100 Replies to “Fox News hosts’ about-face on John Bolton

  1. I thought your narrative was "Orange man warmonger"? So Trump fired the warmonger, and Bolton shows himself as the petty snake he is, but now CNN loves Bolton, right? So who's doing a 180, Dumb Lemon? You simply have no integrity whatsoever.

  2. Bolton is pissed,the lapdance and the blowjob by FLOTTITS left his balls bruised,it is in the book!!!GOP,RIP for the next 50 years,former republican.

  3. Fox news is the only networks close to or pretty much states the facts dont mean to disappoint all you that fall for the billionaire will be giving you all the free reaming up your a## with no lube lmao smh

  4. …I'm just worried about the person responsible for lifting the bag that holds all the evidence on trump….it's like lifting a BIG RIG

  5. AND the Mueller report was clear also: there was colussion – not proven with knowledge of pres.Trump himself. AND there was obstruction, at least 10 times, performed by Trump Administration and proven with his knowledge – some members of the Trump staff are in prison therefore!

  6. We need to impeach Trump and his uneducated followers!

    Bernie or Yang for president !
    Heath care is a right !
    Universal income for all !

  7. GM America: TRUTH for me is that I can now imagine the hydrogen sulfide rotten egg SMELL in these News Rooms throughout the LIBERAL MEDIA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. These news pundits sit around their table sampling every FART that crosses their path. This morning's breeze straight from John Bolton's bacteria filled GUT was sickening to watch the media huffing and puffing on it. That's what I see in these news rooms when the try to "break down fake news" for America to consume on. Sick, right? It's REPULSIVE!

  8. You gotta look at the timing? When was the book written? And, if what is said in the book is true, wouldn't that be important?

  9. What about the emails and all of the caravans with bad hombres and thugs, nobody cares anymore!
    back in the good all days Trump would make fun of retards and reporters and women………….
    how about that Silver spoon draft dodging taco grabbing moron 2020, we just can’t get enough winning or whining😂

  10. Pompeo kicking NPR reporter off of plane just shows he's a crybaby little bitch, begging to be grabbed by the president. Yeah Mike I'm calling you a Pussy.

  11. What liberals do no understand is that behind the tRump lies, fox news lies, trumpians lies, behind all these, there is the true. Of course liberals don't see it because they refuse to get in tRump ass.

  12. What is wrong with a testimony from Bolton? It is always in the advantage of the republicans. if the testimony doesn't give any new information, the republicans are more sure that they have good candidate for the 2020 elections. If new evidence comes up proving that trump is a crook they can dump him and promote a new candidate. No republican wants a crook as a president.


  14. Wow look at that video of Don Lemon assaulting a man in a bar grabbing him . No wonder liberals like him so much. Well what life Don get your college paid for by white people then insult& assault them .

  15. Bolton is retaliating at Pres Trump for being fired + attempting to stuff his pockets with book profits.
    Bolton has committed conservative suicide. His book sales tour will b msnbc/cnn slimeballs.

  16. Clinton News Network is like hungry FISH….toss a few morsels of crumbs on water surface, and they go for them like sharks…lolol

  17. #MURDOCHPUTINincFOXNEWSformattedRT russian television, RT, "20% FAKE + 80% BAIT/truth," #putinstatenews IS NOT NEWS

  18. I think fox news need to be investigated for being Russian a
    asset, that the only reason I see for the utter disregard for the truth they keep preaching.

  19. Democratic rhetoric keep saying the bullshit and some will believe but not all trump wins 2020 by majority thanks cnn for making my vote easy

  20. Pompeo claimed he saw nothing wrong, as Trump courted China and Turkey…

    Pompeo claimed he saw nothing wrong, as Giuliani's henchmen, stalked, conspired against & then finally threatenened, Yovanovitch….

    Pompeo now claims he sees nothing wrong as his department carry out vengeful actions against journalists who don't tow the line….

  21. Guests like Wajahat Ali their attitude and the way they talk is going to get Donald Trump re-elected someone needs to speak to the base not keep infuriating them

  22. POMPAO should Testify as well since he was in the room and In the conversation with LEV PARNES at the time the " TAKE HER OUT" ," DO IT", ORDER was given by THE PRESIDENT.. In my opinion

  23. Listening to this with an open mind I can only conclude that watching this was like watching a cage fight with four truth challenged comedians

  24. We already know he wouldn’t lose any supporters if he shot somebody on 5th Avenue, so we shouldn’t expect this to wake anyone up.

  25. Bolton does not matter he’s trying to sell his book that’s why the book came out in lightning speed at a time of impeachment what a coincidence.i wonder who leaked the book Bolton I suspect he has it in for trump since trump fired his ass oh he resigned right

  26. Bolton's producer realizes impeachment is losing and therefore promoting sales. Dont be a human lab rat. The media is Dinging you lab rat. Dont take the cheese, bait. Fools.

  27. You say there is a divide between Bolton and Trump but even in the clips you showed there wasn't a divide at all, maybe a difference of opinion, but you didn't show anything conclusively to support that. I feel like the democrats and left media cannot get any more idiotic. How could their arguments be so stupid and unfounded? This whole impeachment trial has no evidence. The "scandal" with Ukraine. Trump was curious about a possible scandal with Joe Biden and his family using U.S. tax payer dollars to fund their world trade deals!

  28. This is a news station? With everything going on in the world..24/7 is negative trump bashing for years…who even watches CNN? Pathetic.

  29. Its CNN vs Trump not Bolton vs Trump. Just wait and see what happens hacks. Dems n fake medias be careful what you wish for. This will open PANDORAS BOX dummies.

  30. Michael Avenatti was a "paid" CNN contributor, what happened with that? Lmao. This "SHITSHOW" channel is a joke!! Hypocrites to the extreme!! Anyone who is fired is going to bad mouth the boss. #draintheswamp #walkaway #KAG2020

  31. The fool democrats had 87 days in the house plus 30 days of doing nothing to ask for more witnesses. They had their time wasted.

  32. The FOX machine is nothing more than a trump endorsing Russian asset. Vote BLUE 2020 and let’s get our factual information back.

  33. Trump cheats in golf, cheats on his wives, cheats on his taxes, and now he cheats on the election. Surprised? I’m not.

  34. I predicted fundamentalist dipshit would INCREASINGLY be made fun of back in 2001. LOW AND BEHOLD!!! 😂🤣😂🤣

  35. you're all nuts cant you see trump is actually winning this game. its so pathetic that you all are haters and this is pure simple hate. from the "diversity is our strenght" come autistic shreiks of the never trumpers "fuck trump". now that's diverse and inclusive isn't it? you all are an unhinged mob with psychopathic tendencies. you all claim to be the party of concern and support you're just a bunch of stupid hating assholes. trump will win 2020 by landslide and you will suck it up or be humiliated in public all of you. this is really becoming a civil war and you want some you''re going to get it. winning.

  36. Republicans are now eating and digesting their own to protect a class one Dipfuck. Keep it up!!! 🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  37. The Dems used to call Bolton a liar over and over again. Yet, all of a sudden, he is a trustworthy man. Hahahahaha… nice try.

  38. OJ..should have used the SO WHAT DEFENSE….i can hear him now…..Yeah i killed my wife and her friend…and the judge says Sir what is your plea…I PLEAD….THE SO WHAT DEFENSE….and the judge looks at him and says…LOCK HIS BLACK ARSE UP😂😂

  39. The first democratic candidate to call Dumpy to his face a gas bag and a fucking lyer, has got my vote, and everybody on Fox news and Republican senators and Dumpy's supporters and especially the evangelists, need to be broomsticke and tied to a bumper on a Mac Truck and dragged up and down Washington Avenue, yeah.

  40. Rudolph the red faced lawyer
    Had a very shiny phone
    And as he sat upon it
    You could say he was self owned
    All of the other lawyer's
    Sit and laugh and call him names
    They'd never let poor Rudolph
    Represent on any claims

    Then one foggy Ukraine eve
    Donald came to say
    Rudolph your so smart you see
    Can you be a thug for me?

    Now all the country mocks him
    As we shout it out with Glee
    He'll be locked up at Sing Sing
    Until 2063

  41. The One ton balls man has something to say, I would listen.I would listen to Sarkozy too, if one day judged.
    What happened to your "democracies" the West? To your republics?
    Get your stuff right Republicans, a huge responsability is on your shoulders, big one.

  42. Fake news from the New York Times. No collaboration on their story! They never got confirmation from anyone connected with Bolton. Does Freddo, Lemon and Stelter just go get drunk in a bar and make this stuff???

  43. Both the State Department and the Department of Justice have been compromised and are being run by Trump goons (Pompeo and Barr) who will do everything to protect the boss. The next President, whomever it may be, will have to purge and rebuild these institutions or Trump’s influence will continue even after he’s gone…

  44. So y'all believe a news paper article? Okay. That's funny. One sentence and you run with it not knowing the rest of the story. You people are stupid.

  45. So what and who cares? America cares, we don't say so what and follow blindly! The majority of Americans aren't hypocritical self serving liars. Trumpism is a blight on American democracy. They just told you that they don't care about crime and rule of law.

  46. To these Republican Senators in the Impeachment Trial, the only EVIDENCE
    they will accept is a handwritten note from Trump himself saying he is guilty!
    If that's the case, there would be no need for a court system.
    This is getting absurd.

  47. Fox Propaganda, they're not news, or entertainment, they're Trumps propaganda department. pure and simple. Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of them.

  48. The GOP are gonna use falsehoods like a sledgehammer to acquit Trump from Impeachment regardless of the Bolton's testimony! Those in power believe they are the above the law and that they the Republic-Con's will go on their way cheating steeling and corrupting the Constitution! They are relentless in their thinking and in the end they will face the people for their treachery against the Republic!

  49. What Trump and his propaganda machine are doing is to slowly boil the grog, to incrementally raise the level of mendacity, corruption and to slowly lower the bar for decency and honor to the point that when they start taking violent steps towards eliminating dissent, people would be numb and won't notice the radical changes. There's no doubt the cabal behind the curtains want to do is to turn this nation into a dictatorship, a banana republic, where greed is the law of the land and the "dear leader" IS the State.

  50. Impeachment could very well become a regular event going  forward into  the  future of America. Much  like  Brexit in England. In hundreds of years into the future people will flock to America to watch the Impeachment trials an event held every four years. Most will not know  how this four year tourist event started but the revenue in tourism will boost the US economy.

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