Family of adopted daughter reveals what Trump told them

Family of adopted daughter reveals what Trump told them

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  1. No one could ever convince me that my president is not genuine! Awesome exchange!Glad to have witnessed this personal interaction.Thank you for sharing that special moment.God bless you.πŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘

  2. Okay media, keep telling me Donald Trump is a racist and doesn't care about people. The man has more love and compassion for people in his little finger than all of the lunatic left combined. The facts do not fit your made up narrative. In a word, liars.

  3. My Husband an I adopted our son when I was 45 @ what joy we have had now in my 70th yr .with a beautiful daughter in law ,a 5yr old grandson @ 3yr old granddaughter we are so so blessed .our son also came as a baby from a hard back ground of abandonment and drugs an crime but with GODS LOVE IN CHRIST we were able 2 give him stability and a safe happy upbringing .He always knew that his birth mom loved him enough 2 allow him 2 be our son and as a dad himself he has made that contact with her with our help and blessing so our grandies have 3 sets of grandparents now ! All the more 2 love and be loved Thankyou LORD .

  4. My daughter and her husband adopted a baby girl from the hospital right out from newborn and they just love her so much that is their baby and she is 13 now

  5. I like for all Christians to boycott Disney.that threaten Georgia if they didn't drop the new abortion law.Disney would pull out.

  6. The down votes must be from people who would have rather the little girl had been aborted , They like stats that include addicted fetuses , gives them an argument when it comes for the need of abortions ,

  7. God bless you mr. President and your family I'm praying for you and may you prosper and be in good health thank you again for what you do for our country

  8. I am just happy it was not that other old guy meeting this little girl, her hair would not be the same after all the smelling!?!?!?!?!

  9. Well, little Kat has the famous part down and two wonderful parents. May God give her the focus and drive to achieve her goals.

  10. Can you imagine what these people will go threw after being mentioned by trump he does really care so sad this leftist have to be such spoiled lil whinny babys

  11. Very impressed that this quiet family would be bold enough to share their faith in Christ on public television. That is the key to this story. Brilliant! Thanks as ever Fox News for telling it like it is. No edits – so appreciated.

  12. Huntsman went to the dark side when she left Fox.What do you expect from a member of a family that practices poligamy.

  13. I was adopted, I was brought up knowing from a young age, I had a cousin who was also adopted in the family 3 yrs before me. She never knew from a young age, she was getting married and when she went to look for her birth certificate, she found her adoption certificate instead. She was shocked and upset that her parents never told her. I think its a great thing for adopted children to know when they are young and that they are special children.xx

  14. now that's making America great again big time. Watch out carefully now she is a Trump supporter. Them dam Demon-rats have no Honor ya know they are mad in the mind and soul.

  15. WOW, God bless you guys & she looks so comfortable. Just like you found favor in her He/our Father finds favor in you.

  16. If this was one of those women that chant my body my right! This little girl wouldn't be here today she would have been aborted! See guys even a dope head has a heart and gave this little girl a life and a chance to grow up and experience the world!!

  17. Touching but not surprising. President Trump and the First Lady have proven countless times that they're caring people. But the Fake News either doesn't recognize character or simply won't acknowledge it! The latter being the probable case.

  18. Katherine won't be alive if she came up from liberals family. They would hv aborted d baby but fortunately, she is raise by God's fearing family.

  19. π™Άπš˜πš πš‹πš•πšŽπšœπšœ π™Ώπ™Ύπšƒπš„πš‚ πšƒπš›πšžπš–πš™!

  20. I know all politicians kiss babies or whatever, but President Trump seems to really enjoy and genuinely like the interactions he has with kids, he seems truly interested in them and they make him have a real smile. It's a neat insight into him as a person, and kind of unexpected, though he is a father of five.

  21. Awesome. Wonderful. Powerful. Loving. Thank you Lisa and Bruce. You, too, Mr. President. Katherine, you are beautiful.

  22. Too Bad the repoerter I don't say her name anymore went to the View.What a shame she left Fox for a decrepid show like the View!

  23. What would moron Trump know to tell a little girl , he barely has anything to do with his own , except Ivanka, creepy situation there, stupid Traitor Trump , I would not let him near my daughter

  24. The left will hate on this somehow. The left wake up everyday with hate in their hearts.
    Stories like this are Kryptonite to the vile left.


  26. What a wonderful story.
    It brings tears to my eyes to watch and listen to the Alexander's speak about their beautiful addition to their lives.
    Thank you President Trump.
    Thank you Fox News
    Thank you Lisa and Bruce Alexander.
    Katharine is beautiful.

  27. That'll bring a tear to your eye! President Trump doesn't do things like that for votes. He does it because he actually cares and is a wonderful human being! TRUMP2020 REELECTED

  28. I have an adopted daughter who is 7. We have had her from birth due to her parents inability to want to deal with her. I was 59 and her grandma/mother was 47 at the time. There has never been a day that I have thought of her as something other than my daughter. My children and grandchildren and families and our friends back in the states love her as well. Such a joy to be a part of.

  29. What a great story to neutralize all the hardship out there. Well done Mr President to acknowlege great parents.

  30. Realize that this is not a family game
    …a child is not another whim and a toy… someone much bigger looking at it.

  31. I've heard that children are being placed in cages and concentration camps… shouldn't these children be, instead, put up for adoption and naturalized?

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