Fox News attends Kanye West’s Sunday church service

Fox News attends Kanye West’s Sunday church service

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  1. When you are with a King you will glorify him and praise him but not yourself. Is it happening here and is he doing that? That is between him and God.

  2. He is ushering in the antichrist!!!. He never preaches any gospel. That there is a red flag. He has litterly ruined a whole generation of kids with his horrible satanic rapping over the years. If he gave away all his riches and including that satanic Kardashian family, then we can talk whether he is a true Christian. I think he loves himself and his money and all the Hollywood glamour to even be Christ like. He is a fake in my opinion. Be cautious always, we are in the times of deception. You have been warned.

  3. God Bless Kanye and his Church! WTG KANYE!!! God uses all kinds of people which we are all an instrument of his peace to be used somehow. When God calls, You will answer! Amen!

  4. How did this man to compare a Kanye West concert like a Billy Graham Revival how dare you do you have any religion yourself do you yourself go to church how dare you compare this man work to Billy Graham God bless you this is what I mean this is exactly what I mean look out who you following look out who you listening to you got it twisted my brother whoever you are speak on TV whatever Channel you you need to be fired how dare you



  7. If kanye was true christian he would not be blasted all over the media. He hasn't spoken one word of gospel he is deceiving people who have never opened a bible and he will make is own gospel. STAY AS FAR AS YOU CAN FROM HIS CHURCH AND HIS WORD. Satan is the master of deception

  8. Kanye has accepted Jesus! Through him, many will turn their lives to Jesus. God in His Infinite Mercy can use the worst Sinner to Preach His Word or To Rule! That's what America is going through now!

  9. It’s weird reading all these comments about God and Jesus. These are the same Fox viewers who have no problem turning their back on their fellow human beings because they want a better life for their family. Same church who closed during the hurricane but the millionaire preacher tried to change the narrative. Keep supporting these fake prophets, you can’t buy your way to heaven by betraying God…

  10. Its the preaching of the gospel that draws people to true salvation. Music can help you worship, but the bible says its the preaching of the word.

  11. I will say this. I saw Kanye giving an interview about him following God now. Well, he was saying some curse words and even dropped the f bomb. Im sorry, but when God really saves you, He cleans your filthy mouth up. I used those words before my conversion. But as soon as I was saved, I didnt use them anymore. So , I didnt have a good feeling about that.

  12. If the world loves you then you are an abomination before God. The world loves Kanye also known as "Yeezus". Even Satan is pleased with him, look it up.

  13. If God can use Caesar Augustus to implement the Roman census that brought the Holy family to Bethlehem just in time for the Christ child to be born ! Then he can definitely use Kanye if he chooses , may God bless his ministry! Glory to God in the highest ! Love you all ! ❤✝️❤

  14. When the Lord fills you with His Spirit (Holy Ghost) you receive anointed power from on high.. gives you joy unspeakable & full of glory.. the world can't take it away👍🙏

  15. We shall see what he is doing..if this is another publicity stunt that will be messed up! I hope he has seen the light and he is more humble and appreciative for what he has! His arrogance made me have a dislike for him😒

  16. Here's the takeaway: Since 1859 when Charles Darwin published the Origin of Species scientists and educators have been declaring that God is dead, faith is outmoded and religion will soon die! Fredrich Nietzsche declared that God is dead in an attempt to usher in the age of the übermensche or the superman! "Man will solve all of his own problems and he is as creative as any God. There's no longer any need for God" remarked Nietzsche to himself and published that in his writings! That was in the late 1800's. Since then there have been two major world wars, and well over 200 million deaths under communism which is still alive and well in the world today! The churches, Christian that is, kind of took a back seat during the industrial age and, since then they have been waning!
    However, it takes a whole lot more than just declaring "God is dead" and Evolution is a fact in order to snuff out the Holy Fire of the Holy Spirit in the Earth! If need be God can and will go off of the reservation into the badlands and pluck out a well known somebody, save him and use him to start a revival of a "dead God" in people's minds and resurrect a dead church from the grave!
    It would seem that God is little deterred by the naysayers and hostile anti-Christian factions and individuals! For God it's all just another stroll through the park! He's the real power as Kanye found out! Hollywood, Google, Silicon Valley, the Modern Marxists, feminists, communists and all others are no match for God and what He can do through a rap artist! Alas, there's a certain poetic irony in a rapper, which is usually all about a self aggrandizing culture, now standing up and rapping and rhyming to the whole world about Jesus! Indeed Jesus is King 👑! In fact He's King of kings and Lord of lords

    1Corinthians 1:26 — 1:29

    Glory Only in the Lord
    26 For you see your calling, brethren, that not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called. 27 But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty; 28 and the base things of the world and the things which are despised God has chosen, and the things which are not, to bring to nothing the things that are, 29 that no flesh should glory in His presence.

  17. 100% guarantee this is about the Prosperity Gospel, not anything actually spiritual. Kanye broke into a new market, praise be?

  18. While all you naysayers try to explain your bias theories, God is using this man to turn a whole generation toward Christ jesus proving that God will use whomever he chooses.

  19. As a devoted Christian myself, I can tell Kanye is a legitimate born again Christian. This man is on fire for God and God is using Him. He is reaching and disciping people and bringing them to Christ. This is amazing. People need to stop doubting him because he is doing amazing things for God and His Kingdom. Kanye is doing what we all should be doing- making Jesus known, bringing others to Christ, and making disciples to continue spreading the word. We must finish the mission. It's a race to save as many souls as possible. Jesus is coming very soon.

  20. More hollywood silicon valley need Jesus also.

    Now what would signify this would be to donate your profits to the church.

    Spread the love 😎

  21. If y’all analyzed conscious hip hop more often by other rappers instead of bashing them all the time you would see the same kind of thing. But because they don’t support trump, you won’t. Fact

  22. Boy oh boy are Democrats angry er. All those Black Folks being converted not to Republicans in most circumstances but into Trump supporters.

  23. Christ told the wealthy man give away all your riches to the poor and follow me. You think you can get close to god and keep your riches… You wanna argue with Jesus hey that’s up to you

  24. I love that everyone is going to be saying Jesus is King! God is so clever 😄! All glory to you through this album Lord Jesus!

  25. Yes it's true. The TRUE and Living God has always used flawed and broken people.
    It's what He specializes in throughout the whole of scripture and in
    modernity.  People are looking for truth and genuine love and purpose.  Jesus IS King!
    He is coming very soon it time to wash our garments and invite others to do so.
    The fields are white for harvest.

  26. It is NOT ABOUT KANYE! IT IS ABOUT JESUS CHRIST! WHEN I see this young man and others like Snoop Dogg…you see the Fruit! The Dogg just wanted to keep the negative News Reports about him out of the public eye! Thus, his "Gospel" album colloboration!" All the while he raps about hating and killing President Trump! Where is JESUS CHRIST LOVE SNOOPY???

  27. She was ready to judge, I loved it when Christopher said, he’s flawed like you and me! God can use anyone 🙏🏻

  28. Fox hush 🤫 bc don’t no one need to sell records no more all about the views🧚🏼‍♂️ an keep the good work up KW✊🏼 love u God n I’m out🙌🏼🤟🏻✌🏼

  29. If news is covering a "supposed christian" then you know Cain is illuminatti…jesus ain't king. Jesus is God dum dums..

  30. Well Kanye, Are you going to sell all that you have and give your money to the poor now like Christ said, so you can have treasure in heaven? Yeah right! LOL.

  31. I hope and pray this all is sincere. It seems so. But what WE ALL KNOW is that THE INDUSTRY,GOVERNMENT etc,…whatever,…illuminate…???? Yea I went there. Well the POWERS THAT BE THAT RULE AND GOVERN THIS EARTH. I don't see THEM allowing Kanye to take this too far if it IS genuine. That's my only worry that makes me just wonder….also ALOT of celebrities endorsing him and this movement,and we know MOST celebrities ARE NOT followers of Christ. In fact ,quite the opposite…..However, whether you are a true believer like myself or not in our Lord Jesus Christ, we ALL KNOW we are in the last days, the end of the age,the end of the world. And God will use anyone and anything he chooses to reach the lost before it is too late. The devil is ramping up now like no time ever before. But of course if he is,then certainly our mighty God is as well!!!! 🙏

  32. Sorry yet its because theres so much BAD in most rap. My son turned away from Jesus because of it, and now is mean for years. Praise God for his ministry and to heal the world.

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