Google CEO teams up with Ivanka Trump to create jobs

Google CEO teams up with Ivanka Trump to create jobs

100 Replies to “Google CEO teams up with Ivanka Trump to create jobs

  1. If Google want to be good and not evil, this is the first step, but the ultimate step is the silencing of conservatives, you can't continue shafting conservatives and it the same time try to be their friend providing more jobs.

  2. CEO probably bringing MORE Hindus, do you know foreigners get pay $10,000
    LESS and then They bring all their families

  3. One is a genius. The other is a self-absorbed misanthrope. Trumpturds…a clue – the answer is not pork rinds.

  4. Google is not trustworthy. It has already interfered in U.S. elections, collaborated with the Chinese in refining censorship technologies, policed freedom of speech in America, and so on.

  5. If Google and other companies can work with the President why can't Congress? Think how much better the country would be if we (The United States of America) were running at 90% efficiency instead of less than 50% – what a better world this would be.

  6. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, I Love my president but I don’t trust Ivanka & her significant other no further than I can throw the Statue of Liberty

  7. What about women over 50 that lost their husband's to ILLEGAL ALIEN selling themselves to as brides to American men

  8. Google, and Ivanka Trump, in same room, same goal? Wow…dare I hope some sanity returning?…I know, just let me enjoy the moment.

  9. Okay WTF is really going on here?! That pos is the reason so many are censored on social media and he's working hand in hand with Ivanka? Something ain't right about this!?

  10. This is bull! You sheep that hate google when it was batting for the other team now love them? Sheep’s, google search white couples and tell me if google can be trusted?

  11. Tune out the Dems nonsence and keep working for the American people were watching and appreciate it.. Trump 2020 and Ivanka Trump 2024 first female president ??????

  12. Better help your father ,Ivanka ! He is fighting a huge battle from being impeached!!!??????⚒?⚰

  13. Excellent. No student debt by wasting thousands of dollars attending socialist indoctrination centers; aka colleges and universities. Learning a worthwhile trade with opportunity for advancement.

  14. Cozying up to google and the other ilks will BITE you. Ask why google is shadowbanning Trump supporters! Then put a STOP to it!

  15. Sorry Ivanka , your trying but these bastards need to be SHUTDOWN …… their what dad is fighting against…..

  16. They’re creating jobs, while at the same time taking money away from people over words and politics. Typical case of “give with one hand and take with the other”.

  17. I hope the liberal leadership at Google realizes that republicans don't want to break up large corporations and " tax them to hell!" In the words of Mayor De Blasio.

  18. I love Ivanka Trump!!! She’s amazing! Love how she is working with business & communities to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!

  19. Sundar Pichai pledges for American worker's of 250,000 and don't have to have a college degree.
    Wow that's a lot training on the job.
    Sales of ?????. These population is India-China illegals born from sexual immortality and used USA database to claim as American's? BASTARD pichais!

  20. Maybe Warren's rhetoric woke Google, and apple there was someone from Sweden who claimed that Google, Apple, and other tech companies were moving their headquarters there if anyone is elected that promotes breaking up their companies or taxing them at nearly 70% of their profits, how would that work anyway how would stockholders make any profit? Trump's right what would happen to everyone's 401k? California would be cutting off their noses to spite their face, if those companies relocate all the wealthy companies will leave the USA and take the jobs with them.

  21. Obviously the Uber Liberal Ivanka ,approves of Googles Anti Free Speech conduct targeting Americans and her Father…she should be ashamed of herself for setting near that foreign ,Anti American, Anti Constitution POS…

  22. This is a great thing,hire people who are qualified,
    Not 250k jobs
    Take the world as it is,not as you'd like it to be

  23. Ivanka is the worst. Why is she working with the China owned and run Google? They need to be dissolved not be working with them for more jobs only leftist pukes will get

  24. Why would you team up with google? When people find out just exactly what google has been doing with their information and how their IP addresses are used to compile DEMOGRAPHIC based ALGORITHMIC nets of CENSORSHIP based on voter blocks and income brackets, and religious demos, and political demos, etc; I dont think the National Guard backed by the ARMY will be able to save google and its employees from the American people. Google is PURE EVIL. You CANNOT MAKE a GOOD DEAL with a BAD PERSON.

  25. 1,135,000 more new jobs created in 32 months of Obama’s presidency than first 32 months of Trump. He is a con artist and his cult are gullible morons.

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