DON’T OVERUSE Google Satellite Images – Creepypasta Story Time // Something Scary | Snarled

DON’T OVERUSE Google Satellite Images – Creepypasta Story Time // Something Scary | Snarled

– (Sapphire) She was coming for me. What does she want? Hey, I’m Sapphire, what
to hear something scary? (ominous music) Google Earth is a pretty amazing website, but it can also lead to
some strange discoveries. In our next chapter I will
be telling you a story that originates from Creepypasta. A few years ago, I was in a car accident. Since then, I really don’t
leave the house that often. It’s difficult and the
idea of seeing a car drive by makes me feel lightheaded. So, my friend showed me Google Maps. I was fascinated by the fact that I could see all over the world. Almost like being there. I became instantly hooked. I’d virtually walked
down streets in China, Japan, Germany, England, so many places. The faces of the people
were always blurred to protect their privacy. But it was still enjoyable
to see them out there, enjoying their life, walking
like it was no big deal. One day when I was looking around Tokyo, I spotted a woman wearing
bright red sneakers, The same kind I was wearing. “She must have good taste” I laughed. I zoomed in closer and
noticed her black pants, her gray bag she carried
over her black hooded jacket. She was walking in a relaxed manner. One hand trailing the wall beside her. I bet if I could have seen
her face she’d be smiling. I began to feel a little
sad, I wished that I could be there, walking so carefree with her. That wouldn’t happen though. Till I died, I was stuck in this chair. I sighed and zoomed out of Tokyo. I turned off the computer and went to bed. I got up early and decided
to look around Paris. I randomly zoomed to an
area and saw a street lined with old brick buildings
and a few small shops, and an old tan brick church. I spun the view around a
few more times and then saw something peculiar. Sitting on the bench at the
bus stop were two people. One of them was a young
woman with her feet stuck in front of her in a relaxed manner, she was wearing those same red sneakers. I was startled for a moment
as I noticed the black pants and black hooded jacket. Her dark brown hair was tied
loosely behind her head. A gray bag sat on the bench beside her. This is crazy, I thought. It can’t possibly be the same woman. This is a different country,
a different continent even. How could it be her? This is stupid, it wasn’t as
if these were live photographs. They were taken ahead of
time, and then stored. It’s not like she was
in two places at once. She could just be a traveler. Besides, without seeing
her face it was impossible to tell it was the same person. Brown is a common hair
color, those read sneakers were something I purchased online, I’m sure a million other people did too. I shook my head and
went to fix some lunch. When I got back online I
decided to look at Berlin. I picked a random street as usual. It looked pretty empty, there wasn’t much to see at all really. I was disappointed and moved
my cursor to click away when something caught my eye. I turn the view and there they were, those damn red sneakers. I stared in shock, how
could she be there too? Even if she was traveling, there’s no way I would find her every time. Even finding her in Paris would have been one heck of a coincidence, but this? This was crazy, was
this some kind of joke? Had Google decide to play a prank on it’s users that used their products so much? I did a quick search looking for a note about a woman that shows up like Waldo. There was nothing. I looked through articles
on strange things you can see on Google
Maps, but none of them mentioned the women that
travels the world with you. Had my self-imposed
isolation driven me mad? Had I become so lonely that I created a hallucination for myself? I sent a text message to a friend asking him to look at the locations. I asked him if he saw the same woman, then I waited. Hands sweating, heart
thumping in my chest, I jumped when my phone beeped. – (Woman)I see the lady
you’re talking about in Berlin… I didn’t see
her in Paris or Tokyo. Is this some kind of game or what? Are you okay? I didn’t respond, instead returning to the locations in Tokyo and Paris. There she was, I shivered. Who was she, what was happening? I switched to Sydney, then London, Zurich, Hong Kong, she
was everywhere I looked! In each picture she came closer and closer to looking directly at me
with her blurred out face. My heart felt like a terrified bird slamming around inside my chest. Who was she, was she following
me, was I following her? I wish I could see the
expression on her face, know what she saw when
she looked back at me. I wanted to get out of the chair and run. Why is it that the only thing that made me feel free again was the thing that made me feel even more trapped? I typed in the name of my town, and zoomed into a random street. It was a couple of miles from my house. The gates to the city park were shown in the clarity of daylight,
despite it being night here. There she was, there she was. She was only a few miles from
my house, she was near me, and she was watching me,
she was coming for me. What does she want? I typed in the name of the
apartment complex where I live. I could see the outside of the building. The parking lot was full of cars and there were a few blurred out
children in the playground. I searched everywhere for her. She wasn’t in the parking
lot or on the sidewalks. not hiding between the buildings or standing in the playground. I even scanned each of the cars. Behind the bushes, in each
of the blurred windows. She wasn’t there. I curled tightly around myself and laid my head down on the desk. This place was safe. I didn’t leave the apartment anyway. I would never use Google Maps again. I would never see her again. She could stay at the
park for all I cared. “I’m safe” I said to myself in a whisper. It felt good to hear
it out loud, I’m safe. (knocking on door) A chill ran down my spine. I had a camera hooked to
my computer that showed who was at the front door. As I went to turn on the security feed I realized, the last of
Googles images that I’d seen had only shown the
outside of the building. Just the outside. I looked at the screen and
saw a woman in black pants, and a black hooded jacket,
and carrying a gray bag with a shoulder strap. Of course there were those red sneakers. She looked directly at
the camera, her face still a complete blur as she reached her hand out in front of her. That’s when I heard the
front door slowly open. (door creaking) Want some Snarled Merch? Head over to where
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100 Replies to “DON’T OVERUSE Google Satellite Images – Creepypasta Story Time // Something Scary | Snarled

  1. Creo que fue una broma y su amiga tenía las llaves de su casa y la asustó mientras abría la puerta y ella habría controlado todo de una manera en la que parecía realista, la imagen completa sobre una chica con zapatillas rojas. solo diciendo ?

  2. Plot twist: When The girl with the red sneakers slowly opened the door,

    girl in wheel chair: KICKS IN FACE
    and girl in red sneakers dies..

    and this is how the girl in the wheel chair is telling the story (not sapphire)

  3. " the strange woman walked into the room and look at me, I could make out she was smiling. she came closer and closer until she came inches infront my face"

    me: " WHO ARE YOU! what the hell do you want from me! "

    woman: "I came to take your face"

  4. Welp never heard of google map but im guessing im not gonna use google map cause it kinda sounds dangerous…

  5. Omg this it's that creepypasta that had I think it a ghost of a women hunting her in the world map

  6. In 4:37 did she say that when she was looking at the pictures of her town on the computer it was daytime, when it was actually night time? or am I hearing things?

  7. How can anyone tell if someone was walking in a “relaxed manner” or in any other manner, since GE, are all video still shots.

  8. the girl: opens the door
    Girl inside: sacred
    The girl come in and said
    "You freaking girl what do you want why are you staking me"

  9. I GOT EXTREME CHILLS WHEN WATCHING THIS!!! I even had to move nearer to my sister because I was so scared!

  10. SNARLED I am two years late but I think they all survived and happy ending (I'm too positive sometimes).

  11. I Google maped my house and it actually showed lol then i googled my Friends's house and it showed again =!

  12. omg im scared rn, I was looking at Google maps, first I went to Brooklyn NY, then I went to Florida, last I went to California then I saw a woman with red sneakers and a bag sitting on a bench TwT IM TERRIFIED ;~;

  13. "I wish I could walk there with her"
    Girl: ok comes at your door from a different country
    "Um….no thanks"
    Girl: am I a joke to you?

  14. Isnt berlin in german cuz when i went there today i saw only a women with red snickers no joke but no black hoodie and pants

  15. The same thing happened to my friend but I though she was lying in till I saw this and the girl she said had the same shose

  16. turns on coMpuTer
    wat the hec mom wheeers the wifi?
    plugs wifi
    seach google
    oh hec mom! theres a hacker on mobile computers!

  17. What happend to her! I want to know what happened! I'm so curious! Like did the girl disappeared? Was she murdered! What happened?

  18. What if she saw her during September 20th in the highway near Area 51 maybe she was helping because she can’t go there because she is disabled

  19. Well snow all of your YouTube channel I watch it most of the time and can you make another one I was watching this one channel about demon girl

  20. This is just my opinion : maybe the more you switch the place the more she is going to teleport and when you teleport the place to you she was there cause you teleport her…….

  21. Plot twist:
    The woman in red sneakers caused the accident of the girl because she couldn't walk. And then after the accident, she can walk again because the girl's walking ability is exchanged with the woman so now the girl can't walk. One day, the woman decides it is time to get rid of the girl.

  22. "My friends showed me Google images and I became hooked"
    Wait so is Google images a drug
    Where can I buy it and how do I take it

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