Fox News keeps breaking its own rules

Fox News keeps breaking its own rules

So I was watching Hannity’s show a few weeks
ago and something really weird happened. It was November 5th and the show was airing from a Trump rally
in Missouri. It’s election eve. We’re in the great Show-Me State. How are we all doing? And while Hannity’s show is always rah rah
Trump, this one felt especially campaign-y. So much is at stake. In a few short hours… you ready? Hannity opened the show by running through a literal list of Trump’s accomplishments, including gems like “successful trip to Asia” and “drafted plan to defeat ISIS.” Well, you gotta to start somewhere. He listed the Democrats agenda if they won
the midterms, including — of course — open borders. He constantly repeated the phrase “promises made, promises kept.” Promises made, promises kept. Promises made, promises kept.” Which, surprise surprise, was one of the GOP’s
midterm slogans. Promises made, promises kept. And he tried to put on a brave face before the impending Blue Wave. So what are we going to see tomorrow? I mean, as far as I’m concerned the polls
are meaningless. They are meaningless. The show ended with Hannity privately interviewing
Trump, in a coffin I think, and asking hardball questions like: “you spent three and a half billion on the
border wall. And I know you’re disappointed, you want the
rest.” And that was the end of the show. But the weirdness was only beginning. See, a few days earlier, the Trump campaign announced that Hannity would be appearing as a special guest during
the rally. Hannity denied that he’d appear on stage, claiming he was only going there to interview
Trump. But a few minutes after Hannity’s show finished
airing… Let’s get it over with, right? Sean Hannity, come on up. Sean Hannity. Promises made, promises kept. By the way, all those people in the back are
fake news. That freaked a lot of people out, and not just because Hannity was literally
calling other Fox News reporters in the room fake
news. Fox News issued a statement saying they didn’t condone talent participating in
campaign events and Hannity claimed the whole thing with a
total surprise. The president, I had no idea. It was not planned. And then… nothing. The midterms came and went. Hannity went back to his show and that was
it. Welcome to Hannity. Jam packed hour. What would have been an immediate firing on any other network was barely a PR blip
for Fox. Because as shocking as that whole fiasco might
look, it’s just the latest example in how Fox News
is transforming from a right-wing news network into a full blown campaign operation. You have the power to shock the world again. Just think of what it’s going to be like to watch the corrupt media. They will lose their minds. I want to start off by saying this is not
a video about Fox News being too conservative. It is normal for journalists to have political
beliefs. Hannity is obviously a right-winger and I
am obviously an antifa supersoldier. What’s not normal is for news organizations to be directly involved in campaigns they’re
covering. It’s why you’ve never seen Rachel Maddow give a stump speech for Democrats. It’s unethical. Also that speech would be 45 minutes long and never get to the point. Not again. As an experiment, I asked my bosses if I could
speak at a Democratic campaign rally — that I made up because they have too much
free time on my hands — and here’s what they said. No. Come on. Of course not. Why not? Because you’re journalists. You’re not working for a campaign. This is a pretty widely accepted rule in journalism and it’s actually one that Fox News used to
follow. In 2010, Hannity spent a week promoting his
appearance at a Tax Day Tea Party rally in Cincinnati. Tax Day, we will be in Cincinnati. And hopefully you can be a part of the studio
audience. But after Fox News found out the rally organizers were using Hannity’s appearance to sell tickets, they pulled the plug. NewsCorp. CEO Rupert Murdoch said “I don’t think we should be supporting the
Tea Party or any other party.” And that was the last time Fox News pretended
to give a shit. In 2016, Hannity appeared in a bananas pro-Trump
campaign ad. And of course he’s going to build that wall, he says he’s going to have Mexico pay for
it. Sean! You shot it on an iPhone? With a tucked in polo? If any other journalist did that they’d be
so ridiculously fired. But Fox News did not fire Hannity. Instead, they said they didn’t know he was
appearing in the ad and promised that he wouldn’t do it again. And since then, the problem has exploded. Hannity now regularly appears at Republican
fundraising and campaign events. Here he is campaigning for Ted Cruz in Texas. We need Ted Cruz now than ever. And for Ron Desantis in Florida. The media hates that I’m here and I’m like
“too bad.” But it’s not even just Hannity anymore. Pete Hegseth, who co-hosts Fox and Friends
on the weekend, has repeatedly spoken at GOP fundraisers. Here he is in Washington in 2017. Keep giving. Keep fighting. Don’t apologize for President Trump. Here he is in Tennessee in April. Please write a bigger check than you thought you were going to write tonight. He does a ton of these. We are correct. That’s why you’re a Republican. Here’s Fox host Laura Ingraham campaigning for Republican Kelli Ward in Arizona. Let’s push her over the finish line. Let’s get it done for Kelli. Right after Hannity got pulled on stage at
that Trump rally, another Fox host, Jeanine Pirro, also went
on stage. Get em’ out to vote for Donald Trump and all the people who are running for the
Republican Party. Pirro has bragged about speaking at GOP fundraisers
on TV. Last night, I was in Morgantown, West Virginia where I gave a speech at the annual Republican
Reagan Dinner. She’s a constant fixture at GOP fundraisers
across the country. God, you gotta love that sorority pose, though. I’m getting away with it! The problem goes deeper than Fox hosts appearing at these events. These campaigns are now slowly infecting Fox News programming. Before Hannity went onstage at that Trump
rally, he went district by district attacking individual
Democrats. Liberal radical leftist incumbent Claire McCaskill. Radical leftist Democrat Kyrsten Sinema. Democratic do-nothing Schumer Democrat Bill
Nelson. While endorsing Republican candidates. American hero Martha McSally. Bob Hugin. Marine. Semper Fi, Bob. Ted Cruz needs to be back in the U.S. Senate. It wasn’t the first time he’d done that. Hannity had been running that segment for
days before the midterms. We will point out 10 key races a night. So you know if it’s your district that matters. Republican Mark Harris, he needs your help. We need that seat to stay Republican. And again, it’s not just Hannity. If you call yourself a conservative and a
Republican, it’s actually immoral not to vote for Donald
Trump. Vote for the America that is great again. And the more comfortable Fox has gotten with
campaigning, the more GOP candidates are relying on Fox as part of their campaign strategies. Look at this softball interview Hannity did with GOP candidate Karin Housley in October. Karin Housley is with us. Karin, let’s talk about Keith Ellison and
the double standard. Yeah. Thank you so much for having me, Sean. What the- That is not a question. That is a campaign stop. And Housley knew it. She immediately repackaged that interview
into a campaign ad. You can win this race. I believe tha- Lots of Republicans do this now. Clip Hannity’s softball coverage and repackage it for their campaign. A former police chief, Eddie Edwards. I’m with the police chief tonight. Republican challenger Wendy Rogers, in a district that President Trump only carried
by one point. By the way good luck in your run for governor
down in South Carolina. I have a lot of friends down there. It’s become cliche to mock Fox News as Trump
TV or state propaganda. But what’s happened over the past few years goes way beyond ideology. Congressman Desantis joins us now. Full disclosure, I did do town halls with
him. And I endorsed you and I don’t regret it. Fox News is quietly allowing itself to evolve
into a massive, highly influential get-out-the-vote operation. Congressman Desantis, congratulations. I remember you and I talking after we did
that debate on Fox News and you were like “you’re not going to be behind much longer
after this.” And sure enough, I mean, we really pulled
ahead. The problem isn’t that Hannity got on stage
at a campaign event. It’s that Fox News is the campaign event. One that’s becoming deeply embedded in the
GOP’s strategy for winning elections from here on out. So let me get this straight. You got an e-mail from Celine Dion’s presidential
campaign and they want you to speak at a rally. At Panera Bread, yes. Carlos!

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  1. Your parent company’s other journalists are allowed to campaign AGAINST the president every night during their monologues.

  2. Carlos is just the other side of the formula – and can always be "Factored" out. No news from this source either. People should not listen to either side and just open their eyes. Don't eat what they are feeding (This Guy or Anybody else)

  3. For someone who wants us to stop watching Fox. Your the best endorsement for Fox I’ve ever seen. You should be on their marketing team.

  4. Every other president has always said something about border control . TRUMP IS THE FIRST PRESIDENT TO ACTUALLY DO SOMTHING

  5. maybe focus on being an actual journalist rather than try to use crude humors to try and get an exhale from your audience. Just a thought

  6. "Promises made, Promises kept" Jesus Christ Doug ford got his tactics from trump. >_> all these wanna be strong men politicians are the same people.

  7. I was born and raised in Kansas City, and that clip at the start makes me very disappointed in my home state.

  8. Conservative: a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.

    Ex. Racial profiling, segregation, breaking treaties with Native Americans, putting children in cages since slavery brought to America, White supremacy, Genocide, stealing land, raising taxes.

    Liberal: open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.

    Ex. Creating various ways of racial profiling, open to new behavior to segregation, discarding traditional values so that they can break Native American treaties to profit from oil companies, open to new ways of white supremacy by resparking minority oppression through the media, Ok with genocide of Iran, open to new opinions on raising taxes..

    Neither side care about the people, they care about your votes that keep them in power. They lure you with the media the way you would dangle a carrot in front of a mule. You're just their mule.

  9. There is just one network that works for the Republicans vs the dozens of other networks like CNN, MSNBC, NYT etc which work for the Democrats.

  10. The thing you fail to see about the people in this video, including yourself is….. YOU AND THEM ARE NEWS PUNDITS…NOT JOURNALISTS!!!!

  11. Wow so much evidence… lots of highly edited up to 3 second long clips… it sure looks cherry picked to me.

  12. You love to trash fox while staying silent about liberal media and their deception

  13. I thought Americans were Intelligent people on earth
    but if they watch news channel like fox .. I started doubting their intelligence.

  14. I was on line at the DMV where 50 people were waiting to be served by 3 people in a room as big as some people's living rooms. It went along at a one person every 20 minutes. so I announced this is the GREAT SMALL GOVERNMENT we keep hearing about. Maybe we should have the SIZE of government that we NEED to do the JOBS. I didn't get a thunderous applause. But I know some disgruntled people are going to rethink their positions.

  15. fox opinion not real news, who owns fox news and how many so called news he owns around the world, do your own research , wake up people.

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  18. This is why I watched Telemundo News, where it’s mostly neutral and you have to listen what the reporters are saying because they speak Spanish and I do also speak Spanish, grow up with my Mexican family, and mostly neutral to the politics…

  19. I'm not sure he understands the difference between opinionated talk show hosts and journalists. That is an important distinction.
    As far as the news portions only, it is incredibly disturbing the way Trump demands that Fox only reports favorable things about him. Trump lives in his own little world and it's a disaster!

  20. Fox News sounds like Zee News, Republic TV, India TV… of USA. No wonder both India and US are being ruled by right wing jingoists.

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  25. fox news radicalizes the elderly and pushes certain mentally unfit males to commit acts of violence by constantly encouraging the worst of humanity.

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