEP AMERICA GREAT !!!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 USA,USA,USA,USA,USA!!!

  42. This impeachment is a joke…..Trump can ask for anything he wants, from any foreign leader, accepting aid…..If you think aid is given without, leverage for American goals, you are an idiot…asking for help involving crowdstrike and DNC server is well within Trump's, Barr's, Giuliani's and Durham's scope….Dems will be lucky to see this case tried, without dismissal….Comedy of errors!

  43. Democrats say no one can investigate their crimes if they are running for elections. I say if they are running for any office especially President you should definitely have your crimes investigated.
    President Trump 2020!!

  44. Dems claim, Trump mentioning Biden, is the reason for impeachment…..seems like Biden may be a crucial element to the case, since Biden is the key element of the prosecution…."well, sonofabitch, he got fired" "and then we released the billion dollars."

  45. Excuse me but the airports are not nearly as bad as our poor highways and bridges which account for more use by Americans !

  46. Everyone here complains on how repulsive the Democrats are but yet these loathsome creatures get elected term after term. If America wants to seek out an enemy responsible for its demise? Go look in the mirror. You did it to yourselves with your votes. Put a socialist Democrat in the Oval Office in November and embrace the horrors of open borders, national gun confiscation, government takeovers of business and return to massive entitlements.

  47. Us the American people should rise on the street for the support for trump and the hoax that the Democrats have put us through and our money they have spent on all these lies since trump took office the Democrats are corrupt and who knows how long they been manipulating our freedom.

  48. Biden set the precedence uncontested by of course we need to question that and all pertinent info like Bidens sons job and the fired prosecutor.

  49. It's outrageous think how Democrats can tell us the American people lies about our president since day one since he took office I'm ready for a protest too run all Democrats to step down and replace everyone who are corrupt.

  50. Obama wasn’t rich when he took office, $450k salary per year x 8 = $3.6million, yet he purchased a beach front home very shortly after finishing his term for just under $20mil…

    The math don’t add up, where’s Yang?

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