#Etika #DutyRon update #BreakingNews possible found. #Youtube content creator Missing

#Etika #DutyRon update #BreakingNews possible found. #Youtube content creator Missing

good evening YouTube Duty Ron checking
in I am a retired New York City police Detective check it in tonight with a
sensitive subject and I’m gonna wait for a couple of people to come on in
actually when a week for some of the moderators to come on in to the
broadcast before I begin but something kind of real is something very sensitive
that is going on right now here in the New York metropolitan area hello Tiffany
good to see you thanks for joining hi Tami hi gala good
to see you hi Bella hey Mikey how’s it going let me just get
Joey Brooklyn in the house stand by guys hey how are you Richie thanks for
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kind of cover the grounds with this there’s a lot of people that are going
to asking me to go live about it tonight there’s new developing breaking news in
regards to it yes yes love and respect right back to you DJ
Joey Brooklyn talked to me about this the other day and somebody mentioned it
to me I think it was I want to say I don’t remember somebody mentioned it to
me yesterday in one of my lives so I did a little bit of research hello Ryan
hello con bag so so damn said yes yes if in fact it is confirmed so I’m gonna
wait for a couple more people to come on in I just sent Joey a text message so
hopefully he’s going to come in a a couple of my moderators here’ll aaron
good to see you Thank You Aaron I appreciate you hello Farmall great to
see you thank you for joining everybody go subscribe to farm all fanatic check
out his YouTube page he’s a great content creator he’s got a lot of good
stuff that he puts out so I encourage everyone to go and
check out his channel peace to all alright so guys there’s a there’s a very
very popular YouTube broadcaster I believe I don’t know much about him
Atika is his name ET i want to get the spelling right ET ika and he is a
popular youtuber in the gaming community here hundreds of thousands of
subscribers he’s a very popular young man that does broadcasting on youtube
and probably some of the other platforms maybe twitch those of you who are new
that are joining my name is duty Ron I’m a retired New York City police detective
I did 20-plus years in the New York City Police Department so I know my stuff
when it comes to investigations in regards to missing persons and I know
how investigations are conducted when it becomes the missing persons I’ve been
involved in thousands of searches for missing persons throughout my 20-year
career from the capacity of a routine patrol officer to right up into the
scales of a detective and the searches that are conducted by the New York City
Police Department or thorough they consist of foot land and sea we have a
harbor unit we have our aviation unit we have our emergency services unit we have
our k9 unit we have patrol and the detectives squad all of those units get
involved welcome in from New Zealand kia ora to all my great friends over new
zealand so these these investigations are very thorough they’re not taken
lightly so the New York City Police Department takes missing persons
although we get a high volume of these type of calls and these types of reports
we take them seriously and they’re the the searches are done
very I never heard of him until yesterday
somebody told me on one of my broadcasts hello Pamela good to see a red like wine
thanks for coming in Hales good to see you
so I’m here to kind of try to set the record straight I’m gonna give you guys
some good valid information in regards to Etica tonight arm at about 6:45 p.m.
between 6:30 and 6:45 Eastern Standard Time a body was recovered from right
around pier 16 and that’s the South Street Seaport for those of you who
don’t know New York City well pier 16 is in the vicinity of the South Street
Seaport so that is a very popular tourist attraction hello hello Andrea
good to see you Andrea hope all is well with you so this this area right here is
you know part of East River it’s a little bit a little bit of a distance
from the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges the Brooklyn Bridge is right there it’s
alleged that on Wednesday last Wednesday Attica made a YouTube video I’ve yet to
see it I haven’t seen it he made it a YouTube video stating that he was words
to the effect that he was going to end his life again I didn’t hear the video I
didn’t watch it so I don’t know what the content of it was but it was something
serious enough to where it was alarming to his family or friends and it was
reported to the NYPD and it’s somewhere later on that evening I think some of
his belongings were found on the Manhattan Bridge which is a short period
away from that hello lady good to see aleady thank you for joining
so some of his belongings were found on the Manhattan Bridge
and a search was commenced by the greatest police department in the world
the NYPD so the detective bureau was involved in it the Aviation Harbor and
probably k-9 went out on the search for this young man again suicide is a very
serious a serious situation it’s not to be taken lightly so when someone talks
about or threatens acts of suicide ending their own lives we have to take
this seriously as police agency but also as human beings we have to take it very
seriously so if you know of anybody who is has suicidal tendencies or has
anything in regards to mental health you know there are the suicide hotlines and
there’s many many different resources available to the public where we as
friends and as human beings we have to respect the you know this situation the
mental mental health of this gentleman was not well was not good I didn’t know
him I that you know he was suffering you know and from all accounts that I’ve
read in regards to her this this young man he he he had some mental health
issues okay that being said and that being put aside tonight at about 6:30
6:45 p.m. on the East Coast the the NYPD Harbor unit was dispatched for what we
call a floater and that’s the police that’s the police job that’s how it came
over the radio for a floater in the East River around pier 16 so a harbor unit
was dispatched and went to the location and recovered a body I made a phone call
before I went live to one of my one of my counterparts one of the my
fellow NYPD detectives that I used to work with she works in the harbor unit
and she confirmed from me that it was a unrecognizable human remains human body
and it was a male human body not a female so but no identification is made
at this time and just just as an FYI to everybody the police department do not
we do not make the identification when there is a person that’s in the water
and the body is you know not in good shape once a human body goes under and
if it’s not recovered within six to eight hours of being a drowning victim
the the body is not is not well preserved at that point again the East
River saltwater a lot of contaminants in there and bloating and a lot of other
effects that I won’t even get into with you guys here I’ve seen like over my
time quite a few recoveries from the East River and from different bodies of
water and it’s not a pleasant sight and it’s very hard to make notification or
identification on a body that’s in that in that kind of condition so this this
human remains of a male will go to the medical examiner’s office and the chief
medical examiner’s office on 23rd Street the dog is scratching on 23rd Street
we’ll make the official identification through forensics or DNA the family will
be called in to either view the body or look at a picture of the body depending
on the condition and that’s how the identification is made the police do not
just make random identifications of human remains when it’s a situation like
this we rely on our forensics experts at the
chief medical examiner’s office which is on 23rd Street in Manhattan I’ve been
there many many a times and the the identification could happen as early as
this evening depending on how fast the wheels of motion but I watched the video
of the body being removed from the from the from the river the East River and
you know obviously couldn’t make any kind of identification this could be him
and this could not be him so I would say let’s use extreme caution
if it is in fact him may he rest in peace and my heart goes out to his
family and all of his fans and his friends with all due respect I sent out
my heartfelt thoughts and prayers to him and his family it’s it’s not an easy
thing to lose a human being to suicide or human being to any kind of death I I
just lost my mom about a month ago and it’s not great so again I say let’s use
extreme caution you’re gonna have a lot of people that are gonna go live and
they’re going to talk about this and make assumptions or presumptions of
whether it’s this gentleman or not I feel that um I feel that you know we
need to use we need to exercise a little bit of restraint here you know people
are saying well you know there’s tons of bodies recovered from the East River and
from the Manhattan waterways that’s not true I mean it’s not like we’re fishing
bodies out on a regular basis does it happen yes it happens but it’s not like
we’re fishing out 10 15 bodies a week from the the from the Manhattan
waterways hello dooty dooty blue good to see you Dylan so again I’m giving it to
you straight up this is coming from somebody who has been in the police
department for 20 years in the New York City Police Department the NYPD the
greatest detectives in a world this the situation depending on the
condition of the body may take 24 hours we’re the medical examiner’s office is
very quick at identification or it could take as long as you know two days but
max within a day or two we’ll know definitively who who this poor soul and
whoever it is may he rest in peace I like I said the only thing I can
confirm for you is that it is a male we don’t know the whether it’s black white
Hispanic because when a body is in the water that long it tends to skin color
tends to without getting into gory details it’s it’s difficult to identify
the the you know the the skin color when when you have a body in the water so let
me say hello to a few people in the chat let me just check out a few of my good
friends in the chat hello Joey Brooklyn hello Meg lo Aaron Leahy Rene Scott love
and respect burg strong thank you so much for coming in hi Christina
excellent to see you Joey thank you for your thank you for moderating on the
channel hello free to laugh now good to see it I am the police as you could see
from the three different signs here’s the New York City detectives logo the
greatest detectives in the world this came from my good friend Matt Sully his
dad is a retired captain and this is my NYPD you police hat yes indeed Josh are
good to see you good to see you mind if I share this on Twitter yeah sure you
could share it on Twitter I’m going to share I’m gonna create a post I didn’t
even share come talk about okay so I just shared that out myself
I’m gonna show you guys a little video you know this is coming from the
citizens app guys this is a little bit of footage of of the Harbor Patrol I’m
not gonna show actually the actual body being removed from the water but I’m
gonna show you just a little clip quickly from the citizens app hold on a
second guys I’m just sharing hello Melissa Ann good to see you good to see
you just a disclaimer thank you for sharing on Twitter guys if you don’t
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if you can share on to Facebook I’m gonna do that myself hello Melissa
good to see you beehive good to see you thank you for joining hello who is mark
thank you for joining so again guys yes the information is at this time we
have a recovery from the water by a pier 16 in the in the East River that is at
the South Street Seaport it is a male no confirmation on the personal
identification so we’re gonna use extreme caution folks this could be
anybody this doesn’t necessarily have to be him
so I would like to just use extreme caution in in in you know drawing
conclusions at this time okay we have to leave this up to the medical examiner
the chief medical examiner’s office on 23rd Street in Manhattan they will do
the positive identification of of this gentleman we don’t know am Samantha we
don’t know if it is him so let’s use extreme caution in you know
the we’re talking about a human being here guys so before we put this guy you
know before we put this guy in an area where he doesn’t need to be let’s wait
for the authorities and it won’t be from the actual police department itself it
will come from the medical examiner’s office um I don’t know the actual
figures Aaron but it’s not like it’s they listen we had under 200 homicides
total in the city of New York last year under 200
so hello Joe Schmoe good to see ya United all unite thank you for joining
one bike one bicycle seat thank you for coming in it’s alleged that this person
was a Youtube very famous YouTube broadcaster you welcome AP a very famous
YouTube broadcaster and he made a video on Wednesday last week that he was
contemplating suicide and again if we know anybody who is in a bad place it’s
our it’s it’s it’s almost our obligation as human beings to extend a helping hand
or call the 1-800 suicide the suicide prevention hotline and I’d like to have
one of my moderators put up the suicide the 1-800 suicide prevention hotline and
if you don’t know it I could put it up in the chat and then if you guys can
just put it out with the Manhattan Bridge camera show his activity there
are dead spots with the lack of a better word there are some areas that are not
covered the whole bridge as you can understand is a huge bridge the span of
the bridge is huge they don’t have cameras covering every
ounce of that bridge I’ll tell you that right now I know that for a fact so is
it’s a possibility that he got up there got into a spot where there was no
cameras and if he did in fact jump from the bridge
it could have gone undetected because if it was detected by us by the police
department we would be doing the complete sweeps and searches of that
body of water on a regular basis it would happen daily Thank You Doody blue
there’s the 800 number one eight hundred two seven three eight 255 if you or any
of your friends or anyone you know are suffering from depression or having
contemplated suicide the 1-800 two seven three eight two five five and I implore
each and every one of you to spread that and spread that phone number out and get
the message out you could save a life it could be mean the difference between
life and death I know from my professional
law-enforcement career I have saved many from jumping off of buildings in the
housing developments that I worked in so I have I have a few stories that I could
talk to you guys about but this is not the time or the place his car a Joe I
don’t know I don’t know hello life of MC good to see you thank you for joining
so again yeah I’m here to just give you there has been a recovery from the from
pier 16 in Manhattan which is the South Street Seaport nobody knows whether it
is in fact this young man so please let’s let’s refrain from making a
statement that this that this is him we don’t know that we have to keep his
family in our thoughts and prayers and we have to be respectful to this young
man they would have known Tammy if he jumped on the camera spots but Tammy
there are some areas that are not covered on that bridge there are some
areas that are not covered so there’s if we if we as the police department knew
that he jumped or anybody jumped off that bridge there’s a there will be a
continuous patrolling of Harbor scanning for this person
so so again I I say this Thank You gravy plays I appreciate it
guys if anybody’s new here into the channel please subscribe hit the
notification bell down below leave me some comments again I run a respectful
Channel so any derogatory comments or any comments that are negative will be
deleted and you’ll your your your your account your account will be blocked
here on my channel so I really don’t tolerate any disrespect towards anybody
here in my chat or on the comments section so that’s the only thing that
you we do here so again guys you know nothing’s been confirmed what will
happen the process is the medical examiner’s office will do an autopsy and
they will do through through forensics they will make a positive identification
the family will be involved in it I’m sure that the family has already
probably been called down to try to bring a toothbrush or hairbrush or any
type of personal effects to the medical examiner’s office for an exact match
sometimes in these situations a viewing an identification through what we would
normally see in any crime show where the family goes and they pull a morgue
drawer out and there’s a body that won’t happen here because of the condition of
the body this will all be done through forensics hello Edwin Vasquez hello Ron
from the finest Philadelphia Police Department
guys if anybody’s new here in the broadcast let me know you’re watching
city and state and I will give you a shout-out but as far as it goes here I
am giving you the best possible information that I could give you I’m
not here to try to sensationalize this at all thank you so much for the super
chat thank you for the super love there tsukuda
thank you so much I probably messed your name up but I’m sorry about that
ah like I said it said I don’t know anything about this this gentleman I
know nothing about him at all I’m not saying anything good bad or indifferent
but I do know that a lot of people have been sending me messages because of my
police background and the career that I had with the New York City Police
Department a lot of people have been coming to me not asking me to solve this
case but just asking me about it like a P you’re welcome
a P a lot of people have been coming at me and just asking me about this so I
just felt that it was um okay excellent excellent thank you so much for the put
a super chat greatly appreciate that so um
hello Valerie love from Detroit great to see you thank you all right I’m gonna go
and look at the chat and I’m gonna try to say hello I did confirm Gigi doe that
the the body that has been recovered is a male that has been confirmed by a
police source that I personally know in the police department
so yes yeah Cathy I mean like I said I would I would if I had to put a if I had
to put a number on it I’d say by tomorrow by midday tomorrow or the end
of business day tomorrow we’ll have a positive identification the body is yes
Erin yes so we will have a positive ID by sometime tomorrow just because it’s a
male doesn’t mean that it’s a hundred percent hem so don’t go drawing
conclusions from there either you’re welcome Cheryl my pleasure yes
Joshua that’s correct and the longer the person or the the
body has been in the water the more it the more it makes it difficult life of
MC thank you so much for the super chat thank you so much
everybody please go check out life of MC she’s got a wonderful channel she’s from
the Philippines she’s a great of she’s a great wife and a great YouTube content
creator so I recommend you guys go check her out
he was last heard from June 19th I believe it was last Wednesday
angel pepper correct me if I’m wrong but I think it was last Wednesday when he
made that video and then I think they found they found his personal rafet of
personal effects Wednesday night early into Thursday
mark Margie rocks thank you so much for those kind words I appreciate that
hi deco paintin T good to see you so let me scroll back a little bit in on the
chat I’m gonna take a little bit of Q&A I have slow mode enabled so I’m gonna
take some Q&A from you guys let me just scroll back on the chat so this way I
don’t miss anybody I know you guys have been sending some some questions so I
want to I want to try to get to them so give me two seconds guys again this is a
sad sad situation you know I have a son this this guy’s age so I have a son his
age and it really really makes it very sad for me too to even have to talk
about this because tonight tonight I was looking to go live to update all of my
all of my subscribers and all my good friends in regards to the dangers of
traveling to the Dominican Republic but since we had this breaking news I wanted
to come live and speak about this young man and you know again I ask each and
every one of you to use extreme caution when speaking about this this situation
when speaking about this young man he’s got a family he’s got a mother and a
father hopefully and you know we have to try to be respectful to the family in
regards to this I did I saw that Dylan thank you so much my son’s do not know
of him I asked before I came on so they do not watch him on YouTube no unrecognizable doesn’t mean a murder
it just means that get duck it just means that when a when a body is
inside inside of salt water for a long time or any type of body of water it
decomposes quickly and it bloats up the water gets inside and the body swells
and I don’t want to go into the the nitty-gritty of it but it’s not good
it’s not good guys so again I mean we have slow mode enabled and I want to
just get a couple of get a couple of questions in so if you guys want to
slowly send some questions to me I’ll try to answer the ones that I feel that
are relevant here so did you find the ID nobody found the ID I did not I
personally did not find the ID so yeah yeah it’s tough there you go Kathy I’m
with you on that I’m with you on that Kathy my in a very respectful way I
wanted to do this broadcast I wanted to just get the it day it’s it’s to be
determined by the medical examiner TB BX that’s going to be nobody’s going to be
able to know that by pulling the pulling of a body out of a body of water pulling
a human remains out of a body of water that’s been there for extended period of
time there’s no way to I covered that early
on in this broadcast there’s no way to tell what it whether white black or
anything indifferent it needs to be done by forensics at the medical examiner’s
office please guys just trust me on this I’m not just feeding you some nonsense
my credentials are strong I’m a retired New York City police detective I have
20-plus years in the police department and here is my credentials are right
here that’s my detective shield and my ID card goes along with that which is
right here in my wallet gonna cover up my social security number
so nobody sees it but I’m a retired NYPD detective and I know what I’m talking
about okay so when you going on to other channels or any other channels that
people are just talking about this the police are if they have valid
information that there was a jumper and someone confirmed jumped off of one of
our bridges an all-out search from the air from the from the Marine Division
from the aviation from emergency services to k9 they go out and they do
the search and trust me it’s a very very thorough search I’m not looking at what
reports were I got my information from my police sources inside you know what
I’m saying so I don’t need to go in and look at what other people are reporting
I’m telling you hands down what I know from my inside personal friends I spoke
to a female officer who works in the harbor unit she didn’t do the recovery
herself but some of the people in her unit did the recovery so let me just
scroll back to AP’s comment hold on a second hello cup of joe good to see you
dammit a piece comment went by so fast and I have slow mode and thank you
dearly everyone I hope to prevent anyone else from suffering the way our family
is now suffering ap my heart breaks for all of you guys
so yes the the identification will come out probably by the end of business
tomorrow depending on how busy the medical examiner’s offices or it will be
sometime right after tomorrow are you allowed to say what deceased was wearing
there was no indication of that I didn’t ask
I could call back and ask but I don’t think at this point it’s gonna matter
because by the time we get all this back out and I’m not gonna just do another
live to tell what the clothing is let’s use extreme caution here it’s not been
confirmed that it is him I will say that it is like I said a male but that’s as
far as it can go at this point they you know if he was wearing any
clothing it was probably off of him it was probably off from the currents
the currents in those rivers most people who live here
Joey Brooklyn can tell you I can tell you those currents in the East River and
in huh cerebrum both both bodies of water that surround Manhattan the
currents are wicked they are wicked anybody that jumps in there you can get
sucked under by the current and whipped around it’s not a pleasant thing so you
know I gotta say you know even if you were to fall in by accident into one of
these bodies of water the current will rip you under and you’ll there’s been
reports of people that have fallen in by accident and just got sucked under and
you just never see him again so again be careful when you buy any
large body of water especially here in New York City the currents run wild over
here no no Evan that’s not necessarily true
not necessarily true it’s possible but it’s not necessarily true so good to see
at ease mom hello Cathy hey detective what is the race of the
body we don’t know yet I’m not gonna keep repeating myself guys if you want
to watch the replay you can get a lot of valid information if you watch the
replay I’m gonna I’m gonna go now and turn to the citizens app and I’ll give
you guys a little bit of video from the citizens app and you guys can see the
actual harbor boat I’m not gonna show the removal of the body or anything like
that but I’m gonna show a little bit of the citizens app for you so let me set
that up let me set that up for you guys alright guys so if anybody squeamish
I would I would recommend that you guys not watch this not that it’s anything
tremendously terrible but it’s it is you know it is part of as part of the
citizens app you guys anybody can go on there and look at this
but if you are squeamish in any way maybe it’s not a good idea that you
watch this so that’s my disclaimer it’s labeled body found in water I’m not
gonna play the audio from it but I’ll just play the video so you guys can see
it alright let me set this up for you hold on this is straight from the citizens app
that’s the harbor launch boy boat in there on the front bow trying to get the
body out of the water there it’s down below right below the front of the boat you can clearly see in the water you’re welcome Sean con man thank you for your kind words exactly Cristina Christine exactly
Christine prayers and prayers and thoughts go out sly that’s not necessarily true the
currents dragged by drag items in and out it there’s no set
there’s no set there’s no rhythm a rhyme to how this happens my Thank You
Michelle there’s standard sized body bags there’s they don’t come there’s
just one size kind of fits all here you know so it’s not like they have all
different sizes there’s there’s no way of telling whether it was a tall male or
a short male but I I can confirm that it is a male and that comes from my inside
source correct Aaron that is correct this is just a boat responding to the
location this is just the actual harbour launch responding from a different angle
that is the Brooklyn Bridge right in front of you ladies and gentlemen that’s
the Brooklyn Bridge and then beyond it is the Manhattan Bridge that’s how close
they are all right Thank You Aaron thank you so this is the South Street Seaport
that we’re looking at right here this is a little shaky camera but this again is
from the citizens app it’s available to anybody to go see if you go to citizens
app and you go to Explorer and you look at New York City this will come up it
says body found in water those two bridges are the Brooklyn
Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge is about four videos I’m going to go through them
all that is them with the body recovered in the gurney they have a gurney it’s
yellow they’re leaning over onto it right now those are detectives and
police officers from the harbor unit I’m not looking at the chat right now guys
I’m just trying to give you guys some legitimate commentary from New York City
police detective retired so these are the actual detectives that did the
recovery and they are going to load the body into that ambulance right directly
in the background correct correct gamer you are correct
and I’ve been saying that all along here if there’s no guarantee that this is him
and until we have positive identification made through the medical
examiner’s office and his family this the ID won’t won’t be made but I can
tell you this it happens quickly New York City does not do things slowly so
this is the this will we will find out probably within the next day or so it
could be as early as tomorrow and it could be as late as the day after
tomorrow I hope it’s not I hope it’s not him either but again at the end of the
day were we’re talking about a human life loss here so thank you show me mo
graves thank you so much for your kind words thank you for your service from an
active duty II and even still retired I come from a family love and respect love
and respect right back to you thank you so much for your super chat and the love
show me mo graves thank you so much absolutely Valerie absolutely this was
called in this was called in by someone who spotted a body in the water this was
a job this was a call this this body was not recovered by them patrolling a
person on a dock a person on that dock that you’re seeing right there that’s
the South Street Seaport a submit a civilian a citizen called it
in that there’s possible body floating in the water it was a beautiful day
today and people were out there by the hundreds and somebody saw it and called
it in Lee GM please refrain from that I just I don’t want any misinformation put
out there I’m gonna go to the NYPD’s Twitter website right after this
and we’re going to go on there live and look at it I have no confirmation that
this is this is him I have a confirmation that is a male of unknown
race that is correct Thank You Erin hello doc good to see you doc I agree
all unite all right so this is just showing you the flurry of activity that
that’s going on here again this is them loading in the foreground the body into
the ambulance they’re just loading them up into the
ambulance I can slow it down a little bit more hold on Erin
give me a second that’s unknown John at this time unknown all right let me slow
the chat down just a little bit more stand by guys all right give me two
seconds all right I’ve slowed it down a little
bit more alright let’s go to the NYPD’s Twitter page guys let’s go to the NYPD’s
Twitter page stand by him let’s let’s confirm some stuff here all right
so stand by guys let me let me go here to NYPD’s Twitter okay this is this is
as of two hours ago let me refresh it and see if there’s anything additional
I’m going to also go to the NYPD website so as of two hours ago nothing on the
NYPD official Twitter page this is NYPD news let me go to NYPD hold on a second hold on this is my website that I’m on
so I’m gonna go to the NYPD Crime Stoppers page and let’s see let’s see
what we got this is the actual police department here’s the official NYPD news
and there’s nothing on the official NYPD website guys nothing on the official web
website in regards to and regards to this yeah there’s nothing here guys let
me look one other place a hold on standby yes so there’s nothing here this this is
all nothing all right so nothing’s been confirmed
yeah YP DS not going to do the confirming anyways it’s going to be
through the medical examiner’s office so it’s not we’re not gonna get anything
let me just go to the detective bureau let me go to the detective bureau stand
by guys I just want to check one other place yeah nothing here hold on let me just check the Chief of
Detectives because sometimes the chief of DS put updates out yeah chief of DS
have nothing these are valid places to go for updates Chief of Detectives
usually when they have a case they usually update it here nothing here yeah
we’re all praying we’re all praying for for a good outcome here but you know if
you guys want my if you want my opinion on this it’s not it’s not looking good
everything is pointing towards this perhaps being him but I’m hoping and
praying that it isn’t but at the end of the day it is going to be a human being
we we have a recovery of a male out of the out of the river in New York City
and if it’s not him it’s going to be somebody else’s son or father or
grandson or cousin or friend so nobody wins here we have no winners
here you know what I mean I do this with the utmost of respect for his family for
his friends for his followers for his subscribers I don’t know anything about
this young man other than that it seems like he had a troubled life and he was
not his mental health was not good and I my heart breaks for this guy I know
nothing about him I know very very little the only only bit that I do know
of him is that he made a video and he was crying out for help
so you know at the end of it all we have to be sensitive to this situation and
you know if you reach out if you reach out and you do what we can as human
beings to try to save even one person it’s it’s
it’s it’s a better situation than not doing anything at all but I can just
tell you this I can tell you this okay we have a recovery 6:30 6:45 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time that’s here in New York City Michelle thank you so much for
the super chat I appreciate that much love and respect right back to you
Michelle and if anybody is new here in the chat I hope I hope you subscribe hit
the notification bell and share out my channel with some of your friends we’re
all about peace and positivity here but I’m a really really what I’m interested
in doing is getting out valid information and not spreading
misinformation that’s what I want to do here I want to be able to stop the
spread of misinformation until we have a positive identification there’s no way
that I’m gonna ever say that this is the this is him and that and it’s a definite
so granny Doe thank you so much fragile shadow thank you for the super
chat I appreciate that thank you so much for a super love so I’m not gonna go by
what anybody else reports or what anybody is putting out on Twitter
because at the end of the day guys I feel that you know we need to use
extreme caution because we’re talking about a human being here okay no
description of clothing no description of color we just have sexual orientation
and that is obviously easy to identify so sexual orientation was male they
don’t know white black Hispanic Asian none of that because of the condition of
the body so let’s use extreme caution folks in saying that we have positive
identification and that it is him those of you who are keeping the faith just
keep praying and you know let’s hope for a good outcome here in regards to this
person but at the end of the day it’s not going to be a
for some other family so that’s what we have to do we have to just pray you know
and guys like I said any of the any of the comments that are in the chat that
that our negative will be obviously moderated and you’ll be you know you’ll
be restricted from further comments on the channel hello Carol thank you so
much for the super chat much love and respect to you I appreciate that thank
you so much let’s see anybody else do tear on you
are truly a class act I can’t thank you enough for your
service and you continued commitment to always being extremely respectful ap
right back at you hello Black Rose good to see you thank you so much thank you
just believe I appreciate that thank you for the kind words
I thank you definitely prayers to the family of whoever has been lost here you
know hello mister Pinkle good to see you thank you thank you you’re welcome Josh
Josh I missed you we got to catch up I hope to have a phone call with you in
the near future we got a little bit of talking to do and I hope everything’s
going well for you and yours I already showed my credentials I have my ship I
have my shield and my ID right here I I don’t need to show anybody anything on
demand so this is my shield and here is my ID I just don’t want to show my social
security number I don’t want to show my social security number so hi Darlene how
are you good to see Karen thanks for posting those links up I appreciate that
thank you Joey you got your hands full tonight I see you got your hands full
all right so that’s gonna be it I’m going to I’m gonna end the broadcast so
again if anybody who wants to get updated watch the replay when it when it
uh when it uploads it’ll take a little while I’m going to end the broadcast
right now it’s it’s just the what Linda we’re talking about a YouTube gamer who
has he made a video on Wednesday of last week that he was contemplating suicide
some of his personal effects were found on a Manhattan Bridge and today they
found a body in the water just past the Brooklyn Bridge over at
pier 16 so the reason for some of the comments is there are some rude people
that follow this case and are just being disrespectful I’m not paying attention
to the comments so anyways at the end of the day it is what it is so yeah you
that’s what that’s what’s going on don’t worry about it just don’t pay any
attention to it Rob Cassady RM thank you so much for
your kind words guys if anybody is new in on the channel subscribe subscribe
and hit the notification bell for more from duty Ron it was a pleasure trying
to get some truth and some valid information put forward leave me some
comments in the comment section if I can answer them I will if I don’t have the
answers to them I won’t answer it I’m not going to just give you an answer
just to give it to you so we will probably wait until sometime
tomorrow or perhaps the next day so figure Tuesday or Wednesday there’ll be
some type of a positive identification made on this recovery and I’ll go live
nice to meet you too John I will go live after the the the
positive identification is made whether it is him or it’s not I’m hoping that
it’s not and I’m sending my prayers and heartfelt condolences to whoever’s
family has lost a loved one Thank You Andrea thank you so much refreshing TV
thank you for subscribing I want to say thank you to my moderators Black Rose
Joey Brooklyn Aaron Leahy all of my great friends that subscribed to me and
all of my patreon supporters my channel is slowly continuing to grow I really
love the positivity that I have the duty run family that we’ve created here and
all the great people that follow this channel are nothing but wonderful kind
Souls so let’s keep up the good work I want to say thank you to take for all of
you taken out your time to watch my videos I’m gonna go live after this on
an update for the Dominican Republic the American deaths the death toll has risen
to over 12 Americans in the past in the since 2019 so I’m going to update you
one of our Long Island natives has been killed in the Dominican Republic and I’m
gonna go live right after this and we’re going to talk about it so those of you
who are new or welcome to join on the broadcast talking about the very unsafe
conditions in the Dominican Republic right now for Americans and that will
continue the conversation after this so much love and respect to all my people
and again prayers thoughts go out to this young youtuber I’m sending positive
vibes strength and peace to his family and love and respect so guys good night
from New York city duty Ron’s signing off and thank
you again for all you guys in the chat I greatly appreciate it take care guys
good night

28 Replies to “#Etika #DutyRon update #BreakingNews possible found. #Youtube content creator Missing

  1. Hi Ron. I'm from Iowa and new to your broadcast/vlogs. I hope what ever happened to that young man will be made known and that it will be the truth and if foul play is suspected I hope they find out who did it.

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