Free TV Streaming: How To Watch Free TV Online ► The Deal Guy

Free TV Streaming: How To Watch Free TV Online ► The Deal Guy

– Today your key to 100% free TV. (dramatic music) Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. You might, ironically, know
me from your local TV station or USA Today even though
today I’m gonna show you how to enjoy 100% legal,
legit free TV on demand. Now in the past, I’ve
covered all sorts of topics. Topics that include what is the best HD TV antenna for free TV, Amazon’s new Fire TV bundle and a breakdown on Sling TV. But today, an entirely different resource that hooks you up in a big way on demand. Before we get to this, a
reminder that if you are not yet subscribed to this
channel and you want access to my huge daily free freebie draws, hit the “Subscribe” button on your screen. You will also be signed up for all of my major deal alerts. Now, let’s start with Pluto TV. Pluto TV is an aggregator
of online content where you can watch free TV shows. Again you can pair this
with Android, Apple TV and other apps so you can actually watch this on your television set. I’m gonna show you how
Pluto TV works on the spot. No video tricks, this
is Pluto in real time. Almost instantly, you get video on demand. Now, these are through
partnerships with other networks. All of the content is
legal, some is brand new. Some is not particularly fantastic but you are able to scroll and
enjoy things like NBC News. Check this out right here, it is loading. It can maximize the screen. You can easily access a channel lineup simply by clicking this button right here and you get a full list. There’s even a 4K TV channel. There’s also a free app in the event you don’t want to use your web browser as your Pluto TV point of access. – In Oklahoma– – [Matt] And the audio quality– – Thunderstorms that we
want to be aware of today the strong– – [Matt] Excellent in all my tests. I know many of my
subscribers aren’t thrilled with the idea of complicated app downloads but I have never used Pluto on this phone. Just downloaded the app
and watch how simple it is to use Pluto. I get this welcome menu. I hit “Next” and then in a matter of seconds I am watching live TV on this smartphone. And again, no sign in. I didn’t do anything at all. – This is this ideal of
sort of a young silent– – [Matt] If you do not
want a complicated setup, you can change channels
all from the comfort of your smartphone (laughs). Changing channels happens
in a matter of seconds. Almost as though you are flicking around your television at home
except in this case, doing it with an app and your thumbs. Now, our floor director, Roslyn, you just started testing this free app. What’s the verdict? – Yes, I can’t believe that it’s free. Free TV? That’s amazing. I’m gonna add this to my
Fire TV and my tablet. Awesome. – So how is Sling TV different from something like Pluto TV? Well with Sling, you’re gonna
get premium content like HGTV, Food TV, ESPN, live. It’s different than
Pluto but, again, this is 20 dollars per month and
Pluto is completely free. So that is your glimpse
at free TV on demand. Now if you like free
content, all of the content I produce here is free
on a volunteer basis. I don’t make any money
for my YouTube videos. I’m paid as a producer at a TV station. This is just a project of passion. So if you want more free content from me, savings, deals, things that will hopefully benefit your life, just
as your benefiting my life right now by watching, feel free to subscribe if
you are not yet subscribed. That makes a world of difference. And, if you’re looking to
learn more about Sling TV, which I mentioned, just
click somewhere up here. Fire TV, also click somewhere up here. And a reminder, on my next video all of the
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tab and every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go. You are awesome. Thank you so much for watching. (upbeat music)

100 Replies to “Free TV Streaming: How To Watch Free TV Online ► The Deal Guy

  1. Matt, thank you for the video on FREE TV. I just logged to and I was Amazed at all of the FREE stations! Thanks again for your videos!

  2. This has been one of the best deals yet. I added the app onto my smart TV and have been watching Pluto TV almost non-stop since. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. When I do a search for Pluto Tv I also find many articles related to removing the malware Pluto TV. And several of the articles talk about how almost impossible it is to remove it once you download it. It SOUNDS like a great idea, but is it just malware?

  4. I found the Pluto app. for the Roku to watch on my t.v. . I tossed my cable a year ago. And just stream now … Pluto is great for feeling like you have cable back plus it is free! Best part is they have some good movies from the 90's to early 2000's. Kinda awesome. 🙂

  5. Hey Matt, can you find something for free tv using Kodi? I'm wondering if it is worth the price of the set up. Thanks!

  6. *****I am beyond happy by this. Thank you so very much. Our family barely gets by..I am a mom of 6 and care for my disabled veteran husband…10 pets and fully dependent on my husbands disability. Even this simple act to save some money means a lot to us. We can now start saving to get our only family vehicle repaired. Thank you…many thank yous to you.****

  7. There's PS Vue for live tv has more channels than sling tv for $29 a month fox and abc isn't in there yet but will get there.

  8. Who wouldn't like anything free? I can't wait to check this out. You are awesome Matt. Thanks Rosalind!!

  9. Very cool Matt! Watching the Broadly channel. I see many channels I like and others I watch already on pay cable like AMC, Lifetime…

  10. Love this post.  Free TV.  YESSSSSS!!!!!  Thanks Matt. Once again you have outdone yourself.

  11. Greetings, Matt. Ant ideas for those of us who live in Chautauqua County (Near Jamestown) for antennas to get broadcast signals? I tried the "Leaf", but could not catch any stations. Hills and distance the problem? In the meantime, keep up the good work.


  12. Ugh, still no BBC or BBC America.? Top Gear starts this month. What's a cheapskate anglophile gearhead to do?

  13. I passed this onto other family members that are strapped for cash a few days ago…….. THEY LOVE THIS! They have already cut the cord and this opens up many more options for them. I'm gonna DL it to my Fire box and see if I like it. I might join the cord-cutters club too.

  14. I've been waiting along time for my blue tooth headphones. those magnetic ones what's up with that.

  15. Thank you. I'm going to download and bookmark Pluto.TV cable is just way too expensive especially for how little I get to watch it.

  16. thank you for the info…does this work with the roku stick features as well…how is that set up? maybe there will be a video on free internet one day?

  17. live TV ? Where's the network and local channels? CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, HISTORY, SCI FI, DISCOVERY, PBS, COMEDY CHANNEL, ETC to name but a few?

  18. Would be nice to run PlutoTV on a larger TV. It's hit or miss on my Amazon FireTV stick. On some channels the audio is crackly, and/or out of sync with the video. It's generally buggy as well. i had cat sounds (from a cat show channel) overlaid over the channel I was watching, just by highlighting it in the program guide.

  19. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf. Your joy at showing us the bargains du jour is a delight to your devoted subscribers.

  20. I have Pluto tv, but haven't utilized it much. Sling TV allowed the final cord cutting. pay so much less and get all the channels I watch, even AMC for the walking dead. I can't say enough for those 2, and I am glad you are bringing this up to your subscribers so more people can hear about it. Great job on another fantastic video.

  21. Bad experience here this time, We tried the Tubi TV, and attempted first to watch Future World. There were 4 short advertisements every 7 to 13 minutes (we timed it), which made it just about impossible to get into the movie. Then after about 2 hours, when the two journalist find out the truth and are trying to escape Future World, the screen just went blank on our newer Samsung Smart TV. What a waste of 2 hours! Also, we tried to install Pluto TV on our Windows desktop computer, but the install would not complete, stating the file path was too long when trying to install certain files on the hard drive. So we had trouble with both free TV services. We wrote Pluto several days ago, but have not received a response. Very disappointed.

  22. This is awesome information.!! I cant stand our cable provider and am always looking for ways to break away from them!!THANK YOU!!!!!

  23. Bonjour Deal Guy,I did download it but I only have 3 logo on the left of the screen,Live TV,my pluto,Pluto.Why,is it because I live in Canada or because I didn't sign up yet?Please help!

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