Elizabeth Warren attacks ‘arrogant billionaire’ Michael Bloomberg over treatment of women | NBC News

Elizabeth Warren attacks ‘arrogant billionaire’ Michael Bloomberg over treatment of women | NBC News

100 Replies to “Elizabeth Warren attacks ‘arrogant billionaire’ Michael Bloomberg over treatment of women | NBC News

  1. Warren just completely lost my support. That was completely uncalled for and is the type of mudslinging I find unnecessary, petty, and counterproductive. Whatever disagreements there are with Bloomberg, this sort of behavior by Warren disqualifies her in my eyes.

  2. daily reminder…Elizabeth Warrens ENTIRE career was built on a con that stole a college scholarship and job from someone else.

  3. Elizabeth Warren rocked it! It was so telling when she outed Bloomberg…She has fought for
    the middle class for Democrats for decades…Bloomberg is just another Trump.

  4. All Bloomberg is is a refined version of Donald Trump. Why? Because rich people take care of their money. And we middle-class people and poor people need to build our money! Vote Bernie.

  5. OUCH !! Horse faced lesbians? Well, I think it's time for Bloomberg to recuse himself by doing a Jeff Session's. Horse faced lesbians………..https://youtu.be/WkFsgU_WLko

  6. At a recent rally at Washington Square park, Elizabeth Warren said: " I am so glad to be here at Washington Square Park. I wanted to give this speech right here. Not because of this arch behind me, nor the President for which it is named. We're not here today because of famous arches, or famous men. HECK WE'RE NOT HERE BECAUSE OF MEN AT ALL" Nope this wasn't a women's rally, it was a campaign rally. What do you think would happen if ANY male candidate said "Heck, we're not here because of women at all? Yeah Liz, tell us how sexist Mike is. No matter you're insignificant and will be out before long.

  7. bloomberg for 2020 By the way ,,cops will stop and frisk you no matter where you go..they Say it’s for their safety. and i am a 45 white male and in Az if i have my handgun on me ,,concealed carry you dont need a permit,,,, i always tell them ,,,it only happened 2 times while i was carrying Concealed.. u tell them your carrying a firearm,they just look at gun,they also check that you live in az ,,,, but stop and frisk should be allowed..

  8. I wonder why you blocked a guy from posting the debate on YouTube and you don’t give us a chance to watch the entire debate. Are you censoring it for yourselves? It looked pretty bad for the dems in their debate until you pulled the plug on the only guy that posted today. Is that why? Are you afraid that the your broadcasting emblem was shown by someone else? I would have preferred to watch it here! What’s up? Why did I subscribe? I will unsubscribe.

  9. Getting rid of redlining is exactly what caused the housing crisis. It's not racist. Come on, Warren. It's idiotic to just allow anyone to buy a house they can't afford.

  10. So shes not ok with billionaires doing what they want to get an advantage but shes ok with millionaires like herself lying about their heritage to get ahead and defraud plenty of organizations on the way by doing so seems like a double standard to me

  11. If people are concerned about climate change and population, this is what should happen. Young men should have vasectomies so women cant get pregnant. Vasectomies are reversible. When he marries he can have it reversed and then have his children. Then we would not have to worry about woman's right to having a abortion. Perhaps a limit on children being 2 or 3. Not 8 like Octo mom. Also the morning after pill is better than having abortions. That's my opinion.

  12. Fat broads – women on The View, Anna Navarro
    Horse-faced lesbians – Rosie O'Donnell
    Lying dog-faced pony soldiers – Cher, Bette Midler, AOC, Omar, Tlaib

  13. As an executive chef I have cooked and reviewed Elizabeth Warren's "Authentic" Native American recipes as published in the cookbook "Pow Wow Chow." Bernie and Bloomberg's favorites to follow: https://youtu.be/6sdqLJKJerQ

  14. What struck me about Bloomberg in this debate, was seeing full on his arrogance, disconnectedness from ordinary people, and his overall sense of entitlement. He reminded me that these are the same character flaws we see in other oligarchs like Trump and Jeff Bezos.

  15. Uncle Leo, please hush up and quit talking down to boob-Berg. He's doing the best that he can with his billions! Dont you have some eyebrows you need to pencil in somewhere.

  16. One thing we know for sure……… Once we kick these treasonous Democrats out of office, Bloomberg and Pocahontas are NOT going to crack-a-beer at AOC's bar 🙂

  17. Thank God Warren is not vindictive, shrill, and humorless. Thank God, with her wit and equanimity, she has become the kind of Social Justice Warrior unequalled since Robespierre.

  18. Look out , Pocahontas is on the warpath!!!!When she mentioned horse face, I thought she meant herself!!!!!🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴

  19. As Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) profile was rising, she transferred her royalties earned from oil and gas to her children.
    The Wall Street Journal editorial board used its latest editorial
    to remind readers that in 2011, Warren’s husband, Bruce Mann, sold his
    interest in “all of the oil, gas, and other minerals” throughout
    properties in Latimer and Pittsburg County in their home state of
    Oklahoma. The person who purchased the deed to was none other than
    Warren’s son Alexander. The effective transfer date of the royalties was
    two weeks before Warren announced her candidacy for senate in Massachusetts.

    There's a copy on their website that PRETENDS to be complete but they edited out the CRUCIAL LAST QUESTION, which was if the candidates would accept whoever has the most votes wins and ALL of them EXCEPT Bernie Sanders said NO, they would want the DNC to pick a winner. They are trying to thwart the will of the people again. That's another reason why they edited that part out. Too much controversy being stirred up about our democracy being so fragile, corrupt and easily threatened by the powerful few… 
    You can see the question here along with commentary.  If you don't want to see the commentary, scan to the end and watch the actual DELETED FOOTAGE!

    NBCs "full coverage" (Which has the deletion, though it claims it DOESN'T)

  21. Elizabeth Warren is a bag of hot air. There are far more important issues to talk about than flapping your tongue about Mike's treatment of women- it's important but not critical to anyone. They'll have to have better criticisms than that. She's a time waster.

  22. Nobody asked Bern about the ad service he and wife started. It gives pretty good kickbacks when used on TV. He can give that money away if he does not acknowledge it.
    We want to see the medical records since the heart attack. We worry about that guy. We worry that Joe is missing part of his skull due to aneurysm operations. It's downright scarrey.

  23. Bloomberg is not quick or witty with a response, he is a terrible debater. When Warren about number of NDAs, he should have said "less than her native American blood percentage"..that would have shut her, Trump would have done that..

  24. Well Pocahontas if you think that President Trump is an arrogant old billionaire, because he's going to be president for another 4 years he has done more for the American people in for years then the whole Democratic done in the last 25. The fact is that the domestic terrorist group the Democratic party is controlled completely by the Deep State pedophiles and this is not acceptable

  25. Wow, this is getting better and better for Trump. These Democrats are hilarious. If Bloomturd was a bit quicker on his tiny feet, when Wareen said that Bloomturd called women “Horsefaced lesbians” he should have simply answered “just Rosie O’Donnell” This would have turned out much better for him. Unfortunately for him Pocahontas went on the war path and scalped the Bloomturd with a fatal swipe. Moral of the story,, don’t mess with Wareen’s Indian side because pale face Bloomturd will burn at the stake.

  26. WOW! This was the first time a fake indian ever scalped a man! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAG 2020!!!!

  27. Imagine getting deleted by a news network for reporting the news. Warren, Klobuchar, and Bernie ALL endorsed the Israeli bombing of Gazan civilians back in 2014. More than 500 children died. Facts that NBC wants to bury. Bloomberg is an altarboy in comparison to these ruthless pols.

  28. She could not be more vulgar and nasty.
    Can you imagine this kind of hateful emotional wreck as a president of anywhere?

  29. It's too bad Bloomberg's not very aggressive. I'm pretty sure he could easily expose warren's very un-presidential characteristics with not a lot of effort. She sounds like she's about to cry everytime she speaks. If a quick turn towards her and direct eye contact didn't cause her to whimper down, I'm pretty sure if he just added a stern voice with the slightest assertion of authority as he dismantled her piece by piece by simply describing some of the corruption that she's been involved in, or at least hint around at the fact that teaching law nor being a senator would explain where she got her millions, or if he wanted to go a little easier on her, just remind her and anyone who was actually watching this nonsense of how often she has been caught in lies, or how she's so indecisive about issues much less important than the issues she'd be faced with if she was ever actually elected president (God forbid). If I knew Bloomberg was going to do that, I might even tune into one of their shows to see that.

  30. Warren has not noticed that Trump got elected, and he is 20 times worse than Bloomberg about misogyny. If voters cared about integrity, Tulsi Gabbard would win, hands down.

  31. This women talks about rich people like she isn't worth 12 million dollars.

    "But Bloomberg is a billionaire, he has 100x her worth" oh ok well i guess that mans 12 million isn't a lot then my bad.

  32. Warren said if Bloomberg doesn't like what she said about him that they can discuss it in her teepee. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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