GOP Rep. Stefanik grills Vindman over Biden and Burisma

GOP Rep. Stefanik grills Vindman over Biden and Burisma

100 Replies to “GOP Rep. Stefanik grills Vindman over Biden and Burisma

  1. I love how this Lady attacks these liars systematically and tests down their false narratives. She is a blessing and a Patriot.

  2. Mic drop moment , schiffs eyes must have been dancing around like crazy with that one . Let's hope this young lady gets a key role in the administration because she's done an outstanding job to date when allowed to by schiff at this farce

  3. The left are already going after her and attacking anymore who supports her. They want her out and replaced with another democrat. The next civil war is scary close.

  4. Every President should be looking in to corruption, if he doesn't he's corrupt himself! Makes you think about all the decenia gone by!

  5. Vindman is a LEAKER and a SPY! He is a traitor and his loyalty lies with Ukraine…NOT America! Dems are Investigating their most feared Political Rival…President Trump!

  6. she’s clearly just trying to discredit the witnesses and is simply plucking info from their testimonies to get the responses she wants.
    This should not be a partisan issue. Also, is she not aware of the train of people indicted from the mess relating to all this?

  7. Whatever happened under Obama or what the democrats did in the past is irrelevant the fact remains that Trump withheld aid to an essential ally in order to strongarm them into investigating a political rival. Trump is guilty as hell and the Republicans know this, that's why their throwing ? against the wall hoping it will stick.

  8. Rep Stefanik straight killin it!! Expose these corrupt Dems! Biden literally admits QUID PRO QUO ON VIDEO AND BRAGS ABOUT IT. And his leech of a son admits using his dads name to make millions in foreign money. DEMS? …. crickets

  9. This is impeachment witch hunt and nothing else. You Dems need to stop this and get over it, Republican Trump won and the Demorats lost, period. I think the Dems are defeating themselves and giving Trump a red wave in 2020. And "yes" vote the Dems out of Office soon as possible you think? TRUMP2020

  10. Whats wrong with these ambassadors? Never in contact with US President their boss! Looks to me like they need an overseer or just quit.

  11. Once again, after a few impeachment hearings, I believe that it's nothing but political coup against the president. The Dem like Nancy Pelosi said that she doesn't care they are gonna win in 2020 or not, all they want is to take the president down. What a hater

  12. This vindman guy looks like the kid who gave up his lunch money and now he seeks that revenge by being a lil lying snitchy type of beotchy

  13. Regardless of this talking point, it was clearly Trump trying to get a foreign government to interfere in a political rival and thats impeachable. Imagine Obama did this ?

  14. Vindman needs to be fired. dishonorable discharge if not charged with treason or undermining the president. he completely went outside chain of command talking (advising as to Vindman's words) to the Ukrainian President in private!!! This should bother everybody. He needs to give back his uniform. get out! Who is Vindman to 'advise' the new President of Ukraine without letting the WH know, without letting the Trump administration know?

  15. Wow she represents upstate New York in impressive way. Smart lady. Polished delivery! Y’all did good on that vote. God bless.

  16. Can we please get on with the Biden misappropriation of funds into his son's pocket NOW??? That would be embezzlement btw.

  17. Why exactly would you want to call Hunter Biden to testify in a Trump impeachment investigation? The desperate Republicans are trying REALLY hard to change the subject. ?
    Sorry sweetie. Not going to work.

  18. All this crap about Hunter Biden is just another deflection. That's been debunked. Even if it's not in your minds it's irrelevant. Did trump ask a foreign government to open a investigation into the Bidens. The answer is yes. Here's the thing if trump was so sure of this why no use the FBI or CIA or any legitimate intelligence agency that he has at his disposal. The answer to that is he didn't need for it to be proven or even true. Trump just needed to look like the Ukrainians opened the investigation on their own. Just to muddy the water on Biden. He didn't need it to be true. Well he got caught.

  19. Hunter,was just indicted by Ukranians for mo ey laundering. Senate should call him in to answer questions now. Schiff has no power over them

  20. Let's assume that Hunter Biden is corrupt. What does that have to do with the specific issues that are the focus of the impeachment inquiry? That inquiry is about the president's actions. That somebody else may be a crook has nothing to do with the inquiry's focus.

  21. ummm… None of her questions has anything to do with the subject of the hearing. I agree Biden and his son are to be investigated, but this inquiry has nothing to do with that. Republicans seem to be pulling at straws.

  22. If you want to see the true character of a person… give him some power.  How could this guy not know about Biden ?  or did he just pay it no mind?

  23. Congresswoman Stefanik is an example of a REAL American Woman. No fluff and corruption surrounds this Congresswoman. Elise Stefanik exemplifies what a woman represents in this country. A model for all women; but especially for young. women. ?

  24. I voted for her and will not again…my parents taught me to be true to my heart, a good person…I have voted republican for years but I can not KEEP LOOKING THE OTHER WAY…Stefanik, please represent your constituants…we do not support your direction with this…!!!!!

  25. I would like to see if this Witch takes sides for all those Women that were sexually harassed by the Orange Predator he is defending now.

  26. You know there's a back room think tank (probably consisting of politicians, media, and tech executives) plotting the next impeachment scandal. It's a full time job. Their entire lives are consumed with jealousy, pride and hate. It's a sad existence.

  27. I just listen to the clip again… Money laundering, tax evasion, corruption; I thought they were talking about President Trump. He hasn’t paid taxes in well over 20 years.

  28. Why would this GOP cow want to call Hunter Biden to testify? He has nothing to do with Trump bribing Ukraine. This dumb Republicunt just wants to muddy the water.

  29. Would it suffice that after all these investigations Trump, Pence, Hunter Biden and Biden is sent to jail. If the Bidens broke the law and took shady money from Burisma jail them but Trump and Pence also must share the same faith when they held up the approved funds from the Ukrainians until they address corruptions in the country include going after the no longer working with Burisma Hunter Biden. Breaking the law should be addressed on both side don't you think.

  30. Isn't funny that when Ukraine was actually invaded oboma did nothing to help them, where 2as all the "we need to help them with their military for our national security" crickets, then when Trump is going to help then with equipment all of the sudden people are dying if you don't send in help????? Talk about 2 face…..

  31. I used to be a Republican…. I can’t bring myself to support this disrespect. What happened to values, honor, and principles?

  32. What I find bizarre about all this they are trying to get rid of a sitting president because of quid pro quo but quite happy to have the ex vice president run for office of president who clearly has demonstrated his quid pro quo credentials so BIZARRE

  33. Shouldn't Vinmon be fired, arrested and convicted of treason?? Sounds like he's the one who is helping out foreign nations!! He is truly a Russian born ally!!!

  34. The IG REPORT WILL BE RELEASED DECEMBER 9TH . Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Strzok and Page are going to jail. Page and McCabe have rolled over and have already appeared before Durham’s grand jury.

  35. I hope Vindman sues you(Fox). You are just as an embarrassment as trump. Vindman has already submitted a letter looking for retraction. So a Purple Heart you suggest he was a spy. This is like an episode of jerry Springer.

  36. As an outsider who is following the impeachment simply to understand how the American politics and administration works, can someone please explain to me how this line of questioning was relevant to this hearing? I mean, I get it that there's a possibility of corruption and so it warrants investigation but shouldn't it be a different investigation or is it normal in the US to club two investigations in one hearing like this? Or is this simply a deflection technique? Or am I missing some details that I should be aware of?

  37. and today we look at it and now we all know that Benjamin was nothing but a lying corrupt Colonel literally a disgrace to the uniform he's trying to wear absolutely nothing but a disgusting communist socialist traitor to this country

  38. Ar Lord Donald J(esus) tRump am will see ta her reeelekshun as he wil see ta Hims vendacashun on thees ridculuss charges. Them dems shall be smited by Hims mitey soard of troof. Amens.

  39. i swear the chairman eyes are going to pop out right in front of our eyes any minute now.liar liar your pants are on fire.

  40. Like all strong women, she would scare Trump and he would attack her by calling her names. She better watch out, he may move on her like Stormy!

  41. Colonel Vindman should face a Court Martial for leaking information to this so – called Whistle blower. Colonel Vindman should not have wore his military uniform to the impeachment hearing. He wore it just for show. Pitiful and shameful !

  42. Thank you ma'am you're doing a great job for America it's nice to see somebody have our presidents back thank you again from California

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