Flüchtlinge fliehen zum Mars!! Breaking News?

Flüchtlinge fliehen zum Mars!! Breaking News?

Surprise! The news! THE communication tool to enlighten the masses or only opium for the people? What if the common language of the media changed? People believe in the TV Would that have an influence on society? We dared to experiment with that tought and travelled to the year 2035 for you. It’s 8 o’clock From the studios out of Bottrop The news for you With your host: Ronny Butzke Oh… hello there ladies and gentlemen Germany still with Angie? I doubt it After 32 years, our chancellor, our mum, leaves her throne The new chancellor Abdülkadir Basacikoglu says he’s gonna make sure to be Germany’s new „baba“ From Berlin for you, Peter Lerch I’m standing in front of the house of the new chancellor Basacikoglu His goals for the next years? I asked him about them. With me as chancellor there will be a transparent position concerning the entry of Greece into the EU The retirement age will be reduced to 75 years And third: the construction of the Berlin airport will be finished in the next few years… A big step for humanity, a small one for two young men No supporter of the now gone „PEGIDA“ would have ever thought, what two refugees would be capable of With their idea, they now move the world A report by Peter Lerch On July 3rd 2015, the two refugees Jacob Olisé and Hakim Al-Hariji came to Germany at the age of 10 on an absolutely jam-packed „Toys R us“-rubber boat. One escaped from the Boko Haram, the other from the riots of the Syrian civil war Together, they developed the conventional journey to Marrrs Two weeks later they put up the wall right through the Mediterranean Sea, right? I think it was three Three? Nobody could pass anymore. Everything was easier than getting into the EU So we thought: Why not straight to Mars? They made a virtue out of necessity and out of their criticism about the European treatment of refugees they developed an idea that could change the world And this is where we should ask ourselves: Is the Marrrs the better Europe? Yours truly, Peter Lerch. Floyd Mayweather’s life was one big party And no money, no party. nice… 20 likes… To further be able to afford his fancy life style, he stepped into the ring in Las Vegas against our German boxing world champion Zeina Nassar. He lost miserably in the first round after only one minute I haven’t seen that much fear in the eyes of a boxer in a very long time… Ha, you were scared there, weren’t ya? Of course. Why not?

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  1. Das im Jahr 2030 immer noch der Name "Ronny" existiert, ist das eigentlich Trauerspiel. Deutschland safft sich schwapp!

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