Ebola Causes Outbreak Of Fear, Panic & Obama-Hating At Fox News

Ebola Causes Outbreak Of Fear, Panic & Obama-Hating At Fox News

.>>CENK: So Ebola has entered the country, as if it’s a thing, right? I mean, at Fox News, all day long — [BLIPPING] Ebola! Ebola’s here! Ebola’s here. But wait till you get a load of the first clip here. Let’s try to guess whose fault it is.>>Why did Obama let the Ebola virus into the United States? Well, Britain and France is on board. Do you believe that we should be allowing flights from Africa into the United States from the two countries most affected? I believe our leader’s first and foremost obligation is to protect the security of our country, first and foremost. Why does that seem so difficult for these people to do? Imagine if you’re in that hospital in Dallas. Imagine you’re being treated. Maybe you’re an elderly person, a child. And you’re gonna look at those family members and say oh, no, no, no worries.>>CENK: Aw unless those family members are making out with the patients that’s exactly what I would tell them. It’s not airborne! It’s not in the air, okay? You have to exchange bodily fluids. Are your family members having sex with that patient while he’s got Ebola? Well, then I would be concerned. But look at these guys. Why did Obama let Ebola into the country? Good questions. Why didn’t he just ban all of Africa? More brilliant questions coming out from Fox News. They unbelievably had the CDC director, Dr. tom Frieden — when I would any doctor, let alone the CDC director go on Fox News to get subjugated to this? >>I know. I saw your press conference. I know you say the public does not to worry about it. But I got to tell you something. My daughter works in the building directly across the street from the hospital. And I talked to her last night. She’s a little freaked out.>>I understand that people are scared. It’s a scary disease. But she’s not a contact. Let’s go back and look at the plain truth of how Ebola spreads. It only spreads from someone who’s sick and only spreads from direct contact with the person or their body fluids.>>CENK: Is your daughter sleeping with the patient? But the thing is, the funny thing about fox is, facts are irrelevant. So they’re like, but we’re panicked anyway. I understand what you’re saying, but what we sell here is fear. Now, they’re gonna take it to an unbelievable level in the next question. Watch this.>>And this is a political thing. But you’re part of the administration. They feel that the administration has misled a lot of people on a lot of things. Why should we believe you when you’re telling us this stuff?>>Well, our approach at CDC is always to tell people more rather than less. We’re gonna tell you what happens when it happens. When we don’t know something, we’ll tell you as well. We’ll level with people, because that’s the most important way and that’s the most effective way to get the information across and get people to understand what we need to do.>>CENK: Why should we believe you when you tell us about a virus? They’re scientists. They’re doctors. They’re not going to lie to you. Oh, watch this, watch this. We’ll fuck with the Fox And Friends guys. Oh, no, no, dude. It’s not airborne. Totally gonna get Ebola. This is gonna be hilarious. But, you see, the reason he would even ask such an absurd question is because their frame of mind is well, we lie to people all the time. When we substitute our propaganda for facts. We do it. We tell you — in fact we’re doing it now. We’re scaring the living crap out of everybody say Obama let Ebola into the country and that you should all panic and be incredibly afraid of that. Even though it doesn’t meet the facts on the ground. So we do it, so that’s why I’m asking you. Would you play with the facts for political reasons? The guys like, I run the CDC. Are you insane? That’s what he should have said. He should have Reza Aslaned him. He was way too calm in giving that answer. Come on, dude. Obama says the sky is blue. But you know, he’s played with the facts before. Are you sure the sky is blue? Okay, now, we’re not done yet. More Fox & Friends. This time Elisabeth Hasselbeck. They’re going to talk to infectious disease specialist Dalilah Restrepo. Now, they ask her over and over again about — are you sure we shouldn’t be living in a constant state of fear? Watch.>>How contagious is it in your mind? We heard you have to be in close contact. But now it’s here in the United States. The conversation’s revved up.>>So Ebola is not as contagious. It’s a very infectious virus. But it’s not as contagious. You can’t catch Ebola from food, from talking to someone. You really have to have contact with bodily fluids. So that puts a little bit of extra barrier. The other issue is that you really — the infectious time of it is when you develop symptoms.>>How concerned are you about the people that he may or may not have been in contact with? There seems to be a laissez-faire attitude about that. And I’m wondering if they’re just trying to not to panic us or them.>>Many have developed of fever. That’s where the infectious part develops, it begins. So they will have to be monitored for 21 days during the period of incubation.>>What about those who are the plane with him though? No follow-up just to be safe? Better to be safe than sorry? that’s close enough contact for some.>>They were asymptomatic during the plane ride, so there really is so risk during that plane ride this time.>>Now, all the people in that emergency room — he had the symptoms right then. Shouldn’t those people be monitored?>>They will be. That’s part of the investigation and it should be.>>But what about the guy who was on the bicycle who saw him once. And what about the guy who was on the train who never even saw him. But still, how about that guy, okay? How many times does she have to answer that. Apparently one more time.>>You have a very calm tone. I think it must from nature. From what you do professionally, doctor. But the rest of us are saying, wait a minute. There’s panic when it comes to flu, to life. As a parent, I’m thinking, well, there should be a little bit of justification for worry here. Am I wrong?>>The viruses behave a little bit different. And flu virus is something that’s contagious through the air, through droplet. It’s a little bit easier. This carries another layer because it requires bodily fluids.>>But it’s here. >>It is here. But we’re not in the same infrastructure as other areas where this has taken off.>>CENK: But it’s here! It’s here. Obama let Ebola into the country. Don’t you understand we need to panic? How many times does she have to answer it? You know, they asked her one more time. And here was her final response.>>Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? It is not airborne! You have to exchange bodily fluids. Have you exchanged bodily fluids with a Liberian man recently? Okay. If you have, then maybe you should, because (inaudible) if he’s an Ebola patient. If not, shut up already!

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  1. turk,, youre an idiot.. No its not Air Borne in the traditional sense,, its airborne in suspended particulates of a SNEEZE.. And if youre in the seat beside the person, you have just come into direct contact with bodily fluids..

  2. "Why did Obama let the Ebola virus into the US?" First time case is one thing. But letting people who have it continuously come in? This is for Cenk Uygur from Oct 9, 2014

  3. Check sources but at this time it is widely held that  Turner, Gates, & CDC have  PATENT on Ebola  and all strains of E.     they plan big bucks with mass vaccination program.  See internet none mainstream media won't find this on MSM (Main Stream Media)  Patent is viewable on search engine…….Think..why did Ebola+ patient be flown to Atlanta…..of course, near the CDC for sampling this patient's strain of E.   They knew curing was next to impossible and anything they could do could have been done as IV' fluids, medical support…could easily have been done outside US borders and safer for all US citizens……Also note
    most of us know that the CDC has concerns that this can be air borne  YES   AIRBORN……..CDC feels there is merit to this………..and have suggested air line precautions…….Wait and see if any MSM talking head asks the big question…..!!!!!!!..Are any Airlines doing or placing the RECOMMENDATIONS CDC HAS ASKED FOR…….ARE any AIR FLIGHTS DOING THIS NOW…!!!!!…. keep waiting…………that the CDC did make airline safety recommendations that are not being discussed MSM but again are posted on non MSM sites reporting this……

    Trying to turn this virus into a politcal tool consider  talking heads on FOX  prime time report headlining   "Ebola causes outbreak of fear, panic, & Obama-hating"…..fake and sad story………
    The truth is this is about systemic failure of  International Medical community  and our own American Medicine along with CDC complacency during years of political appointments to their leadership not picking best qualified.  We have had many opportunities to study Pandemics and international control measures for decades of studing HIV, TB, and other diseases.  

    Combine a terrible viral disease with the overall public mis trust that is occurring at many levels  due to information explosion to the common working person learning every day about the mis information and deliberate dis-information to the public resulting in our increasing mis trust in our leaders, our system of understandable at the common sense level of citizen's legal understanding, loss of belief in our leaders from the education system pushing football over reading or math, to too many scandal ridden politicians, no accountability for recent IRS scandal which fosters fear in the average taxpayer,  to media shallowness pandering to the lowest Enquiring minds. 
      Anyone disagree that trust in our government and common media  is at an all time low?   And now we are to trust them with citizen centered Ebola control?   This is not an issue of blame it is an issue of putting the best to work and open transparency in the process.  

  4. A.I.D.S. ………… are you still freaking about that are you worried a kid at school is going to have a head bonk with your child and BOOM infected hare is your next piece fox

  5. GEE,  the young turks (turds would be a better name) seem to be supporting the fact that obama allowed an Ebola infect from Africa is "ok".  WOW   

  6. The Young turds should stop bashing and lying to the American people about this Ebola issue.   My God talk about Libtards.  Please someone place a sock in this idiots mouth, 7:00.

  7. The Young Turks (TURDS) is NOT a reliable source for news?  the most recent poll show there are only 29 percent correct and accurate.       http://www.debate.org/opinions/is-the-young-turks-a-reliable-source-for-news

  8. it is stupid dems like you and your absolute lies that you can only catch ebola by sex – how very stupid – tell that to the illegal in Dallas who only moved an ebola body – we cannot depend on the lies of Cenk who are blind to our safety and want ebola imported in – he is a loser

  9. Hey Cenk, the American doctors and the Spanish Nurse who caught aids, are you saying they are sleeping with ebola patients? CENK = IMMATURE = LIAR = DANGER

  10. Why should I believe Fox News that they care about America. When they don't speak out against out-sourcing of American jobs???

  11. Lies its airborn and your all going to die as Zombies lol burning the bodies only spreads the virus in the air more fire can't kill ebola you are all so stupid hehehe lol die die ebola will get you!

  12. God, I hate this fucker. Total fucking moron…obviously the losers at TYT are assclown Obama supporters…Dictator Obama can do no wrong with these fucking idiots.

  13. I understand (what's the name of this TYT host?) trying to get to. Let's be real here, who with a sane mind really listens to Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Bill O'Reilly???  They're just two grownup children wanting attention.  It's all verbal diarrhea.. This is not just Obama's problem, it's everyone's problem because the world under estimated how bad the outbreak could be.  Shocked me to see the TYT host not do his full research though.  

    Sounds like he has heard about Ebola, but he doesn't know how bad and contagious Ebola be.  The only way to understand the nature of the beast is to ask those who have experienced this monster first hand and it's health care and doctors.  How can this TYT host downplay such a virus, people in Africa are dying in hundreds a lone on the streets because no one will refuse to touch them in the fear of contracting the disease.  An American doctor Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol both contracted the virus even-after safety precautions were implemented, Nancy Writebol was the in charge of over seeing the process.  Another doctor died and people were trying to locate his body but no one couldn't because when they found the doctor's corpse in the bathroom, they refused to touch this body, knowing this body had a soul that saved so many lives and sacrificed his life to save others.  No one wanted to touch this deceased doctor because his dead body was at the most high risk for spreading Ebola.  If people are wearing head to tow protective gear and being sprayed with lysol and bleach 20+ times a day and are still able to contract the virus, how can this TYT host down play such problem???  Of course, the PR don't want to cause hysterria.  I agree with calming the public don't look at this problem so lightly, when this virus works just like HIV, attacks connective tissue resulting in the three ways of dying, dehydration, organ failure and bleeding to death.  The unfair part of this virus, you don't know who can be infected since the incubation stage for the outbreak takes from 2days to 3 weeks to diagnose.  Finally with the virus overwhelming the host, takes 8-10 days till death with a survival rate of 25%!!!  Out of 8 people, only 2 survive!!  This TYT host has done some great journalism, but not for this.  Until you see people are being pushed into WW2 like ghettos, quarantined, dying alone and you've met practitioners trying their best to save lives, don't downplay this virus.  We sweat constantly and this is a hearty virus and it will penetrate skin.       

  14. Were they all fucking their patients CENK?
    Cenk Uygur ,looking at the know it all smirk on your face makes me just sick ,they can't even stop ebola in healthcare workers wearing space suits.
    1.Texas health care worker considered a low rick (nurse) tests positive for Ebola,after exposure to Thomas Eric Duncan how many people did this nurse contact in a public hospital and everywhere else she went?
    2.Spanish health care worker tests positive for Ebola after treating a priest who subsequently died, she then goes on vacation with a fever, how many people did she potentially expose Throughout Europe?
    3.American freelance cameraman working for NBC News in Liberia has tested positive for Ebola after he was considered  quote low risk.

  15. It has been been proven, though, that Ebola is more contagious than previously thought; it isn't airborne, but the nurse in Madrid got it from touching a Hazmat suit with her bare hand that had been worn in the room with the patient. It can also live on the patient's skin if they are infectious. No reason (yet) for mass hysteria but no reason to just not take it seriously.

  16. Obama created ebola in his secret lab and then sent it to africa, where he paid a infectee to travel back to the US just to scare the crap out of everyone.

  17. You can tell that fake news guy is an addict/alcoholic. And is he trying to say the nurse tore off her gown and face mask, and had sex with Duncan? Why would a Texas nurse fuck a patient? Hmmm…



    Damn!  Isn't It NICE being Politically Correct? 

  19. Was the us air marshal that was attacked with a syringe in Nigeria Sept 8 taken to the same hospital as the nurse and Duncan (patient 0?)

  20. 'Young Turks'?
    These two words say a lot, once you realize that the Turkish State is a supporter of ISIS & Whahabbiist Terrorism; besides being a NATO member…Most interesting that Turkey describes itself as a secular state, when in fact Erdogan now pushes for destabilizing geopolitical influences in their region; as Erdogan is bought & sold….Paid for by trans-national corporate interests, much like the 'Young Turk's' who merely parrot the rest of the 'State controlled' media….

  21. It's so hard to catch yet it's spreading like wild fire. Dip shits, how are 2 people now diagnosed with it in Dallas? Common sense smart Americans are not buying it's that hard to contract the virus. This is no laughing matter you fucking idiot. Flights Should be stopped from west African countries plan and simple. It's so hard to catch yet people are walking around in a hazmat suits

  22. People have contracted and died from this disease by attending a funeral of a person killed by it. The person is DEAD and still contagious, explain how people at the funeral contracted it? Do they drink blood of the corpse at funerals in west Africa? I wish I could punch this dipshit young Turks reporter in his big ass nose. Cocky and arrogant why don't you go help out with the virus if your so confident it's being controlled properly.

  23. And for those claiming banning flights won't stop them from flying in from other countries, there is a little thing called passports for international travel you can stop everyone traveling with a passport from west African countries. Doesn't matter if they catch a connecting flight from the moon your passport says you don't get to enter the United States. Funny how the Caribbean islands have banned flights yet the us still hasn't are you people that ignorant?? Wake up America!!!

  24. What? of course it's airborne! People that have ebola can go on a plane easily.
       "Just dont have sex with them" Really, if someone sneezes on a door knob, its over.

  25. they all demon devil worshipers…do not vote for any one anymore.. baphomat bohemian grove rothschild,rockafella,allister crowley lookin ass muther luvers.

  26. The young Turks would follow Harry Reid and Obama right off a cliff. Do your own research, don't listen to these idiots. I have a question, what would have the Young Turks said if GW Bush allowed Ebola in the U.S?  Do they ever question Obama? Honestly,  this should give a half witted person something to think about. When was the last time they questioned Obama?  Cowards!  

  27. It can be contracted from sweat. One evs (environmental services worker) has a nick in their skin… and then they take it home! WTF.

  28. It was his fault for not placing travel delays, that is how every country protected the peope in the past, Cenk is going to look a fool when ebola turns into a epidemic, cant do that if it stays in africa

  29. You fucking freak, if it's not airborne, why are the doctors wearing masks? They are LIEING, FACT… Where is our absent in chief? Where did you do your infectious disease expertise?

  30. I feel bad because I made my mom really think the world is coming to an end. I told her martial law was just issued when she got home. I also informed her that 50 million Africans are now infected and the virus went airborn. Then I told her that we already nuked Africa. Finally I told her that the reason there's martial law here now is 70 hospital workers and a plane full of people were infected, spreading the now airborn ebola. 

  31. LMAO what if Earth was really a space station and the creators can just sterilize Earths surface by turning the Ozone layer off for 10 seconds. Its the reset button option.

  32. The people who contracted the Ebola virus were people trying to help others with the disease, therefore, republicans have nothing in the world to worry about.

  33. Look !  If you want ebola in the United States you need to keep the planes flying. It's the easiest and quickest way to do it.

  34. Cenk, I know that you're trying to stop the panic but this is simply NOT true. You think the nurses that got infected were making out with the patients? With ALL those precautions and special suits they still got infected. Also, Tom Frieden clearly states that ebola can be passed from BODILY CONTACT WITH THE PERSON or bodily fluids. And than Cenk translates that to: "you need to have sex with the patient". Seriously? You're no better than the Fox morons.

  35. Under his leadership, he couldn't keep the border secure from illegal aliens. He couldn't keep intruders from entering the White House. Let us not forget the Salahi's who crashed a White House fund raising dance.

    So if he can't stop these areas that are supposed to be secure under his leadership, who would expect he is capable of stopping a microbe. Lefties have no clue. The DNC slogan "Mediocrity is a level to be achieved!"

  36. What is the half life of Ebola Scenk. So you seem to believe that it is a sexually transmitted disease. SCenk why don't you and Scank go spend the day in the room with nurse Pham without any protective gear? Put all the fear at rest. Dumbass was the nurse kissing the Liberian in the hospital????

    SCenk is a moron!!!!!

  37. even if it is droplet as they say it is, coughing and sneezing is a way to transmit.  Breathing would be airborne, coughing is droplet.  As well all other bodily fluid transfer.

  38. You are a idiot. So I guess the camera man had sex with ebola patient and the two nurses had sex with the ebola patient using your theory. Sounds like airborne to me.

  39. As always, ignorant folks are the most scared, the most manipulable, the most gullible. I really wish for FOX audience to catch all that illnesses they fear and fucking die. It would be a cleansing everyone would profit from.

  40. Since when is coughing and/or sneezing on someone NOT a transmission of bodily fluid? How about sharing a public bathroom with someone with symptoms. You think that a toilet seat cover is going to save you from sweat transmission? This isn't AIDS we're talking about. I think if Mr Cenk Uygur were in the same vicinity as a confirmed ebola patient he would change his argument; let alone let his kids be present.

  41. "they're scientists, they're doctors, they're not going to lie to you". What dumbass would believe that? It's so funny to watch this clown do the exact "thing" he's complaining Fox news is doing. Many New Yorkers are not laughing.

  42. The Obama administration completely fucked this up. 

    By publicizing contradictory information and endorsing conflicting policy Obama has demonstrated he's completely unfit to lead.

    The next two years won't go by quickly enough.

  43. I read a recent article that said that of all the western countries, America is the one where Ebola has the best chance of getting a hold, because of the lack of a universal free state health service.

    The article said that people in America are less likely to go to their doctors, before symptoms first appear, for fear of medical costs, thus giving the virus its best chance of spreading out of control.

    So, don't blame Obama, if Ebola gets a hold, blame the Republicans. They are the ones who have fought tooth and nail to prevent ordinary Americans from getting a decent national health service, purely to protect their own wealth.

    I've said it many times and I'll say it again. Any ordinary person who votes republican is like a turkey voting for thanksgiving. Wake up Americans, you are sleepwalking into disaster.

    As for Fox News? Doctor Goebbels would have loved to have had an organisation like that in Nazi Germany.

  44. This outbreak killed thousands in Africa. One person dies in America; Media goes on an Obama crusade,

     It's time to pull your head out of ass ppl. This is more important then Obama and has been for a long time. It's not his fault it happened in his time, especially if you cant even point to anyone one thing he did differently in policy. Instead of pushing for your political pony, push for some medical research and public awareness of the facts.

  45. White people at fox act like they do because they have a guilty conscious, they know the devil , their father will turn on them in the end and they are scared shitle$$..

  46.    If Their Worried About The 3 To 4 PPL With EBOLE The Should Be Panicked Every Day For the Rest Of Their Life Because Of The Thousands O PPL In The US Who Have (HIV/AIDS) Which Is Caught Basically The Same Way & Is Also Deadly It Jus Doesn't Attack & Kill You Body As Fast As EBOLA…
       So I Would Say Beware But WE Now Have No One In The US With Ebola But The Election Is Over & That Was The Real Cause For The False Hysteria

  47.    REMMBER Before This Made Up Hysteria WE Had Already Brought Back 2 Doc Who Had EBOL From Africa & Treated Them & Are Now EBOLA Free
       PPL Quit Letting The Likes Of (FOX News & Talk Radio) Do Your Thinking For You…
       Because While I'm No BIG Fan Of OBAMA So I Hate Having To Defend The Guy So WE Can Focus On Real Problems & Not Conspiracy's & Made Up Ones.
       Its Like Nobody Listen & Herd What He Said What He Said Was "Our Experts In The CDC & IN Gove Agree An EBOLA (OUTBREAK) Is Extremely Low WE Are Taking Steps Working With Our Partners To Prepare  If Someone Arrive Here With EBOLA"
       [3 Americans & 1 African Does Not = "OUTBREAK"] 
       While WE Now Have 0 PPL In The US With EBOLA
       WE Had One Guy "DUNKIN" Who Lied About Being In Contact With Someone With EBOLA. REMEMBER Even Through All the Hysteria From PPL On (Fox News & Talk Radio) Only 2 Nurses Who Were Caring For Duncan As He Died Caught EBOLA Yet None Of The PPL Who Were Staying n That li Apartment With Him. Same Goes or The 2 Nurses None Of Their Loved Ones Caught It Either. Lastly NO Civilian Has Caught EBOLA & Every AMERICAN Who Has, Has Been Cured Including The NY Doc Who Was Just Release After Being Treated. His Fiancé Also Didn't Catch It.
       All Of This Just Goes To Shoe How Hard EBOLA Is To Catch & That Much Of The Made Of Hysteria Was Just Politics & Now That The Election Over…

  48. So many ignorant assholes on here. Believe what you want. I'm sure the Government will take care of everybody. They've NEVER kept anything from the American public……right? Baaaaa, fuckin' sheeple.

  49. Hey young jerks you got it wrong again! this harmless infection has killed millions of people. And some scientists are saying it may become or has turned airborne in some environments. But all you care to do is protect Obama's pathetic reputation. And yes no one trusts the head of any government agency when they have all proven to be liars.

  50. This is going to be like War Of The Worlds from 1938… It only effects Africa and foreigner contact with africa,just don't have sex with doctors in that field or victims of Ebola.

    Its not that complicated.

  51. If I see someone who has the Ebola virus on the TV do I need to get checked out? What about if I hear about someone having Ebola, am I then at risk of getting it? Shouldn't we deport Ebola patients? Maybe put them on an island in the middle of the ocean so that they can't infect anyone else? Come on people, this is our children's lives at risk here!!

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