Google News Badges

Google News Badges

If you’re a regular reader of
Google News, you might read dozens of articles
every month. But wouldn’t it be nice to
keep track of what you’re reading most? With Google News Badges you can
learn about your reading habits, create a more
personalized experience on Google News, and find articles
on your favorite topic, from world news, sports
or entertainment. Let’s say you’re a
basketball fan. As you read basketball articles
across Google News, you’ll also start
earning badges. And the more you read,
the more your badges will level up. Badges not only help you keep
track of what you read, they also make it easier to add
personalized news sections on the topics you care about most.
Just hover over a badge, click Add Section, and your new
section will show up in the Google News navigation
bar. In addition to creating a more
personalized news experience, badges can also help you loop
in friends on your favorite news topics. Your badges are private by
default, but you can choose to share them across your social
network if you want to find shared interests with friends or
spark conversations around certain topics. So keep track of what you’re
reading, read more of what you like, and share what you
love with friends. Come badge up on Google News.

95 Replies to “Google News Badges

  1. Brilliant. A way for them to track our behaviors and make us happy about doing it during the same time… I want search badges now.

  2. I like the idea of personalizing my G news and reading but dude we are not in 1st grade. Badges? Really?!

  3. @SuperJonMitchell Did you just stop at the fact they added badges, or did you even pay attention to the significance of them and what they are for?

  4. @SuperJonMitchell Its to make reading news a bit more interesting for the younger crowd probably. And I'm sorry, I did not mean for you to imply that I was calling you ignorant. I just believe that this is a better way to discover and share news, make it feel a bit more rewarding and get some younger people involved too.

  5. Close to the very bottom of topics I'm interested in is boxing. Yet Google News gave me my one and only badge in… boxing. I'm looking forward to receiving a rotten turd badge next.

  6. @SuperJonMitchell Then switch it off. You will earn no achievements. No. Achievements. None. Because you don't deserve them. Because you switched it off. Badges too mainstream? No badges for you. None. You switched them off.

  7. No… This will not help the world. This will just make the problem of echo-chambers much worse. By creating achievements to force people to read news concerning only what interests them, they will start to neglect issues and news sources that challenge them.

  8. @MichaelNewmann I'm no google employee, but if you are logged in it keeps track of what you are reading. It has nothing to do with your cookies/history. It's all dependent if you are logged in to your gmail. If you aren't logged in then it wont work.

  9. S– so we are getting… achievements now? Am i missing something important which is required for understanding this? Is there a leaderboard? What happens if we don't score very high? Are cynical and arrogant l33t teens going to make fun of us? Is there a… a Gamefaqs on this? Are there cheats? Mods? Can we get kicked off for mods? Will we have to pay for DLC? I haff so many questions for you Google.

  10. I'm never logged into gmail when I read google news. I'm also worried about not seeing important articles because they don't match the interests I've selected; this is a good idea, but it's not for me.

  11. is there a reason why my Channel Views has been stuck on 24,390 all day? & my adsense won't generate any money?

  12. hola soy un navegador de idioma hispana no tengo nada de ingles , estaría
    muy buen que fueran también en E.S.P.A.Ñ.O.L ,no solo para que yo pueda entenderlos si no todo aquel como yo que no tiene ingles ,gracias .

  13. @Flyinglevel That comment makes you look like a real moron. You should just remove it before people make fun of you.

  14. Sports News Achievement Unlocked — Nike would like to offer you %15 off your next purchase of sneakers.

    I feel dirty just writing that…

  15. Lemme take a guess… you're under 18? 😛

    Honestly, people manage to complain about everything. It's the same thing as statistics and charts of what you read, which Google has anyways if you have an account, so why not use it? They didn't have to make it into a cutesy badge system, but it doesn't really change the information it gives you.

  16. If you wanted to do something useful, you could add and X on news items so you can close them after reading. Thumbs up and down on news stories for personalized news would be good too.

  17. To what end could this possibly serve? So I read twenty pages of basketball stuff and get a badge, so what? Do I really need someone to tell me that I'm good at reading basketball stuff? This feature fell flat on its face for a reason.

  18. am I the only who thinks this is a really BAD gamification ???? I mean…is nothing but, badges. They have no "objective" whatsoever….

  19. According to google news, I read 22 mobile industry articles. In reality, I read five a day longer than the last three years.

  20. Every fall, Google does 'spring cleaning' and they discontinue some things that they believe don't fit in.

    For example, last year, they removed Google desktop, and they got a lot of criticism because of it.

    Google news badges is kind of usless…

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