100 Replies to “Eminem – Darkness (Official Video)

  1. Eminem is a great rapper. Talented in his lyrics his flow and thought out raps and storys. But this is garbage! This is not the eminem I grew up listening to nor is it a evloved and changed with the times eminem. I wounder what liberal Democrat paid him off for this and if they didnt hes a brainwashed non informed zombie. Guns dont kill people people do. And it's due to a broken culture and society that things like this happen. If people want to change something be about it. Do something to alter how people treat one another or racial issues. Poverty. Dont choose to give up your freedoms as an American as a solution to a problem that's not the issue. And before u get hate responses so some research and inform yourself and I'm sure u will c the big picture of all this

  2. Love the talent that it takes to write a deep meaning double entendre but I'm a NRA SUPPORTER!!! #TRUMP2020…get out and VOTE!

  3. Columbine Shooters.. And probably other gun-men… It's a cry for help, without asking for one… A cry for Attention, when no body paid them any attention! I'm glad Em brought up Mental Health.. Cuz people have a stigma for that!

  4. The Las Vegas shooting was another false flag terrorist attack designed to scare, divide and control us. 9/11 was operation North woods 2.0. Please don't take my word for it. Look up operation North woods. You can't have that info and still believe that our government didn't do it. 9, yes 9, of the suicide bombers are alive and well. Explain that to me? Anyone? Please pay attention to what our governments are doing. There is a reason we're being divided so thoroughly. Our government is not a two party system. They're one big happy family of criminals. Most of the governments are in bed together. They fear us uniting against them more than anything else.

  5. Alienated by Society… So now I've become something, everyone can't reverse… I wouldn't not wish myself on my enemies… But Jesuz brought us to this point! To show the world that LORD can also get ANGRY! Wraith of LORD 4 LIFE!

  6. Yeah these shooting are terrible and they do need to come to a stop. But voting to put more and more gun laws into place to restrict people from defending against themselves? Em, you'd be the last person I'd ever think to advocate for gun control. Good song nonetheless.

  7. People can say what they want about new Eminem I don’t think his songs are as good overall but if you ask me he’s more of an artist then he’s ever been at least his artistic thoughts have matured a lot now that he’s older this song is beautiful

  8. October 1st will never be a night I will never be able to forget. My mom waking me up telling me route 91 is being shot at and panicking of not knowing if my friends were safe that were there. I can’t even make it through this in one sitting. Eminem this video is heartbreaking, but so unbelievably Fucking good

  9. Hate guns? Okay. Tell your security detail to give them up. Tell the people who guard your house to give them up. Tell the cops to give them up. When all responsible gun owners give their guns up, the bad guys who don’t follow the law will still get their hands on guns will still be in the news killing people.

    Don’t listen to this washed up former rapper, grandpa is getting old and can’t rap like he used to. Buy all the guns you want and protect yourself and your family everyone! 🇺🇸

  10. To everyone, you are loved. Even if you don’t feel that love right now, you will eventually. You are here for a reason. Ever since the Big Bang, to the human evolution, to every single cell that made up your family history up until to the thousands of sperm cells that you all once were, you made it. One in a billion chance, against trillions of odds that are within the human history. Despite all those odds, you are here, here for a reason. You are loved ❤️

  11. Eminem is nothing but a demon possessed puppet following his satanic masters. These shootings are nothing but false flags to disarm us and take us into the NWO where only our government has firearms.

    Eminem has no talent at all to begin with. Everyone who enjoys this is a sleeping sheep

  12. Eminem rocked this song people can say it a bad song or watever they one but he has the balls to put it out there and tell the truth… I have so much respect for Eminem you still got the talent in u that kicks ass way to go

  13. Its just crazy how many different artists have warned us prior to how to how fucked up America is not just Em but several artists have been trying to get this message across the world for years but nobody wants to listen then act like they truly shocked when something happens if it aint about drugs bitches money and guns yall dont listen much respect for him to use his platform to spread messages EM the GOAT whether yall admit it or not

  14. Now the guy is doing double entendre songs. Do people understand how insane this is. Very few could do this. The guy is a genius.

  15. Way to rep Detroit & our country Em. We've known and tried to survive gun violence here in Detroit from the beginning. We are the realist & hardest place in the ENTIRE county! not bragging, just speaking facts! How do you think a "white boy" became one of the true GOATS of Hip Hop / music history ! He has Detroit in his blood ! Fight to end this gun violence madness now !! …..VOTE SANDERS 2020 !! Peace

  16. I really respect you for stepping up to the plate and making an impact like this. This video means a lot to me and probably a lot of other people. You are playing an important role in culture that nobody else can fill but you. Thanks for saying something.

  17. Sad day. Em was once a badass now hes just another SJW. The guy who once had songs about shooting and mudering his ex Kim is now talking about gun laws. R.I.P Eminem. You shall be missed

  18. It's like he just wana rap faster but
    The skript doesn't says that
    This was much slower song by eminem i have ever heard

  19. I’m happy he’s back. Happy he brought this shit up and reminds people of it. I really thought the song was about him. Like the realization hit me so hard when I watched the music video, so I don’t know, I’m just shocked. Happy to have an artist who voices about things that are tragic yet people so easily forget about. Damn.

  20. Classic example of a washed up rapper profiting off a terrible act in American history! I was looking forward to watching your new VID. Go back to bitching about Kim🙈

  21. America is becoming like the purge slowly but surely. I'm a 19 yr jamaican, I'm was awoken mentally at the age of 12 to see the truth about reality and I'm not surprised about how fucked up society is right now ( skin color, lust guns, drugs, lawsuits, mumble rappers affecting young and younger generation minds to do fuck up shit, president abusing his power to get clout, government holding secrets to the billions of people who wants to seek the truth and skyscraper taxes that they use to rob people pay smfh yup #AMERICA

  22. Unpopular opinion here.
    I get the meaning of the song and the importance of this message but as someone who supports the second amendment, I don't know how I feel about the anti-gun message in this song.
    Because if someone wants to hurt people he will find a way to do it, like think if instead of a gun whit a bump stock to get rapid-fire that can cost hundreds of dollars he would have just made some improvised Molotovs and tossed them out the hotel window he would have killed more people it would have been easier for him to do and instead of 10 minutes it would have taken him like 30 seconds and i doubt he would ever even need to reveal his position.
    TLD, what I am saying is that no matter what people like these shooters will find ways to hurt people and taking away their guns will not only be ineffective it could even make things worse.

  23. Eminem, you're message is from a good place, but it's the wrong message. We need firearms to prevent those that would enslave us at bay. I've served this country (America) and I've seen first hand how not being able to protect yourself from your government goes. How many examples do you need?

    Syria, Liberia, Mexico's drug cartels, Panama, Cuba, Venezuela, most of Africa. No one wants a mass shooting or any shooting. But you can NOT predict people. I drive a car everyday. What happens when I run over a family of 5 one day? Do we need to ban all cars?

    New York, California, Chicago all have the most strict gun laws in America and all have the highest rate of gun violence and highest crime rates. Even the countries that don't allow guns have high crime rates. Less deaths, more crime.

    I'll have a conversation with someone. I'm not an asshole. But we need a solution that keeps people free and protects them. When that is available I'm all ears.

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