El Paso Residents, Officials Protest President Donald Trump Visit | The Last Word | MSNBC

El Paso Residents, Officials Protest President Donald Trump Visit | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. "A new poll today" favors banning the assault-style weapon. Since the 2016 presidential election when polls really got it so wrong, big time, they/polls don't mean anything anymore today. So you can poll all you want but at the end of the day the one who is sitting in the oval office wins over all the polls.

  2. Msnbc still propagating Russian propaganda trying to scare Americans about Putin. What a looser. #Russiagate was a conspiracy by the corrupt corporate controllers of government.

  3. Instead of blaming the LOONEY SHOOTER the democrats are blaming Trump and with help from the biased media to push their racist narratives, but they've tried this already during the 2016 election and it didn't work. It's either you hit it or miss it and the dems missed it big time the last election with their ANTI RACISM RHETORIC.
    I won't be surprised if the shooter is really a democrat.

  4. Odonnell.=Incorrect anaysis.As usual you completely underestimate The President. Remember he was the guy who would "never run for office". And after elected would be " run out of office within a year"….Retire already. You have no credibility.

  5. the press is so desperate they would have flipped out if they were invited to the hospital they would have used it to attack him.. trump did right no press no cameras.

  6. couldn't get trump on Russia so now they repeat this nonsense. these libs are robotic clowns they are getting sloppy not even trying to cover up their attempts to turn people against trump..the media is the system that is heating up hate encouraging division and are the true racists. visit Chicago,, the democrats promote emotional cripples.. this nonsense will guarantee trumps reelection. the media loves to divide and set up people.

  7. I can't believe msn is using. Resisting the hath for there .topic to day you have got to de. kidding me last election season. Msn and there polls wher fake. Provenin fake look it up your self. Msn got busted fakeing there. Polls msn cnn so desperate so gutless. Rateings so low look it up .your self msn cnn AMERICA loves turmp

  8. if this was about healing el paso why so much talk of trump.. this is all planned political propaganda by the democrats. they are enjoying this. it pleases them to have victims to promote. so sad and sickening to exploit human suffering for political reasons.. this is paid political slaughter

  9. Are you a news channel? NO, YOU'RE NOT…Don't you think with get sick of YOUR DRONING, ON AND ON??? MSNBC = Must Surely Never Be Certain, The Brian Williams Channel. YOU ARE PROPAGANDA. QUIT LITIGATING. YEAH, YOU ARE SO EMPATHETIC about the staged false flag attack, spending ALL YOUR BREATH, condemning Trump. Biden is little girl toucher? Xanax? Give me a break. Dirty, filthy news channel.

  10. …a distraction from Epstein's murder in a jail cell. What's the next distraction? Another 9/11??? Because he haven't held the criminals accountable yet?

  11. God, please help US rid our immigrant nation of this horrible evil human or should I say sub human. Amen 🙏🏻

  12. Here we are talking about el Paso mass shooting as well as Dayton Ohio. Last week was Gilroy california targeting Latinos.
    But were not talking about last week now. Please please vote your conscience when it comes time to vote again in 2020.

  13. Just before climate change burned us all to death, Donald Trump caused a nuclear winter…

    Too soon?

  14. Larry, there is this guy running for president. What's his name?? What? Bernie!! So strange that you don't seem to remember him. MSNBC is very biased. You don't want the right person to end up in the WH. You want who you like in the WH. I will not watch MSNBC in the future.

  15. Sokyoung Hong like what? Rich getting richer? 🤦‍♂️ you voted for a liar… but it doesn’t matter to u… as long as he’s not a democratic… ppl put republicans over the USA.. with is insane but go head keep voting for trump.. if its trump 2020.. there’s gonna be no more elections after.. the usa will be ruled by a dictator… trump does no wrong in trump republicans… name one thing u disagree with trump about? Even the republican party is afraid to go against trump..

  16. Barely refer to their candidacies? Both Biden and booker are using these tragedies for political gain. Just like Beto who wants the job. They will use anything even this tragic event to try and take advantage for votes. These people have no souls. Even though Obama has almost 40 I counted 39 mass shootings while president. Also the mass shootings accelerated in 2011 while Obama was president. Obama could have done a lot to stop this and did NOTHING!!

  17. This is a mental health and guns law issue. These issues were well in place before trump. You people that play the blame game are just as guilty as the shooter. Blaming people. Instead of focusing on the real issues. Instead of taking personal responsibility blaming other People. Blaming words. How ridiculous. Blaming words and not weapons and mental health issues. Mexico has 5x the murder rate of the United States. Maybe those “Mexicans should move back to Mexico where they will will have a 5x more likely chance of being murdered or Honduras where they will have 8x chance of being murdered. Words didn’t cause this. Words didn’t kills these people. words won’t stop it. Tough border control, gun control , mental health care would be a good start.

  18. If Latino don’t like ICE quit entering the United States illegally. Quit overpopulating central and South America. Stay in your country and make it better. Instead of having babies.

  19. The US has to ban military style self loading rifles, you have to start the process sometime, it will take years but in the end everyone will feel safer, Australia was one country to tighten up gun laws, we didn't ban weapons we just made sensible gun laws everyone can live with.

  20. Beto, Escobar, Biden, all good, decent politicians.

    DT? Filth! A nothing! A brainless, venal nobody! Who can BEAR to hear 45fake any longer? What normal, decent human being can BEAR to hear this creepy, heartless, greedy Fool?

  21. You will win this! IT IS RIGHT! and GOOD………My love and support to all you in El Paso I cry for you all and I'm not even an American.

  22. Here is Anti America and Anti American RACIST MSNBC Reporting About "RESISTING The HATE", but the Problem is That Anti America and Anti American MSNBC Along With the Rest of the Main Stream FAKE NEWS MEDIA Which Spews HATE, LIES AND RACISM AGAINST AMERICA AND ITS POTUS TRUMP!!! Exactly Like the Anti America and Anti American Racist Sadistic Demonic Demoncrap Politician's!!! "POTUS TRUMP N 2020 'KEEPING AMERICA GREAT' PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AMEN AND AMEN"!!!


  24. The last American human beast President
    The reign of wicked circle
    The last chance for human kind to embrace repentance
    The end of all ages of mankind
    Prophetic is sure and near

  25. MSNBC is not a news agency, rather a left wing propaganda machine. If you can't see it, I'm sorry for you. No words about the left wing Dayton shooter?

  26. Helicopter noise I so President Trump can pretend he cant here the important questions lol this President is a real piece of work unfreakenbelievable!!

  27. I think that El Paso Airport should not have given Air Force One permission to land until Trump's campaign made a complete and verifiable payment on the bills that they continue to owe the city of El Paso.

  28. Emotional Abuse Tactic That Trump Blatantly Used


    In most of the key issues in the campaign, Trump’s approach feeds into fear-mongering. In discussions about race, for example, he said that the police are “afraid to do anything.” He aims to make his audiences terrified of Mexicans, Muslims, Africans, caravans, Americans, Iran and China. Almost all of his platforms incite fear. This is a very powerful tactic of manipulation, as it is very hard to fight back in an atmosphere of terror.

    Remember this?

    After rattling U.S. allies at a NATO summit and epic disgrace of the U.S.-Russia summit in Helsinki, trump told Fox News, Montenegro are a “very aggressive people,” arguing that their membership in NATO could spark a war. “They may get aggressive, and congratulations, you’re in World War III,” he said.

    Watch "People of Montenegro laugh off Trump's criticism" on YouTube


    Watch "Shepard Smith RIPS Trump fearmongering ON migrant caravan" on YouTube


    Trump scares the public claiming that Mexico is “stealing” U.S. jobs, and that “we’re losing $58 billion a year” in trade with Mexico. But he hides the fact that about 40 percent of the content of U.S. imports from Mexico is of U.S. origin, according to a 2015 report by the U.S. Congressional Research Service.

    Trump could start a war with Iran to help his poll numbers. Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) said on CNN's 

    "I think it's an overstatement to say we're at the brink of war," New Day of President Trump's late-night Twitter threat against Iran. But, Himes added, there is real cause for concern. If you look back at a bunch of Trump's tweets before he was president," Himes said, "he criticized several times Barack Obama and said, 'You just wait, he's going to start a war with Iran if it feels like he's on the political ropes.' And so that's in his head; that's what worries me."

    After reviewing a few of the Trump tweets in question, Himes argued that we "need to be sensitive to the fact that this president, who doesn't have a very sophisticated sense of international relations, regards a war as a way to solve political problems — and that's a scary thought." 

    Watch Himes' comments and see the tweets for yourself below.


    Some of the records recount the stories of black rental applicants who said they were told no apartments were available, while whites sent to check on the same apartments were offered leases.

    The records, posted on the FBI's Freedom of Information Act website, include a 1974 interview with a former doorman at a Trump building in Brooklyn.


    Donald Trump’s long history of racism, from the 1970s to 2019 Trump has repeatedly claimed he’s “the least racist person.” His history suggests otherwise.


    Watch "How The Trumps Brought Death And Destruction To Coney Island | NowThis" on YouTube


    Watch "A short history of Donald Trump's 'birther…" on YouTube


    Watch "Trump's history of housing discrimination | The Briefing" on YouTube


    Watch "🇺🇸 Trump's 'racist' remarks: Outrage around the world" on YouTube


    Watch "Trump victim: Alicia Machado | The Briefing" on YouTube


    Watch "Trump's Always Been Racist | Trumpster Fire" on YouTube


    1992: The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino had to pay a $200,000 fine because it transferred black and women dealers off tables to accommodate a big-time gambler’s prejudices.

    Watch "Donald Trump Faces Backlash for Saying Muslims Americans Celebrated 9/11" on YouTube



    Trump called for death penalty after Central Park jogger attack, and still has no sympathy for accused despite convictions overturned He still having exactly none of your “scientific evidence,” and continues to insist that the five innocent men are guilty.


    'It's Hatred': A History of Trump's Attacks on the Wrongfully Convicted 'Central Park Five'


    How police interrogation methods can lead to false confessions—and how they sent five innocent boys to prison thirty years ago


    Watch "Trump Still Thinks 'Central Park Five' Are Guilty | All In | MSNBC" on YouTube


    Trump Played a Key Role in the Central Park Five Case. Here’s the Real History Behind When They See Us


    Now Trump is president and is doing a great job at promoting hatred and dividing our country.

    Trump was once so involved in trying to block an Indian casino that he secretly approved attack ads. Trump signed off on this ad attacking an Indian tribe as criminals and drug dealers. 



    Below a photo of needles and lines of powder, Trump wrote, "Roger – this could be good!"


  29. Thank you for articulating this moment of CLARITY. Please continue your ALWAYS excellent reports. Thank you🙏🏻👁✌️

  30. You never identified the speaker during her powerful speech. WE NEED HER in Congress and in State Legislatures. Let's give her the same coverage you give the #racistpresident. If you don't take the time to make her person how can you expect anyone else to?

  31. I was saying the Same thing about my "Representative." He came to the city after Hiding in Washington for 30yrs. Trying to get a photo-op. Acting like he cared about the murder rate. Smh. I hate Politicians.

  32. Trump the lying selfish babbling conman bullshitter ,The Only Thing I am interested in hearing him say is I RESIGN ……………………..

  33. His your 45th President and American has not only experinced this challenge under his tenure. I think his opponents just want him to look bad all the time so they brand themselves as the best ever on Earth. Yo joking with Politicians!!! Above all I beleive too his sorry for such stuff in his country. Americans love themselves, United and respect each other regardless. And so do your President too!

  34. I think the final solution to the so called Racist language should be: To completely ban the words that categorize groups of citizens of a Country e.g. Spanish Americans, Black Americans, Latin Americans… etc and instead have "American Citizen" just like your passports do read. If its true that words have meanings then categories too have meanings!

  35. Hearing way too much about the tweets, blaming Bill Clinton for the death of Epstein, disrespecting the mayor of El Paso when all they did was welcome him, making the visit to the victims of the shooting all about himself can only mean one thing…. He's showing signs of a mental condition of some sort. He's getting worse and worse. Something needs to be done. No one who is well put together acts like this. It's not even funny!

  36. Pathetically, hopelessly moronic reporting. I am not a trump voter and ultimately, meaning I agree with a few of his policies if you can call them that, I am looking for the blue people to give me a reason to vote for one of them. Unfortunately, both parties are portraying themselves as children in a sandbox. Using metaphors and adjectives that do nothing but perpetuate anger and confusion. Hey, but guess what? The media loves it, broadcasts it and further makes American media what it is….blathering nincompoops who would be at best prostitutes if they were not "blues" casters. All we can do is stick to laws. Laws that have been on the books for decades. You can disagree with laws or even how they are carried out. that is another concern. However, illegals are illegals. I have traveled all over southeast Asia. they don't open their doors widely for anyone. You pay just to spend money there. Your average American's view of liberty is totally distorted and swings hardcore left and hardcore right in an angry childlike voice. It's a joke and has no context nor balance. MSNBC AND FOX can both be dismissed as SCHLOCK

  37. The people of El Paso, Tx. are economically successful, moreover, inclusive, honorable, and peaceful. These sudden horrific events and continued hateful treatment may very well result in post traumatic stress. May God bless and strengthen these your beautiful people, remain my thought, prayer, and hope. 💘



  40. It’s about time the Dumpt is cut off from the news, The media needs to cut off his access to spew his racist rhetoric. The news media should have done this long ago. There is nothing he says thanks worthy of news coverage.

  41. Hey fellow americans, how low do we need to sink before we protest OPENLY on the streets to these numberous atrocities ?

  42. Like I commented in another video he is saying you do your part and I will do mine. That is how he plans to get re-elected by going back to his main plan. Every day that he is still president makes me question the leaders in power that can impeach him.

  43. #SongsForElPaso let's keep it going. Songs, music & art that highlight the oppression of America's Indigenous people The skills and beauty we bring w/ us everywhere we go. Our blood, bones & body in THIS LAND. We won't backdown. & WE DON'T ID as Latino http://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=c2eO65BqxBE

  44. I wonder if the GOP terrorists would change their tune about automatic weapons if one were to be used on them during the RNC… 🤔

  45. 👑Otis lee royal choice👑 saying again Donald Trump is the Antichrist using a government to solidify hate is a crime treason under the United States federal government to solidify a form of living up under the government of hate crimes missing children massacres like this white supremacist the KKK did anyone try to contradict anything that I say is a liar a thief and a cheat and do anything to protect the circle which has the KKK remember before you respond whether you respond or not is the course of action that I'm looking for that tells me everything I need to know and how people feel careful when you type in open your mouth or mine when you speak you judge yourself what I know is facts Albany Georgia is where it began fact👑🌊💙

  46. 👑Otis Lee royal choice👑 letting you know God stands with these people in their heart it's time to put it in to all this hate in this world👑🌊💙

  47. When have the Democrats not sold you out? When have the Republicans not sold you out? When has the MSM not sold you out? Our Corporat Capitalist society will always sell out the working class. Always.

  48. Conner Betts was a radical leftist who supported the overthrow of Capitalism they are saying in this video they don't know if he had an ideological agenda when in fact that information has been released. He not only hated Trump but was a supporter of Elizabeth Warren and posted that he thought an open border was the only solution. Funny how the political perspectives of Connor Betts has been ignored while the whacky right wing perspectives of the El Paso shooter have been mentioned hundreds of times.

  49. Hey, Larry! How much money is the DNC slipping into your offshore bank account????? Maybe you should rename your segment to "PRAVDA" which was a joke, considering all the propaganda and lying they did. MSNBC = MicroSoft National Propaganda Criminals. This is nothing more than a hateful & bigotted propaganda clip for the DNC, what I'd call "Collusion" between DNC and MSNBC. Will you EVER cease to Lie?!

  50. Lawrence O'Donnell is on my list of five individuals that I believe when ever he speaks. I watch a LOT of news. Most individuals that open their mouths strike me as it they are more important than the story.

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