Elizabeth Warren Responds To Claims Of Tokenism Coming From Her Campaign | All In | MSNBC

Elizabeth Warren Responds To Claims Of Tokenism Coming From Her Campaign | All In | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Elizabeth Warren Responds To Claims Of Tokenism Coming From Her Campaign | All In | MSNBC

  1. So I guess going to the voting polls is now getting into the fight?
    Whatever happened to coming up with the best policies and presenting them to the people?

  2. she says too many words. yang is concise and to the point with his opinions and policies and states the facts to back his perspective.

  3. Every democrat that needs to speak about Trump and his corruption are the ones that need to go. We just had an impeachment trial and he was acquitted sorry your wrong if you keep trying to make him the reason for voting.

  4. I live in Boston and she’s not liked @ all 99% of what comes out of her mouth is absolute 💩 and she’s not even Native American like she claims. Hey Elizabeth this is what Massachusetts thinks of you 🖕🏾 she’s off her rocker. Next time Elon musk fires a rocket to space they should duck tape Elizabeth Warren to the fuselage and hopefully she’ll burn up in the atmosphere.

  5. Hey #SleazyLizzy 🐍 why you racist? Just continuing the "Democrats" tradition.

  6. You need to get it BLACK if you want to win. You can't make Trump the boogie and call us bots will not help you. 2020 will be 2016 all over again

  7. I used to be really Pro-Elizabeth Warren. But I'm really tired of watching her side-step direct questions. I prefer Bernie cause he's a straight-shooter. No BS.

  8. Every time the 🎥 pans over to her face just pause it real quick and look @ her. Doesn’t she look high on drugs? 🤤
    Go ahead you’ll see

  9. 3:43 yes it did #SleazyLizzy 🐍 , it is the DemonicRats who made the KKK voted against ending "Jim crow" and freeing the slaves. It is the DemonicRats who now use "ANTIFA" as their KKK replacement.

  10. "She's visually native American and is private schools first liar of color while professing she's pregnant." Someone gets me a beer.

  11. Trying to take away the 2nd amendment would be the gravest mistake in US history. Americans are watching! This we’ll defend!

  12. 5:46 what about this father?
    You are NOT for "all people" you are trying to pander/bribe the largest demographic of people you can to vote for you, but they are not buying your lies even crazy Bernie won more then you. #SleazyLizzy 🐍

  13. What an insane, fake, wackjob! Her entire rant was soooo fake, combined with that psychotic patronizing whispery voice… makes you want to put ice tongs in your ears! Her supporters must be escapees from the puzzle factory!

  14. Lying Corrupt Warren u Hypocrite in Bed with the fake lying Corrupt media who will Definitely be held Accountable for Conspiring with the demonrats to overthrow our president and our government.TREASON AND SEDITION! TIC TOC

  15. If there was only a way to take advantage of all the illegal aliens flooding into America. If only they could vote somehow…..

  16. Well Lizzie….when you attacked BERNIE, you lost a ton of your supporters…now the story has it that you’re pulling ads from South Carolina and Nevada…..and that you’re running out of money…Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish….Give HILLARY my regards

  17. Elizabeth Warren President? Really? it's like Aunt Bee on the Andy Griffith Show when she ran against Howard Sprague for city council, if it's what the people wants it's what the people shall have, also you better believe women, especially women of color they should be awarded a lot of money, remember Tawana Brawley?

  18. I can't stand listening to her lies. She's done nothing but lie her entire career to make herself rich, and she talks about Trump…. Lol. Trump was already rich. Becoming president isn't helping him. However, him being president is helping me and millions of other Americans. I'm doing better financially than I've ever done

  19. If Elizabeth Warren's voice got into a fight with Amy Klobuchar's voice, whose voice do you think would win? The winner's voice would of course get a shot at Sen. Susan Collins's voice in a title fight.

  20. Hypocrite. Throws Bernie under the bus in debate. Will play gender card to try to win election. Hillary did the same ("deal me in") and where is she today?

  21. Elizabeth Warren is a member of the fugawi indian tribe; she is so out of touch with the real world that she walks around saying “we’re the fugawi”!

  22. that was just terrible. she sounds like she was reading cue cards. EVERYTHING that came out of her mouth sounded rehearsed and generic. vague. not the least bit personal. zero real conviction. it's like a member of her staff told her "remember, try to show that you care, but not too much. you don't want to look extreme." whatever quality of authenticity she had back in 2012 seems to be missing now.

  23. Smdh.🤦 She just can't stop embellishing, can she? She had no issues with taking pac and big-donor money for her entire career, until Bernie set the bar and other progressives followed suit, forcing her compliance. Even then, she had to be shamed into commiting to small donors for the general election, should she win the nomination. I hope voters continue to see through her mask of sincerity to the pandering mercenary underneath.

  24. 7:07? what did she just say?? LOL! you democrats won't vote on it (prescription drugs AND infrastructure) DO YOUR JOB!

  25. It' just a way of keeping score……..what you are saying is tech crash of 1995 had nothing to do with the economy.

  26. my native inmy family were arranged marries between tribes that why im 18 native and we the historyof texas territory that be 3 percent african in me..im more black then you and i look black in brown skin…ha ha ha…..married to real natives of america…meso american mayan…you canttouch this…girl..

  27. you fail to be responiblefor your own loes..where my refund..i want to get my hard cash back.there no f loan here b..i want my money back nif your going to forgive..ha ha ha ha ha ha you said yoir african ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha wrong byou lost the black denmocrated voters n

  28. On January 6, 2017, in an email to supporters, Warren announced that she
    would be running for a second term as a U.S. Senator from
    Massachusetts, writing, "The people of Massachusetts didn't send me to
    Washington to roll over and play dead while Donald Trump and his team of
    billionaires, bigots, and Wall Street bankers crush the working people
    of our Commonwealth and this country. … This is no time to quit.

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