Flying like a bird | part 14/14

Flying like a bird | part 14/14

I was running…and… At one moment
you see the ground moving away, and then suddenly you’re free,
a really intens feeling of freedom. The true feeling of flying.
A f*cking magical moment! The best feeling I have
felt in my life.

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  1. Omg I wish they sell these things
    It's so cool I wish I had one

    (But…I found out its…fake…I was really happy when I first watched this video)

  2. Here is what people are referring to when they are saying it's fake:

  3. Clearly fake, it frustrates me how some ppl are fooled by this. Opens your eyes to how gullible most of humanity is and shows how ppl believe in nonsense and are unable think critically.

  4. This is amazing. I had thought this would be possible with some external power supply. Congrats. We need to figure out a way to do this without exerting so much of your own energy. I bet he was drained after this.

  5. Impossible! It may be done with leg muscles but no way with arms. Only Olympic level gymnasts can hold their weight out at arms length, and they could never do it on a lever that was four times as long. Even at arms length they can not pump up and down. Here's a real one, it uses leg power. Notice that it must be towed by a car to get up in the air first. Here's another leg powered one, almost in the air YAhahaha.

  6. Nothing is impossible we can break that limit by doing the impossible…..sad some people are too negative minded like chickens

  7. It's nice to c that u could take off from the ground but obviously it's fuckin exhausting ,if u could find a way to take off exactly the way a bird does by jumping a few feet off the ground followed by some full wing flaps, meaning you u should try some of those Pogo feet thing they use to jump and make flips and so bigger wings that make full flaps or jump off a cliff like a wing suit

  8. This is exactly just like Wright Brothers' moment when they were eventually being able to fly with their flying machine they invented! Now, we actually have someone who have invented a human powered Ornithopter! Wow! Congratulations sir!

  9. I saw this thing on the internet that said that you admitted that it was a hoax. I think you may have been in a helicopter recording the head set while your friends recorded a dummy on a kite, and you cut the kite string out of it. Maybe you put the camera on the dummy?! I am soooooooo interested in flying, and I am honestly trying to build my own! I will make a video of it if I make one! Anyways, this video encouraged me, even though it was fake. Awesome job!!! 😀

  10. So at first I thought this was real, But when I look at this, NO FUCKING WAY Can you generate that much lift, You'd need a god damn tornado. If this is real then How many fucking leaf blowers did you use cause GOD DAMN.

  11. 2 things, first of all, captain Disillusion needs to get on this, second, if it is real, provide schematics so people can make it themselves or, better yet, sell the more of them or show them to people in person, until that happens I won't believe it

  12. Hi buddy , What it if you put paddles just like a bicycle ? , So you wont need too much energy to fly . By the way , whats the difference between this test and previous one ? Previous test was unsuccessful. Did you change gears ?

  13. It's fake, still awesome for what it is…but it's fake. Which really annoys me because for a short moment I genuinely believed we were getting close to flying and was more than ready to throw money at this. So it's a good video as far as special effects go, bad as far as scientifical advancement goes… (Why can't someone just invent wings that work damit?)

  14. I think with some more work (and budget), they could've made it even more believable. I don't know if a film project like this would still be possible in this day and age, Discord squads would analyze the shit out of all these kinds of videos, people would want to start GoFundMes and such. But on the other hand, at some point we'll be able to create special effects that are near indistinguishable from real life. But who knows. I wish there was more like this though, I don't mind being fooled if it allows me to imagine something like this can be real for just a moment, as if I'm a kid again who believes that kind of stuff. Do tell me that it's fake afterwards though.

  15. Wau! This is very amazing 😀 thanks for sharing 😀

    Please make still one more video.
    How long you can stay in the air? Or how high you can and dare to go?

  16. For those who don't know, a background check into this project revealed it's fake. Jarno Smeets isn't a real person. The real person is Floris Kaayk, who has gone on live TV to admit it was a hoax. "I’m actually a filmmaker and animator. I am now 8 months working on an experiment about online media.”

  17. This is real, someone or some agent has paid him off, probably a US agency to have sole rights to this tech for military purposes. The fakeness is the only thing that is fake. It’s his intention to now claim he made it up. His been bought.

  18. Before we can't fly now we can do it by plane. How they start to learning flying by ideas and experiences. Now with this successful fly we will flying soon.

  19. Dear Jarno Smeets,

    смотрел ваш махолет в ютюбе, мне понравилось. Вы продвинулись дальше других, хотя в существующем виде ваш махолет имеет не больше перспектив чем планер дедушки Лилиенталя.

    Около 40 лет я разрабатывал проект махолета с человеком на борту. Я ничего не строил (Россия – не подходящая страна для этого), написал только десяток статей, мою фамилию можно найти и в Википедии. Я нашел только одного партнера в Америке, который оценил мою идею. Мы вполне могли бы построить махолет, но мой партнер внезапно погиб. Судьба.

    Я инженер в отставке, 81, пишу на русском для большей точности, но знаю и английский. Я решил отставить мой проект – хватит уже, если обществу махолет не нужен, пусть живет так. Пусть высоколобые специалисты закрывают глаза на существование огромной непознанной области авиации – АВИАЦИЯ НЕФИКСИРОВАННОГО КРЫЛА -хер с ними. Но все же я позволю себе дать вам несколько подсказок.

    1. Сделайте, чтобы ваш махолет отлично планировал и имел качество при фиксированных крыльях не менее 25 – 30, хотя бы.

    2. Возьмите для основы хороший современный пластмассовый планер, у вас умеют их делать (Я ВИДЕЛ ДАЛЕКО ПОТОМУ ЧТО СТОЯЛ НА ПЛЕЧАХ ГИГАНТОВ -Ньютон)

    3. Временно откажитесь от самостоятельного взлета, это самый тяжелый и опасный режим для машущих крыльев. Я знаю как это сделать.

    4. поставьте на борт систему гидроусиления, чтобы пилот мог двигать крыльями почти без усилий.

    Пока это все, но есть еще много чего. Если интересно – свяжитесь со мной. Мой скайп bordok, email [email protected]

    Привет! Борис Моисеевич Дукаревич, Москва, Россия.

  20. C'est bien fait ….et impossible .Il faut une force phénoménal pour agiter des ailes de cette envergure et décoller …là c'est du délire

  21. Hey brother I always wanted to try building something like that for myself haven't done a lot of research but want to start a way a thing to show we can have individual flight without need of jetpacks and etc and to fly like birds and angels maybe we can get in contact ill be willing to spend a couple thousand to build something like that if you want to help me out

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