100 Replies to “Full Perdue: ‘This Has All Been Tried Out In The Media’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

  1. Due process… What the defense… Explain… Please… I love to hear them… If there's no defense.. Then Shut up…

  2. Perdue is a real smart A$$.Comparing the Clinton & Trump impeachment.Just can't defend Trump without pulling in someone else to blame.I hope all the Trump Jock Sniffers get what they deserve & get voted out.There are only 35% of the American people that believe this BullS#IT! 17.5% is the real number because these men married their sisters.

  3. Why didn't Chuck ask him what he meant by "due Process". Didn't trump deny them witness's and documents in the house? They even invited trump to come and make his case and he declined. What is not due process about that?

  4. If senators are not protecting our constitution we the people will vote them all out 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸#45needstogo

  5. I seem to recall that contrary to the Senator's declaration, "access" to a government leader is gained through our embassy / ambassador assigned to that country.? So, who handed these talking points to the Senator

  6. We are lucky the media is like a dog with a bone. Shut up and pony up the central witnesses to the President’s dealings in Ukraine.

  7. None of the senators are impartial this is a pure partizan farce set up by Pelozi , Nadler
    and the Shiff show…..No crimes in this indictment farce just political point scoring…

  8. It wasn't a trial in the House, it was an investigation that rendered indictments to be tried in the Senate trial. FFS STOP THE SPIN

  9. "Rooting out corruption" LOLOLOLOLOL All this president's men are in jail, he won't release his taxes, and he ran a fraudulent university, stole from charities he himself set up, and lies every time he opens his mouth. All these guys do well, is spin and outright lie.

  10. The president was WELCOME to present his case to the House. He refused. He blocked anyone from testifying. Stop saying that he was unable to present his case in the House investigation. He was invited. Unlike Clinton or Nixon, he refused to be part of the investigation. He could have provided a defense. Unless his actions are indefensible. 🤷‍♀️

  11. Is their some kind of class to take to talk for 2 minutes without breathing, deflect and still not answer the question? I hate the way Todd let's them lie. They don't get away with this bull with Joy Reid.


  13. Trump: I was denied due process
    Trump: no you can’t interview witnesses or have any documents that would prove my “innocence”

  14. Purdue is talking bs. Complete unadulterated bull💩. Ol' Yella Stain says he is sooooo concerned with taxpayer dollars going to corrupt countries then why hasn't financial aid to Israel been halted or at least subjected to investigation by the US to see if it should continue? Netanyahu AND his wife have been indicted on corruption charges yet Ol' Yella is not saying anything at all about it.

  15. The republican party should be shame of their cult leader,all they are doing is looking for they job security with disregard of a constitutional rule of law , they will get a rude awakening when next election comes around and they know the clock is ticking and all they are doing is spinning the inevitable

  16. I voted democratic last election Purdue was running for re-election. I hope I get more help this time around and see a Democrat in his Senate seat#Georgia Voter voting again!

  17. Have all the Republican Senate forgotten that they are there to represent the people?
    You just expect to hear every once in awhile , that that's what they're doing,
    They are not missing the opportunity to say that , they're missing the reason to do that.

  18. IMPEACHMENT IS NOT A TRIAL. Due process starts with the trial in the Senate. The House did however ask the Trump Regime to make a presentation in the House and the president declined. It is not the fault of the House that the story keeps providing new developments. Any judicial trial that purposefully excludes new evidence would constitute a mistrial. Mr. Perdue is woefully misinformed.

  19. We offered the president myriad times to come before the House and engage , he refused essentially denying due process your not talking to brain dead republican legislators, maggot, your talking to the people .

  20. Chuck Chuck Chuck your letting him spew this narrative that the commander in diapers wasn't given due process when the big baby denied himself due process time and to a and time again. I really wonder and have come to some conclusions as to why you let these bucktooth rural morons do it.

  21. Not give trump his due process?? Bogus. The Senate trial IS his due process. The Congress merely gathered facts. Evidence. Testimony. At least as much as they could despite the obstruction.

    You don't want a trial in the media? Keep trump off of Twiiter and you're good to go.

  22. Are we just suppose to sit back and let him dump on all of us Mr Purdu? Trials have to have witnesses or it is NOT a fair trial! Wake up buddy…or should I just say what has trump got on you? TRUMP IS THE CORRUPTION!!!

  23. What about his squandering of tax money for rallies…and then leave the cities holding the bill for millions of dollars? What about the human beings being caged with no opportunities for bathing…or even a toothbrush? Ask Pence about what he saw….not about what he reported! With your total blackout of any info that shows trump’s faults, I am truly blessed that you are not my rep!

  24. This is not an impeachment, it is a coup. It must be defeated and the people who planned it must be brought to justice.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  25. Wow, Senator Perdue just blew apart the corrupt media and democrats' talking points on impeachment. Good job Sir, you serve the Great State of Georgia well.

  26. A recent study from the Media Research Center shed new light on the stunning level of anti-Trump bias in the American press; revealing upwards of 93% of their coverage was negative and 75% centered on impeachment.

    “In the first 100 days since House Democrats began their impeachment push on September 24, ABC, CBS and NBC have aggressively aided the effort. A Media Research Center analysis finds the Big Three evening newscasts have battered the President with 93% negative coverage and promoted impeachment at the expense of nearly all other Trump news,” writes the MRC.

  27. Parnas was INDICTED so he can’t be trusted? ‘Impeachment’ IS ‘indictment’ by the House so what’s that say about Trumps credibility?

  28. So Perdue's primary justification for his apparent plan to neglect his duty to the Constitution and the American People is to claim that the impeachment procedure in the House wasn't fair – that's professional (not). Another slick-talking BS Republican put into office by a corrupt system in the State of Georgia.

  29. Why has Ukraine not announced an investigation ? If their aid depends on it and they still don’t announce it, this begs the question of who is corrupt? If all I had to do is announce something to get the aid . Wouldn’t I … so if they didn’t I am truly concerned that they know there is no substance to it. Ukraine has to answer the world as well as USA. Ending corruption of the previous leader of Ukraine was a major gain for them and the world. They are trying to remain in corrupt and this the6 haven’t answered trumps call to falsely investigate or claim to start an investigation.

  30. What he's really trying to say on behalf of the republicans is "they need to hear both sides" …so they know which way to lie in response. The plan is to delay everything as long as possible so that everyone can wrap-up or hide their individual and collective profitable schemes of corruption.

  31. David Perdue here are a few tips:
    1. try not to lie to start with…but seeing as you did anyway …
    2. try really hard not to speed up your blinking when you do lie …
    3. don't keep licking your dry lips – this one is especially hard as its an automatic nervous response …
    and a bonus one 4. write the lies down in short bullet points so as not to stammer your answers – this is a very bad 'tell'
    good luck!

  32. The evidence will come out next week to take down that dumb orange Russian agent. Please don't leave us viewers we'll have it next week. 3 years later!

  33. If I understood correctly, POTUS did not want to present his defence; hence I do not know why he says that he was not given due process.

  34. Perdue talks a load of bollocks. There never was a trial in the House. The proceedings in the House was an investigation and is more like a grand jury process with the entire House voting as a gand jury would. It is only after the House votes on Articles of Impeachment does a person become the accused. Trump had all the due proccess and refused to send anybody to represent him. Trump could have given evidence to the investigation but he also refused to do that. Every time a Republican says they have not heard of somebody you know they are very friendly with these stangers.

  35. Chuck Todd: "Why do folks like Parnas end up so close to the President?"
    Hey Chuck, the President said he never spoke to Parnas directly, and the NY Times said the same thing:
    "Mr. Parnas said that although he did not speak with Mr. Trump directly about the efforts"

    Chuck Todd: "In 2014, if President Obama was calling Hong Kong or governments asking about you, is that legitimate use of presidential power?"
    Hey Chuck, the Obama administration actually got help from foreign countries during the 2016 election; you'd know that if you were a journalist.
    British intelligence passed Trump associates' communications with Russians on to US counterparts

  36. The people commenting on here are so dumb lol. They're the people who would scream and walk away if you asked to have this conversation in person lol. You've all been screaming "the walls are closing in" and "We him this time" for 4 years now lol. Time to take a long hard look in the mirror and realize you've been brainwashed by a corrupt media.

  37. The DemonRATS try to spin it till they win it. This time it won’t work. Trump 2020👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  38. The GOP impeached Bill Clinton for a private matter that didn't harm anyone. But for Trump they have a different standard: 15,000 lies in three years is no problem. But this absurd number of lies prove he cannot be trusted. Lying equals dishonesty. In Trump's case his dishonesty and misconduct are all over the place and fit perfectly with a 15,000 lies in three years man. People like Comey and Mccabe and Yovanovitch who couldn't be corrupted got kicked out of their job. Foxnews/GOP gave them all the blame and so there are no examples of Trump's dishonesty and misconduct. But the lying continues…

  39. Whats UpChuck Todd? How did Parnas get so close to the president? You must not do much reading! Check out the Washington Examiner article by Dominik Mastrangelo on January 16, 2020

  40. What was the real reason for Trump for trying to get access into the Government of Ukraine?
    If there was a crime, why didn`t Trump use FBI CIA or other gov. official entities to investigate?

  41. Apply the fair rules used in the house to the senate- all witness audition by testifying in a skiff. Only republican questions can be answered.

  42. Here is the fact, per what Obama said, it was impossible for our American jobs to come back, we voted Trump in and he brought those American jobs back, Obama said those jobs would never come back and said those jobs are gone forever, You vote Trump out in 2020 and our economy will tank again, without a Trump in office American will tank again, America will go back to the way democrats want it, dependent on food stamps dependent on the government, not to mention that democrats continue to take away our freedoms, Democrats are executing millions of Americans every year through there baby murder machine abortion. These babies are Americans and they have rights, they have a right to live, democrats give animals more rights then they give a newly born America citizen.

  43. Trump will go down as one of the greatest presidents , he's for the American people not for himself, he doesn't even take a salery , but the media and the Dems want him gone because he is exposing their corruption and he don't need to or haft to kiss nobody's butt. He is for the people he protects the babies he is the strongest Ally Israel has ever had he put the embassy in Jerusalem nobody wants to give him credit for nothing he is there for a reason God put him there and God will keep him there. I truly believe God is with our President and vice President and with that combination you just cannot lose with Jesus

  44. It's pointless listening to Republicans at this point. If they had their way they would appoint Trump president for life.

  45. Gah…. I miss the days when journalists strove for objectivity and constantly fought themselves knowing that their baser instincts weren't objective but their job needed to be.

    You just come off like Baghdad Bob.

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