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  1. I like to consider myself an old hand at Google and its ecosystem and it's easy to succumb to hubris and feel like I have nothing new to learn. And, indeed, this video did not cover new ground for me, but it is a refreshing review of how well-laid out Google is and reminds me of some aspects that I haven't considered in some time. This is an excellent introduction (and refresher course) to all things Google. Great job, Mr. Dotto! I look forward to the upcoming videos in this series.

  2. I am very leery of using google products. Even if I delete stuff Google will squirrel things away in archives. I heard that in 2017 Google sold copies to over 10,000 email accounts to lawyers mainly in connection to divorce cases. Who know who else can buy copies of our old emails and docs! ? Google is a business…all this "free" stuff comes with a price…loss of our privacy. Imagine if Google is ever hacked…?

  3. I can see myself recommending the videos of this series a lot, as I already recommend your other videos. BTW I like the term 'Waffle Menu' for the 9 dot menu. It goes with the 'Hamburger Menu'.

  4. Nice info. However, I'd like to ask you whether is possible or not to change fonts when you're writing down an email with Gmail, with the ones that you have in your computer or laptop. I'll appreciate an answer.

  5. Nice vid but I take issue calling it an “eco”system. It’s a “techno” system. We use eco way to much and mostly inappropriately. Sorry if I’m being anal but it’s just some silly thing that bugs me. Probably just me being a cranky old fart.

  6. Great Video Steve, I started up a new Gmail account but when I sign out of it, it also sings out of my main Gmail account. Can I stop that from doing that?

  7. Imagine this… Google announces that starting January 1, 2019 your Gmail account will cost you $1 mo or $12 per year! Nothing stopping them right.

  8. Great stuff, Steve. Looking forward to the rest. I hope you touch on the Google account, too, for people who want/need to retain a non-Google email address. I am thinking of some colleagues who are dragging their feet because of the email issue, and preventing some group collaboration from happening.

  9. I’m still reluctant to put all my eggs in the Google basket. Maybe this series will convince me to use more of their services. Looking forward.

  10. A fine introduction. I use Gmail but I long to learn more about the opportunities the system offers. This series should be long and very useful.
    Thanks for the great work.

  11. Hey Steve, have always enjoyed your videos. Would love a series on the GSuite Business. I’m so used to Office and now my company uses the complete GSuite set. Argh

  12. I have a question about creating Google Accounts or changing the email linked to your Google Account's information. Is there a way to change it to a third party email (i.e. iCloud email or some other email provider)? If not, do you think Google will ever allow you to create a YouTube account with a 3rd party email? Or even a Google Account? Microsoft does this and I believe Apple does it for your Apple ID, though I'm not sure about iCloud. I'm been becoming more and more frustrated with the practices of companies like Google and Facebook who have access to all your information and data. That coupled with my growing dislike of Google Drive and YouTube's growing problems, I'm wondering what my options are to maximize the protection of my personal information and, in the case of the problems at YouTube, still support the channels I love without supporting the company that owns YouTube by providing it with my personal information and data so it can sell ads. This is not me hating on Google, it's still my favorite search engine, but I've just been feeling disenfranchised with it's products lately and feel I have to move on. Any tips or advice regarding this information or alternative software I can use in the meantime?

  13. Nothing is for “free” if you not paying for it, you are the product being sold to advertisers. Giving third party access to g suite account is a no no. I transitioned to Apple’s ecosystem for privacy.

  14. For photos I use Faststone, Vueminder is my calendar app. Am I a bad person for refusing to share with Google my personal stuff?

  15. Hi Steve 😁.
    This Video works, (is understandable), even to "Me" !
    Google IS what I have on my Google phone. And other than my 4th Gen iPad, on which I also have 25 Google apps, my phone is all I have. No PC.
    My daughter set up my iPad when I got it, because at that time I knew, ZERO about Tech.
    Whatever it was she did, Her name, and Father's name are all over the iPad. The Google apps, I don't think were available on it at that time.
    Miracle of miracles, I managed to install them all by MYSELF !
    When I did, it required a name, Her's showed up, and a password. I did know her password, so I entered IT.
    It worked, although I'm not quite sure how ?…..Lucky for me, as I know little about the iPad 🙄.
    I did'nt really get the Gist of any sort of Tech until I got my phone, nearly 3 years ago.
    The only thing I use the iPad for is, my AOL mail, PCH, and Google Photos. And occasionally the Google apps I installed, which seem to sync from my phone…..There are SO many things I see when I'm on my phone that I want to save, even some things that are being advertised, so I send them to Keep. Both from the phone, and the iPad. My Keep, is quite crowded❗
    Oh well Steve, there I go again !
    Please Excuse 😏.
    Please have a Happy Wednesday 🤗.
    JaneLee. ^_^
    6:20 AM

  16. Excellent intro, and a very useful refresher for those of us who have been using Gmail for years. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  17. you've got my attention Steve. I'm still on the fence as to whether I want to use Google to this extent, but I'm going to keep following this series to see if you can change my mind.

  18. Great video Steve. I'd actually pay for a facilitated course from you on Google but given you are doing this series for free perhaps there's no need. I'm an old hand with Google – free and GSuite Business and love Drive and what it offers. However, I've had a couple attempts to get Calendar and Photos going but gave up on each separately at the point where I felt "I'll need to throw another 3+ hrs to sort this out". One of those 'There's something I'm missing here and when I get it the rest will be easy' moments! So please show the step by step set up for these if you can. As well as the pitfalls. (So often you follow tutorials where what you see is different to what the tutorial suggests. Not your tutorials Steve, yours are great, just most tutorials!)

  19. Thanks Steve. Maybe at the end, you could compare the different ecosystems out there with pros and cons. I’m not a MS fan, but Office 365 has impressed me. The Apple solutions are also very good although they are tied to installed apps with cloud syncing. It is an epic competition for office supremacy. Thanks for this series. (Big fan since your Call for Help days) 🙂

  20. Thanks for a great video, Steve. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.
    I realised when watching that I have become a Google convert.
    Slowly I have moved over and left Windows behind.
    I use Google Drive with Docs (instead of Word/Excel, because they are just as good and easier to use), Gmail (thanks, Steve for your video on labels, so that I can emulate Outlook's folders), Google Maps (of course), Calendar synced across 3 devices, and Drive for secure storage.
    I can't believe that they give this stuff away for free!
    I keep expecting to wake up and find it was all a dream, and I'm still in the nightmare of fighting with Windows.
    Thanks you, Steve, for your excellent tutorials which convinced me to move all of my work (even the new novel I'm writing) over to Google Docs and Apps.
    Finally (personal opinion), Google – unlike MS and Apple – actually appear to be listening to what people need and want.

  21. Hi, a Google Voice walkthrough would be interesting, I see the page has been updated and the International rates are competitive. Also free calls within USA and Canada.


  23. Thank you for a clear and coherent intro. I look forward to the rest of the series. Being a complete Apple house, this will be a good way to learn if the Google apps are more useful to to than the native Apple apps.

  24. Would you consider talking about reinstall photos and videos in Google drive please. Cause I've lost some of my videos.

  25. Perhaps it's a topic to be covered later but at the top of my list right now is to learn if I can I backup everything I have in the Google "ecosystem" onto my LOCAL system. I've read comments that Google has "lost everything" – and while, this might happen on my desktop computer too, I'm better trusting the devil I know rather than the devil I don't (& that's Google!).

  26. Although techies are a minority & non-techies are the majority, most techies never/ever politely explain 'the basics' to non-techies. Thks for the polite intro to a google account.
    ??Could you cover yubi & Google keys and which is better in the future?

    PS: ?Oh oh do I have this right?

    The difference between a free google account vs a google G suite in a nutshell:

    Regular google account: You own/control only your google account & not anyone else's google account you interact with (ex: peer to peer interaction).
    You don't get email/phone support.
    Google G suite account: You own/centrally-control everything across all your G suite accounts & you can spoon-out/delegate as much control to your account users as you want (ex: central admin control). Your get email/phone support.

    Sorry for so many questions: ?Is there anyway I can pay for Google email/phone support for a free google account? Of course I have no way to ask Google directly.

  27. Hi Steve… Google + is going to shutdown. I have an enormous amount of blogs that I would Like to copy off, before the last day… Is there an easy way, other than copying one at a time?

  28. I hope they update Google Books on desktop soon, the interface is ancient. I mostly use it on my phone but would love to organise my books on my desktop with a little bit of the Goodreads functionality.

  29. Question for you mr Dotto.
    I am thinking about getting a Youtube channel. I have a wordpress website that I have a google gmail account for. Is it better to get a separate gmail account for the youtube channel, or can I use the same one I have for my wordpress site. Does it even matter?
    I am planning to monetize both.
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  30. Sir, If may I give you a back link on my website.I really liked your both videos.If you allow. I have high praise for your work.Regards-Dr.Bhvyadeep Bhatia.

  31. Hello Steve
    Ohhh my goodness!!!!!! I remember watching your program on TV every weekend and then you disappeared, I was always wondering what happened to you???
    Anyways I'm so glad I came across your youtube channel completely by accident and boy did you surprise me with your new?? appearance. LOL
    I still remember your clean shaved appearance and today I just was shocked but in a good way.
    very good to see you again and right away subscribed to your channel so I won't loose you again, thank you very much and take care


  32. I trie to add my e mail account to my gmail account but the servers i have which is just116 does not allow me to add it ti gmail account… it sk me for authentification…how can i do that?

  33. what a big problem at my school is that most people do not log out from gmail. I could easily look on everything they have and have seen and logs and activity and accounts they have. Also i could change their paypal password. Google should do automaticalky logout after 1 hour or so. That is why i do not use google for important accounts. I made 2 factor authetification wirh my phone snd it still do not log me out after a time. That security is still then useless.

  34. Big concern: lost my iphone and bought SamsungJ7. Downloaded contacts, but, can not transfer images to IMac cause it is 2008. What can I do>( ?

  35. I'm unable to login to my another gmail account as I have forgot the password I tried all steps and the thing which I have with me is my phone number only and no recovery email

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