11 Replies to “Exclusive video shows what may have prompted fatal shooting in NYC restaurant

  1. I know Crazy Right…. I Heard & Saw Them Gun Shots being Fired From My Apartment Window Right Across The Street From Floridita Restaurant…
    It all happened about 4:35am When I Got Up Too Used The RestRoom 🚻..
    Than 5min later the block was HOTBOXS With Da Fed's & The Whole 33rd & 32nd Precinct Had The Whole Block On Lock Down… Real Talk Tru3Story 💯 SMFH…. & The Funny Part Is That It's Not Even Summer Yet…
    That's The Most Crazy Part of It All..
    Word iz Bound

  2. he pulled out the 45 cause the lightskin boy was slashing him. it was self defense. as far as the innocent bystanders. its fucked up but its the slashers fault for doing it not the shooter's.

  3. These things don't happen here in Vermont. There are no gun laws here; even felons can carry. There are very few black people here…

  4. Looks like the dude that got shot went in his pocket to pull out a knive before he went down on the guy. I call theta self defense

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