Gingrich: We’re close to a cultural civil war

Gingrich: We’re close to a cultural civil war

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  1. I am Iranian-American and I got to meet Newt Gingrich at the Capitol Building in DC. It was where all the paintings are in the dome and we got to shake his hand and he was like "Hi guys!" It's a true story it happened the summer the first Independence Day came out.

  2. I live in South Africa and try to follow USA politics. I have never seen such a sustained, continuous attack against a US president as the one against President Trump. It never lets up, it borders on the demonic.

  3. i remember anti gingrich posters in san diego in 1989 sounds like he wants a civil war because his backwards anti human viewpoints in the 1980s backfired on him

  4. Trump makes a good point.  the demo terds cannot beat him at the ballot box.  well the demo terd candidates should be highly insulted that the demos and the people have so little confidence in their candidates.  so if the big demo terds have no confidence, why should we?

  5. He is the last Republican president. The Democrats have won by virtue of allowing millions of illegal aliens to enter this country who have been shown to vote Democrat 80% of the time.

  6. a partisan clown show lol you got it Newt…yes we are deeply divided in America…now quit wasting our money and do your jobs already….

  7. I'm an old woman and I live in downtown Rochester, NY (Upstate) I would NEVER wear a MAGA hat or shirt around this city even though I would like to. I need to stay safe so I can vote….wearing a Trump hat would get me assaulted….in a heartbeat. So ironic how Trump's own state so hates him. Good thing he doesn't figure he will win New York. He will win though……in a landslide.

  8. Think about how many times conservatives said that Democrats are scared of investigations because of what might come out and yet ZERO evidence has ever been produce to support that claim. Just hearsay from a partisan pundit.

  9. We crossed that line years ago.The cultural civil war has been on since at least 2010.L ets hope we dont go from a cold war to a hot one

  10. MY GOD HOW CAN ANYONE SUPPORT trump HE’s AN INSANE COMMUNIST. I DONT TRUST ANYTHING Gingrich says, after what he did to his first wife I lost all respect for him. He’s in it for the money

  11. To the left: your battle against religious conservatives is showing the world your propensity toward and lust for immoral behavior… Your battle against Donald Trump is showing the people your contempt for the constitution of the United States, and a total disregard for the democratic process by which We The People choose our leaders. Your battle against OUR NATION is well noted and you all WILL be held accountable for the damage you do to our liberty as well as our economic future. There will be NO "socialist utopia" in America, as long as Americans value their freedom over your hollow promises.

  12. This is Crazy… the Demonrats need to be arrested for their actions of overthrowing a President who was ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE!!

  13. I see Vladimir has the u.s. voters right where he wants them. Respect for different viewpoints…no f__king way! Gun your countrymen down instead!

  14. Trump is only doing exactly what he said he would do! That's why he got elected! All of these Dems are going against the people that supply everything for this country……big mistake.

  15. We absolutely need a civil war I sure it will be over in no time the leftist don’t have guns what are going to use against us paper weights

  16. Trump 2020 no doubt love trump he’s the greatest president I have ever seen in my 55 years this guy will be on every page in the history books pray for your president people

  17. President Trump put up a Stop sign .Stop the agenda of the far left radical Democrats put into motion by a radical President Obama.Big money billion Aires like George Soros and others pulling the strings trying to bring America down.

  18. trump is to blame for all his troubles. he keeps hiring swamp rats to be in his administration and they are only there to spy on him and to leak or to embarrass him by taking a job the resigning months later making it look like the whole administration is a mess. WHY DOES HE KEEP HIRING SWAMP RATS LIKE BOLTON, PREIBUS, GEN MATTIS, tx GOV PERRY, loose lips mulvany, I could go on and on.

  19. Recent expose' of CNN and the NYT prove all these "people" think they pick the POTUS and nation's course. Trump winning WAS a crime as far as they're concerned.

  20. The Marxist DemonicRats are both obstructionists and treasonous enemies of our Constitutional Republic. If people cant see this fact they are both blind and deaf.

  21. America
    is already the greatest country on earth! 
    Trump is a mega-a$$hole!!  Trump
    wants to be able to run the US as a large corporation and that’s against the
    law!  He doesn’t understand what he did
    was wrong regarding allowing our Kurdish allies to face danger by pulling out
    our troops! The Kurds were helping us to eliminate ISIS!  By pulling out he just did a big favor to
    Russia, Turkey and ISIS!!  His fellow
    Republicans just voted against him on this subject and he has a meltdown!  Did he have a meltdown because Pelosi was
    telling him he messed up or was his meltdown due to his Republican counterparts
    voting against him!

  22. lol…Old racist white folks are the worst thing any nation can have … they get spooked and angry over the smallest piece of misinformation they hear .. they run to their cellars and bunkers, grab their guns, and wait for the all clear …smh… white folks just need their own planet in outerspace and they can take their White House and Judicial system with them

  23. *Everyone*!! Have you great Americans noticed that even though these videos are Demonetized so it’s harder to view them then say CNN, yet with all there algorithm censorship, I have watched the this Fox News channel go from about 200K subscribers to the few million it has now! Keep it up Patriots! Let’s love everyone including the Democrats that hate us just as Jesus would, stay at piece with yourself, your family, and your life. Do not let the lies trouble your soul, We Are The People, and we have to forgive these sins and horrible deeds they go around our country and commit. I love God! Keep him in your heart, I love the American people, I love this great country, the United States of America.

    P.S. Just for the record, I am the 2nd Amendment Advocate, an Independent, I do love this country and everyone in it, because that’s what the Lord our Savior has Taught me, but…. Don’t play with our freedoms. Period.

  24. The Democrats are pushing the Saul Alinsky doctrine on your younger generation right before your eyes! WAKE UP AMERICA!

  25. White people of America vote republican on American general election day November 2O2O to stop black supremacy black nationalism and black hate crimes against the white people of anerica I live in England where white lives matter in your country of America black crimes matter !

  26. United States government and United States military construct a 3OOO mile long and 5OO get tall reinforced concrete barrier wall that will completely completely seal off the unitec States border with Mexico this concrete barrier wall will stop the Mexicans from walking into this country construct this reinforced concrete barrier wall or the United States will become the United States of Mexico in ten years !

  27. The Deep State is moving forward with its plan in spite of losing the election in 2016. I believe Gingrich is right on track. The liberals are ushering in a state of chaos, lies, and rumors of wars. We are fighting a spiritual battle as well as the survival of a free country.

  28. What the F is he talking about? The GD cultural war started over 150 years ago! He'll, it even went white hot at one point.

  29. I would rather watch a politician work than speak. All they should do is report what they've done for the week and how it helps the country as a whole.

  30. It May Be The LAST Time A Republican Is EVER Voted Into Office,..After This..If We Don't Win Back The West..It's All Downhill For All Of Us.

  31. Why hasn't the Dems investigated Biden curruption since 2015 when ignored by Speaker of house? The origin of Russian dos was also ignored! The Dems refuse to take action on our borders ; but travel to Syria to investigate mideast walls. The dems are a first class act; for ignoring America's safety and security. 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐⭐Our President has been on forefront to protect our nations best interest by investigating John Kerry's secret meetings in Iran. 🇺🇸USMC God bless President Donald J Trump and Lord protect Jerusalem. God bless Israel..🇺🇸⭐

  32. I don't understand how teachers legally can get away with teaching our kids to be Democrats. Bet there is a double standard.

  33. Planning for impeachment just in case their planned Russian collusion hoax didn't work.
    All set in place before Trump was elected just in case. This has been nothing but an attempted coup, and the people behind it should be taken from office in cuffs and tried for treason. Trump was a dully elected President and they are afraid he is going to expose their corruption.
    They all need to be charged and held accountable.

  34. How did nancy pelosi make millions in the stock market using illegal insider information: From Wikipedia: "In November 2011, 60 Minutes alleged that Pelosi and several other members of Congress had used information they gleaned from closed sessions to make money on the stock market. The program cited Pelosi's purchases of Visa stock while a bill that would limit credit card fees was in the House."

  35. nancy pelousy will reap what she is now sowing. All of her hate and corruption will be exposed and she will pay for all she has done and is doing to this country. All of her evil intent expresses itself in how she looks and acts. What a decrepit wicked old witch!

  36. Demacrats should have just let him alone and he would have went down in history as just another president but after the last four years they made sure he would be remembered in history forever and possibly one of the greatest presidents in US history. Cry your self to sleep over that libs. 😂😂😂😂

  37. Civil war? What do you expect when a group of energized private citizens with the full backing of the Federal Government ram LBGTQ-ism down the throats of the majority who want no part of it? And then the same political party who is for all of that want to tax the hell out of the people to pay for all of their free stuff! Somewhere along the line you'll get a revolt when enough of the people reach their Popeye moment. The left in the USA is on the offensive attacking everything and every institution that enabled this nation to rise to the point it did. That Popeye moment is soon approaching for literally millions of US citizens. Just open your ears in public and listen to the conversations going on.

  38. You can thank Fox News for setting up the mentality for the Civil War. In the next couple of years Fox News is going to be in big big trouble. That’s my feeling.

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