Gmail voice and video chat

Gmail voice and video chat

>>SERGE: Ah, there you are.
Hi, I’m Serge, and I helped develop Gmail Voice and Video Chat from Sweden.
Our team works closely with a team in the U.S., so Video Chat comes in really handy.
Some things are just better communicated face to face, where you can see expressions, gestures,
and I can point things out on a diagram. Plus, whenever I travel, I get to see my kids.
So let me show you how this works. Gmail Voice and Video Chat is integrated right
into Gmail, so it’s very easy to use. To start a voice or video chat, simply click
on the “Video & more” link at the bottom of the chat window.
When a person receives a call, they’ll hear a ring, and they’ll see a notification that
they can choose to answer. You can pop-out the chat window and adjust
the size and positioning, as you like. You can even make it go full-screen through
a single click. It’s free and easy to use.
Visit to get started.

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  1. My question is …I already have a google voice number but since i've gotten a new phone I do not know how to reactivate it so that I have the option to choose if I want to make a call with my google voice number or my cell phone number. 'you are able to choose this option before making or returning a call."For those that I have given my google voice number to, I would like to return their call by using my google voice number and not my cell phone number…can anyone help please.

  2. I am very much a techie…but you totally lost me.

    It is not integrated into gmail…not at all. The preferences are…but not the actual chart….extremely frustrating.

    There are no Chat boxes on my gmail…not anywhere…and yes I did install the software and restart the browser.

  3. This is awesome. Unfortunately, it's not in the product. What video chat? Like Google hangout, impossible to find and follow instructions. How about a VIDEO CHAT button on top that I can see. Why is that so hard?

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  5. Hello to all here at voice an video,Im new an just learning how to do all this anyone want chat just enter me in ur circle myself i love to chat an get to know new people an friends I live in kissimmee fl… anyone out there close to this area?

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  7. Time will tell if this will be a good thing. The saying goes like this" We shall see and hear! I will wait & hopefully hear & see! 😉

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  9. I notice a 'Dialer' box comes up when I make a phone call from gmail. Is that box using my google voice 'phone number?' Is there a way to call up the dialer box from google voice? Can the dialer box be activated by mouse click without having to be in gmail or google voice?

  10. I have just installed voice and video chat. However, I cannot find the "Video & more" link at the bottom of the chat window. Please advise.

  11. Hi I just came into this. There is much excitement and my connection is slow therefore this man who is trying to show me how it works through a video, is unable to speak constantly as the buffer gets overloaded after two sentences .. !! Very funny love rahat

  12. Yes Veronica … me too I am just trying out this thingi. Saw your comment to no one in particular so took the opportuiniyu to reply and respond… Hope its ok by you …

  13. Yes I am into that too . Love to chat and know people from all over the World. I am from India … love rahat

  14. guys have a look at new chatrooms website called e-chat

    Google it up, its completely free, and you can chat with some cool people there, thanks!

  15. I wish I was able to embed this but the open to use the old embed code is not available 🙁 This would have been great for my class.

  16. Oh my GOD. What a throwback!! I used to watch this ALL the time when I was like 8 because I couldn't figure out how to work it. This is a trip.

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