Donald Trump’s ‘Decapitation Of His Own Intelligence Community’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Donald Trump’s ‘Decapitation Of His Own Intelligence Community’ | Deadline | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Donald Trump’s ‘Decapitation Of His Own Intelligence Community’ | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Like TRUMP needs Russia help winning just look at his campaign rally's in every state you F'G idiots how stupid do you think the American people are??? As stupid as Schiff and Pelosi??? HAHAHAHAA not a F'G chance quit embarrassing yourselves especially if your gonna try to call middle Americans stupid! Facts are that all the homeless are in you leftest democrat ran cities right??? Dont worry Trump will fix it like hes had to do everything else… FACT!

  2. Decapitation? Really? He replaced one man. Yes he was the top guy but he's still one man. And apparently he's been looking to replace the National Intelligence Director since last summer. Not exactly the knee jerk reaction they make out.

  3. Show the proof, not all of us are dumb enough to just take your word for it! You have only been wrong about……EVERYTHING for the last 3 years!

  4. I hate bernie! I did a reaction to him at the debate! It's EPIC! at 6 minutes in I basically finish him off.

  5. Trump has done all that Putin couldn't do–destroy the FBI and the Justice Dept, let Russia corrupt our elections and make America a LAUGHING STOCK of the world. Trump is the man who was CONVICTED of defrauding a charity that was helping Vets and children with cancer. Case-SUPREME COURT OF THE THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY NEW YORK Index number 451130/2018. If Trump is as rich as he says he is, then why was he dipping into the charity's funds. That's really greedy and evil and makes his supporters just as bad. Trump has been a twisted lying conman all his life telling GULLIBLE people what they want to hear (TRUMP UNIVERSITY, MEXICO WILL PAY FOR IT). Don't let put your faith in a HUGE LIAR.

  6. The traitors, Trump and his trumpturds in the GOP doing everything to further Putin's interests. And what can the average citizen do? Nothing.

  7. Looking at the picture of Vlad and his Bit#h with their ties hanging down made me finally understand what neck ties are for…they are symbolic arrows pointing down saying "hey look at me…I have a p×+is…arent I cool!?🤪

  8. Too many Obama leftovers in the gov. Until they are all purged there will be nonstop interference. Not a hint of proof of the so called "Russian Meddling / Cyber Attack" Not one single proven example. I doubt any rational person believes facebook ads qualify as Meddling or cyber attacks. So far, thats all we've been shown. And even that is suspect.

  9. If Trump wants to hide how Russian will help him, he should act cool instead going berserk. But of course he didn't and choose to air out everything 😂😂😂

  10. Putin donated 145 million to the Clinton foundation. Putin paid Bill Clinton 2.5 million for speeches. Putin paid Hillary 100 million for U.S. Uranium. Hillary used Russia to try to get dirt on Trump during the election. On the other hand Trump sanctioned Putin. Trump seized 5 billion in Russian assets in U.S. banks, Trump armed Ukrainian against Russia. And you want me to believe this lying media that has lied everyday to us for the last three years? Meanwhile, Trump is out there doing great things here is just one

  11. Secrecy is not serving the US. After electing this deeply flawed man who has no interest in the real world the only response is to get all of the information about him into the public sphere and let everyone have the knowledge needed to make decisions on what comes next. The US has certainly not been going anywhere good for the last 4-5 years.

  12. 'Stupid is, as stupid does'… and you don't get much more stupid than our 'self-proclaimed genius' President 'Great-Diapered-One'.

  13. The American people are asleep at the wheel and Putin / trump are laughing at the ease of DIVIDE and Manipulation. The republicans released this man – child, wannabe dictator and America will Implode if the reigns aren't pulled! There will be no legitimate 2020 election.

  14. Oh my goodness… at 0:49 … there is no awkward tRuMP handshake…
    then he looks away in shame, while Putin is smiling… then trUMp’s body language & mannerisms is that of a shunned puppy wanting attention from his master & to be told he’s “good boy” …

  15. Putin is going to interfere with the elections so Trump will win and Trump knows this and Trump did it first time he's going to do it again

  16. Russia attacks our elections and trump gets revenge on our intelligence agencies for speaking the truth about him colluding again. It's showing how he's tied to Russia and criminal activity like always.

  17. We "REAL AMERICANS" See this as a major ploy in draining the swamp and here we have the Propaganda Media referring to this move as another all out "THE SKY IS FALLING" Crisis using the word Decapitate for a description of the president's move!

  18. Looks to me that the main stream is setting it up so others can justify mass protests/violence and a call for President Trumps certain 2020 win to be invalidated. Don't blame the Russians…thank Pelosi.


  20. This is not an intelligence community. It is the precise opposite. It is a cabal of unelected leftists who want to dictate to Americans what we must accept. Kind of like MSNBC.

  21. Trump is destroying this country through executive order …..but MSNBC is talking about idiotic tabloid nonsense! ….NOT informing anybody of how Trump is selling out America ……NO mystery why Dems will lose in 2020.

  22. The woman @ 6:30 looks like the stenographer who took down Otto Piffel's "confession".

  23. MSNBC the biggest "fake" news company in the world behind CNN! ha, ha, ha When you can't win you lie, according to these guys!

  24. ———-Another lying story by today's Marxist media is thoroughly condemned by America's plurality, who'll be re-electing our greatest President Donald J. Trump in a landslide re-election of, 2020!

  25. Mr Trump
    That was the first word of the truth That you said in your life Exactly America For Oil looting in the Middle East And the suppression of anti-Israel governments in the region  With Saudi money (lactating cow) Created the ISIS
    And he killed many women and children in Syria and Iraq

  26. Sounds like we need new "secure unhackable" election machines. Now…who would have such a thing? Who could it be? Could it be SATAN!

  27. WOW ! Another hard-hitting news flash from MSDNC ! You poor saps are going to ride "Russia, Russia, Russia" right into the unemployment lines, (short though they may be), aren't you? You readily admit that Russia seeks to weaken America's confidence in our own government, but you can't see that by gobbling all this crap up you're playing directly into their hands? How do you know that Russia REALLY is pulling for Trump? You don't.

  28. MSNBC Doing the ground work for Putin Just like the last election, they focus on BS side issues and push their own… The real communists!

  29. Keep showing these un-elected deep staters who is BOSS in a democratic representative government Trump! MSNPC obviously doesn't get it.

  30. So the 'disloyal' people to Trump, not disloyal to their country or its people, but to Trump, are to be hunted out & fired. Wow, welcome to 1930s Germany ..

  31. The intelligence people are now saying Russia is helping Bernie Sanders. It seems the only people not being helped by Russia is Hillary Clinton , and that answers all the questions, all roads lead to Rome.

  32. Last lady "OMG!! We must post guards at every voter booth. Warn the poll workers! The Russians are coming. THE Russians. Rrrreeeeeeeee!"

  33. Have ANY of you asked the question, "Why would the Russians try to help TRUMP win, when Hillary was the candidate more aligned with socialist/communist policies?" Trump is for deregulation, lower taxes, and a host of other things socialists don't want. So why help Trump?

  34. There is NOTHING to stop foreign interference again as a nation and a country WHO DO NOT SUPPORT this evil sociopathic psychopathic has better vote against this president so that HE WILL NOT BE RE-ELECTED.
    He WILL do anything to get four years in The White House we as AMERICANS MUST do all we can to stop him!!!!

  35. Buy American support American conglomerates like ALPP, ALpine 4 Inc as they benefit from the Blue-collar boom bringing manufacturing and technology jobs back to AMerica

  36. "He, sends javelins to Ukraine to shoot my tanks. Lol. He blocks my pipeline to Germany. Haha. His sanctions are brutal. He builds military to dwarf mine. Hehe. I friggin love this guy! OLGA…MISTRESS OLGA…come kick me in the nuts again. Make it hard kick." Said Putin according to sources.

  37. Here you go again!
    Pathetic-too bad the Dems and MSM can’t do something instead of looking for a way to trash Trumps administration. You are ALL as cringeworthy as possible. It was members of the Democratic Party that interfered-starting with DNC and Bernie. Remember Donna Brazile?

  38. Trump only praises the Intelligence community when it suits him. One day they're the Deep State the next they know for a fact, the Iranian General was preparing an 'imminent' attack now full circle to can't believe them on National Security & election meddling. This administration is all over the place. Can't wait to end our country's suffering in November. #Vote

  39. the only obstacle for putin global dominance is the USA , our national and the world security was handle by our easily manipulated weak minded president to russia . that's why putin and every other tyrants need the traitor to win the election …..

  40. You guys are NUTS! President Trump wasn't angry because the so called Intelligence people were telling him that Russians were interfering. He simply cannot trust what the "Intelligence" personnel are telling him. Adam Shift is a big part of the Intelligence community. That tells me exactly why President Trump wouldn't trust them.

  41. The intelligence community was warning the public, but Trump fired the head of it. This is about protecting our election. Our democracy is at great risk.

  42. Sadly America is headed for its "Titanic moment"….the rest of the World will sink with it. Wake up America, Trump was trained and backed by Russia years ago to bring down the whole Western hegemony… this was the Right Wing Plan to do a take over of Western democracies. He's doing it right under your noses… he is a total dunce but a very clever one …aka Lex Luthor
    Very concerned Aussie

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