FINAL FANTASY XV x FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – Collaboration Launch Trailer (Closed Captions)

FINAL FANTASY XV x FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – Collaboration Launch Trailer (Closed Captions)

No way. You’re outta this world—literally! Meteorshards!? The Ixali beastmen must be using them. C’mon! No! Don’t tell me we’re too late! Oh, so you’re like adventurers! I’m Y’jhimei of the Y tribe. You don’t want that to happen, do you? You have to help me—please! Wretched insects of this alien world… Rejoice…and fall to your knees in supplication! I just so happen to know a little bit of arcana. Leave the healing to me!

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  1. Yes, just like old tiiimes
    FFXV may have been majorly cancelled, but we’re still getting double doses of updates and content for base game and comrades 🤩

    Actually keen for this limited event as the terra wars one was really good. I like how they’re kind of echoing the Moogle Chocobo Carnival and Assassins Festival- with the first one having just Noctis (in terra wars) and the second one with the bros (now in FFXIV)

  2. These collaborations with other FF games are nice and all, but it'd be great if you guys could finish those currently 3 canceled DLC.

    I think most of us would really really appreciate that.

    Also can we get PS4 remasters of:

    – Dragon Quest

    – Dragon Quest II

    – Dragon Quest III

    – Dragon Quest IV

    – Dragon Quest V

    – Dragon Quest VI

    – Dragon Quest VII

    – Dragon Quest VIII

    – Dragon Quest IX

    – Dragon Quest X (offline)

    – Final Fantasy

    – Final Fantasy II

    – Final Fantasy III

    – Final Fantasy IV Complete

    – Final Fantasy V

    – Final Fantasy VI

    – Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

    – Final Fantasy VIII

    – Final Fantasy XIII

    – Final Fantasy XIII-2

    – Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns

    – Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions

    Most of them are already on Steam and or iOS so you guys wouldn't have to do that much work to get it ported/remastered to the PS4.

  3. Basically, the ffxv characters gain access to jobs?

    Or, is it just like a few FFXIV raid bosses end up in the world of xv?

  4. Any idea who the new Astral is? I don't play XIV, but I looked at pictures of all the Primals and none of them look like whoever this is.

  5. I started playing FFXIV last month and I’m so stoked for this crossover!!! Noctis as a Miqo’te is purrfect and I can’t wait to snap a bunch of pictures of him.

  6. I was hoping if ffxiv would get anything from this collab but its not. Really wanted to do trial with ffxv music at background

  7. This is really cute; I might dust off my copy of the game for this. It's weird that Y'jhimei doesn't have a european accent like most of the Eorzeans we know though, and I kinda wonder why they didn't just use Y'shtola.

  8. man i play crack so i could not play this , i am thinking of buying the game but the game graphic is way too high for my PC . dont know if i should buy a PS4 Pro to play it or should i just build a PC for maximum graphic

  9. This is neat…..but…and this is coming from a hard core fan, I do believe XV is getting "milked" to death at this point. How about an FFXVI guys?

  10. you know we don't play this game anymore right? also all the glamor would be good if we could decide what appearance we have when changing gear this is usless otherwise!

  11. I'm pretty much confused. Do I need to add the "Comrades" to get access to that interessting quest or can I be happy by owning the Day One Edition?

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