Fact-Checking Trump’s Claim On Funding Source Of Iranian Missiles | NBC News

Fact-Checking Trump’s Claim On Funding Source Of Iranian Missiles | NBC News

71 Replies to “Fact-Checking Trump’s Claim On Funding Source Of Iranian Missiles | NBC News

  1. this sick, despicable POTUS PIG knows very well how much Racism comes into play in America so why not blame the "Black guy for all of these attacks???!!!

  2. The Iranians just saved themselves by not killing some of our troops with the launching of the ballistic missiles. They wisely avoided killing any of our soldiers!

  3. Why do you people hate trump so much… it’s disgraceful… go move to Iran, if you don’t like it in the USA, I hear it’s nice this time of year… 😂😂😂

  4. As a Democrat im Tiered of watching NBC taking the side of Foreign Countries and the side of terrorist…thats just sick!!!!

  5. The Orange blob screeched "American Hostages" 1979 and LIED through his teeth …the hostages were CIA as a result of America(CIA/Mossad ) over throwing new Iran democracy 1953 – 1979 ..typical dumb red hat

  6. You see how easily he spouted out that misinformation to the entire world? How easy it is for him to lie to the American people.

  7. Stop making money of trump and get rid of him.i wish i can just wipe all of y'all news people of my phone sick of all of y'all.

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  9. Iran and Trump already agreed on this whole play for the public. Much the same as Trump hit an empty airport in Syria to demonstrate he was not afraid of Putin. Talk about fake news this entire presidential reign was scripted by his unemployed team of writers from his now dead show.

  10. The Iranian feel like being tough is the best course of action. We already know the Iranian are tough and is nothing to play with.that the reason we can't let them get nuclear weapons. The Iranian need to show strength in another category and show Americans they are able to work with other .the whole world is calling for deescalation and we the American are even offering peace this should be a no brainer. Iranian need to stop doing everything in they power to make the situation worse like funding smaller groups to attack us. If they want peace they need to move like it .American are smart we know the difference.

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  12. Sorry NBC but you aren't going to 'fact check' anything for me.
    You've been KNOWINGLY lying to the American people for years.

  13. trump's embarrassment at the hands of obama at a couple of whitehouse correspondents dinners and his subsequent desperate desire for vengeance and retribution is the basis for the vast majority of trump's actions as president. his obsession is clear.

  14. Who can believe anything coming from tRump or his administration given their history. They have zero credibility. This administration is so corrupted and filled with lies you don’t know what A$$Hole they’re speaking out of. One thing for sure, the room sure stinks.

  15. Well Lester, I only went on the NBC News YouTube Channel so I could come in and make a comment that maybe someone will see, because the MSM is losing audience and market share like a rock going into a pond. You so-called journalists are despicable and the public is rejecting the so-called news that you keep spouting forth because everyone realizes it is FAKE NEWS ! ! !. The statements that just about every so-called journalist of the MSM has made is anti-American and you know it. The General Public is leaning toward the real news because we can no longer expect to see objective journalism from you guys. I really wanted to direct this to Chuck Todd but I noticed NBC News has refused to put any of Chuck Todd's recent so-called newscasts on YouTube and you can only go back as recent as several months. Chuck Todd, you need to go home or else sign up with the left wing Democrats who have abandoned this country. Former FCC chairman, Newton Minow, had it right in 1958 and it still applies today. His famous quote to the NAB was and still is, "Television as we know it today, is a VAST WASTLAND" ! If you really want to know what's going on, listen to Mark Levin on National radio because he tells it like it is.

  16. maybe the commander was in Iraq undercover looking for more isis. You gotta sleep with the devil in order to catch him. If the commander was planning more attacks, why would he travel to Iraq by himself? He is the biggest commander in Iran. So what was he doing in Iraq by himself and without all his heavy hitter soldiers? I think the commander was establishing a connection in order to hit the top like cops do with drug dealers.

  17. Nancy Pelosi needs to see why any of these Men would think that it was okay to lie on me like I have to be around them. Caleb from the Mayor's Office stated that he allowed the DA and the City Attorney to say that they can restrain me from proving that I been won my case where there has NEVER been any fights at my Hearing Officer Office. Caleb sounded drained and drugged. That does not sound like Patriots who would let the DA and the City Attorney violate the Law. The Mayor's Office in Oakland was supposed to make it clear that they do not put anything in my name or ever tell me to go to any trial without merits. It shows that these people are obsessed with me. What kind of President tries to check for Iran with Oakland downtown People in need of immediate removal. The President is trying to focus on People who are not the target. I want to know why does this President keeps letting these People lie on me. If he does not go after these People putting false information in Government Computer Databases. The President needs to be arrested. He is threatening my life for providing my proof. That is a threat and jail time. Impeachment is the correct word. He is telling these People in Oakland that it is okay to lie on me and live in my home unlawfully because I do not want to see or meet any of his People or Anyone else. They are deranged in every way of the word.

  18. Trump was pumped full of drugs as he read the BS written for him. There was no immediate threat. They left that out of the BS statement.

  19. It is so strange hearing "the chosen one" (aka most corrupt president of all times) talk about the blood drenched hands of the Iranian general all the while remembering his lovers talk about the little fat dictator in North Korea.

  20. Having been POTUS for three years, Individual 1 still can't get a loan from an American bank. Welcome to Atlantic City.


  22. NBC lies. They used to just cover for rapists and pedophiles. Now they cover for terrorists too. Even lie that Obama gave them access to their billions and pallets full of cash in middle of night (oh Obama or No President can give another country billions in cash in middle of night). Where are your constitutional scholars now you vile corrupt media? Majority of America hates all the corrupt news media and your time is coming

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