George Zimmerman Sues Trayvon Martin’s Family For $100 Million | TODAY

George Zimmerman Sues Trayvon Martin’s Family For $100 Million | TODAY

36 Replies to “George Zimmerman Sues Trayvon Martin’s Family For $100 Million | TODAY

  1. Am I understanding this correctly? A man states that he was defending himself when he shoots and kills a unarmed CHILD. This said man is then acquitted in court for shooting and killing this unarmed CHILD. More than seven years later this man files a lawsuit against the CHILD’s parents and others for “conspiracy” for $100 million. Did I get that right? GOD BLESS AMERICA

  2. George ZImmerman has quite a history of issues of violence and domestic abuse just for starters. His history speaks for his character.

  3. This fat ? has very bad sense of humor…putting his accusations based on "Fan Fiction" book…Where is this world going, dear Lord?

  4. This dude must’ve read the same book as OJ. If you get away with murder, maybe you should have a seat for a while. I’m honestly surprised this man is still alive. He should be ashamed of himself.

  5. He murdered a kid bcuz he wanted to play make-believe cop and now he has the nerve to sue the family. I tell you, Trump has emboldened all the racist scum in America!

  6. i mean i dont see why you getting so mad , he was found not have no reason to be mad at him ,and you cant use the excuse "he was unarmed",like its florida you dont need to be armed to be shot

  7. The film documents all of the relevant evidence. It proves Rachel Jeantal was a fake witness and Trayvon's family knew it. Yet the media continues to perpetrate this fraud on the American people.

  8. this case of the Toronto court because this man craves a stoplight he craves attention from the media and that's all it's about Anna disc an age he would have been convictedand I was the family I would return a $200 million lawsuit against him no one's interested in the Zimmerman story and right now you got these loser directors who did poor research and all you're doing is trying to get attention for your documentary in from a man who basically murdered a teen

  9. Really Dude? You shoot their son, get off and somehow YOU'RE the victim? GTFOH. This is why attorneys get bad name. Also, someone made a documentary called the Travon Hoax? as if Travon is running around somewhere alive and in hiding? Wow the nerve of these people.

  10. To call him an a “ animal “ is going to be a compliment , his behavior is a apathetic and he will do it again maybe he just wants to be the most hatted person in US. State of Florida should reopen the case against Zimmerman and put him where he belongs

  11. George Zimmerman, like it or not, was exonerated by our justice system. Therefore he is innocent and should not be slandered, again by our own system

  12. He’s suing because they switched witnesses!!! Diamond and Rachel are two different people!!! Crump and Trayvon Martin’s parents committed fraud to try to take GZ down!!!

  13. He should've thought about all of this before disobeying dispatcher's orders not to follow Trayvon and sparking a fight with him

  14. That suppose to be Trayvon Martin’s girl, Now that’s a hoax, that so called girlfriend looks like a call girl or a stripper ?

  15. Lock this guy up! he was lucky he got away with murder. Now he trying to get paid for his sinister act. I hope Zimmerman gets what he really deserves

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